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Guy Fieri, I am. For America’s greatest Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives I look.

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I guess it’s time I finally break my “no posting the Child rule”... for this worth RT.
we have reached apotheosis
Well this is just all-around good content
do or do not there is no fry
i beg for the sweet release of death
why would you do this
Very funny, and a great reminder that this life is a shared experience. We’re all in this together, making joy and, when the occasion calls for it, bringing wrongdoers to justice. It’s such a pleasure to notice with all of you here. ❤️
guy fieri doing the lord’s work by providing us with some much-needed baby yoda content while you pagans talk about peloton.
In reply to @GuyFieri
It’s crazy how baby Yoda swooped in at the last minute to become the most influential icon of the decade
The king has done it again.
What parallel dimension did I just step into
In reply to @GuyFieri
I’m here in the Dagobah system to check out a rockin' little tree joint that’s known for its Rootleaf stew. A favorite among the exiled Jedi
My reaction to this changed completely when I realized that Guy himself tweeted this.
this is why the internet exists
finally the first good post of December
Travel we will. Planet Flavourtown.
In reply to @GuyFieri
Who could hate this man be honest
Everything I love all in one place finally
In reply to @GuyFieri
What have you done Guy!?
I'm officially calling for an end to the baby yoda meme. We had a good run y'all but it's time to pack it in.
I have a lot of questions. first of all, how dare you.
You might think this is bad, but if you stare at it long enough, you realize it's good.

Mr. Fieri........... you earned yourself a new follower!!
In reply to @GuyFieri
Guy you have rocked my world. My body is your communion. Feast from me
Shut it down. We’re done here
the internet was a mistake. pack it up
the best part about celebrity social media is imagining the emails and coordination necessary to make this tweet happen
The most blessed content on this God forsaken website
I want an oil painting of this prominently placed in my living room
stop the internet i want to get off
i am seething with rage
What a time to live in
In reply to @GuyFieri
May the flavortown be with you
He's too powerful we have to act
finally, content for me
I have gazed up the face of God and I wept.
I've seen this. Now you have to, also.
And now it’s ruined.
“Flavortown, hm? Go we will, yes?”
The greatest thing ever that can never be unseen.
Baby Yoda didn't ask for this and he certainly doesn't deserve it.
In reply to @GuyFieri
Diners dives and cantinas
In reply to @GuyFieri
Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
this is it.

the greatest tweet of all time.
Pack it up guys we're done.
He has spoken, this is the way.

Is it weird that I want this as a Chia Pet?
The world can explode now.
This is colonialism
In a Flavor Town far far away
In reply to @GuyFieri
what did you think of the bone broth?
how could you disrespect baby yoda like this my guy!?!?! the audacity
Now seems like a good time to mention that my dad loves this show and just refers to it as "Triple D." He also raised me on STAR WARS. Nevertheless, it would be too much work to explain this meme to him.
In reply to @GuyFieri
what the fuck have you done
"No! No try! Do or do not, there is no try. To Flavortown, I take a trip."
In reply to @GuyFieri
Show me the ways of the Flavortown
alright guy, we like you but not this much it’s time to stop
this is the desolating sacrelige Daniel warned us about
my favorite thing about this abomination is the sheer amount of people who immediately thought of and then tagged @D69_derpinator
We approve of THIS lewd photoshop, and only this one
nothin but respect for my president
When will God end my suffering in this cruel world
me and everything i stand for: found dead in a ditch
A long time ago, in a Flavortown far, far away...
Absolutely too stoned for this
guy fieri's social media guy is very high on my desired careers list
Diners, drive-ins, and cantinas
we are on a collision course with the sun
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