Everyone that is like:
“Oh nice the Cyberpunk devs have more time to make a better game without crunch”

Let this be absolutely clear:


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GTAV was delayed 3 times.

Each time meant I had to work an extra 6 months of overtime.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
This quote says a lot about the mentality behind that decision. No dev should ever have to sacrifice their health and personal life to make a game. pic.twitter.com/UMdcipWEkd
ha bha non 🤷‍♂️
CD Projekt n'a pas repoussé #Cyberpunk2077 pour donner des conditions de travail décentes aux développeur, au contraire ! 😠

Je vous invite à partager l'article partout et faire comprendre AVEC RESPECT au studio que le bien-être des employés importe plus qu'une date de sortie 💪
attempting to keep making bigger and bigger games will only become more and more unsustainable
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Jesus Christ. For everybody saying "there's always crunch" - you either haven't worked many product development jobs or you've worked almost exclusively for really shitty employers.
NORMALIZE DELAYS!!! Especially if it means better worker treatment
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Crap, there goes my appreciation for the postponing decision. I absolutely abhor forced crunch in any form whatsoever.
Please stop celebrating the 2077 delay. Real people are going to work insane hours to get it done. It wasn't a decision made to halt crunch. Instead, please tell studios this is unacceptable. People's health and lives are more valuable and important than your entertainment.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Never forget their CEO is against union it’s a shame.
delays are often interpreted as the devs getting more time to make the game the best it can be...

which is kinda true, but also usually means they're going to be working that extra months in extended crunch.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
I just don't get it. Crunching decreases productivity so much it makes the hours more spend completely pointless. They could just let their employees work normal time and would get even better resulsts and wouldn't have to pay all the over time.
Nine months of crunch is unacceptable, and a sign of bad planning and money-grubbing management. Nine months on top of MULTIPLE YEARS should be criminal.
Un rappel que le report d'un jeu, c'est plus souvent la double punition pour le crunch que le contraire.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Crunch is never okay. I'd rather see the game delayed for an additional year so the devs don't have to go through this
In reply to @ElineMuijres
crunch has always been and will always be a very important part of every software / website release, this is not that hard to understand
In reply to @ElineMuijres
So they were probably crunching already and now they have to crunch even longer... wasnt this the case for Witcher 3 aswell? This is ridicolous.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
“We are delaying the game by 5 months so we can work out employees for 5 more months of Crunch.” “As most of the developers are Salaried employees this will not increase the costs.”
In reply to @ElineMuijres
crunch is not inherently bad or abusive. when doing anything important or noteworthy, or anything creative, there will always be periods of increased workload and longer hours.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
When they say "extra-long hours" to the press I can only imagine how bad it is when 100 hours a week was "overtime"
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Thanks for spreading the word. Until I read the transcript from their teleconference with CDP's Board of Directors I was hopeful that maybe they delay the release to put less pressure on the team. But nope. They had only this to say about that: pic.twitter.com/ThDKYmba8P
There's been a weird mentality recently that any delayed game equals no crunch and that's just....not true. Often it means longer or worse crunch.

Anyway this should not be acceptable
I don't agree w/Eline. You want to make best of breed products then you gotta go to war. This isn't exclusive to games;this is exclusive to winning. And it's MORE than OK not to want that for yourself. But a lot of people DO and a lot of people want the results of that sacrifice.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
what the fuuuuuck That was exactly what I thought: Oh great! They get to spend more time on it, so no crunching.. @$!$FDF!!#!@#!
In reply to @ElineMuijres
This industry needs to stop slapping release dates on things left right and center. Let devs work on games at a healthy pace, then when the game is almost done, set a date.
Look, I'm not saying you suck as a manager if your decisions force your team to work unrealistic hours...



Wait, that's exactly what I'm saying.
How do you delay a game for 5 months and still end up in crunch? A game that you announced in 2012 and debuted on stage at E3 in 2018? It’s nonsense. Delay it longer if you must, who cares?

This is why you don’t spin up a full bore marketing cycle 2 years before your game is out
In reply to @ElineMuijres
As long as people get compensated for their work and one can always refuse to work overtime and just do your time and go home, if you get fired from that you would probably better off It's important to know where your health limits, which isn't easy when you are young.
This is your monthly, I guess, reminder that CDPR as a company is not your friend, and also the initial marketing for this game was super gross and transphobic as far as I know the company hasn’t shown that they’ve grown since then so I’m wondering why we’re still here
In case you’re weren’t aware, this is crunch and it’s absolutely not ok.
Why are AAA game studios doing this more and more? Think about the lives of the game developers, artists and programmers. Crunch time is devastating to the video game industry and the industry should fucking unionize. We don't need more people hurt.
- les suces boules de CD Projekt Red : "tant pis pour le report de Cyberpunk, ça permettra aux devs de souffler et de pas avoir à travailler 100h/semaine pour peaufiner les derniers détails"

- la réalité :
Voilà, prévisible. Du crunch pour tous les devs de CD Projekt. (On peut aimer les productions d’un studio, et critiquer un management qui n’apprend pas de ses nombreuses erreurs passées)
In reply to @ElineMuijres
CDPR's good guy image has to be imoacted. This reminds me, I think there were reports of crunch from most major AAA studios this gen except from Ubisoft. If true, how do these guys manage to have so much productivity and output without crunch?
Delays are better than rushing, but they also mean a lot of upheaval for developers. @CDPROJEKTRED seems to be of the same mindset of medical field, ie "suck it up and be happy to be here"

Well, doctorsaldo have high rates of suicide, alcoholism, divorce, and drug abuse.
This is really disappointing
how naive people were thinking the games industry was going to give a shit about its workers instead of getting an extra 6 months of crunch time
Eye opening, a lot of us have been happy for delays cause we assumed it avoids crunch. Looks like it's actually just extending the crunch
Damn I thought the delay was to avoid crunch. Disappointing
In reply to @ElineMuijres
But people love CDR to death so this will completely forgotten anyways
Et après on me demande encore pourquoi j'aime pas CD Projekt
Delays don't necessarily mean that people will be working reasonable hours, just more likely means that they burnt out crunching and need more time to crunch.
Everyone is gonna sleep on this because CDPR doesn't do BS business practices, i'm calling it. It's sad
It's like a breakfast cereal.

"Now with extra crunch"
In reply to @RafaLagoon
Pues sigue la misma mierda de siempre.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Devs really need to unionize up so that they are not ruthlessly exploited like this. The same thing happened for Red Dead Redemption 2 also, if I'm not wrong.
I hope people would just stop stanning CDPR already.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
No idea why people immediately assumed they were the only ones in a sea of crunch to really care about their workers. The Occam's Razor version was they wanted their flagship product to ship in its best possible version, nothing more.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
I don't give a fuck if devs work 25 hours a day. Millions of workers out there do overtime and get paid barely minimum wages, I am tired of all the sympathy one particular group get.
Yeah, I didn't want to be that guy yesterday but I was really confused why everyone assumed a delay meant more humane working conditions
yeah, they basically publicly announced they're gonna go into crunch. like, quite explicitly. just because a game is delayed doesn't mean they're gonna make their employees relax.
You still shouldn't boycott it because itll make those extra long hours go to waste. Also idk but I think that's out of choice now because of they're trying to improve their work conditions.
I would happily take #Cyberpunk2077 in 2021 or 2022 if it meant that the developers could make it without excessive overtime. Their health should come first; the game will be better for it as well. Crunch damages developers.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
It's such a damned waste. All those extra hours are going to do is exhaust people and put their health in danger. People do their best work at no more than 40 hours a week. After that, their work isn't as good or as efficient. There is not a single good reason for crunch time.
Fico feliz de ver que pessoas estão tendo discussões grandes sobre crunch e a saúde dos desenvolvedores de jogos.

Isso pra mim indica que a indústria está indo para um lugar melhor.

O crunch é real, existe, cansa e destrói a mente, mas infelizmente tem horas que é necessário.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
This occurs in every industry. I've opened restaurants, worked 14 twelve hour days straight, slept at the restaurant. Mandatory overtime is required at major automotive companies for product launches, it's not unique to the industry or the company.
That’s weird bc they specifically said they don’t wanna to repeat that after the witcher
In reply to @Hatsuu
I wish the devs would get some rest but im afraid it isnt so twitter.com/ElineMuijres/s…
So they’re way off schedule

Why did they give it a date so early 🙃
Looks like me and a couple of others were right. This delay isn't helping the employees at all
Ya veo que no se salva ni dios con lo del crunch, es lamentable que esto suceda con absolutamente todos los videojuegos en la industria actualmente, no me importa si es culpa de la demanda, de las empresas o de lo que sea, es una mala practica que se ha convertido en habitual
Fuck game development crunch. Unionize.
the game industry is a really wretched expression of capitalism
In reply to @ElineMuijres
That's awful. The gaming industry NEEDS to be unionized.
Ugh. Well, then I respectfully ask them to delay it further.
Well, this totally fucking blows.
In reply to @v21
not too surprisingly, they are crunching
Im amazed that people defend crunches. Dare I say it, crunches are bad and unhealthy for the developers.
how is this a surprise? technology is a constantly moving bar. budgets run out. time is money. anyone who says 'but why fix an arbitrary date?' has no idea how anything in the world works and honestly I think they might be children.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
And sadly, despite it saying they're asking, I don't feel like they have much of a choice.
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Can I just like, pirate the game and donate a few bucks to each of the devs individually instead?
They chose to work extra
8 months of crunch can get fucked
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Yeah, this killed a lot of the good faith i had for them delaying the game as the assumption was that they were trying to avoid crunches. Not sure to keep my CE preorder as while i want to support indie Devs/Publishers but at the same time don't want to support devs who crunch

"overtime is available" is a world away from "work til midnight or you're fired"

Maybe confirm before getting the mob together for clout
I hope to the bottom of my heart that the workers find it within themselves to refuse to do it.
CEOs should stop treating their employees like garbage. You know, the army of people who are literally CREATING their wealth?
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Wait so... what the fuck were they potentially working if this delay hadn't happened pic.twitter.com/0nokhjVq22
In reply to @ElineMuijres
My enthusiasm for Cyberpunk 2077 continues to wane.
This is bullshit. Ugh. If the delay still cant prevent crunch, DELAY IT FURTHER. Im sure they have the budget to do it.
Overtime and crunch fucking sucks. I wouldn't be surprised if the team had already been making extra hours to try and get the game finished for the initial April release, only to have that dragged out to September now...
Ayer nuestros amadxs de @geekylegal preguntaron en su insta si elegiamos: Crunch y que el juego salga antes o sin crunch y después.
El escenario es el peor de todos :(
Fresh off the boat from Yikers Island.
While I will still probably buy the game, knowing that crunch is still common practice in the industry just gets to me. Come on, this is 2020, let's think differently!
pues imaginate si aun habiendo retrasado el juego van a tener que hacer crunch no me imagino como debia ser si se hubiera quedado en la fecha que se dijo
In reply to @ElineMuijres
Damn, that's a LOOOOOONG crunch time
In reply to @ElineMuijres
It looks like half the people here are finding ways to defend crunch and how it literally destroys people. I can gauruntee you that if this was EA or Activision, no one would be trying to do that. Look I like the games CDPR makes but they aren't perfect
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