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People often think they’re breathing oxygen, but are actually breathing nitrogen (78%) with a side serving of oxygen (21%) in argon sauce (1%), spiced up with CO2, H2O & a dash of neon & krypton (etc.)

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Thank you for fixing my warped view on reality.
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Elon statistically I must have breathed at least 1 molecule that you farted in my lifetime
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if you love science so much mate why dont you shag it
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That’s wild... Can we get a jet pack soon?
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That sounds like the speech a villain would give while calmly suffocating a hero pic.twitter.com/DK5TbWpGg0
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Thanks Elon, very cool.
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Fun fact! All early spacecraft cabins were pure oxygen but at a lower PSI to save weight. Even after the Apollo 1 fire, the Apollo program continued a pure oxygen environment (post launch) since the Lunar Lander was only designed to handle 5 psi!
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does this check out?
Elon Musk, después de mucho esfuerzo, ha sido por fin capaz de terminarse su libro de Conocimiento del Medio de primero de Primaria para regocijo y salvación de EL MONDO CENTÉFICO
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make living on mars possible by 2030 elon i know you can do it
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ILL GIVE $100 to 10 people who RETWEET and like this tweet, must follow @RyanKGives to win! ❤️
Se lo sabe gracias a Mecano.
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Esta mañana me he despertado y he pensado eso mismo bro xd
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Wait you breathe?
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This. i also hate it when people say they're listening to music but don't mention the ambience of the room or the sound of their own breathing/swallowing
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I’m tired of your nerd ass
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Vibe check. You passed. Congrats Elon.
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People often think I committed suicide but I actually didn't.
Millennials descubren la composición de la atmósfera
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the cybertruck looks super good on the front part, if you guys fixed the back part and add more curves I bet everyone would love it. pic.twitter.com/KAEAqyT13M
People often think @elonmusk is smart.
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fun fact, if we all had been breathing straight oxygen all this time, we would have all been dead already :)
So… they were right to begin with?
Let the 251K likes for this bone-dry fact be a reminder to us all of people’s underserved appetite for science
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So hydrogen will form elements, heavier elements, become sentient to ponder upon people of thinking they’re breathing oxygen, but are actually breathing nitrogen (78%) with a side serving of oxygen (21%) in argon sauce (1%), spiced up with CO2, H2O & a dash of neon & krypton etc.
Elon lemme know when you wana come cook, you’re on the right path with this tweet. I think you would like brisket science
Why does this have so many RTs this is school level science which everyone knows
In reply to @elonmusk
Reality can be whatever i want.
I say this in Thermodynamics and people go to sleep, Elon Musk says it and gets 4.2K replies, 19.8K retweets and 143.9K likes. (I will use argon sauce next time .. that is what I am missing)
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Time to invent some mates, poindexter.
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And exhaust fumes from ICE vehicles. Killing slowly like this 👇 pic.twitter.com/PdUYtvbPCa
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Sometimes I'm inhaling pure Xenon.
Tweeted like a man who only today learned that he’s not breathing 100% oxygen
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That's why I laugh when people want to put nitrogen in their tires
Musk finishes O-level chemistry.

People who took a-level biology for a year but then dropped out:
People often think they've had a huge jury verdict jammed up their rear, but are actually paying punitive damages (78%) w/ a side serving of compensatories (21%) in pain/suffering sauce (1%), spiced up w/ atty fees, taxable costs & a dash of pre- and post-judgment interest (etc).
Just what we needed - another @neiltyson
Imagine being one of the smartest & innovative people on the planet, but not vegan...

You can buy million trees (0.001%) impact. Help ending animal agriculture (60%), some optimized transportation (39%), and be kind to animals (0.999%)
It’s called air, Elon, we learn that in primary school.
Oh hey, I'm back in 8th grade science class.
No one past the age of 12 thinks that, Elon.
In reply to @elonmusk
The billionaire genius who discovered LSD last year just discovered 7th grade earth science I guess
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And people think Tesla is a fwaud but yet they are wrong.
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Yo Elon tyla yaweh wont lob me $407 but what if you did ahaha $Blankzy
*Clark suffocating from kryptonite gas*

Bruce :
¿Está Elon Musk explicándonos lo que nos contaban en 5° de Primaria? Eso parece, sí.
In reply to @elonmusk
Except for aquanauts living under saturation, where the breathing gas mixture is often adjusted to mitigate oxygen toxicity. :^) pic.twitter.com/vhO89xlTZW
you literally cannot breathe nitrogen, it being part of the air that we inhale doesn't mean we are breathing it ffs, if your whole brand is being a big science nerd billionaire how are you SO BAD AT IT
In reply to @elonmusk
sir, this is the mcdonalds drivethru
“Haijalishi wingi wenu bali umuhimu wenu!”
Tunasema sana juu ya Oxygen (21%) kwa kuwa ndo inatupa uhai na si Nitrogen (78%)
Suala si wingi wenu ama umaarufu wako, bali issue ni UMUHIMU WAKO!
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Happy Cyber Monday or as they call it now Cybertruck Monday!! pic.twitter.com/EYdeBri6fw
People often think billionaires are smart, but are actually complete jackass idiots
In reply to @elonmusk
so spicy air?
Elon tweets this nonsense to sound intelligent. This info is straight out of a pilot license Meteorology textbook and is usually Lesson 1 starting with the atmosphere. Elon must be looking at getting his pilots license. $TSLAQ
why are people baffled by this as if we didn’t learn it in year 7 chemistry
In reply to @elonmusk
People often think you are visionary genius. You are actually (78%) Bernie Madoff, with a side serving of Ponzi (21%) in Rainman sauce (1%) spiced up with Ken Lay, Bernie Evers & a dash of Dennis Kozlowski and Crazy Eddie. $TSLAQ
amerikanci u komentarima odusevljeni kao da im je otkrio toplu vodu a fazon ovo se uci u petom osnovne ako se dobro secam
Come see me for a mass spectrometer so you know for sure.
In reply to @elonmusk
Wikipedia is a cool website full of exciting facts
Elon tweets like a holdover from 2011's the narwal bacons at midnight reddit era. have-an-upvote-gentlesir looking ass.
Make way please, the big brain haver has logged on.
In reply to @elonmusk
In reply to @elonmusk
Why the hell does this have 38 thousands retweets
Everyone please report Elon’s account for impersonation. This is NOT Neil Degrasse Tyson.
elon just took his first gcse science lesson
Imagine thinking this was news to anyone over the age of 14.
fascinating, wanna cum in my ass?
In reply to @elonmusk
Love me some spicy breathing gas
In reply to @elonmusk
#ENVIRONMENTALAVIATIONREPORT: The main pollutants emitted by most aircraft engines are carbon dioxide CO2, nitrogen oxides NOX, sulphur oxides SOX, unburnt hydrocarbons HC, carbon monoxide CO, particulate matter PM and soot.⚠️#CO2 & #NOX emissions continue to grow!🚨#airpollution pic.twitter.com/VEzb7WwigP
me writing an APES exam free response:
this fucking dipshit tweeted a 7th grade level science fact and got 300k likes meanwhile im sittin here eating strawberry yogurt getting 0 likes. thats messed up
Yup, and if you’re wondering where the other gases go, most of it goes straight into your bones.

That sound you hear when you stretch your neck or crack your fingers is caused by Nitrogen/air bubbles trapped in them.
New theory that Elon Musk and Neil Tyson pay the same intern to do their social media and they got the accounts mixed up
In reply to @elonmusk
me in my chemistry exam
a mente mais brillante desta época sen dubida, é un no parar d descubrimemtos revolucionarios este señor
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