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Brexit Party's last day in the馃嚜馃嚭Parliament

They think they're patriotic but these jingoistic charlatans, banging tables馃憞 have done untold long term damage to the reputation of馃嚞馃嚙, fought for notably by my parents' generation

Good riddance, bon d茅barras und auf Nimmerwiedersehen

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I am so embarrassed these people disgust me.
Look at the state of these yammering, screeching fascist idiots.

Every single one of these dreggy, drossy lumps of stinking faecal matter from the Brexit Party are an utter embarrassment and they have brought shame upon the United Kingdom.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Childish. Can't they leave with some dignity? The whole of this Brexit farce has been degrading. I am ashamed that so many adults behave worse than children in the schoolyard. I am so ashamed of the people leading our country.
This is how Britain has chosen to represent itself abroad... 馃檮馃槩馃槨
#brexitparty #brexit
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Let's really get #RejoinEU going on Feb 1st. These monsters and #BrexitJohnson are not what our ancestors fought for. These nasty idiots do not represent our great people
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
It's so embarrassing being a UK citizen these days...
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Perhaps if we hadn't sent so many people like this to represent us, then perhaps Europe could have done more for us. All they're doing is reinforcing the yobbish image that British people have. Good riddance to Britain.
Well, all I can say about this without getting banned from Twitter is, the EU Parliament must be really pleased that from today the creche will no longer be required.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
That is why I am proud to be #ScottishNotBritish 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩 & #EuropeanNotBritish 馃嚜馃嚭 I am ashamed to be associated in any way with these Brexit Cretins馃槨 pic.twitter.com/TQCZRGSU4u
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
What is the collective name for now unemployed Brexit meps? A cockwomble of Brexiteers?
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I want us out of the EU now, not because I want to leave, but I don't want our European friends to have to put up with this utter disgrace any longer. On behalf of (at least) 16.1 million people, I'm sorry for this dreadful behaviour.
Thank goodness i am Scottish , this stuff is embarrassing
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I, for one, hate Brexit but will be glad to see these people leave the EU parliament. They are a disgrace.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
This is an incredible disservice to peace in Europe. Two generations of Britons were compelled to go out, fight and die in wars that originated in Europe. The EU is the most important mechanism to stop the escalation of disputes. And the UK is walking away from it. #Brexit
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
& since drawing his MEP's salary & expenses for 20 year's NF (no pun intended) has not done a single thing to improve the lives of constituents in his area. 20 year's as an MEP & not one notable achievement 馃
Dear EU colleagues,
THESE idiots do NOT represent Scotland.
Every single one a dyed in the wool little englander.
Arrogant, lecturing, condescending, offensive, angry, jingoistic, days of Empire, WWII loving, Dunkirk spirit, lived through the blitz, knuckle dragging xenophobes.
What in utter embarrassment. They are acting like a bunch of football thugs. Shame on them
We're going to need a bigger skip...
Wreckers, charlatans and scumbags, sent to Brussels by the wilfully ill-informed, and the racist to represent our formerly respected and globally influential nation.

Decent Britons will rightly feel nothing but shame.

@lbc #bbcaq #newsnight #r4today #politicslive #c4news
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
How very embarrassing. As if we weren't enough of a global laughing stock!
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
who else feels like they can never holiday in the EU again because of the utter shame?!
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Good to see that after today the EU Parliament is going back to being a Parliament instead of a daycare.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Those clowns won鈥檛 be missed.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Team Farage brexit part looks pathetically childish & PM Boris Johnson should appologise on UK behalf for disgraceful display This will do nothing but deminish Global Team GB & make selling UK products more difficult Its not a game trashing UK brand its criminal sabotaged
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They are like fractious teens: such shameful behaviour.
Yet another national embarrassment

Shame on any fecker who voter for this horrible shower
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
So infantile ! So cringeingly embarrassing ! This is how the world sees us now !
I am so sorry my European friends. Please know they do not represent us all; their views or their behaviour. I hope you will allow us to rejoin one day. #RejoinEU
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They are not parliamentarians. They are like football thugs on a drunken orgy of violent behaviour. When Scotland gains her independence from such people in England, we will rejoin the EU with honour and principle. 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩馃嚜馃嚭馃槑
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
the political equivalent of English 1970s Lager fuelled football hooligans without the intelligence.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They are just a bunch of children, they represent only the lowest dregs of the UK, I'm glad that the EP won't have to put up with them any more. Hopefully in a few years we can 'drain the swamp' and rejoin with a better quality of MEP 馃憤
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I love how they think behaving that way is somehow a great UK advert for anyone in the world to treat us seriously when we're going to need it the most.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Prior to this #Brexit shit show Britain (rightly or wrongly) had a reputation for a reasoned and grounded approach to governance These chimps and their following have made us a laughing stock
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
It makes me feel ashamed. They truly are a disgrace.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Apologies, Europe! Appalling behaviour by these people. Venom trumping dignity and diplomacy.
So deeply deeply shameful that two of these morons have been elected from Wales. That鈥檚 half of our MEPs!

It is such an indictment of the toxic tribalism of Welsh politics that these extremist carpetbaggers are seen as a better option.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They shame England, Scotland and N Ireland are not a part of this. Their stupidity and arrogance is a disgrace, normalising horrible behaviour - no wonder Britain is in such a terrible mess!
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Every time I see these wankers disgracing a serious parliament with their puerile actions I鈥 nearly glad re-Brexit so we can stop being embarrassed as a nation. EU will be able to progress faster without us and the world will be a better place. Remainers: only solace I can find

I'm so sorry and so ashamed of them. I have nothing but contempt.

NB. I *knew* I should have slipped/tripped with my elbow out when I had to sidestep to get past widdecombe a couple of months ago. 馃槓
They're just absolute scum who shame our country.
The Brexit party are like those disruptive dickheads at school that won't pass a single exam but, make sure that the rest of the class fail as well.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I would like to apologise to EU27 on behalf of the British nation but I will be 73 this year so I will not have the time.
How the fuck did it come to this
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I'm so deeply ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour. Most of us feel the opposite way, and are devastated by #Brexit. Please forgive us @EU_Commission
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They succeeded and you failed. Suck it.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
The only good thing to come out of this debacle is that we鈥檒l no longer be humiliated by these ridiculous fools who pretend to represent the UK. Such a shame, because there are some great British MEPs who have done a fantastic job.
I鈥檓 embarrassed to be British right now...
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
My parents'generation also "fought" for the reputation of the UK and would be very proud that we are now leaving the EU.
In reply to @SimonUbsdell
Here is a collection of some of the most childish people this country has ever produced. Look at how much damage their childishness can do: twitter.com/AlexTaylorNews鈥
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Just humiliating. This is not us, not our collective spirit, not our character, it's a stone that's been overturned and something revolting has escaped. How could a nation unravel so quickly and so completely? This is what happens when fringe lunatics grab power. I'm so sorry.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They won鈥檛 feel a thing. Unlike workers at Nissan
How profoundly shaming these clowns are and what irreparable damage they have done with their jingoistic buffoonery.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Appalling behaviour. At least they'll be drifting off into obscurity soon. That's the only positive thing I can think about Brexit.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They look and sound like undisciplined pupils in their last lessons, with teachers they didn't like, knowing there can't be anymore sanctions. So very mature. Even worse than for pupils who, very often, don't have the choice to be there or not.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They鈥檙e an embarrassment. Won鈥檛 be missed.
What a bunch of puerile, elitist tossers.

I'd like to say we're better than that in the UK, but the bottom line is we elected those arrogant pricks and we sent them to sit as MEPs.

And if we're THAT clueless, we probably deserve everything that's coming to us, and more.
Some 'patriotic' table pounding from the Brexiter MEPs.

"If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table."

#Brexit #BXP #MEP
Fucking hell, just look at them. The EU really will be much better off without us
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Chers amis Anglais, on ne peut vous souhaiter que bon courage (et peut 锚tre bienvenue si vous voulez nous (re)rejoindre, un jour, peut 锚tre...)
BXP MEPs must be the most childish group of politicians ever. The EU will no doubt be relieved to see the back of these idiots.
As for those who voted for them, you complained about having no representation in the EU and then put this lot there! 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
1) When you are sitting in the bus station quietly waiting for a bus to work - and a group of children run up and down - make loud "engine" noises, swing round the pillars and scream so it echoes ..............
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Just so embarrassed by them. Really sorry. They disgrace us all. Brexiters too, even though they may not all realise it.
Brexit party showing what pathetic, ignorant fuckwits they are. Utterly repugnant 馃槨馃が
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
- please don't think these ignorant and rude individuals represent the best of Britain. They are the worst of us. I wish they'd grow up. Your only consolation is that they're truly our problem now.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I don't think they are patriotic at all, they'rere doing this for a small group who will profit from Brexit after conning the public by manipulating prejudices. They have damaged the reputation of the UK I agree, but hope the rest of Europe realise most don't want this now.
The culture less and petty curtain twitchers - I see a few not happy with this behaviour
The UK should be embarrassed at the childishness of these so-called representatives. Who would want them to stay?
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Very nice intervention by @TerryReintke See you soon my english friends Good luck
I am ashamed!
The UK's political culture is sick, toxic and immature:
The EU is better of without us until and unless we can heal ourselves.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I wonder if the parents of this #British #immigrant #MEP are proud of their daughter banging the table like a hooligan rather than an ambassador for the #UK is that why most parents sacrifice their lives so their children can act like idiots when surrounded by members of the #EU pic.twitter.com/PZqX9G2fHB
What a fucking embrassment
The #BrexitParty's last outing. What damage these people have done to the image of the UK. I only hope these apologies for MEPs don't find work as resident reactionaries reviewing the papers on BBC TV or @SkyNews or on #BBCQT.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
How they shame us. As the EU parliament watch on ,our international reputation is damaged. Fortunately Remainers have shown Europe that they do not represent the heart of the UK but only the rump.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They're all noise and no substance! How lucky the EP is today as they see the back of this embarrassing bunch of bbbbrexshit freaks.
I suppose they need to clear some seats for Scotland 馃榾馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩馃憤馃従
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Their eagerness to wreck the UK's international reputation & to humiliate themselves is perverse.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
I just know I'm going to be hearing "Inselaffe" from the neighbours again.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
The whole episode is steeped in childish xenophobia and strong racism. This is the hatred of #BritExit. Thank heavens Scotland has remained aloof and demands EU protections. google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirr鈥
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Pathetic & childish. They do not represent all of us. I hope even leavers r ashamed. Definitely ruined what reputation we had left. I admire u for tolerating them, no wonder you'll b pleased to c them go.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
There goes the UK tourism industry .... who will want to come here if people think that鈥檚 what they will be greeted with ! Inept half witted fools 馃槼
I Hate Brexit. 馃憖 馃憞
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Bon d茅barras de ces facho populistes ils pourraient emmener leurs fr猫res LFI, Fhaine,DLF, et UPR ils seraient entre eux dans une angleterre bient么t priv茅e de l'Ecosse et de l'irlande du Nord
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
Sorry genuinely enraged and embarrassed by these people-I don鈥檛 recognise my country anymore. Let Europe stick together this is a mistake we have to let run its course now but we will be back once we rid Britain of this plague - apologies again
I think that when this is over - and we send the people who voted for this to the cinema to watch the story and the highlight of the damage - we should make them watch this display of hooliganism too. Vile.

The one tiny sliver of good news is that these cringeworthy charlatans will no longer be damaging our country鈥檚 reputation.
A deep, deep embarrassment
The @brexitparty_uk are a national disgrace.

In their (thankfully) brief time in the European Parliament, they contributed nothing meaningful whatsoever.

They won't be missed.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
They're the embodiment of mean-spiritedness. They are Brexit made corporeal. They are every part of the Bristol Scale in hominid form. They represent the idiocracy and the decline of our state. They are fools.
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
It鈥檚 one of the very few advantages of Brexit. Good riddance to the Brexit Party. I hope never have to hear of them again 馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭馃嚜馃嚭
In reply to @AlexTaylorNews
What are they even chanting? Sounds like 'Let's eat shit.'
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