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Zwelinzima Vavi (SAFTU):

ANC got captured by WMC ahead of 1994

To abondon The Freedom Charter's economic demands that wealth, minerals & Land be shared

WMC got Derek Keys as first Finance Minister

We've been in that Economic strategy developed by NP/De Klerk in 1990 until now

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Mbeki says there was no Arms deal, yet Zuma is still pursued for that!
Vavi says ANC was captured pre 94, yet we've state capture commission focusing on Zuma n his tenure.
We're on a cliff edge as a country, soon kuzofanele inhloko ihlukane nesxhanti. We've been pissed on enough!
Zwelinzima Vavi used to scream his lungs out running like a headless chicken across telling everyone that the ANC and South Africa are Captured by the Guptas,

Now He says the ANC and South Africa is Captured by White Monopoly Capital (WMC) since 1994,

O Vavi badlalile ngabantu
Who can believe this clown 馃ぁ vavi? He rejected Mbeki & supported Zuma then later in 2015 apologized to Mbeki saying he believed in conspiracy theories that Mbeki had an imperialist agenda against Zuma

Vavi is a very confused man who believes too much in conspiracy theories.
In reply to @LandNoli
This explains why South Africa carries a R3 trillion debt made by Racist White Government that Citizens of SA must repay of which over 70% are Black People earning 3 - 5x less than Whites and over 60% of Black People live in Poverty earning under R1500 a month. This Neoliberalism
Abo Vavi where were they when the WMC bought ANC

Cause he was once in an alliance with the ANC but never raised these issues, only now because he's out of the system.
If what is said below is true, can you help me with the following:
1. Why do they adore Mandela?
2. Why do they love Mbeki?
3. Why do they prefer Cyril?
4. Why do they hate Zuma?
5. Wenzen'uZuma?

Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica ngoba yinde lendlela esiyihambayo.
In reply to @LandNoli
Hence Our Reserve Bank still use the 1972 economic policies. Its madness pic.twitter.com/9ro6wFNGDL
As much as I agree with @Zwelinzima1, but he can't speak like a victim. He is a leader of a federation, he must be telling us about SAFTU March to force Pravin to resign. It does not help that he speaks like a political analyst as opposed to a political leader.
I can鈥檛 take @Zwelinzima1 serious on this matter - His been part of the movement for all these years. Because his outside, now he finds it moral to speak out, His a sellout !!
AboVavi are very revolutionary once kicked off the gravy train. He is fearless like Tito Mboweni during retirement, prior his newly found occupation as FM. They all have the charm to say what our ears needs to hear. I didn't even listen to this, just checked comments
In reply to @LandNoli
point can be linked to Trade Unions & others like @BMFNational @tazfred who, in 1997, got involved with Violent White Supremacist Criminals @GoldReefCitySA We covered the point here: fraud2001-019108-08.org.za AND in our pinned tweet/affidavit. @MYANC is depraved pic.twitter.com/h5FA41EPcA
I do not agree with Mr Vavi always but he is correct.
More and more people are now going back to the Codesa negotiations to pinpoint where exactly our problems really started.
See White Power by Christi vd Westhuisen (2007)
In reply to @LandNoli
And there you have it folks...the TRUTH will set you free!! WAKE UP MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! BIG HUGS @LandNoli 鉂ゐ煓岎煆 KEEP EXPOSING THE LIES WE'VE BEEN FED SINCE BIRTH馃憣馃憤More below馃憞馃徔馃憞馃徔 pic.twitter.com/UyeZI140pP
In reply to @LandNoli
Thanks cadre JZ you fought a good fight. History will not forget you. pic.twitter.com/AWUlYHzLrj
In reply to @LandNoli
He's right. It shows how money rule our politics, he was once in an alliance with the ANC but never raised these issues, only now because he's out of the system. The real rulers are the rich people of this country or simply put the Stellenbosch mafias.
In reply to @LandNoli
ANC was tainted long before it came to power the movement should have been dissolved after CODESA talks, hence the cdes have resorted to enriching themselves since they can鈥檛 do anything to empower the masses because wmc wont allow it
In reply to @LandNoli
Why was he quiet when he was with @_cosatu ... He's the same man who fought Zuma when he tried to tackle this false democracy... We are still waiting for evidence on Gupta's state capture on Zuma he claimed
In reply to @LandNoli
we have being recolonised by being put through a fake ecomical trauma by zondo state capture. So the looting that happens under thuma mina can be accepted classical psychological warfare. ANC shall be treated as apartheid government this country has to be ungovernable
PAC has been saying this for a minute.
In reply to @LandNoli
Lol but they had a finance minister in Malusi and they didnt want him. Furthermore they had a President not wanted by WMC and they said they dont want him. These are just playing 2 gallery; why-has the money run out?
Yet Vavi was a huge supporter of that captured ANC through his position as the SG of Cosatu, one third of the tripartite alliance.
Double standards all round. Politics of the belly
They only speak truth when they are outside in the cold. If he was still in the warmth of ANC he wouldn't be saying such bcos he would be eyeing for his shares in politics.
In reply to @LandNoli
Our black leaders are shareholders & WILL stay that way and their children will inherit. They all benefit hence it is them who are looking for a way to remove our PP @AdvBMkhwebane for suggestions that our SARB NEED TO BE NATIONALIZE TO BENEFIT THE MASSES. twitter.com/IndWorldThinke鈥
Wonder if Vavi & SAFTU is still relevant in SA politics.As Cosatu sec he supported "captured ANC" religiously, was he also captured?His SAFTU is marginalized at NEDLAC. Its sour grapes 4 no recognition after helping to remove @PresJGZuma
In reply to @LandNoli
Anc did not get capture ..we were sold out to the radical evil pedophile human trafficking child sacrifice left wing cabal of the West....stop sugar coating the truth....wake up
In reply to @LandNoli
Can I please get clarity @ZwelinzimaVavi @Zwelinzima1 did you not go on the street about the Guptas having captured SA with the former President JG ZUMA? IF SO THEN HOW DID YOU FAIL TO GO ON THE STREETS ABOUT THE NP /DE KLERK CAPTURE SINCE 1990? twitter.com/LandNoli/statu鈥
In reply to @LandNoli
Can I please get clarity @ZwelinzimaVavi @Zwelinzima1 did you not go on the street about the Guptas having captured SA with the former President JG ZUMA? IF SO THEN HOW DID YOU FAIL TO GO ON THE STREETS ABOUT THE NP /DE KLERK CAPTURE SINCE 1990? twitter.com/LandNoli/statu鈥
Better late than never Mr Vavi..!
In reply to @LandNoli
It all started here in 1987 during PW Botha's tenure as the president. They hv given us right to vote (freedom) and kept economic freedom through capitalists who continue to capture the ANC until todate. Buying of votes or dictating govt via money laundering = state capture!! pic.twitter.com/wA06EtugFo
In reply to @LandNoli
Unfortunately they have been part of the problem while he was still in Cosatu and still today if we had woke radical trade unions streets would be lit
It's a revolution which was hijacked to please the rascist but unfortunately the Africans are seeing this bullshit we are being played,every comrade feels entitlement like that Mbalula guy he say ANC gives us twitter馃槀馃槀馃槀馃嚳馃嚘
Is Vavi saying he only found that out now or the brown envelope is no longer delivered
In reply to @LandNoli
They used him, spewed him out and now wanna act like a revolutionary.
The current situation now in #SA is against #London they send they're power puppet, to they're evil propaganda media house to confused poor black masses. And anyone of this puppet, if they want us to believe what they're saying, first they must apologise in public to @PresJGZuma.
In reply to @LandNoli
was against @PresJGZuma and he was part of #SAVESA. I smell #Stellenbosch political maneuver 馃槀 we are wake-up now sorry.
In reply to @LandNoli
Funny enough it tells you that Vavi was capture n used by the same ppl he claim have captured President Mandela.
In reply to @LandNoli
Yeah this how the ANC is fixing our economy and if we think it will get better I guess we are living in a prison of hopes no bail by the way. pic.twitter.com/DRySMXCzS6
Anyone still listening to Vavi lacks self respect.
In reply to @LandNoli
"You can't talk when your mouth is full". He had to swallow first
Very true, 馃攰馃攰馃攰馃攰 Volume up retweet @Zwelinzima1 is uttering the truth. WMC never loved us... maybe we need BMC like Amadelangokubona to win the fight against WMC
He was there and was part of them now that hes no longer eating and no longer relevant he comes and spew this, nah tsek maan.
In reply to @LandNoli
Where can one get this book , so much untold stories Lana ngaphandle , The mighty anc has been rotten from the start pic.twitter.com/lkzZYsp1AV
Mr. Vavi bases his argument on the Freedom Charter, which many saw as a betrayal to the African liberation.
To base your argument on the Freedom Charter is to extend the lie & falsehood.
In reply to @LandNoli
When Zuma said this at the Zondo Commission @StateCaptureCom no one paid attention.
"We've been in that Economic strategy developed by NP/De Klerk in 1990 until now"

What did ANC fight for?
In reply to @LandNoli
I hate when a person who have been part of this disaster all along only speaking now cos he's not benefiting anymore
Who still takes this fool serious?
Awu madoda wayicacisa mkhaya wam wase Sada(Whittlesea) eDube, yavakala ityiwa ezindlebeni that they never changed the policies. Even the poor economy was adopted from apartheid coz they did not want to be seen as a failed state gave the blacks to fail for them 1980 wasenza madoda
In reply to @LandNoli
That is how our black politicians are silenced, all those self proclaimed black heroes were given an opportunity to our wealth, resources, banking, shares in all this white Bussineses funded with our GRAND PARENTS PENSION MONEY and you name it, twitter.com/Ranoko8/status鈥
In reply to @LandNoli
was @Cosatu's SG & he never thought of mobilizing the workers against WMC,so what difference is his words going to make now coz he's not on the position of power,talk on TV & then tea time to drink what he was preaching about?
In reply to @LandNoli
Vavi could have told us this a long time ago but he was busy enriching himself and sexually harrassing tea ladies at the office. I am sorry but everything coming out of the mouths of the political outcasts must be corroborated by some credible evidence
In reply to @LandNoli
Vavi was the Cheerleader in the coup against Mbeki in polokwane.
Fuck all these old niggas
We still have labour brokers, akathule lo!
In reply to @LandNoli
Democracy is a fallacy it is not real. There is no freedom if economical freedom aren't associated with political freedom. The ANC's time have expired time for a change in the political landscape of our country. As a country we need to embrace change.
It's rich of Mr Ravi to be so vocal now, only now that he's not sharing in the spoils of the loot.
In reply to @LandNoli
Comrade Vavi was part of this capture for years and kept quite Perhaps its ill mannered to talk with food in your mouth
In reply to @LandNoli
In a democracy, political party is an unholy alliance of individuals who no longer ride on their own legs. And also, that fictional Afrikan leader was on spot to say that 'It is difficult to talk with your mouth full".
Fuck him. Fuck the ANC.
So Gauptas have nothing to do with "State Capture" @Zwelinzima1
why is he only speaking out now, I guess its cold outside. Taps are running dry.
In reply to @LandNoli
More proof that Nelson Mandela was just a puppet another white man's project.
In reply to @LandNoli
Mxm so he waited for 25 years and for the environment to be conducive to tell us ANC was captured pre1994, had there been no forces challenging the ANC he would have kept quite, such an opportunist!!
Then why are we even celebrating Nelson Mandela ??! pic.twitter.com/MB9w89J7si

馃枻馃挌馃挍 is no realistic under these conditions, in fact we need the founding 1912 manifesto
In reply to @LandNoli
This Vavi is another clawn why now he was there eating up untill Zuma Cosatu sack him he never came up with this sheet now he has been bribed by the zuptars he wants to be deployed by Marhashule wafa Numsa a wolf is out of sheepskin now.
In reply to @LandNoli
Tnx @LandNoli, which sober person can take this opportunist serious, marah? The man has forever been part of this narrative, he fought, campaigned, defended this trajectory, all his life. After that sex scandal @Cosatu office desk, and got fired, suddenly he's awake.
In reply to @LandNoli
Where can 1 find the minutes of CODESA, if they exist.i wana see smthing fast fast Moafrika
In reply to @LandNoli
I lost respect for that madala along time ago . They wanted the new dawn let them deal with it kusekuncane lokhu pravin is a devil
In reply to @LandNoli
He is telling the truth but he will be judged & insulted by so called clever blacks. One day Africans will be sick & tired of being sick & tired and reclaim everything that belongs to them. BE WARNED鈿
In reply to @LandNoli
The big question is, why is he being vocal about it right now? 馃
In reply to @LandNoli
This is a painful truth so the truth is Blacks will neverbe free,improve or rise under @MYANC government,then what dowe do why continue suppirting nd voting for the #Anc @PresidencyZA @GovernmentZA @SAgovnews that will never liberate Blacks economically?
In reply to @LandNoli
Wow so he has been quiet all this time?Since they knew the truth why do we have Ramaphosa AS a president of the Republic of South Africa?Why are the South Africans so calm?lets clean up main office, removing Gordan means removing Ramaphosa too馃槨 pic.twitter.com/60Hq4J9FU1
In reply to @LandNoli
In 20 years we'll start talking about that Kliptown document and in 40 years we'll go back to the formation of the ANC and conclude that the ANC agenda was actually achieved in 1994.
In reply to @LandNoli
He is been there in the main structures so he only sees that now 馃槀馃槀
he's only seeing this now yet the time he was a "subcorruptor" of the ANC during his reign at Cosatu he didn't see this cos he was busy having sex with his female colleagues in his office馃槓now that he's done he has he comes with "wisdom"馃ゴ he lost that privilege long ago
Finally one of them talks.馃憡馃憦馃し
In reply to @LandNoli
atleast this man has been the light but it's bit too late now our country is auctioned in London
In reply to @LandNoli
When days of chowing are over over , u tend to see all types of sellouts pointing fingers馃毊馃毊 This 1 must go back to the office and do that thang RATHER.. pic.twitter.com/wrAjAHT6RH
In reply to @LandNoli
Oo Zwelinzima bayaxaka, they kept this info to themselves for a long time, why the need to speak now馃
In reply to @LandNoli
The problem is bo Vavi are being maintained by the same WMC.
In reply to @LandNoli
Gavi is trying very hard to be relevant. His sell by date has elapsed.
In reply to @LandNoli
What makes me laugh he was part of anc all these years benefited in these wmc he was also part of group who looted Rsa benefited from land
In reply to @LandNoli
This guy must talk about sex at the office, that's the only topic he makes sense when talking about.
In reply to @LandNoli
This is a sad truth the confession about democracy
In reply to @LandNoli
Vavi is part & parcel of that capture! He must know that we know!!
In reply to @LandNoli
This guy is a sour fool , I am no ANC supporter but this guys is the worst.
In reply to @LandNoli
Only now they talk about WMC
In reply to @LandNoli
Vavi together with abo Holomisa and many other remains of apartheid fighters,have long been compromised since they found other ways to self benefit from government... Which is owning their own organizations and giving false hopes to poor masses like ANC does..
In reply to @LandNoli
I remember these guys being fooled by Janus (Hani鈥檚 killer) when the factional battle between JZ & TM was on boiling point.Janus said he was ready to talk & SACP wanted to visit him. After so many years, he chose to talk when he saw that there was trouble in the ANC
In reply to @LandNoli
We are in trouble. The ANC will never give us any freedom! The sold us the rainbow nation scam while the enemy kept the loot.
It鈥檚 all good to say this 20 years after. What about back then? Why weren鈥檛 people saying this in the 90s and calling out the ANC in the 90s. From what I recall, I only remember MamWinnie and Hani speaking out about CODESA and the economic compromises made there.
He was quiet about this till He was exposed for those SEX Charges on his P. As and now he doesn't like what he was part of?.

Filthy old bastard.! 馃槶馃槶
This is the same Vavi that give us Zuma.
In reply to @LandNoli
Dear Mr Vavi we still have ama agent lawa owathi awavalwe usawu SG we COSATU
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