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This is the energy @sharifahamani had when our cat stole a pork leg from our neighbor and dragged it all the way into our house. Dia pi samak kucing tu, berus gigi also okay. She also samak the floor. She went off ah basically.
In reply to @SassySultanate
meowshallah i luv ur cat
In reply to @SassySultanate
forced? this is the most chill I’ve ever seen a cat be about wearing anything on their head he was THRILLED to get some religious education
In reply to @SassySultanate
Is this how Shakira law works?
In reply to @SassySultanate
omg he really snapped with his allah hat 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
In reply to @SassySultanate
I remember seeing this Cat on Friday at the Meowsque.
meowshallah meowkhi
In reply to @SassySultanate
He needs his own prayer mat! Mashallah, much love Wumbo 🥺❤️
In reply to @SassySultanate
Il est meowslim mtn
In reply to @SassySultanate
Cats can have little as-salāmu ʿalaykum as a treat
In reply to @SassySultanate
Took me a while to understand from where did the third hand come from.
Did you even give him the option of paying jizya?
Remind me of the time me and my siblings had 5 pet fishies and my mum was mad we gave them names like “dory” and “nemo” and not Muslim name like hasan and Mohammad HSJSKXJX😭😭
In reply to @SassySultanate
i’m sorry i just saw your account but you’re a tamil muslim too omg... i can’t remember the last time i saw someone who was tamil and muslim this is so 🥺
hello 👋🏼 owner of 77 cats and veterinarian for 50+ years here. This is not “funny” or “cute.” Forcing a cat to being part of a specific religion against their will is detrimental to their health and can cause long-term damage.
Moi qui essaye de sauver mon chat du châtiment de l’enfer après qu’elle ai chier dans le tapis de prière
In reply to @SassySultanate
This is the opposite of Mohammed PBUH cutting off the sleeve of his prayer robe so as to not disturb his sleeping cat, yet sends the same energy
In reply to @SassySultanate
My mom tells everyone that cats are Muslim
Cat in a hat? More like feline in a fez.
Jokes on you, he was already muslim
In reply to @SassySultanate
لَآ إِكْرَاهَ فِى ٱلدِّينِ
In reply to @SassySultanate
Reminds me of that tumblr post about the Christmas stocking lol
me parece fatal😡😡 ya no se les deja ni a los gatos hacer uso de su derecho al culto y a la libertad religiosa con tranquilidad..😞
Someone said “MeowshaAllah” lmfaooooo
powerful content.
In reply to @SassySultanate
Can someone edit this with a cat instead of a dude
In reply to @SassySultanate
I’ve read that the m marking on a tabby’s head is because they were the favorite of the prophet and he blessed them w his initial
Marshall will always go lay on my moms prayer rug whenever she’s praying and she tells me about it EVERY SINGLE TIME she goes “I know he knows what I’m doing. He’s praying with me I know”
Someone in the comments said meowshallah
Asalaam walakium Meow shake
Moi quand j’aurais un chat
In reply to @SassySultanate
No! I'm a cat psychoanalyst and that cat is severely stressed because he was born into a mixed religious family of Jewish and Muslim faith and they step on Quran when they're under extreme stress!! 😔😔😔
I already told y’all cats are Muslim by default
Cats are Muslim no argument
Katie Hopkins is gonna loose her mind.
In reply to @SassySultanate
whispering a little adhaan into his right ear, as a treat
MDRRRRRRRRRR elle est voilée la mienne
hani islam zorlama dini değildi şuna bakar mısınız rezillikk
In reply to @grantsama
@grantsama me w/ fuu when you’re not in the room
In reply to @SassySultanate
There should be no compulsion in religion, but Islamicat like your styles, forced conversionses is good. Praise Miaowhammad!
“Muslims violently forcing barbaric cult indoctrination unto innocent youth”
In reply to @SassySultanate
In reply to @SassySultanate
I don’t get how some cats let thier owners do this while my cat bites my hand if I don’t pet them the way the want it.
Awwww what a cutie!❤️
It had seen the light🙌🐱✨
In reply to @SassySultanate
Forcing religion on your pet is abuse
Quand on a ramené charo à la maison, baba lui a chuchoté la chahada dans l'oreille😭
Bruv I'm getting a cat some how some way
In reply to @SassySultanate
Tell me why I was fully thinking 'her hands look weird' cuz I was expecting Nikki Minaj's hands
my mom when she starts fostering cats
Cats are muslims : again another proof
Go faire ça à frimousse. Sheikh Al Meow Meow
omg my birds always go on the prayer mat and chill there even when I tell them not to... they’re muslim mashallah
In reply to @SassySultanate
“Fox news” would like to know your location 📍
My meowslim cats welcome you, brofur! Ahlan..
this video exudes fefe vibes @amilaaa_
In reply to @SassySultanate
Someone just called a kufi an “Allah Hat”💀😂
Why is this something @nooosman would do💀💀💀
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