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This story is so sad, I feel defeated reading this. How is this even a country? How do we live like this ?
Re the Nigerian police even human ?
Who did this to us? #JusticeForChima

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In reply to @anythingoye
Nigerian Police is your number one enemy!!! I repeat, Nigerian police is your number one enemy!! Fear them same way you fear armed robbers. They're not protecting us anymore, they're killing us everyday. Untill FG reforms police, Police is not your friend. #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
Smh. As usual we'll all pray and trend hashtags and wait for the next victim. Like mama @AishaYesufu would always say, today's survivors will be tomorrow's victims. Y'all have a great weekend
In reply to @anythingoye
with tears in my eyes am begging you guys to look into this matter,
In reply to @anythingoye
Go to church on Sunday and pray for a better Nigeria, since that's what we all do and expect Nigeria to magically turn around. Sheybi this is just one of the atrocities of the police that got to the internet? When you hear more what will you do? As usual, nothing. Abeg abeg!!!
This is sad. Hopefully justice will be served #justice4chima
In reply to @anythingoye
We hear things like this all the time. But particularly today. I was moved to tears. @PoliceNG your people are WICKED and EVIL. @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo yes you two. This is a norm under your administration . Reform this nuisance called a police force NOW! #JusticeForChima
Please take your time to read these screenshots. It may be a 'long' read but it is worth reading so that when people talk about their lack of hope in Nigeria and how they want to leave, you won't be the unfortunate one to call them "unpatriotic".

This is so heart breaking... God! Where did we ever go wrong? 馃槬馃槶
In reply to @anythingoye
This morning i was getting dressed 2 go out n i was fully fresh on my Native and my fine shoe. but I got a flash back on how SARS brutalize ppl bcox dey are looking fresh, I quickly pulled off d native n I went on with my normal daily shirt and jean routine i 2 young 2 die abeg馃槖
In reply to @anythingoye
Saved cars and leave human to suffer. Imagine you going with the commander and lawyer. Imagine you doing the right thing. Cars can be replace. Chima can鈥檛 be. #justiceforChima.
In reply to @anythingoye
Ever wondered y I suddenly get anxiety attack once I sight police or sars, here is one, worst set of individuals
In reply to @anythingoye
I live for the day when I would come on twitter and would not read a story on police brutality will the FG claim they don't know what is going on with the Nigeria police force?. It's bad enough that we are Nigerians but to be scared in our own land again? will they get justice?
So sad and disturbing!
Who is next?
The question might sound ridiculous but we should all be alerted.
This story gave me goosebumps 馃槱
Reading this allegations breaks my heart. This is inhuman, wicked, cruel & unacceptable. Where in the world does this happens? The same @PoliceNG paid to secure lives &are the ones killing innocent souls?

Dear @GovWike, here is where your arrogance is needed. Use it wisely.
In reply to @anythingoye
May we not enter the trap of Nigeria police. Aameen
In reply to @anythingoye
What's the qualification for being a police officer in Nigeria! Cus most of them act like bus condors! The police service needs total reform in all states and level!
In reply to @anythingoye
If you have the means to japa, do so. If you have the means to have your children a second passport, do so. Dont be deceived, it can only get worst.. May God comfort their families
Jesus 馃槩馃槩馃槩

The Nigerian police is thr worst in the world, no cap! I have witnessed my own ordeal with them and it's no joke.

Considering they can arrest you and tag you a criminal for no good reason?

I can relate to this on so many levels.
In reply to @anythingoye
dis is somebody's husband ,brother, uncle , breadwinner , looking 4 a means of livelihood ,,dis is sad ,it happens everyday ,, m sure u av d power to stop dis brutality and false accusation ,, people are being oppressed by d force day by day ,, so sad 馃槶 #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
All of those police men involved in Chima's death you all will never know peace, pains and sorrow will forever be yours, heartless people @PoliceNG #JusticeForChima
I just settled to read this story and I haven't felt so numb like I do right now in a very long while.

The same people who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting us are the same people throwing us to the lion's den. My brother if you get money, JAPPAAAA!
This is a very sad story 馃槶馃挃

These days , I fear police more....
This is the saddest story I've read this year. I pray those police men that took part in these are brought to book. This is really sad 馃挃. @PoliceNG which way? #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
Why has money become our God in Nigeria. #15k per pix (correctional facility my foot). No institution in Nigeria that is spared of deterioration.
Some members of the Nigerian Police force are heartless, wicked and have zero value for human life.

They deserve 100% Jungle Justice for all the attrocities that have committed against innocent Nigerians.

They will never have my respect , tufiakwa.

Friends, read this thread, PLEASE.

They misuse the law, and are mostly responsible for the ever burgeoning breakdown of law and order in this nation.

I'm really sad today!!!

In reply to @anythingoye
This reads like fiction, how can a human being do this to another for any reason? To worsen it, it's not just any human being but a police unit! Our internal security?! We need community policing and this people must be brought to justice. The life of the car owner isn't safe
This is so sad. I really hope he gets justice and all involved are brought to book. So heartbreaking 馃挃
Cold surged through my body as I read this. 馃槶馃槶馃槶
@PoliceNG God will punish every bad one among you, the bad ones among you will d!e like flies.
How are we expected to keep hope in this country? People who speak for politicians will never amplify this. They'll never ask for justice for the oppressed. A lost nation, a lost people.

In reply to @anythingoye
I fear Nigerian police more than I fear armed robbers. Armed Robbers will take your money and walk away but Nigerian police will take your money, lie on your head, take you to prison and then take your life just to cover their crime.
In reply to @anythingoye
No words can describe how I feel right now. I can't imagine what those guys have been through and what they are going through at the moment. Their families too. Why are the nigerian police like this?? Why do they hate the masses so much???
In reply to @anythingoye
To think of me still talking about them to my wife yesternight. Like I told her, their days are numbered and getting closer.
In reply to @anythingoye
The judiciary system is beyond faulty and no-one is doing anything about it. We don't have a president.....
In reply to @anythingoye
This is how they waste people's lives, may the anger of GOD strike all of them.one by one. Bloody murderers.
Dreadful story! Years back in Benin we were raided around Oba Market area by the Police. One guy was so livid & raging so much that they had to let us go detaining only the guy. Few days later I saw the guy on 'Crime fighters' where they labelled him armed robber #JusticeForChima
If the police cannot do their work we will do it for them.
While they are investigating the case, here is the face of the CP that cover up for his boys.

he was once accused of torture in 2017

punchng.com/suspect-accuse鈥 pic.twitter.com/0YAqwrsQ0K
I think it鈥檚 high time they do something about these so called 鈥淣igerian police 鈥 like wtf are they turning too!! This is so heartbreaking and in proper !!!#JusticeForChima
The Nigerian Police is not your friend they are your enemies...
If your father is a policeman I'm sorry but e no go better for any police officer for this country! God will punish each and everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said it last year after my little encounter with a man of @PoliceNG that over my dead body will I have anything to do with Police even if he or she is my Blood Brother.
Police isn't my Friend QED.
The poor have no justice. People say "at least you have freedom in your own country", as an argument against relocating abroad, but see. A whole human being framed and killed and nothing may happen to the perpetrators.

Where is the FREEDOM?
This is really sad. Human life counts for nothing in this country.
That entire station should be prosecuted ASAP.

And oga narrator you sef you're guilty too.

You went with an airforce commander and secured the release of your car and left your mechanic of 4 years there even when the charge was armed robbery of the same car? Haba mana!

You didn't do well at all #JusticeForChima
When I wake up in the morning, I pray that God should protect me from all evil. That evil is the Nigeria Police Force. May God continue to protect and guide us from these maniac luciferians.
It's funny how we found ourselves in a country where institutions supposed to be for Good Governance and upholding the sanity of the public are now oppressors. Everything in Nigeria is working to either break, frustrate or leave you hopeless. #FridayThoughts #JusticeForChima
In reply to @Kofi_Bartels
@Kofi_Bartels @Tweetestboi_ph @PORTHARCOURT_ @HWokocha @HoneyOjukwu this happened in our city lets make it loud. @segalink @PoliceNG_CRU @PoliceNG @DrJoeAbah with tears in my eyes am begging you guys to look into this matter,
The very fact that this is not trending shows our priorities in this country!
See the truth is that when those in power fail, those whose future are in danger should rise up and defend their future.
@AyoBankole @von_Bismack
I am looking forward to a day when we stop reading, hearing and experiencing police brutality in our country. This has gone on for way too long馃槥

Our youths are way more than hashtags馃挃 #JusticeForChima
How I wish @ProfOsinbajo @femigbaja @NGRSenate @NGRPresident @akandeoj @segalink can help with justice here

If @MBuhari claims to sworn an oat to protect Nigerians life, I wonder why is subject @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_CRU finds joys in taking innocent souls.

Every day, some members of the Nigerian Police Force find new ways to terrorise innocent Nigerians going about their lives and making an honest living. I wonder how the authorities constantly turn a blind eye to the agony these officers always put families in. #JusticeForChima
In reply to @segalink
@segalink You're the only one I can think of in times like this. This is heartbreaking. Please help get justice for Chima and these boys.
We wake up to bad stories almost daily but this, is the worst this year. How inhumane can the Police. We say #Ozoemena but ozo ka na eme. Kedu mgbe Oga ebi?
Will there be any #JusticeForChima
My friend lost his dad to policr brutality by 2010. That family has been broken ever since.

For nearby 5 years, the police denied they had him or his corpse. It took s stubborn lawyer and a ruthless judge to reveal the truth.

Npf deployed every tactic to stifle the case.
The Nigeria Police Force is the most dangerous organisation in West Africa. Much more dangerous than Boko Haram....
In reply to @anythingoye
I'm weak!!! I feel like having a special power to free bring chima back and relinquish terror on the police involved... I'm weak!!! #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
help us make it make sense
In reply to @anythingoye
Lord have mercy, why kill our own brothers. The Police are supposed to protect. God grant the deceased eternal rest and those still imprisoned freedom. Am heart broken.
In reply to @anythingoye
I keep on saying this; after getting a car in this fvcked up country, I'm getting a gun to go with it.. Protect yourselves from the police...
Nigeria is totally gone! There is no more remedy to it. The Nigerian police @PoliceNG is a true reflection of the country we are living in. They are worse than the armed robbers on the highway, if you have really encountered them. #JusticeForChima
No amount of crime is worth taking the life of another, our police department's have totally deviated from their initial job description and aims of recruitment to official criminals in a recognized uniform.
The Nigeria Police force remains a useless organisation. #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
I'm sure d NPF av an account on Twitter, let this case be brought to their notice. What's happening in this country sef, how did we get here
In reply to @anythingoye
If you no fear Mile One police station then you can鈥檛 be scared of any station in your life, I鈥檝e been detained there before and I know what I鈥檓 talking about
In reply to @anythingoye
Another Sad tale of everyday happenings in Nigeria. This is not new at all, its equally frightening that justice might not come for Chima or the other boys, simply because they are poor. Justice has to be bought in nigeria from those who's job it is to serve it. #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
I remember back in anambra when a tenant went to report his landlord for planting weed in the compound, the police came at 11:47pm arrested everyone in the house including I and my friend, we came to see out girlfriends and we where outside under a mango tree without electricity
In reply to @anythingoye
This is absolutely the saddest story ever! @NigerianPolice how do your incompetent, callous & evil spirited men sleep at night? Is #Nigeria a country or a zoo? @MBuhari @NGRPresident can anyone look into this! Oh! Sweet Lord! There was a country! 馃槩 @segalink can you help?
After reading this thread am scared of my life.
Uncle @jeffphilips1 have you seen this sir 馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑
It saddens my heart, to hear that @PoliceNG who claim to protect us, Are extortion, brutalizing and killing innocent lives.. Is this how far the Buhari led administration has gotten us???... Those responsible should be apprehended and charge to court.. #JusticeForChima
This is the most heartbreaking news I鈥檝e ever seen! What the actual fuck???馃挃馃挃
This is sad..
In one way or another,we all have experienced police brutality but some never lived to say their story.
Justice must prevail..
Until the government of this Nation take a serious step on the #Reformation of Nigeria Police Force I don't think there will be any positive change in them.
They always claim to be "our friend". But I strongly doubt that Statement
#JusticeForChima #ReformThePoliceForce pic.twitter.com/MzJM2abFLL
A very SAD SAD story!馃挃

In this age of social media, some police officers still act WICKEDLY and FOOLISHLY. There is an urgent need for a change & major overhauling of the system to stop all these NONSENSE!

Nigerians demand #JusticeForChima @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_CRU @AcpIshaku
Whoever is looking for a worthy cause to fight, see this. This happened in our own backyard and you will be amazed that some of the papetrators are "our brother's" ABI na Nd峄 ugwu cause this one too?

Rubbish Country
In reply to @anythingoye
This is just too bad! 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃 What type of life is this? Just because you joined the police, does that give you the right to take people's lives? May God help us! #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
I know the victim very well...he was a good friend of mine and a blacksmith cum mechanic....always been legal...this E-crack team are dare devil's even the DPO of mile one is scared of them
In reply to @anythingoye
Imagine having that kind of connection and still you couldn't hell them...
In reply to @anythingoye
God! God!! God!!! Is it a crime to be alive in this country,What kind of system is this???...馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃
In reply to @anythingoye
Pls how much is it to licence a Real GUN in nigeria so we can shot bck at this bastards so called police and Sarz..
In reply to @anythingoye
To successfully reform NPF, the change and reform need to start with the IG and down the line. Imagine the commander trying to cover up his boys by charging the innocent boys to court on false charges. As long as the 鈥渙gas鈥 keep defending and covering his 鈥渂oys鈥 the .......
In reply to @anythingoye
The story is sad tbh but you saved a car ahead of a man鈥檚 life and you鈥檙e wanting #JusticeForChima you could have saved him alongside your car but he鈥檚 sha not your son or family why would you care
In reply to @anythingoye
No wonder police ain't celebrated in Nigeria because they are vile!!! Gosh! God will punish them all. #JusticeForChima
In reply to @anythingoye
Eyan te mu la go mejo, mejo ale te ti mole Won shin wa omo na doni bee esi ti ran sorun, oju kan epa oju kan eree awon ebi un sukun ni le, eyin gba ipo lenu ise ibi hmm, o kor je beleshe ban ji ya ko ni shai ta bo lo dodo ele se kan to loun daran oru elese meji loun da si.
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