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ISIS Mufti Shifa al-Nima has been arrested. He was one of the main figures to order the butchering, executions, enslavement, rape, kidnapping and sale of non-Muslims and Muslims that opposed ISIS. He couldn’t fit in a police car, so they carried him in a pickup truck.
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I don’t like to fatshame, but I’ll make an exception for ISIS leaders.

Lmfao he looks like gigantic plucked turkey, look at that wide lad! ISIS probably failed because this man ATE the caliphate.
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We couldn't drone strike him because there were literally no movements to track. I'm not counting bowel movements 💀💀💀
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Anyone fat shaming this man has a lot to learn about beauty. You’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood & the media into thinking thin, & skinny, & not smelling like feet, & BO, & not having mustard stains on your shirt, & not stinking up the room with your burbs & farts is beautiful.
یکی از مفتی ها و یکی از اصلی ترین رهبران جنایتکار داعش که مسئول بسیاری از اعدام ها، قصابی ها، تجاوز ها و بریدن سر ها و به بردگی در آوردن غیر مسلمین مخالف داعش بود دستگیر شد و چون در اتوموبیل پلیس جاش نمیشد او را در عقب پیکاپ سوار کردند
#MySleeptweet *This is some deep dark graphic novel ish at a supreme level. “Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” — Mark Twain
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If these are the leaders ... who are the soldiers?
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Just leave him on the side of a deserted road, he won’t be able to walk for help 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Why did it take so long to arrest him? It’s not like he could run and hide so easily, just sayin’
This is epic! Not only did we kill Solemani we arrested the cash cow enabling ISIS caliphate theives murderers etc. Bury the man continue the plan!
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This dude be lookin like Polpo from Jojo pic.twitter.com/Nyatswal9f
Esta clase de desperdicio humano es la escoria que, sin tocarse el corazón, ordenaría la violación de toda tu familia y que te decapiten lentamente con una sierra.

Siempre recuerda la clase de seres que están detrás del sufrimiento de los pueblos.
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Alternate picture of them loading him into the truck. pic.twitter.com/9gNzyPsdMc
Imagine getting executed because Jabba the Hutt said so

peecha chakka no kaffir boonowa tweepi infidel ho ho ho
重磅: 指令绑架、强奸...十恶不赦伊斯兰恐怖头目Mufti 被捕。警车装不下这货,警方动用了起重卡车。
When you want to create the new Caliphate and oppose all western decadence, but ohhhh muh gawd Chipotleeeeee is life.
This POS Isis terrorist can now add Glutton to his resume. It seems he worked up quite the appetite while butchering, executing, enslaving, raping, kidnapping and trafficking people.
For heavens sake, he couldn’t even fit in the police car.😳
زود منو بذارین پایین میخوام برم توییتر بنویسم پسری که ماشین و خونه نداره به درد زندگی نمیخوره و فیواستار شه
Weglaufen war nicht. Es gab kein Entkommen!

P.S. Entschuldigen Sie den Kommentar - ich konnte mich gegeben der Umstände hier nicht zurück halten. 🤷‍♀️
This season of My 600-lb Life is insane.
I see why #Obama needed to send pallets of cash! 😅
Did Salacious B. Crumb slip away?
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Heh. You said "figure." Heh.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
I’m gonna tell my kids this was jabba the hut.
Hadden ze hem niet in stukjes kunnen snijden, dan had hij wel in de politiewagen gepast, gatverdamme hoeveel seksslavinnen zal deze vetzak misbruikt hebben.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Why exactly would anyone be taking any orders at all from this man?
Why the fuck do his pants look like a couch cushion
Un camión de la basura, literal y figuradamente, hubiese apropiado en su caso.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Soon will come the time to arrest his Shia counterpart in Iran: #IRGC “Major General” Hassan Firouzabadi. Islamic Republic = Shia ISIS pic.twitter.com/0kXFXdKr8g
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I didn’t know they were still showing “My 600lb Terrorist” on the Al Jazeera Network الجزيرة. Going to search for it on Netflix.
This 600 lb fuck became a successful warlord and you're headed off to wage slave for 8 hours. Good Morning! #tgif
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Wasn't he in the first Blade movie? The record keeper or something? pic.twitter.com/M4YkfU2Ppw
ISIS varken opgepakt!👇🐖
How did it take so fucking long to arrest this fat fucker
That's fantastic news, cleaning up terror one day at a time. Appears this man feasted well.....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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I want to know what’s in his little hanging up bag by his bed. If it’s tissues and Vaseline body cream, I think I will throw up a little.
Ylensyönyt ISIS-terroristi Mufti Shifa al-Nima pidätettiin ja kuljetettiin näppärästi avolavalla pois lymyilypaikastaan.
ISIS Mufti Shifa al-Nima is gearresteerd. Hij was een van de belangrijkste figuren van het slachten, executies, slavernij, verkrachting, ontvoering en verkoop van niet-moslims en moslims die tegen ISIS waren. Hij paste niet in een politieauto, dus droegen ze hem in een pick-up.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
In reply to @Imamofpeace
In reply to @Imamofpeace
After butchering people did he eat them? I’m sorry but I need a little levity when I see pure evil.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
I guess it is safe to say that Mufti Shifa al-Nima could hide, but he could not run! #ISIS
In reply to @Imamofpeace
I guess it is safe to say that Mufti Shifa al-Nima could hide, but he could not run! #ISIS
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Im pretty sure this guy was in the first Blade movie.
ISIS Mufti too fat to be transported in a car is transported to jail in a pickup truck.

If this fat man is the mufti of ISIS, this clearly show that #ISIS is on their last legs and they will soon be stamped out.

Trump is the one cleaning up ISIS! Not Obama.
Los supervillanos de la vida real son MUY decepcionantes.
Naaaaaaaaail! Protect me from the infidels Nail!
In reply to @Imamofpeace
is he the one who issued FATwahs?
Mf ate every drone they sent after him
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Even if this guy bl@sts without a bo mb he can cause a hiroshima level destruction 🤣🤣
In reply to @Imamofpeace
How could he *supposedly* be a Muslim? What happened to ‘eat before hungry & stop eating before you’re full’ ?
ISIS Mufti Shifa al-Nimaが逮捕されました。ISISに反対する非イスラム教徒やイスラム教徒の殺害、処刑、奴隷化、強かん、誘拐、売買などを命令する主要人物の一人で、パトカーには収まらず、ピックアップトラックに乗せられた😅😅😅
I bet he could sit on a quarter and squeeze a booger out of George Washington's nose.

With all he has done, it serves him right to be hauled away in the bed of a truck...
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Hates America but eats lots of burgers 😂😂😂
I see they weren't worried about him making a break for it. 😂 😂 😂
Boy looks like an uncooked chicken. 🙊 Probably ate his victims in the name of Allah, tövbe estağfurullah.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
these people are SICK
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Only thing that got killed was a Big Mac
Why would anyone take orders from this fatass i thought terrorists valued strength.
In reply to @Imamofpeace
You know that guy doesn’t wipe properly.
In Mossul wurde der Jabba the Hutt des IS gefangenen genommen und auf einem Pick Up abtransportiert, weil er in keinen Polizeiwagen passte. Der Mufti war ein Hauptverantwortlicher für Exekutionen, Versklavung von Christen und Eziden sowie die Zerstörung von Kulturschätzen
In reply to @Imamofpeace
He should of made a run for it
In reply to @Imamofpeace
Serious question??? Did he eat all of his victims????
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