Story time : okay so today i encounter the worst shit that can happen when im busy doing my own shits under the block opposite my block. This man right here has molested me and harassed me when i was minding my own business.
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Men are disgusting, good night
I wanna whack the shit out of his face. These fuckers don't even know how traumatizing this is.
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
It was about 4pm , i was at the void deck trying to get my work done because at home my cat is always disturbing me so i could not get work done. Suddenly this indian man walk at the void deck and sat at a bench that was just a distance away from me.
girls . pls stay safe . when alone , avoid doing ur work at quiet places . as lazy as u are ,, try to go to a ff restaurant or a cafe or library or call a friend down . u might nvr know what will happen n what kind of freaks r there out here . pls stay safe .
Fucking bastard , must cut off his balls and put chilli padi
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Sending love and comfort to you, I’m sure it was traumatic. People will have a lot to say, but they weren’t in your shoes they won’t understand. Talk if you need ❤️
Bro i want slap this fucker kmk, the girl ask to fuck off then fuck off la
I always want a me time alone.. but shits like this scares me😡😞
Its time that we as a community protect each other. This sexualism / predatory ways has got to stop.

Ladies please always have a friend to study with. It's the best & safest.

Stay safe and care for one another in this current day and age everyone. Love all.
Must literally whack him till he slips in to coma
Kalau kena prempuan sabah ni.. sudah kena tumbuk ba ni
Look at this disgusting fucker. Idk what’s w this world...
girl get up and leave it really be that simple. if he followed you, run to someone or blend into a crowd damn
siligod oku neh kokito lo rupa. Hih sy umban tu pakai fail kalau sy yoh serammm 😂😭
Kpd mereka2 yg ckp suruh this girl blah lah jerit lah apa bagai, just to inform you.. sometimes, in this kind of situation your body automatically jd freeze gila babi. I know. Last time aku kena pun, aku jd freeze. Padahal tepi tu ada makcik jual pisang goreng. Kau rasa?
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Pls stay safe gurl and be aware of the surrounding, never do something alone and pls accompany with someone... I just cant see thing like this happen to girls😭
Thank you for being so brave recording it as an evidence that he's harassing you. Girls out there, please be careful when you're alone!
tu file hijau aku sebat pale kau mabok pun hilang .
this type of pundeh need one tight slap 🤬
We girls are not safe anymore, we can’t even study peacefully in public . This is so scary ... hope she’s fine .
yk if i ask you (girls) to come with me even to the nearest places, it’s because of this.

don’t always go alone to the toilet or anywhere honestly in public, especially that you’re a woman.
She was still so nice to say please. If it was me, I'd be shouting at him to fk off. Cause of people like him, most people have bad impression on India men. 🙄 Really fucked up.
push this kinda bastards to me, i’ll strip him and chase him naked while beating the fuck outta him
i will break his f*cking face if he do that to my future gf😡
Why i don't witness this kind of things? At least i have a reason to beat the shit out of someone🤷‍♂️
Datang negeri orang, cari lah rezeki. Bukan cari pasal
I will fucking scream in his face istg cb fuck sial benci sia ngn orng gini puki
Shit, this is scary af
bodo bapak seram sia aku dah la selalu sorang sorang
Yall i wanna know if it’s okay to fight or like punch the molester when they touch you or something like will the victim be wrong too ???
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
OMG THIS IS FUCKED UP!!! HOPE UR NOT TRAUMATISED.. if i was there aku dah maki hamun dah tu jantan.. urghh
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Omg!!! You must be so traumatised. I hope you’re okay and that you’re not physically hurt ☹️
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
u have the rights to hit his balls girl but i stan ur bravery girl to wait for the cops arrives 🙏🏻 like literally some girls will be panic but u took it in a calm manner 👏🏻 MAD RESPECT
i hope ure alright 😭😭 being harassed honestly just makes u freeze but ure so brave to call the police and warn others. ❤️❤️
2nd time i saw incident like this happen in A DAY. tell me how can us women feel safe if theres stupid mfs like this outside? drunk or not drunk they'll still do shits like this to us. we still get harassed eventho our clothes aren't revealing -
Korang take care... call anyone if this shit happens!!
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
and people think i’m being a bitch for hating bangla or just over reacting when this type of fuckers are staring at me 🤷🏽‍♀️
This is disgusting wtf. If he can do this in broad daylight imagine what he’d do at night.
I hope you’re okay! ❤️ Stupid idiots like this are better off dead!
If i am her,i will be traumatized and hardly to forget the incident
You can clearly hear the fear in her voice. She could’ve shouted for help or walked away but our body/mind reacts differently when in shock/fear. She was hella brave to record it too cz it could’ve antagonise the guy.
kalau kena ngn aku, kau takkan nak sengeh lagi time duduk depan aku. Haha.
kene aku confirm confirm nangis terus
Men are fucking shit godamnit im so a angry
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
stay safe dohhhh even in daylight .
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
so much for "good vibes 2020"
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Hope u are ok, these bastard should be punished
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Shirt I hope u are better now ! I hope u aren’t traumatised
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Hey! I sent you a dm i hope you will read it. Feel better darling!!! I know its tought for u to go thru this incident.
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Babe... Its so good that calling the police actually came to your mind. Hope you're feeling so much better❤ take care okay. Please be safe always❤❤
Disgusting i know how it feels like to be molested
If this ever happened to my sister or even my friends, I’d cut his testicles off & feed my shelter dogs.
i always get so scared to walk alone under void decks bc of creeps like this. im so glad u r ok.
Da lama tak kena pukul eh mapleh
this is fucking disgusting..
What the fuck. This motherfucker needs to get deported. 😡😡😡😡😡
Please becarefull out thr girls
Kimak kalau dah sampai pegang pegang, aku dah pukul sia dia, kurang ajar sial
MY GOSH WTF?!??? i know you’re terrified but you should have hurried off somewhere to avoid being sexually harassed by him . You know he keeps coming towards you , you saying “ go away “ for multiple times won’t help. EITHER you take your slippers and whack the heck outta himself
disgusting piece of shit id beat the crap out of him
Bless that you're okay x
Some fucking guys istg seriously dk how to behave. So fucking horny all the time like wtf dude.

Tbh I’m indian and I ducking scared of some Indians
😡😡 so disgusting wtf I’m Glad she got away safe at the end
Why wouldn't women call men are trash 😐😐, if I was there I confirm help this sister out
lmao ppl be like girls shuld be home early bc its dangerous at night but dude its dangerous in broad daylight too wtf i hate this
honestly, fuck men like him. this is so disturbing it definitely triggered my anxiety as well, fUck. please be safe wherever you are, mimi. don't let these kind of fucktards get what they want.
I would slap the shit out of him with that file
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Shit is he bangladesh or sg indian?
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Im appalled that you had to go through this and in all honest you did the right thing.
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Deyyy macha go working la
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Babe hope u feeling better 😔✨ they are just too much . Stay strong babe ❤️💕.
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
i hope ure really okay 😔😩❤️
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
patutnya jerit je kt muka dia, eh cibai boleh blah tak? 90% dia akan blah
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
I hope this would turn into a trauma for you. Ure really strong no matter what. If it was me, i would have scream
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
OMG sis thats so scary! You handled the situation well!
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
stay safe and hope you are better now !!
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
Fucking disgusting. Are you okay ? 🥺💗💗
In reply to @lilwizzymimi
hope ur okay. men are dumb and disgusting 🤢🤢
lol fcked up ppl like this deserve a special place in hell 🖕🏻
lucky he didn't go more than molesting in between the time the police came, if not, i swear sia i wil kick his ass if he got away. But thanks god he didn't make it too long. I just hope that if he's a foreigner, he should just go back to his country, or, he shld just get punished
omg scary 😭 aku js panas siak bace ni 😡
boleh call police tknk 🥱
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