Fam, you may not want to give this B*llboard article clicks. Its interpretation of Black Swan is not it. Here's what it says.

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In reply to @ryuminating
So many intellectuals who already knew not to click! Let's not give her or this article any attention at all. Ignoring them while showering love on the more appreciative articles is the best use of our energy. Black Swan Lockdown! 💜
Do NOT give clicks to the actual article. She/they don't deserve it.

Show of hands, who else is 100% tired of this person?
In reply to @billboard
don't give it clicks. please refer to this tweet twitter.com/ryuminating/st…
In reply to @ryuminating
well you just gotta look at the writer to know..
In reply to @ryuminating
It’s Tamarind, enough said, I have this woman blocked for a reason
In reply to @ryuminating
This cracker is obsessed with getting the boys out of the picture, anytime they do anything all what she thinks about is them stepping out of the music industry, it's getting so weird and kinda creepy. This kind of journalist is the reason why media nowadays have no credibility
여러분, ㅌㅁㄹ ㅎㅁ의 이 기사는 RT 마시고 그냥 쓰루하세요. 여러분의 관심은 소중합니다.
In reply to @ryuminating
Its 2020 , every army should know that blocking williamboard is the first thing they should do when they log in
In reply to @ryuminating
When will this person learn? God, I'm so tired of herm
In reply to @ryuminating
Who tf still read what that tamarind writes ???
In reply to @ryuminating
It's a Tamarindo article, of course.
In reply to @moonworldian
Its the same article as from before but posted with a new tweet/title DO NOT GIVE CLICKS
When u not a real music critic 💀
In reply to @ryuminating
I wonder if being bad at what she does is her actual talent
We don'r evem have to check if it's an okay or not. Just by seeing Tamarind was the writer is already as good indication to not give the article/s clicks. Ignore & block !
In reply to @AOmelas
If you happen to come across with the article written by Tamarind pls dont click it...here is the ss of what it says... twitter.com/ryuminating/st…
In reply to @ryuminating
Should be common sense now to most armys that anything from tamale is no good. Baby armys, take note.
What's wrong with the article? It's saying exactly what army have been tweeting about the song all day ?
In reply to @ryuminating
Well duh army should know best before they open ANY article from miss turmeric
PSA: Don't read the BB article. Don't give it clicks.

Enjoy streaming!~ 💜
In reply to @doyou_bangtan
Here. This is why you shouldn't support the article twitter.com/ryuminating/st…
In reply to @ryuminating
I'm not gonna go seeking it out, but that's also how I interpreted it. Am I missing something here aside from it's her writing this? 🤨 twitter.com/tak3nbyth3wind…
I am actually surprised by the fact ALL ARMY IN THIS WORD haven't block Bil bored yet with all the shits they did to us 🤦‍♀️
이런씨 Tarma Herman ㅁㅊㄴ아직도 울애들 팔아쳐먹고있네. creative burnout?? 블랙스완을 이따위로 해석해?
The BB article on Black Swan is awful. It only gives half the story, terrible, below twt has the SS. 😑

Check this twt to understand why. twitter.com/whatBTSsaid/st…

There have been TONS of articles on this who got it right, but THIS ONE article is determined to twist the message. pic.twitter.com/1RBNmnGbHL
We honestly don't need billboard article at all nobody but kpop stans give it likes and rt now armys need to give it zero clout I'm so sick of tamar
In reply to @kkothana_jin
For example DON'T Click BB article ❌❌😏 twitter.com/ryuminating/st…
In reply to @ryuminating
Am I missing something??.What's wrong? It looks like that piece is echoing a lot of things I've heard Armys say and it doesn't say anything demeaning that I can see. Still won't clock, just confused. I'm a new army so please forgive me if I'm being dumb.
Attention à ne pas cliquer sur cet article !
Can this woman disappear already please hire someone anyone
In reply to @ryuminating
Bro can Tamar leave us tf alone already. Damn. Can't have sh*t in this house pic.twitter.com/AAVLVWEzoC
oomfs watch out, tamarine wrote another misleading article on b¡||b04rd, pls dont share it/click on it!!
In reply to @ryuminating
I know we all collectively dislike her, but I don't feel like this article is negative? she even explained why she used that term, as it's something similar depicted in the song. if you don't understand the words it doesn't mean they are bad. besides, it's an interpretation
bro was is it with ms.tamales always making shit up. Like just say u hate bts and go
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Don’t give views!!! Don’t click on clout chaser!!! She spreaded Fake news about BTS!!!!! She is korean big company ass kisser Big three ass kisser!!!!
In reply to @ryuminating
Of course it’s Rita Skeeter! 🤦🏻‍♀️
In reply to @ryuminating
I really hate the way she tries to make them see like bad people all the time. Just go find something to do, you lazy woman.
In reply to @ryuminating
Isnt that what the lyrics say tho?
In reply to @ryuminating
What you expected from that Tamaranamzamzambeach!
Wbk she’d been cancelled a long time ago
In reply to @ryuminating
Tell baby army to not click bb article and Don't interact with tamal, but u can click article who have embed the MV bcs it counts towards YT u can watching in there.
In reply to @ryuminating
You may hate me for this but the translation is actually acceptable. The explanation of the song could also be view in that perspective. Be open-minded guys. Stop being weaklings pic.twitter.com/FUW5MOzdpA
It seems like most people agree with the OP here, but I actually agreed a lot with the bb author on this.

I know many people want to see the end lyrics as representing a resolution, and I don’t think it’s that full happy ending that people think it is.
T*mar talking out of her ass again? Yes
Are we suprised? No
Has she been blocked since 2018? YES
Surprise it's from that person who talked shit about them and then wrote a book about them in the same breathe pls anytime you see her name just ignore
In reply to @ryuminating
Ofcourse it's tamarin again
In reply to @ryuminating
Tamar is no, no and more no. She is such clout chaser with no understanding and lack of journalistic integrity
In reply to @ryuminating
Bruh how many names has this fandom gave to this person!?!? Lmao pic.twitter.com/QbKh7HY9xW
The clickbaits have started. Fam, beware! Don’t spread it!
In reply to @ryuminating
Obviously since it's written by a trash
In reply to @ryuminating
It's THAT person.. what do we expect.. 🤷‍♀️
In reply to @ryuminating
Why am I not surprised.. it's written by Tam*r..she has been problematic lot of times..i have blocked BB already.
In reply to @ryuminating
I have them blocked for a reason. And the article is written by Rita Skeeter. No clicks.
In reply to @ryuminating
Talk about not getting the message of the song. Was she feeling lazy to analyze properly and dissect? Her analysis feels half assed.
In reply to @ryuminating
i dislike T*mar just as much as the rest of you but am i the only one who doesn’t see a problem with this article? am i missing something?
Cant stand that tamale 🅱️itch
what did you expect from her 😭😭😭
Don't click on B*llboard article a clicks. They never learn especialy that specific author.
#BlackSwan #BlackSwanOutNow #BlackSwanArtFilm
In reply to @ryuminating
I have bb blocked a long time now. Even when it's a good article from a decent writer I cant even look bring myself to click on it. They just lost all my trust with the honest journalism
She is an idiot. She took this completely out of context. Are we suprised though? She has been a BT5 anti for a long time now. Please report this article and do NOT give it it any clicks, likes, or retweets.
In reply to @ryuminating
Lmao I read the whole thing wondering what was so wrong but I missed the first sentence
In reply to @ryuminating
The only thing that annoys me more than ignorance is pseudo-intellectualism. Luckily I’ve heard enough about that writer to steer clear.
In reply to @ryuminating
There's nothing wrong with this article
W T H 🤦‍♀️ IT'S 2020

HOW ON EARTH?! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
In reply to @TamarWrites
@TamarWrites often misses the point. ARMY is no longer surprised.
how fckn mentally deficient is this woman
In reply to @ryuminating
ARMYS! you know the drill.. Don't give clout and ignore.
빌보드에 블랙스완 기사가 나왔는데,

몇달전 '방탄이 너무 오랫동안 kpop시장을 장악하고 있어서 식상하다며, 다른 가수들에게도 기회가 주어져야 한다 "라고 발언했다가 아미들로부터 비난을 받았던 Ta*ar H*rman씨가 기사를 썼네요.

부디 클릭하지 마시기 바랍니다.
I blocked that Tamara lady because she really doesn't get the meaning of anything... lmao dont give that billboard article any attention
It's Tamar who wrote it, no wonder the article is trash then
I hate these gringo ass writers who half-ass listen to their songs and think they have enough to write about it. This is why Halsey told BTS that there are good ppl in America bc the shitty ones always wanna say something first.
I already knew from the author not to click. Her opinion is complete TRASH.
In reply to @ryuminating
In reply to @ryuminating
Am I the only one who read the article and noticed that it was a BTS quoted article. "Burn out" in her article is an interpretation of how Suga said he feel with hearing music. The article literally was exactly the jist of Black Swan. Did I miss something?
In reply to @ryuminating
I'm not reading the article, but can I ask why is the interpretation wrong? That's exactly how I interpreted it
In reply to @ryuminating
Guys rule of thumb, ANYTHING that is written by T*mar H*rman is a bunch of bs, DO NOT click on her articles
In reply to @ryuminating
I’m torn because people can interpret it in their own way (it’s art) but if you hold a position of power and have to write about what the song is about, maybe don’t express your personal opinion because it may not be what the artist wanted to convey
plus yall know tamar trash, so stay off it!!!!
I've got tamar blocked anyway and if you ever see her article it's a sign not to read it
Did anyone read past the first sentence? She is offering a very on-spot interpretation, what are y'all on. Feeling burnt-out, disenamoured with art (or rather, the fear of reaching that point, because it would feel like dying) is exactly the topic of the song
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