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Why was this foreigner escorted while ordinary Cebuanos suffer each day in worsening Metro Cebu traffic?
Not against Jo Koy because I think this was offered to him. Ang issue ko ay bat mga Pilipinong ang taas ng tingin sa mga Pilipinong hindi lumaki dito? Sana pantay-pantay yung tingin natin sa isa't isa.
All this for a man who does adobo jokes 😭😭😭😭
Episode 4: Where JoKoy learns the thrill of entitlement
In reply to @Jokoy
It's only slightly funny cos ur a comedian, while politicians abuse this on the daily while acting like a comedian. I know it's not ur fault, nor ur battle to fight, but just reeks of privilege & leaves a bad taste... reminds us what you ❤️ in PH is the 💩 we have to deal with.
In reply to @Jokoy
Hey, I love you man. I really do. But this isn’t right. We call this “wang wang” and it’s a blatant abuse of police power just to cater to celebrities’ and other “powerful” figures’ entitlement to be not stuck in traffic while the rest do.
Never liked this guy. His humor makes fun of Fil-Ams, Pinoy culture, and Filipino English. Now we know where it comes from. Ang tanong e magkano ang lagay sa Cebu police? Proud pa! #PinoyPride #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines
In reply to @Jokoy
Entitlement though . 🙄
In reply to @Jokoy
Sorry, bro, but flexing this was really out of touch. Travel time saved for you is travel time added for the people you cut through in traffic.
Can someone enlighten me re: rules on providing police escorts? I'm not sure I'm liking this...
Privileged life of Jokoy. Gagamitin ang Filipino culture as comedy material tapos pupunta sa Pinas akala mo kung sino.
In reply to @Jokoy
Wow, @jokoy is lovin some government corruption Philippine-style ...
In reply to @Jokoy
Subtext: "I love being above the suffering ordinary people routinely go through." 🤡
In reply to @Jokoy
I hear Mama Koy: “The police had to bring you home, Josep?”
In reply to @Jokoy
If only you can hear all the #@*%¿#@ from the people inside those cars that you cut off. The police escort in front is showing off with his swerving left to right his mc. Not funny.
In reply to @Jokoy
Please don't come back. Unfurl your terribly stereotypical jokes somewhere else. Thank you😚
In reply to @Jokoy
That's awesome for you, but not really a great commentary for the country when you really think about it 😆
In reply to @Jokoy
it's something ordinary people hate. good for you but it just show how 'wang-wang' is abused by the privileged few, mostly politicians and government officials. this may not be your fault but you won't want to associate your name with those people.
In reply to @Jokoy
Actually, that’s being frowned upon now. 😅We no likey wang-wang (police escorts).
In reply to @Jokoy
They wouldn’t even do this to an ordinary Filipino even if they are dying. This is sad.
A privilege he can’t afford in the US but can be bought in the Philippines for a couple of bucks.

We have come so far to put an end to “wang-wang culture” and for it to continually evolve in this present regime is very frustrating, disheartening, and infuriating.
In reply to @Jokoy
This isn’t supposed to be funny though 🙄
Please don’t brag about the use of “wang wang” (police escorts), @jokoy. Don’t flaunt your overblown sense of entitlement. Patients in ambulances die here because they’re not escorted through our horrendous traffic.

In reply to @Jokoy
Shame! Your enjoyment and surprise at the quick trip reeks of entitlement and privilege.
In reply to @Jokoy
You mean you love being entitled by a culture of corruption ?
I could use this the next time I have bubble guts in rush hour traffic
In reply to @Jokoy
You’re a nuisance to a foreign country while the locals have to suffer to heavy traffic, you can see they’re being exposed to extreme heat. We don’t need you here, go home.
And you think it is right?

I was almost half-a-fan of yours.

Now I am NOT!

Good bye!
I can finally say this: Jo Koy isn't that funny. He was funny once pero yun lang
In reply to @Jokoy
In reply to @Jokoy
Also, dun sa mga pulis @pnppio @PNPhotline na pagewang-gewang sa kalsada, hindi po safe yang ginawa ninyo. Hindi magandang ehemplo sa ibang motorista. 🙄🙄🙄
This is ridiculous. Awful, actually.
In reply to @Jokoy
But why are you so proud of it? This is wang wang. Tsk.
Yikes. Fil ams loving the country bc of special treatment, what’s new lol
In reply to @Jokoy
Uhmmm i wonder if all people who are stuck in traffic are loving what they are seeing po, you enjoyin and loving the priviledge ☹️
Yung hindi niya magawa sa USA ginagawa niya dito. Eh kung umangkas ka na lang na damuho ka?
Shame. Shame. Shame.
Eewww, reeks of entitlement and privilege. Worse, he seems totally delusional and oblivious of such.
this.... is not it..... lmao
In reply to @Jokoy
Hoi! Okoy. Shame on you. If I'm on one of those cars on that bridge, suko jud ko bah! I'd be 😤😤😤. Who is this person? Is he gonna have a major testicular surgery. But still, what do I know? Love you man!✌️
this is so unnecessary. ambulances should be the only ones who have the sole right to do this.
Not defending ignorance but most likely Koy didnt have a hand in this. Still, its good to call out why this is NOT okay, and I hope he learns that
Magkaroon ka lang ng katas ng ibang bansa, special ka na agad sa bansang ‘to ano?
lol you guys find this guy funny?
Nakakainsulto. Langya all half pinoys and foreigners have it easy in OUR own country no? Tang ina.
In reply to @Jokoy
Ehrmm nope. Now it felt good not being able to buy your tickets. 😂 You don't deserve our money.😂😂😂
what rich man bullshit is this
fil am “comedians” have a special kind of brain worm crawling around up there
Jo Koy's whole brand is built on dunking on the way Filipinos talk and when he goes home to visit, he spends his time screwing over the locals
People hate on Jo Koy for being escorted by the police yet they escort performers and other VIPs all the time. He’s only showing how happy he is that his own country treats him well.

Jesus, kung wala na kayong maaway, wag nalang kayo mang-away please lang.
Entitlement (resulting to the displacement of many, especially the under or unprivileged ones) is never a laughing matter, @Jokoy.

If you think this is a good thing, then you celebrate a shameful and abhorrent Filipino trait.
In reply to @Jokoy
Really? Straddling the solid yellow lines that vehicles are not supposed to cross and being exempt from being cited for a traffic violation? That's not something to love about the PH, Josep, who did you bribe for that? Totally uncool.
The privilege jumped out
In reply to @Jokoy
Dont do that again Jokoy!!! Pinoy loves you including my wife! P.S. im using Vicks on my kids too... dont do that again Joseph!!!!
In reply to @Jokoy
Hindi ka pa nga sikat nag yayabang ka na!
Mans whole act is using filipino culture for clout but as soon as things get inconvenient he’s suddenly full american 🤣🤣🤣🤣
privileged ka gh0rl
aAhhh naa siya cebuuu
While we all suffer in hours-long traffic and inhumane public transport conditions, right? K.
In reply to @Jokoy
It ain’t funny bro! Not something you can be proud of! WTF! 😤😡
bakit di niyo magawa sa mga tunay na emergencies????
this is just evidence of corruption and class conflict in the philippines :(((
wow i love it when policemen bend rules for fil-am celebrities who are only filipino when it's convenient 🤩
In reply to @Jokoy
That's called Wang-Wang mentality. Its associated with abuse of power, undue use of privilege and bullying. And that cop showboating in his motorcycle is inappropriate as well. Not funny at all.
Wow what an insult to Cebuanos who get stuck in traffic for 2 hours. And guess what? You're even causing more traffic!
In reply to @Jokoy
I wish I had police escorts😔
Someone rub Vicks on my eyes so I don’t have to see this 😭😭😭 gudnyt Shanil 😭😭😭
In reply to @Jokoy
Jo Koy, this is not something to be proud of.....
In reply to @Jokoy
Nothing to be proud of man. We ordinary schmucks endure hours of sitting in traffic every f*cking day. No need to brag of your privilege as a celebrity to have a police escort to breeze through Cebu traffic like an entitled pot-bellied politician. Not cool.
I rlly like Jo Koy... but this is just shitty... blatant abuse of power and entitlement at its finest 🙄🙄 it wasn’t even an emergency 🙃
In reply to @Jokoy
You shouldn't be proud of this. Shame on you.
Remember when Mariah was late for her concert in Manila because she was stuck in traffic? Yes we love a humble queen who condemns discrimination.
Yalls smell that stink of entitlement
It’s really distasteful to brag about this given the traffic situation in Manila.
In reply to @Jokoy
Grabe yung privilege???? Sino ka ba ha?!
In reply to @Jokoy
pls use your celebrity status to condemn such act. If you say you love the Philippines, feel what we, the regular folks, feel when things like these are accorded to mortals perceived to be of a higher kind. You know what the police escorts did was wrong.
what the fuck????
In reply to @Jokoy
Um, this is not something to be proud of
In reply to @Jokoy
Are you proud of this mistake??? Please don't ever go back to the Philippines. Thank you.
In reply to @Jokoy
I hate those cop escorts! To hell!
In reply to @Jokoy
Two snowmobilers did this for me in Green Bay, big shot!
this isn't something to be proud about bro
Like many of his jokes u get the feeling it's supposed to be funny but then u realize it's kinda problematic
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