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This is what Pok茅mon representation in Smash would look like, if it was given the same treatment as Fire Emblem.

I'm not sure it'd be nearly as interesting, but what do I know? 馃檮

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I don't have strong opinions on the Byleth in Smash controversy, but I agree with the point this person makes: you can't use the number of Pokemon or Mario characters as justification for the number of FE ones. The Mario and Pokemon fighters are (mostly) very different.
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this is kind of a bad take lol. itd be more like it every pokemon was a starter mon. which half of them are.
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plusle and minun would be pichu ice climbers
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Apart from Pok茅mon rarely has a single "main character" whereas Fire Emblem always does. Besides - the Marth trope ended with Robin.
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In reply to @Tetra_Flora
Hard disagree. Fire emblem characters are similar yeah, but they are fairly diverse. Robin, Corrin, and Byleth are all very unique characters, even though they are fire emblem.
This is an extremely abysmal comparison when different typings exist...
The meta would be in fucking shambles two rats is enough HELLO.
Ok but imagine this but with the Mother series
Emolga my fav, which is yours?
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So... you're saying we need different, more diverse FE characters? I agree.
I always thought we had enough pokemon

I was wrong we need this
Emolga would be sick af
I disagree with this. Yes, the fire emblem characters are all sword characters but they all are unique in gameplay and moveset. The electric rodents have not much unique except for the last 4.
I would be down for this LMAO
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I mean yeah I would love it if Fire Emblem didn鈥檛 just do the lords but this isn鈥檛 really fair when Ike, Robin, Corrin and Byleth are all unique.
Pok茅mon are a lot easier to differentiate abilities from normal ass humans with weapons bro
al menos a estos Pok茅mon los puedo diferenciar
the serve this would have
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Small characters ewwwww please no
6,000 people are currently online pretending this shit wouldnt rule for some reason
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Corrin, Robin and Byleth are totally different char with different playstiles. Even Roy and Ike have big difference.
I would either quit smash or main g&w at this point 馃槼
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Nah it would be 7 different variations of Charizard
youre saying like this is a problem LOOK AT EMOLGA AND PLUSLE AND MINUN
saying it like it'd be a bad thing

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Oh? What's this?... Oh yes! SALT 馃馃槀馃憣
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Did you just make this comparison and forget raichu how dare you
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I think this would be interesting actually LOL but I'm a hard pokemon stan
My Togedemaru would eat everyone's ass
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Nah, if Pokemon were treated like FE in Smash we鈥檇 have a 3rd gen mon, either Sceptile or Gardevoir, and a 5th gen mon, either gothitelle as Gardevoir鈥檚 echo or Zoroark. Also stop bitching that the anime swordsman we got wasn鈥檛 the Disney anime swordsman we were hoping for...
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Ok, so imagine there are four rpg characters walking into a dark room when suddenly the pillar men music from jojos starts playing and dugtrio comes out of the ground to reveal this pic.twitter.com/JmVfB9Unuv
C'est vrai que Corrin et Marth sont exactement pareil que Byleth 馃憖
Ou Ike
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it's funny cause Plusle and Minun were planned for brawl.
I'd kill for Plusle and Minun to be playable KILL
Oh great another electric type...
What's that? they're all the same? Haha you clearly can't see how different they are, emolga has the best air control and togedemaru has its spiky shield counter, they're obviously not echo fighters!
Ok annoying 鈥渢oo much Fire Emblem鈥 tweet aside it鈥檇 be a wrap if Morpeko got in Smash. Hunger-Switch every time he takes a certain amount of percent and it changes the properties of his moves that would be sick.
Plusle/Minum=dangerous than Nana/Popo w. Swift, Charm/Charge/Baton Pass.
Pachirisu=complete Glaicer Waif w. bite attacks
Emolga=less broken Brawl Meta Knight+great air moves
Dedenne=Play Rough would have much more ranged focused
Morpeko=Hard hitting. #smash
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ok i'd be down for emolga only because it's my fave pokemon
Byleth is literally the most unique Fire Emblem character that we have gotten. Very few of his moves use his sword, and even fewer use it without the whip. He is nothing like the others. Byleth brings something completely new to the table.
Its theorized that plusle and minun were planned to be added in brawl
i would love this ngl because cute rat pokemon are my faves but at the same time unless they're all pichus they'd all be bad mus for robin LMAO
Plusle y minun como unos ice climbers de rushdown y emolga haciendo cosas raras volando, togedemaru podr铆a ser un heavy chiquito, te lo compro antes que FE la verdad
This is probably the best take I've seen on the matter. I'm a huge FE fan. 3H was my 2019 game of the year. I'm thrilled Byleth made it in, but this is what it looks like from an outside perspective.

I don't condone the hate, but I understand the disappointment at least.
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You forgot Raichu and his echo fighter, Alolan Raichu.
bro I would LOVE this LOL
Brooo Emolga would be dope in smash
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This post was made by someone who鈥檚 never played a fire emblem game
This pinpoint why I think there is so much complain about Byleth.

I can't believe it took so much tries to finally put an axe and a spear on a FE character, when the weapon triangle is as fundamental than the pkmn typing. So much repetitive moves too...

Byleth is cool tho.
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
I don't see the problem...? That said Plusle/Minun and Emolga are kinda the only way to get past TPCi's need for self-promotion to represent Hoenn and Unova repsectively. Ngl I'd trade Greninja and Incineroar for Plusle/Minun and Emolga, because RSE+BW > XY+SM.
Oh god no sweet jesus lord thank god it鈥檚 fe
馃槼馃槼 emolga??? 馃馃u might be onto something bro that mon would be clean
M锚me en fan de pok茅mon je cablerais
Alors faut vraiment 锚tre un putain de fanboy matrix茅 pour dire que Byleth c'est hype et que genre il faut encore des persos de FE
Ok but Plusle & Minun would be fucking dope asf, & WHERE'S RAICHU
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
Emolga would be hype
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
So...what do you want? Dimitri, Claude and Edelgard taking up 3 slots? Bad take dude. Byleth, Ike, Robin, and Corrin have been given very unique differences from the "Marths" and the dumb "Its all Marth joke" gets really old.
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
...half of these would actually be kinda cool, actually 馃槼
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
You summed up my exact thoughts on FE rep in smash. I was never really able to put it into words before this.
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
there are people saying this is more interesting than what we have wtf
okay but Togedemaru would be pretty lit ngl
C'est bien t'as pas jou茅 脿 Fire Emblem, f茅licitations
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I unironically would like to see Plusle and Minun ngl
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
These renders are so clean tho
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This gives off the vibe that you haven't really played fire emblem. Yeah some fighters have similarities but overall they're unique enough with their own qualities and play styles to have a worthy spot in smash.
Okay then add Big Boss, Old Snake, Venom Snake, Solidus Snake, and Liquid Snake
Ok but If Emolga was like the one in the rivals workshop I'd be hella down
ice climbers but with electricity...
BRUH I鈥檇 be super down widdit
I'd main togedemaru tbh
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what if i want this though
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Just look up the emolga mod for rivals of aether and see the best timeline smash could have had
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there are more mario characters than fire emblem
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
Tbf Plusle and Minum can be an interesting tag team and Emolga can glide
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God wouldn't it just such if Pichu, Pikachu, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Lucario,, Greninja, and Inceneroar were the arguably most recognizable Pokemon from their respective games? Good thing they're all in the games because of their character and not popularity
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
I mean, you have a point, but at the same time, Pok茅mon doesn't really have "main character" Pok茅mon unless you count box legendaries. Meanwhile 6 of the 8 FE characters are the main characters of their games, and all of them canonically use a sword.
In reply to @Tetra_Flora
Except we have lance, axe, bow, sword, magic and I guess dragon. This isn't a good comparison at all
I'm sorry more than half of these would be dope additions you failed lol.
Lol fuck idk what is worse swords or rats
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