We respect soldiers’ blood sacrifice in the fight vs Nazism, but in '45 Stalin's regime brought 🇵🇱 terror, atrocities and economic exploitation.

Red Army liberated Warsaw from Nazi occupation but it didn’t mean liberty for Poland!



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🔺We pay tribute to millions of Red Army soldiers who defeated Nazi regime
🔺We remind the world that the end of Nazi occupation did not bring freedom to Central, Eastern Europe and the Baltics
🔺We stand in solidarity with Poland against falsification of history
🔺Truth matters
Fireworks of ‘liberation’ of Warsaw in Moscow tonight. The pattern of cynical falsification of history continues. In fact, such ‘liberation’ meant years of terror & oppression. #liberationWITHOUTfreedom
The Red Army stood and watched as Germans brutally crushed the Warsaw uprising.

Soviets wanted to see Polish patriots die, because that saved them the trouble of killing them after the invasion.

They did that in Katyn too, but then it was only the Soviet invasion zone in '39.
Moscow celebrated reoccupation of Tallinn also with fireworks. I condemn falsification of history!
In reply to @descifraguerra
🇵🇱🇷🇺 El ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores polaco afirmó que la "liberación de la ocupación nazi no significó la libertad para Polonia"twitter.com/PolandMFA/stat…
این توئیت وزارت خارجه لهستان چراغ راهست و مسئله‌ای که طرح کرده محور اساسی بسیاری از حماقت‌های تاریخیست. دشمن یک هیولا شاید هیولای دیگری باشد!
نوشته: ارتش سرخ شوروی ورشو را از اشغال نازی‌ها آزاد کرد، اما نه آزادی که ترور و قساوت و استثمار برای لهستان به ارمغان آورد!
Muy cierto este tuit del ministerio de exteriores de Polonia,la URSS mantuvo ocupada Polonia 45 años después de liberarla de los nazis
Es muy, muy interesante como Polonia se está esforzando por generar una nueva memoria de la Segunda Guerra Mundial tras la caída de la URSS:
The Soviet soldiers - who were not free themselves - could not liberate anyone.
In reply to @PolandMFA
Ungrateful Polish government at its finest USSR gave to Poland Billions of $ in postwar economic reconstruction, brought an efficient/functional/secular communist government that gave Poland Modern Technology & Industry Poland spends last 30 years destroying this for Theocracy.
In reply to @PolandMFA
You are being over generous to the Red Army. Having told the Poles in Warsaw to rise against the Nazis they held their advance outside the city until the Germans has wiped out everyone who might form a future anti-Soviet resistance & blocked Allied munitions flights to resisters.
Respetamos el sacrificio de sangre de los soldados en la lucha contra el nazismo pero en el '45 el régimen de Stalin trajo terror y explotación económica. El Ejército Rojo liberó a Varsovia de la ocupación nazi pero no significó libertad para Polonia
Es neiznu cik sena frāze ir “liberation without freedom” bet tas ir labākais ko esmu dzirdējis saistībā ar II PK beigām.
In reply to @PolandMFA
When one ocupant replaces the other, it should never be called “liberation”, even if technically that one occupant liberated certain territory from another occupant. If this did not bring Polish people freedom to choose their destiny, it was occupation.
Польська кампанія:"Визволення без свободи". "Ми поважаємо кров, пожертвувану солдатами у боротьбі з нацизмом, але 45 р.сталінський режим приніс терор, звірства й економічну експлуатацію. Червона армія визволила Варшаву від нацистської окупації, але це не означало свободи Польщі!"
In reply to @PolandMFA
But isnt it what you want.. A New regime.. Where judges dont have the power anymore? You get the full control of the leagal system? Isnt that the way USSR did things?
Ми шануємо кров, пролиту у боротьбі з нацизмом, тим не менш у 1945 році Сталін приніс 🇵🇱 терор, злочини і грабіжницьку економіку.

Червона Армія визволила Варшаву від німецької окупації, але не дала полякам свободу!


Wir respektieren die Opfer, die sowjetische Soldaten im Kampf gegen d.NS-Regime gebracht haben,aber 1945 brachte Stalin 🇵🇱PL Terror,Verbrechen u.Ausbeutung
Vor 75J. befreite die Rote Armee das völlig zerstörte Warschau von der dt.Besatzung, brachte aber den Polen keine Freiheit!
If you liberate a nation, but then stay on its soil for several decades & deport/torture/kill its people, in the end it has nothing to do with "liberation". Sadly, - together with 🇵🇱, 🇱🇹 & many other nations in our region share the same tragic history. #liberationWITHOUTfreedom
In reply to @YarlYOMSBORG
#liberationWithoutFreedom Stalin stop RedArmie 6mnth1944 allow<30km slaughter by DE ~300k 1944uprising Poles&Jews alive LodzGhetto, Auschwitz. After capture almostempty #Auschwitz,murdered many Poles, 45y #occupated #Poland #Putin #освобождениеБЕЗсвободы twitter.com/PolandMFA/stat…
In reply to @PolandMFA
Когда я был маленьким - поляки жаловались что РККА слишком поздно освободила Польшу и Варшаву, теперь жалуются что вообще освободила. Похоже нынешнее правительство Польши сожалеет о том что РККА не дала Гитлеру окончательно решить польский вопрос.
Die Rote Armee befreite vor 75 Jahren die völlig zerstörte polnische Hauptstadt #Warszawa.

Die Befreiung bedeutete jedoch keine Freiheit für #Polen🇵🇱 Das Regime Stalins brachte stattdessen Terror, Verbrechen & Ausbeutung.


In reply to @PolandMFA
The Red Army stopped near Warsaw and let Nazis kill anyone participating in the Warsaw uprising and then destroy the old city. And after the liberation they chased down any remaining AK members. But I shouldn't tell this to the MFA of Poland...
Red Army liberated Warsaw from Nazi occupation but it didn’t mean liberty for Poland!


In reply to @PolandMFA
Terror? Atrocities? So, guaranteed jobs, free housing, free education, free healthcare, free childcare, paid maternity leave, paid vacations, reasonable work hours, reasonable retirement age, free social clubs, free hobby clubs and all that free stuff are 'atrocities'?
나치즘과 치른 전투에서 흘린 피에 경의를 표하지만, 1945년 스탈린 정권은 🇵🇱 테러, 범죄, 약탈 경제 등을 초래했습니다.

붉은 군대는 바르샤바를 독일 점령에서 해방시켰지만, 폴란드에 자유를 가져다주지는 않았습니다!


#wyzwolenieBEZwolności #자유없는해방
Rispettiamo il sacrificio del sangue versato nella lotta contro il nazismo, ma ricordiamo che nel 1945 il regime di Stalin portò in🇵🇱 terrore, atrocità e sfruttamento economico. L'Armata Rossa liberò Varsavia dall'occupazione tedesca, ma non portò la libertà alla Polonia!
Fidel Castro y Cuba, ¿Son ustedes?
„Czekamy ciebie, czerwona zarazo! (...) Żebyś ty wiedział nienawistny zbawco, jakiej ci śmierci życzymy w podzięce, i jak bezsilnie zaciskamy ręce, pomocy prosząc, podstępny oprawco...” (Ziutek 🇵🇱)
Desayunar con aguardiente es nocivo para el rigor histórico.
Colaboracionistas desagradecidos.
In reply to @PolandMFA
Release, but not withdraw troops-this is accupation
In reply to @PolandMFA
Ungrateful bastards. Stalin's "regime" meant 600.000 Soviet soldiers who were killed liberating you. More info to come abt your lovely regime before WWII. Just wait for Putin's article with details from archives. Soon.
#OTD 17.01.1945 #Warschau: Wir respektieren die erheblichen #Opfer, die sowjetische #Soldaten im #Kampf gegen den #Nationalsozialismus gebracht haben, aber 1945 brachte #Stalin's #Regime #Terror, #Gräueltaten und wirtschaftliche #Ausbeutung nach #Polen🇵🇱 #liberationWITHOUTfreedom
Nachdem Putin Polen in mehreren Auftritten im Dezember eine Mitschuld am Ausbruch des Zweiten Weltkriegs gegeben und eine sowjetische Verantwortung abgestritten hatte, hält die polnische Regierung dagegen.
Red Army liberated Warsaw from Nazi occupation but it didn’t mean liberty for Poland!


¡Liberación sin libertad!

Aunque se agradece al ejército rojo por ayudar en la liberación nazi, esto no significó la libertad total, ya que una vez que los nazis fueron derrotados, Stalin implantó un sistema represivo por toda Europa del Este que conllevó a cometer atrocidades.
In reply to @PolandMFA
1939-41 RUSoviet were 2nd next to German #twoPerpetrators of WWII &commited criems east occupied Poland: Poles civil victims 700Ktortured 150Kshooted 1,7mln whitedeathcamps 68% died vimeo.com/12943642 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_mas… en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_… en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestapo–N…
In reply to @PolandMFA
Good to see you still want to blame the Soviets for Polish Communism. What a joke! The world see's.
In reply to @PolandMFA
completely agree, SU should have stopped on Polish boarders and make peace with Germany, millions Russians would not have died for nothing
In reply to @PolandMFA
Yes, the Red army did not bring freedom. In Poland, underground groups of nazi supporters continued to rob and kill. And they were mainly sponsored by rich poles. And the rich, yes, russian oppressed, forced to accept housing and allowances for the homeless, for example.
In reply to @PolandMFA
Russian liars? What a surprise.
Liberation without freedom เชี่ยยยยย
Estos polacos... Normal que guarden especial cariño a Stalin, si les trajo la bendición del socialismo... No entiendo por qué se venera a Lech Walesa y su sindicato 'Solidaridad', no trajeron más que la ruina a Polonia (República Popular de)
Cómo están los César Vidal y Pío Moa polacos.
os comentários de estrangeiros e nacionais tem o msm prob dos debates aqui no brasil.

os bolsominions atacam os estrangeiros em nome de uma soberania. "vcs não entedem, vcs não são daqui".

e assim as liberdades vão sendo restringidas.
When/where did liberation not lead to freedom? In 1945 in Poland. This isn't disrespectful for the USRR's role, it is a mere fact @rusemb_pl
In reply to @BARTeG_S
#liberationWithoutFreedom Stalin stop RedArmie for 6mnth 1944 allow<30km slaughter by Germans~300k 1944uprising Poles&Jews alive LodzGhetto, Auschwitz. After capture almost empty #Auschwitz,murdered many Poles, 45yoccupated #Poland #освобождениеБЕЗсвободы twitter.com/PolandMFA/stat… pic.twitter.com/QzdRj1oQRs


"Red Army liberated Warsaw from Nazi occupation but it didn’t mean liberty for Poland!"

Don't forget the AK members
Gobierno más miserable y desagradecido no puede haber.
Los polacos tienen muy claros y definidos sus hechos históricos.
Salieron de un totalitarismo extranjero (alemán) para ser llevados por la fuerza a otro totalitarismo extranjero (ruso).
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