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TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: This is the beginning of the end of the abuse of the Constitution. The Senate will provide a fair trial for @realDonaldTrump. #impeachment #ArticlesOfImpeachment #ImpeachmentTrial #senate #SenateImpeachmentTrial

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Words of wisdom. Thank you Ted!
This guy looks like a three-card Monte dealer. More telling, he talks like a three-card Monte dealer. In fact, maybe he is a con man? We鈥檒l see. The Senate impeachment trial will be revealing.
This is one of the most cowardly and useless sons of bitches to be elected to the US Senate.
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You have deeper affection for Trump than for your own wife. Super work.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Imagine defending someone who can't even be bothered to take down his tweet calling your wife ugly. Ted Cruz doesn't have to imagine. How sad is that?
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Republicans have no idea what the word impartial means. This will be nothing but a partisan Kangaroo court run by Republicans. They鈥檙e not interested in the truth. They can鈥檛 handle the truth. They鈥檙e too worried about kissing Trump鈥檚 ass for re-election
In reply to @SenTedCruz
No you will not. You were on the Hannity show and said you plan to vote to acquit trump before the trial-before the evidence is presented. You disqualified yourself to be an impartial juror! Your oath is to uphold the Constitution-not to trump &his treasonous crimes.
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Can you explain how preventing witnesses from testifying, calling this a "sham", and also stating you will side with the President equates to a "fair trial?"
To @SenTedCruz your tweet is as much a contradict to the truth as your service is to the US Constitution.

You will reject fairness, the oath you took as a Senator, and the oath you took today as a juror.

You will do these things because you lack the basic courage of character.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
No. This is the beginning. If no one goes to prison for this coup, this will be the new normal. The radicals will gaslight every election, impeach every elected officer that beats them. Its not enough to hold the trial. The prosecutor has to answer for misconduct.
He was vicious about your wife鈥檚 appearance and threatened to release damning information about her
He said your father helped murder Kennedy
He ridiculed you relentlessly before the WORLD.

Why the loyalty to this criminal? Also-
Where are your balls you absolute fucking pussy?
In reply to @SenTedCruz
So you鈥檙e gonna call all 1st hand witnesses?
I will never again listen to @TedCruz lecture the rest of us on the Constitution or the rule of law. Zero credibility.
When Trumpism melts the brain of a Senate Republican until he sounds just like a House Republican. At least we won鈥檛 have to hear Ted do his vote 鈥渧ote your conscience鈥 act again this time.
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Good, because we are sick of all of the lies and constant harrassment of our President.
In this clip, @SenTedCruz said: 鈥淎fter a fair trial, this president will be acquitted.鈥

I guess it makes sense in TrumpWorld that the verdicts are announced by jurors and judges before holding fair trials.

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We certainly hope so. You swore an oath today to be an IMPARTIAL juror. #CallTheWitnesses
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Watching this 鈥減arade鈥 of Dems walking to the Senate side. This is a disgusting overt political coup, hiding behind a lie of intending to 鈥減rotect the Constitution.鈥 In fact, it is an abuse of the Constitution and the Founders鈥 original intent. This just emboldens to me speak up.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Thank you Zodiac for killing this impeachment sham!!!
鈥淭his is the beginning of the end
of the abuse of the Constitution.鈥

#WeThePeople are watching 馃憖

Hey @SenTedCruz...the mere fact that you say 鈥渇air trial for @realDonaldTrump鈥 instead of 鈥渇air trial for the American people鈥 is quite telling. You don鈥檛 represent #Trump. You represent America... #ImpeachmentTrial
This JUROR must be disqualified. Without considering any evidence or law he has decided the case in Trump's favor. DEMS must move to disqualify him from service in the impeachment trial. @SenSchumer @RepAdamSchiff
In reply to @SenTedCruz
It sounds like this is the beginning of someone violating his sworn oath.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Accurately stated. Straight to the point. 馃嚭馃嚫
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Dear @tedcruz , I owe an apology. I hit you pretty hard during the primaries. But I love President @realDonaldTrump. I have allot of respect for you now and I have for some time. You will continue to have my support. God bless you Ted & thank you for supporting @POTUS pic.twitter.com/xgMAd2fGXU
In reply to @SenTedCruz
TV Guide 2 PM Are You Dumber Than A First Grader In this episode professional liar Kellyanne Conway tries telling she doesn't know Lev Parnas against photo evidence. #IMPOTUS tries same. Meanwhile #RankingComrade Devin Nunes suddenly remembers, oh Lev Parnas, sure, he knows Lev! pic.twitter.com/UbHp1SMykr
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Democrats have little alternative other than CAN鈥橳 LET IT GO as President Trump achieves tremendous accomplishments & his popularity increases. Desperate Democrats embarrass themselves revealing no new ideas, unpopular platform, and a farce campaign of only hateful 'Trump Bad'. pic.twitter.com/xOHQhb6S9O
In reply to @SenTedCruz
You can't even stand up for your wife and dad, who expects you to stand up for the Constitution?馃檮
We don't always agree w/politicians on issues & may despise some of their past actions.

Remember though: @SenTedCruz & @RandPaul were adversaries of @realDonaldTrump in the 2016 campaign & @LindseyGrahamSC opposed him early on but THEY DO STAND FOR OUR @POTUS & THE CONSTITUTION!
Mesmo o Senador Ted Cruz, que fora ofendido por Trump na campanha, n茫o concorda com o impeachment.
How the hell can this be a fair trial if you already know the outcome?
Ted Cruz thinks the correct procedure for a 鈥渇air trial with due process鈥 is to do the verdict before you impanel the jury.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Lev Parnas's interview on @maddow is damning. He's an associate of Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and implicated Trump in a criminal extortion scheme. How can any Senator argue that we don't need a real trial, with witnesses and documents?
Why don't you hold a town hall with your constituents. We would like a word with you.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
So in other words you've made your mind up, in violation of the oath you are referring to, without hearing the case, looking at evidence, or hearing testimony from witnesses. #RepublicansAreLiars
In reply to @SenTedCruz
鈥淚t is incompressible that Secretary Pompeo has said nothing about the chilling revelations that one of his ambassadors鈥 movements and activities in Kyiv were being tracked by people discussing doing her harm." hill.cm/yOn1hws
Watch for Romney! He can鈥檛 be trusted.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Cruz 2024!!!!! Love this dude!!!!
In reply to @SenTedCruz
鈥淭hey don鈥檛 allege any criminal conduct whatsoever鈥 pic.twitter.com/Sfm1Y92hmJ
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Hey Ted, Before you get started, could you go up to Lindsey Graham and read him this? *Be sure to use the same dramatic voice and body language. 馃榾 pic.twitter.com/uy4jamMFWy
#MalignantEnabling of #Presidementia is a clear and present threat to our nation. Trump is cognitively impaired, mentally ill, psychologically unfit to govern. Focus on how sick he is, Senator. You know he is not well or competent. You were right about him.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
C'mon...鈥︹︹︹︹...鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹︹...鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹︹......Ted. You're conducting a cover up in broad daylight and it will be your legacy.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
鈥淲e鈥檙e going to have a fair trial but I already decided the outcome without seeing or hearing any evidence.鈥
In reply to @SenTedCruz
#GAO finding #OMB violated Impoundment Control Act `is forceful and it is unambiguous,' says #Appropriations ranking member @senpatleahy. `When President #Trump froze congressionally appropriated military aid to #Ukraine, he did so in violation of the law and the Constitution.'
In reply to @SenTedCruz
My only question is WHY is the senate allowing this to happen?
In reply to @SenTedCruz
So you have already decided and prejudged. You should be disqualified from voting.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
So when you see evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors are you saying you will deny it? Because I am seeing and reading evidence.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Not if McConnell and Graham have their way with their lackeying for Trump. You don鈥檛 look impartial either.
TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: I鈥檒l never cease to be shocked at the number of seemingly intelligent @GOP members who look at @realDonaldTrump & say, 鈥淵eah, that looks like a good hill to die on.鈥
In reply to @SenTedCruz
I don't believe a word you say.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
馃嚭馃嚫 America Deserves Answers 馃嚭馃嚫 Trump & @GOP obstructing ALL fact witnesses & docs! Coverup IS the crime- ongoing, no defense 馃挜 Abuse of Power (High Crime) 馃挜 Obstruction of Congress (Felony) 馃挜 Fact Witnesses Must Testify 馃挜 NOT Partisan! 馃挜 New Evidence pic.twitter.com/489TkrnrfT
TO THE REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE: Betray my President, and you will be held accountable.

In reply to @SenTedCruz
Once again, the Republicans are the abusers and they are blaming the victims. This is unspeakable. You can be all folksy, but no one with morals or decency supports you.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
You had a rough go of it last election Ted. You better get this right or you're gonna be out of a job, and history will mock you as a spineless Trump sychophant enabling the most corrupt admin in American history.
The beginning of the end. Dirty
Dems are not going to abuse the Constitution - or our @POTUS anymore.#EnoughIsEnough! It was over before it began. The only high crimes&misdemeanors are the ones committed by Dems&Rinos. We will rise up & unite more and more behind Trump! #WWG1WGA
Who is voting for this weasel?
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Reince Priebus: "Sometimes the best defense is the 'SO WHAT' defense which is, if everything the Democrats said is true it's still not impeachable. If everything Lev Parnas said is true, it's still not impeachable" GOP = ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY pic.twitter.com/Fuj6zu15Bp
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Got something brown on your nose there, Ted
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Never trust a man who will defend Trump with stronger conviction than he defended his wife when Trump insulted her.
Thank you Sen. Cruz
Protect Our President from this corruption!
End this Impeachment Sham...Praying for you all 馃晩锔忊櫏锔
In reply to @SenTedCruz
If I insult your wife and accuse your father of having been involved in the Kennedy assassination, will you vote to have witnesses?
In reply to @SenTedCruz
As my Senator, you embarrass me and as a human you embarrass yourself.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
We鈥檙e watching and you will be held accountable.... politico.com/news/2020/01/1鈥
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Intel officials don't want public hearings on worldwide threats for fear of angering Trump @kylieatwood reports This is INSANE! cnn.it/2QZ3wMI pic.twitter.com/RxrfY9xfUs
In reply to @SenTedCruz
In terms of biblical prophecy, something profound is happening in the world right now! President @realDonaldTrump has executed a biblical recognition of #Jerusalem & @Israel's sovereignty馃嚠馃嚤 Wake-up! Turn to God, Now. 鉃★笍Follow @BrandonBeckham_ for Christian prophecy updates. pic.twitter.com/qlo1Dj7bKw
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Here's McConnell on having witnesses at #Impeachment trails. Like/RT and tag your Senators to let #MoscowMitch know that you want to hear from those who have 1st hand knowledge too. pic.twitter.com/nb2RghWbou
In reply to @SenTedCruz
He defends the man who berated his wife. He supports the man that accused his father of murder. Why would anyone think he would support the Constitution?
In reply to @SenTedCruz
If you鈥檙e already saying he鈥檒l be acquitted then, by definition, there will not be a fair trial as you鈥檝e already determined the outcome BEFORE the trial.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Soon Enough You'll Experience the END of Trump's Administration. What Happens Then?! OH! That's Right! Trump Joins his BFFs in Prison, and The Senate Swamp gets Washed out by the Blue Tsunami! 馃ぃ
In reply to @SenTedCruz
I think voters will be the judge of fairness. An unfair trial will turn this country upside down. Hong Kong type of crap.
I have nothing but the deepest respect for @SenTedCruz
Being @realDonaldTrump 鈥榮 sworn enemy at the 2016 elections, he got over the loss, & became one of the most principled senators of the USA & ally to the POTUS.
He鈥檚 also one of the strongest fighter for #1A & #2A .
I hope so for America鈥檚 sake.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
So cosplay Wolverine, you're rendering explicit the fact that you and the other GOP sycophants will not actually listen to the evidence or weigh facts objectively. I mean we knew this but having you admit it up front and for all the world to see is a way to go I guess.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
THE BIGGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN US HISTORY: Justice will prevail... And America will then see the massive lie perpetuated on the American people by the deep state-swamp @DNC @MSM. It was a criminal (TREASON) coup to take out a duly elected @POTUS twitter.com/hotshot__1/sta鈥
In reply to @SenTedCruz
The American People want a Real and Fair Trial with Witnesses and Documents! #WitnessesAndDocuments #ImpeachmentTrial pic.twitter.com/itN3qQJhtB
How can Jay Sekulow defend Trump when he is a potential witness and was involved in the Trump Ukraine Shakedown?
Think about what you're saying dumbass. If you kill the trial, and the evidence comes out showing trump's guilt, your entire party will be guilty of covering up his crimes. It will be the death of the republican party.

You can pay now or you can pay later.

Either way you lose.
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Republicans need to grow a pair of balls and squash this nonsense once and for all! It should have never gotten this far to begin with!
Nasty Pelosi

Resign Now 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Now the lying begins. All have orange on their lips from bowing down to Trump. pic.twitter.com/hIOmewOL9t
In reply to @SenTedCruz
Thank You! We are disgusted by the trampling of our Constitution and the double standard of Justice!
In reply to @SenTedCruz
I鈥檓 not even sure how your own family can look at you pic.twitter.com/y6Sl18hHKO
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