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[17'S] 세븐틴의 Happy한 Camping🤗
함께일 때 가장 빛나는 세봉이들✨
13명이 함께하면 즐거움도 13배👍


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訳[17'S] SEVENTEENのHappyなCamping🤗

[17'S] SEVENTEEN’s Happy Camping🤗
Sebongies who shine the most when they’re together✨
13 times more fun with 13 people👍


@pledis_17 @pledis_17jp #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #ㅊ
i didnt know i will cry so hard over this episode😭❣️😭❣️
indeed a precious bond that will never be broken
thank u for honestly sharing us your thoughts, concerns. we will support and protect u guys!
SVT X Carat💖💙

In reply to @pledis_17
Change your # to #Such_a_bawling_night cuz i'm really here bawling after hearing how its ur wish to do this together for a long time... pic.twitter.com/bIfKeyqEaB
[17'S] Camping ที่ Happy ของเซเว่นทีน🤗
เหล่าเซบงที่เปล่งประกายมากที่สุดตอนที่ได้ทำอะไรด้วยกัน✨ ถ้าได้ทำอะไรด้วยกัน 13 คน ความสนุกก็ 13 เท่า👍


Miss you guys so much❤💕
In reply to @pledis_17
I can't explain into good words but seventeen, im really thankful u guys came into my life. I never knew you will build such a big emotional attachment to me and became a half of me now. just thank u boys let's all stick together till the end of time 💙💙
세상에서 제일 귀여운 카메라담당 이석민
In reply to @pledis_17
thank you guys, you made us laugh and cry this evening. and i really think your bond with each other are special. i have never seen bonds like yours and ive seen many. i love you guys so much lets stay together for a long time! #GoingSeventeen #WeLoveYouSEVENTEEN pic.twitter.com/NIMLvNE2Mw
[17’S] Feliz campamento de Seventeen 🤗
Cuando Sebongs están juntos, son capaces de brillar más✨
13 personas tienen 13 veces más diversión👍


Trad. Inglés: 2chandino
[#เซบแคม📸] : [17'S] Happy Camping ของเซเว่นทีน 🤗
เหล่าเซบงที่เปร่งประกายที่สุดเมื่ออยู่ด้วยกัน ✨
ความสนุกที่เพิ่มขึ้น 13 เท่า เมื่ออยู่รวมกัน 13 คน 👍

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[17’S] Feliz campamento de Seventeen 🤗 Cuando Sebongs están juntos, son capaces de brillar mas✨ 13 personas tienen 13 veces más diversión👍 @pledis_17 #Seventeen_y_Carat_solo_confiemos_el_uno_en_el_otro#💖💙 #Que_noche_tan_hermosa#🌱 Trad. Inglés: 2chandino
In reply to @pledis_17
the way i am deeeeeply in love with all of you. i admire you all for this bond u share and thank u for letting us in in ur hearts 😭❤ my best boys
In reply to @pledis_17
you are the best boys in this entire universe and i really love you
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우 리 와 기 들 🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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세븐틴 사랑해❤️3❤️
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13+3+1=17✨💎세븐틴 사랑해💚
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[TRANS] [17’S] Seventeen’s Happy Camping🤗 Sebongs who are the brightest when they are together✨ 13 people have 13 times more fun👍 #SVT_Carat_letsonly_trust_eachother💖💙 #Such_a_beautiful_night🌱
My breath caught when I read the tweet and the hashtag.

"13 times more fun with 13 people"

Let's trust each other.

#Such_a_beautiful_night #GoingSeventeen #Going_SVT #세븐틴_캐럿_서로만_믿고가자💖💙 #seventeen @pledis_17 #세븐틴 @pledis_17jp #MAMAVOTE #BrightAfterRain
In reply to @pledis_17
thank you for making us laugh again we miss you guys i hope you’re feeling and doing well today, rest well best boys i love you 🥺❤️
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오래보자 세븐틴! 오래 그리고 같이 정말 많이 사랑해 얘들아💞
[📸||011202] Actualización en el Twitter de #SEVENTEEN.

"El feliz camping de Seventeen🤗

Se bongs quienes brillan cuando están juntos✨
13 personas tienen 13 veces más diversión"

#세븐틴 @pledis_17
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I'm crying because I watching you're have beautiful relationship You have such a beautiful relationship... You have beautiful brothers Seungcheol and they will not leave you alone I know this💎 Just focus yourself We always wait you💎 @pledis_17 #SCOUPS #SEUNGCHEOL #SEVENTEEN pic.twitter.com/lDo6COp1UN
These guys never fail to amaze me. They just keep giving me reasons to love them even more. The love they have for each other and their undying passion is just inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us your hearts tonight, Seventeen. I love you always! 💖💙#GoingSeventeen
흑흑 기여워 작은운동회같애
最近毎日大好き過ぎて苦しいくらい( ˙-˙ )
#seventeen #MAMAVOTE @pledis_17
In reply to @pledis_17
You guys mean so much to me! It really makes me tear up from happiness how close you boys are. Thank you for having each other's back always! @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN
вону, ты выглядишь как мой дедушка, а я его люблю, ну ты понял

[17'S] Happy Camping (feliz campamento) de SEVENTEEN 🤗
Sebongies que brillan más cuando están juntos✨
13 veces más divertido con 13 personas👍

Cr. @/SVTGlobal
Tr. SEVENTEEN Uruguay (🌻)
ちょうど見終わった瞬間通知きた 神タイミング

#세븐틴 #seventeen
it's really hard to explain how big they took part in my life, all I can say that they are my home and my happiness, I can't explain those feelings but I know u guys feel it too ❤ seventeen thank you for everything, never regret my decision to stan them until now 🤧
Джошуа на 3 фото увлечен своими шикарными руками? хддд
my favourite boys 🥰
Mari bersama dalam waktu yang lebih lama lagi 💙

In reply to @pledis_17
Carats will always be there with you! We love you too! #MAMAVOTE #seventeen @pledis_17
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Touch the color green 😄😄😄 Wonwoo so cute 😍😍😍 pic.twitter.com/jy09I74vin
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We really had #Such_a_beautiful_night with #GoingSeventeen even if their deep talks made me cry, really hard. They have this "bond" that no one can really replace. We love you!💗 #seventeen pic.twitter.com/gslAKQSz90
I am so in love with you all
In reply to @Boo_UENA
Con razón esta tan lindo el día, mira estos solcitos preciosos..
Ya Allah sehatkan terus mereka, jauhkan mereka dari orang2 yg dzalim, lindungi mereka. Sesayang itu aku sama mereka Ya Allah 😭😭😭
Kompak terus kalian💕💕
사랑해요 ☺️❤️🥺
good mornin svt i love you 😳
Love you guys so much!!! This is my favorite episode!!
You all are such amazing people!
@pledis_17 #MAMAVOTE #seventeen #GoingSeventeen #Such_A_Beautiful_Night
well...I miss seungcheol more now
существуйте если согласны с тем что видите богов на этих фото
In reply to @pledis_17
let’s be together for a long long long time ❤️
In reply to @pledis_17
In reply to @pledis_17
오늘 컨텐츠 보는데 나는 눈물이 자꾸 나더라.. 그 수많은 고민들 속에서도 캐럿을 잊지 않아줘서, 너희의 꿈을 향해 달려가고 있어줘서 너무 감사해❤️ 변치않을게 서로만 믿고 가자💎💕
vernon il me bute srx ??? soit il mange des chips pendant la photo soit il s’en complètement les couilles et regarde même pas l’objectif
In reply to @Boo_UENA
In reply to @pledis_17
@pledis_17 Did you enjoy? I'm happy to see you having a big smile in your faces.I believe many changes will happen in the future but in the end you will stay as SEVENTEEN - OT13. I love you boys! @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN
In reply to @pledis_17
oy ben size ölürümm
HE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS 😭 pic.twitter.com/BCOkat1aQy
ilysm best boys :(
Kangennn banget, bareng2 ber13 terus ya selamanya. Sayangkuu😭
o dam jub peace sign cute :(((
Мои любимые😭💖💖💖
k o c h a m i c h

In reply to @pledis_17
Thanks for being SEVENTEEN guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
In reply to @pledis_17
i love you all !!!!
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