Me: Hi can I get an ice cream cone please

McDonald鈥檚 worker: Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?

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While I have your attention, remember: -call your grandparents -buy local -tell the people in your life that you love them -the Ravens and Seahawks will meet each other in the Super Bowl this year
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I went to McDonald鈥檚 last night and they flipped my McFlurry like a blizzard
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No ones ever in the right headspace to hear the ice cream machine is broken.
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Now is a good time to follow me
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this is the only funny one
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In reply to @bayoulejeune
This happened to me at a DQ except they asked me if I wanted to go to their bible study and tried to recruit me for their church
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Ice cream machine is at emotional capacity, sorry for the inconvenience
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me: no mcdonalds worker: we have fries
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Wow, no. Making fun of people for needing and setting boundaries and those who need scripts to do so is incredibly mean and poor-spirited.
I wish Einstein鈥檚 had asked me this before telling me I can鈥檛 get a milkshake tonight smh
鈥淵ou gettin a dipped cone鈥 馃槶馃ぃ@syd_syd2
LMAO 馃槶 y鈥檃ll are annoying
In reply to @bayoulejeune
fr bc when you鈥檙e craving a McFlurry this shit HURTS馃ゴ馃槶
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Obligatory 鈥渞emember me when you鈥檙e famous鈥 tweet
So what鈥檚 the difference between a joke like this and a joke like 鈥渓olz why would anyone need a trigger warning鈥?

I get that those 鈥渟cripts鈥 themselves feel emotionally laborious or annoying to some, but seems to me others prefer them or even need them & I fail to see the harm?
In reply to @bayoulejeune
Went to McDs the other day, anything that had to do with their ice cream machine had "Be Back Soon" posted across the items and I now regret not getting a picture
I鈥檓 cackling
Great... another one of these fucking jokes
In reply to @bayoulejeune
鈥淯nfortunately our ice cream machine is being cleaned right now and I can鈥檛 do any shakes or ice cream....yes, they come from the same machine. Can I get you-鈥
this is an S-tier tweet.
Me: Hi, can I get a table to sell my art at your juried show?

Big convention: Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?
I ain't gone cap to y'all. I really used to lie and say it was broken cause I ain't feel like doing all that extra stuff
Most of the time if they say it's broken, it's for solely that same reason
My chest hurts when I have to say 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for the inconvenience our ice cream machine is currently down for repairs/cleaning鈥
i just choked on my mac n cheese
ctfu last time i went to a 24hr mcdonald鈥檚 the employee said over the mic鈥漺e closed rn鈥 like nah you literally said 24 hrs
In reply to @bayoulejeune
Yes, absolutely make fun of people who sometimes speak like this. 10/10. Great job. /s
sksjskskskskskksksksjsjs goodnight 馃槀
Me at work ever since TB took enchiritos, XXLs, green sauce, chalupa cravings deal, double decker tacos, fiery tacos, beef mini quesadilla, etc etc off the menu
this one hit too close to home <\3
ok honestly this is the one
This is the only funny one
This would鈥檝e been funnier with a McFlurry
I love this meme format so much keep it up guys
In reply to @bayoulejeune
because our machine is broken
Ok so I was having a really bad day and the ice cream machine was broken and I couldn鈥檛 get a shamrock shake and I definitely started crying. So. The answer was NOOOOO 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
this is my new favorite meme/tweet im crying
@ Forest ave McDonalds take notes. Ice cream machine always broken
i鈥檓 fairly certain that i鈥檝e cried in @jessie_5321鈥檚 car cause i wasn鈥檛 ready for the information
This is the best one yet 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃
extremely disappointed in my mutuals for liking this basic shit
This is literally why people don鈥檛 talk about mental health with others. So many people are going through things that you can鈥檛 visibly see, and they feel embarrassed to tell loved ones/friends in fear of people being exactly like this! Grow up!
Are you in the right head space to get fucked up???
Ouuuuu bro I felt this one
In reply to @bayoulejeune
Me everytime I go buy Ice slushie during this time of month. They look st me like I be crazy. my answer: Take it away when winter comes and install it back nxt year
In reply to @bayoulejeune
McFlurry heartbreak
In reply to @bayoulejeune
I'm upset that I immediately googled McDonald's ice cream news.
no, because if i am ordering an ice cream cone from McDonald鈥檚 i鈥檓 already trying to emotionally eat my sadness away
In reply to @LookMaNoHANS_EN
@LookMaNoHANS_EN they should have said this to me before they discontinued the m&m mcflurry in Michigan 馃槖
my old roommate jus be BLOWING up my tl. make it stop!!!! that should be me!
No I am NOT! So give me my motherfucking ice cream cone, and large fry please. 馃槀 iykyk
Me: Hi can I get a chicken sandwich please

popeyes worker: Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?
This is literally not funny. Asking before dumping something heavy on someone who is already struggling is considerate and kind. Twitter hypes up mental health awareness and then shits on it with jokes like these
I once had a mental breakdown in McDonald's. I haven't slept in 3 days and the only thing I wanted to eat before sleeping was a KitKat mcflurry. They told me the ice cream wasn't ready, so I cried until I pass out in the parking lot.
The time I was with Alex and @EmilyCombs16 and I told them that鈥檚 fucking bullshit 馃槀
Needed to hear this when @allenfchavez and I asked for a McFlurry 馃ぇ lol
In reply to @Liz42512
@Liz42512 us in south station 馃槀
Oh no it鈥檚 a meme now 馃槄
In reply to @bayoulejeune
if im asking for an ice cream well not.
In reply to @bayoulejeune
I would rather they tell me this instead of 鈥渦nfortunately our ice cream machine is down鈥
my answer will always be no
understandable sir, have a nice day.
Me : - o-oh no please don't tell m-
Them : - the ice creams machine is broken...
Me : - nooooooo
But why did this one actually hurt?
Okay these jokes aren鈥檛 actually funny... except for this one. I鈥檓 fucking yelling
Me tryna tell ppl the damn thing went on heat mode again
...hate this joke why do you guys have to ruin everything?
this got old pretty quick
Delivering this news only hurts me when I hear the children in the car scream. Gotta throw the whole headset away
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