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This picture is haunting me☹️. I want to find this child😭😭😭

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Can brands jump on this, like some did for the kfc wedding? Can we build a bridge for these poor souls who are merely hungry for education and a better future? 💔😭
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Just looking at this, I can see how 6 to 10 people can come together, buy cement and bricks and build a bridge. I think that it is time we took responsibility of developing our own communities. Government can join us later if they want.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
If we can put together a wedding and help people get employment on Twitter, am certain we can change this picture.
Haunting me too.
We need to have a national conversation about how it is that we are angry, justifiably, about #ParktownBoysHigh yet this daily humiliation and obvious danger to little children is entirely unremarkable.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
It’s sad the Dept of Education has been contacted a number of times and nothing has been done. This is according to Bheki Sithole, the Chairperson of the SGB. Transport was also contacted and they apparently said they had no money. This is in Seven Oaks, Greytown Ekhamanzi PS
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
When we are angry as black children people don’t know where that anger comes from. Its a collection of all these memories and only black children go through these. The world then expects a black child to be normal like all the children who don’t have such memories.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Sad factor given the amount of money spent on events and functions and these kids living under such conditions. Our government has indeed failed its people.
It brings back memories. This is how i used to travel to school when I was doing Grade 5. We’d have to cross uMkhomazi river twice a day.

Sometimes if uMkhomazi river is too full, we’d have to go back home and miss school.

No child deserves to experience this life. 💔
We can talk all we want but freedom, dignity and human rights start here. Accountability and responsibility start right here. 👇🏼
The politicians who talk a lot about being for the “African child”, are often the same politicians who make life very difficult for African children.

These politicians push policies designed to keep politically connected blacks wealthy & elite, at the expense of poor blacks👇🏾
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Damn,this child regrets waking up,we've let him down as a country, we need to do better,he is the future of this country, he can't grow up resenting where he was born or how he grew up.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
This is despicable. As a Zimbabwean national who has no say in his land of birth i wanna say brothers and sisters while you still have some power in hands change the situation now. This politicians care less about the ordinary people AMANDLA
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
One time I was driving to Vryheid from Durban. Just after Mandeni I saw these 2 kids walking in the rain to school. I stopped and offered them a lift and they jumped in. I must have drove for less than 15 minutes, they both fell asleep. And seeing them really broke my heart...
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
No one deserves to go through such.💔💔💔
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
The child in the front almost looks photoshopped into the pic.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Wow😭 been seeing the pic but it's the first time I have actually looked at their faces.... I died a little inside
This wouldn't be out of place in an exhibition depicting life in SA for black people seventy years ago. Yet, this child was born almost 20 years after @MYANC came to power. How does it feel, @CyrilRamaphosa, to know you govern no better for black people than J.G. Strijdom?
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Afriforum can assist to build the bridge & embarrass the ANC @afriforum @kalliekriel @AskGregory
Ag my goeie fok jy kan mos sien die foto is gephotoshop
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
I don't have much but from what I get per month please let me know too when you find the child
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
please help find where this is? We need to help but I personally want to ensure my help goes to the right people🤷
This is what we go through in Africa but the ballot papers reach everywhere,sad reality 😞💔
Does anyone know where this is or the school these kids go to? Please help 🙏🏾
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Bag of cement is R80 and a bottle of whisky or Champaign how much. Let's push a campaign, 1 cement can build a life.
Picture is from 2011. His name is Gcinokwakhe Shabalala. He should be 17 now. He was 8 when the picture was taken by @Doczin5.

In reply to @LebohangKeswa
This is where our tax should be going to but nooooo... Instead it's building mansions for some and buying german machines for some whose kids go to private schools.... @GovernmentZA @CyrilRamaphosa thumeka for once😣
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
This was part of my life in summer seasons between 1972 and 1978. My late big brother was my life saver whenever Moretele was breaking its banks. Here I am today, thanks to my brother.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Will donate if you can provide a clear plan wooden or cement structure can't take a month to complete
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
This is very disturbing picture indeed , after 25 years we still witness such traumatic scenes.
😭😭😭😭..Every time when i see this?..No maan!! It breaks my heart...Honestly, we gotta do something about our communities, this thing of expecting that politicians will take us to the promised land it's just a fallacy..
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Let me know when you find him
Dear God and Universe
What did black people ever do to you?
Our parents telling how they used to go to school
Really wish I hadn’t seen this...way too sensitive for these kinda posts 💔💔💔
Oh Jesu 💔 May we never take the little we have for granted
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Hi This Picture, was taken in 2011 by my Colleague from the independent media, Doctor Ngcobo. People lied about it being taken on the school opening day.
Nahhh what are you ungrateful for again?
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Is there something that we can do to the ANC? Simply because of what they're doing to our people, ANC just doesn't care about the people but about their ever growing stomachs.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
No matter how remote this village is, I'm sure the ballot papers always reach them 🙄🙄🙄 @CyrilRamaphosa @MbalulaFikile
And do what?
That's FA I've seen far worse haunting stuff....in real life.
Sensationalism much?
ANC kodwa 💔 2 decades & some change & the biggest population suffers the most in its own land? Why are we suffering??? 😭💔💔💔
If they spent 15 million to build 1 bridge for the children of our beautiful country. The government could have built 1 million such bridges with the 1.5 trillion that was stolen. Party elites before country and it's citizens. Disgraceful or not?
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
How do we find them, anyone knows the school?
Just last year about 6 children died in the Alfred Nzo district in the Eastern Cape from drowning in a river while going to school. That district is one of the most neglected in SA and boasts the largest number of Mud Schools and Pit Toilets. 💔
In reply to @SANDFCorpEvents
@SANDFCorpEvents You did it with many bridges and big society changing projects. You can do it with this one.
Hierdie foto lyk baie snoekerig..
Snoek wat die heeldag in die son gelê het..
Let’s RT until we find them
Eish so sad haz...ncncnc
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Imagine crossing this river in winter 🥶😰😰
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
This Pic looks photoshopped. Those in the background are for real, but the main kid, ay cha
This picture should shock us all into how far we have fallen as a people. We have lost not only our humanity but our moral compass as well.

Let alone Madiba's commitment to our children. Shameful!

@DBE_SA @Lesufi @LebohangKeswa
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
you spend bo ma R73 million on funerals while allowing this to happen. A better life for all is a fallacy. pic.twitter.com/JrstvQMCXV
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Painful sight, 25 years later!
Alert when out actually do pls!!!
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Evoking a horrendous past that refuses to die...
In reply to @eNCA
@eNCA @SundayWorldZA @Official_SABC1 Can you please find the school? Child ? - South Africans would love to do something about the details.... ❤️
Please do find him @LebohangKeswa and help him,it is such a sad photo,it shows the extent to which a child can go in order to achieve his education dreams.
Year 2020
Its really 💔
I pray them and you can be able to help...👏
lets help. with the little we have... lets find him. this shit heart breaking @akaworldwide @DjMaphorisa @DJZinhle #Amakhosi4Life #SAvsENG #megacy
He doesn't even have a school bag 😭😭😭💔
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
The ones at the back is real but this one of the boy in front is not, you can tell from the pixels and also the size compared to the rest of the picture is not correct
In reply to @GovernmentZA
@GovernmentZA @CyrilRamaphosa I have never been a President of a country and certainly don't know the challenges but if wena and your ruling party are gonna be spending people's millions in celebratory functions, can you please think about how bad black people's conditions are
This is heartbreaking💔
My heart 💔😢 the government is failing our children
The backgrounds we coming from but still strive for success ✊🏾📖📚
This is constructive exchange going on here. KENYA read it all and learn from it.
In reply to @MYANC
@MYANC I’ll remember such pictures come voting season ...
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Since the minister has seen this hopefully something will be done, different spheres of government need to change their approach in dealing issues. Surely something is not ryt.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
So then you definitely voted but didn't vote @MYANC or @EFFSouthAfrica right?
😭 our only fault is our skin colour

Black Child you are on your own
Lord you can use me too!!!! I've been avoiding this picture cos it gives me a heavy heart
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
Me2😭 I know the pain, let's find him, I see determination 😩, passion and a leader
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
I posted it in Facebook, I dnt think there is Twitter members from that village.
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
The Star newspaper ran with the story yesterday,front page.This is so so embarrassing.How could we still be having this mara?shame shame shame
Lets help Lebohang to find this kids 😢😢😢😢Please Please RT
In reply to @LebohangKeswa
It may be time for South Africans with long-term financial products, such as life covers, unit trusts, etc have a conversation about how Fund Managers (including at the PIC) invest back into communities. (1/3)
Only if Cyril felt the same pain
This is heartbreaking 💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭no child deserves this😖😖😖
This is the reality of an African child.
And wrap him with a blanket 😭😭😭😭😭
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