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The hell is this? this "just rolled into Virginia" !?

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Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.
Virginia is setting itself up for disaster.. which they will then blame on ordinary Americans.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Well, it鈥檚 not good. Scary when the state police think they need to deploy armored vehicles against their citizens
Our tyrannical government is now buying equipment with our tax dollars to protect themselves from citizens who will rightfully and lawfully overthrow them for attempting to take away their liberties. It has begun in Virginia. But it鈥檚 coming to our nation.
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Virginian Democrats have lost their ever love'n minds. This kind of Police State action is EXACTLY what 2A supporters are afraid of, it's almost like they want to invoke a violent response...
The State took the symbol that was the Killdozer and fucking corrupted it.

Marvin Heemeyer didn鈥檛 die for this. pic.twitter.com/UJnbKbhmgR
Police supporters loved this shit until now.

Gov BLACKFACE in Va got his state police rollin in a Tyranny Dozer

This is as much about psychological warfare (ppl seeing this big scary machine rollin in) as it is a tool 4 this DemoKKKrat mayor 2 use against


Going to be an interesting few days.
Now Governor Blackface is deploying armored vehicles to what? Round up citizens protecting their #2A rights, attack the citizens of Virginia who are protesting for their #2A rights? This is definitely not going to end well! @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
In reply to @Lukewearechange
The weapons you think are meant to keep you safe are actually for the government to protect itself from you. pic.twitter.com/JpQd3eUZ4i
In reply to @Lukewearechange
That鈥檚 a constitutional right crusher.
I foresee a quick turn back to a red state in Virginia in 2020...this is absolutely outrageous & terrifying. Not sure why Gov. Blackface Abortham (credit to @DLoesch for the spectacular nickname) & Democrats would think this is a good road to take馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
oh no! certainly not a shoddily armored skid steer with exposed hydraulic lines
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Seems like this governor is clearly demonstrating what the 2nd amendment is for.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Remember the words of one who lived through a tyrannical guvment: pic.twitter.com/mom7LZefUO
"Don't mind us. Just getting ready to turn your protest into a killbox"
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Man, it's like the BundyRanch showdown, but on a statewide level. VA Patriots need to be very patient, and very restrained--the enemy is always trying to create provokatsiyah, like their Leninist heroes.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
The Rook, designed by Ring Power Corporation. Congratulations to Police State and Ring Power Corp. for taking taxpayer money to build weapons which are then used to assault the taxpayers pic.twitter.com/3JCy9MetKV
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Do i know any good camera/editor that is going or wants to go to Richmond Virginia this Monday available for hire? Crash spot around the area would be good too, from nyc is a plus too.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Got the name reversed. It should say police state.
What is the Governor thinking..馃
Virginia is declaring war on citizens who are trying to protect 2nd Ammendment Rights
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Lol. All weapons are being banned for the protests............ Except the oppressors' #PoliceState #Virginia #VirginiaRally
In reply to @Lukewearechange
WTAF?!! Is this martial law for a 2A rally? Wonder why nobody takes these precautions for antifa rallies? The police are actually ordered to stand down. 馃槨
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It鈥檚 what the beginning of America鈥檚 second civil war looks like.
Feds getting ready for false flag battle in VA with the vehicles and gear from Aliens, complete with sentry guns and CIA AWFLs stomping around in mechwarriors pic.twitter.com/cS88Bc2PV7
It鈥檚 funny how people don鈥檛 realize that the police have stockpiles of military equipment until one day tanks rolling down the street.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
A Democrat Governor who wants to take guns away from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Looks like Marxists/Communist plan on using it against their own citizens. NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR #2NDAMENDMENT!
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Wait. They want to keep their guns? Put 50,000 folks inside a fence with one exit, and bus Antifa in? And then blame any incidents on the regular people there who only demonstrated for their 2A?
Based on his choice of dress, Northam knows how to crackdown on civil rights demonstrators.
This looks like a "Kill American Citizens" type of vehicle. Paid for by you, the American taxpayer.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It is a swat shield. Used to protect swat as they move toward a target or suspect. Either that or the safest Porto potty I have ever seen with a self cleaning feature.
Guns are bad except when they use them
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Looks like taxpayer dollars
Expect to see this thing rolled out on Monday!
In reply to @Lukewearechange
The authoritarian fascists running VA are just getting ready to start boogaloo
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It's called "The Rook" it a critical incident vehicle. Something Local law enforcement may need if they intended on infringing on residents 2A rights, perhaps.
Sick, the state sanctioned fash (@VSPPIO) just rolled in with a killdozer with a sniper tower attached to the front of it. Stay safe, comrades. #rva
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Police officers in VA should all step down and join the protests.
The 鈥淕un Grabber 5000鈥
In reply to @Lukewearechange
I think it is time for those Virginia counties who still believe in the constitution to contact the West Virginia legislature and follow up on their proposal to reunite all the 2A counties and create a new Virginia. WV is a constitutional carry state after all.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Va Governor Northam is planning on using armored state police vehicles against their citizens during a peaceful #2A rally, now why is he doing that? Call in the National Guard to protect Va citizens, federalize the National Guard!
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Obama said weapons of war have no place on our streets. I guess he meant unless they're used against second amendment supporters, opponents of "progressives", "climate deniers", uppity individualists in general
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It鈥檚 a Globalist Jack-Booted machine.
The police state is ready for you... are you ready for it?

#StayPrepared #2AShallNotBeInfringed
In reply to @Lukewearechange
THAT....is instantly worthless and filled with terrified swat officers if surrounded by 30, well armed, well regulated minute men.
Looks like the @statepolice in Virginia are happy to become Iran's IRGC? #PrayForVirginia The #2A issue is about the cabal's desire to start a real war in America. What they're planning will make #Charlottesville and #Norfolk look like child's play
In reply to @Lukewearechange
*equipped with sliding gun ports? This is a sniper tower and the military or VA militia should confiscate this from the police state, they should not be allowed to engage the public with heavy assault vehicle equipment pic.twitter.com/cIXENb7fqj
Our interventionist foreign policy has obviously had no ramifications here at home.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
First they take the guns away, then they order in crazy looking police tanks, next is......
An add was placed for crisis actors in Amissville, Virginia. 馃憖
In reply to @Lukewearechange
The governor of VA @GovernorVA using his government power to infringe upon the 1st amendment rights of his constituents.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
If that leaves the trailer, they鈥檝e just declared war on the citizens.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It鈥檚 tinder for the fires of freedom, coming to Virginia, soon. Virginia is going to set the precedent for the nation. Will it be freedom? Or will it be tyranny?
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Something that requires a great deal of fuel when the entire logistics network can collapse overnight.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
This is what Leftist Socialist Globalist Elitist Democrats have in store for Americans... take away our guns, our Christianity, our babies, our free speech, our money, and then what.... ? Is this really what Americans want?
Is this what the State Police would put a homemade bomb into to detonate it? Or, just an armored PortaPotty??馃し鈥嶁檧锔忦煠封嶁檧锔
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It looks like Governor Northam is planning to treat protestors the same way Soleimani treated 1,500 protestors in Iran last month. Not a good look, @GovernorVA. #Virginia2A
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Look for a false flag event within the next few weeks.
That's a Rook, used for getting cops up high behind cover. Works great until you surround it.


In minecraft.
Pray for Virginia. These folks are being setup for something bad. I can feel it.
It鈥檇 be a shame if some $20 contraption from Home Depot destroyed those tracks.
Very scary, don鈥檛 forget the #UnitedNations have private land in the #UnitedStates sold by criminal politicians. Be extremely mindful of the #DeepState鈥檚 private army.
This is what happens when democrats are in control of the Government! Virginians did you think they were kidding when they say we鈥檙e going to TAKE YOUR GUNS?! Is there that many lefty鈥檚 In that state! After seeing the democrats in action, I was reallshocked to see Virginia Fall!
Armored police bulldozer with a massive riot shield. It'll most likely be on standby for the pro-2A protests in Richmond.

Northam really expects the fucking boogaloo to break out apparently.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Looks like something from Tianamen Square
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Virginia is the anti-gun fascists Petri dish. The experiment wants to determine: - Will people allow us to seize their guns without force? - If we use force, how much armed resistance can we expect? - How much military force can we respond with without revealing our fascism?
It's the kind of thing you get when you give the government too much power.
We are living in the last days of the Republic.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Everyone should be concerned about this. If Northam gets away with it and Newsome gets away with it, Cumo... then we all get it!
In reply to @Lukewearechange
Mobile armored shooting position designed for swat use. youtu.be/hmEBX6_6GbY
This is what Ralph Northam is having deployed in Richmond in preparation for law-abiding gun owners to exercise their right to protest against the gun confiscation and Second Amendment infringements. #VirginiaRally
Virginia. You can almost see the whites of their eyes.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It鈥檚 the government trying force the passionate freedom loving dissidents to show their faces. Who鈥檚 complicit. Who will rebel. It鈥檚 a test. A provocation.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
In reply to @Lukewearechange
It鈥檚 started. The government will seize your guns! Or else. As Bernie鈥檚 campaign worker says, 鈥渢he gulag ain鈥檛 that bad.鈥
In reply to @Lukewearechange
So, the governor is going to use the National Guard to go against the Constitution. The National Guard, must uphold the Constitution! Not commit Treason! If they are using Swat teams, well, that is a different, set of thugs.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
As they say in the South.....Shit's fixin' to get real.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
The next step of incrementalism by #socialist @TheDemocrats testing the waters of gun confiscation.
Get ready Virginia is about to start a war on its citizens... coming to your State soon..be ready #2ndAmendment
They will bring in some Chinese tanks next to run over the protesters!
In reply to @Lukewearechange
This will be on National level if Dems take the WH in 2020. #VoteGOP #Trump2020 #NRA #2A
Government funded Killdozer
In reply to @Lukewearechange
They've got the words "State" and "Police" In the wrong order.
In reply to @Lukewearechange
A waste of taxpayer dollars that could be rendered useless with a 97 Cent spray paint can.
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