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The Australian’s “post of the day” - just some shameless apartheid apologia.

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Apartheid “worked in South Africa” - says the highlighted “Post of the Day” in the @australian. Up there with “Hitler made the trains run on time.”
God this paper is trash nowadays
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
I grew up in apartheid South Africa. There was no method to the madness. It was pure evil.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Ridiculous that this somehow made print, let alone was selected as 'post of the day'. Pure bilge.
Yep, let's go back to apartheid. This is not only published, but endorsed, in a major Australian newspaper. In 2020. JFC.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Honestly, the Oz is a rotten, racist cesspit. Fancy CHOOSING to publish this as your post of the day....
David’s a fucking fuck who can get fucked
Lol so @australian is literally out here publishing pro-apartheid propaganda.
Of all the anonymous comments on @australian’s website, an editor selected this vile pro-Apartheid opinion to promote as “Post of the Day”. Disgusting.
still gobsmacked by this.
The Australian. Home of climate denial, and apartheid nostalgia. Sick.
Omg. This ran in Murdoch’s national broadsheet The @australian #Australia #Apartheid
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
The writer is saying indiscriminately jailing, bashing murdering black African people, and denying them representation in politics was good for them. How can anyone make this statement? Racism is so stupid and evil it makes entirely illogical remarks. The Australian endorses?
The Australian is an absolute disgrace.
I never thought we’d have a “newspaper” promoting apartheid apologists in 2020
But the reality is that the right will never give up their racist, classist, profiteering, minority rule, “we’re the real victims” mentality
So. The Australian, nations racist newspaper promoter thinks apartheid that created the international banishing of South Africa is a good idea.
Wonder where they stand with systematic murder of those targeted in apartheid system?
How’s any of this different to supporting a Hitler
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
that's genuinely appalling! even for them
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
In 2017, The Australian ran an anonymous advert commemorating white rule in Rhodesia on the anniversary of Ian Smith's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (coincidentally the same day as Remembrance Day). pic.twitter.com/jkyRUaijlC
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
This is disgraceful. @Qantas why do you stock The Australian still if they're now endorsing apartheid era South Africa??
If you had any lingering doubt that the @australian is a white nationalist rag, this should clear them up.
Constantly amazed by the brazen racism of these bastards and the use of "crime" as a euphemism for black people. kindly fuck off.
This is shocking, even from @australian who are now happy to indulge in nostalgia for a brutally racist regime if they think it will score them some petty little points in the ludicrous culture war that they insist on prosecuting. The paper is indefensible.
POST OF THE DAY ALL DAY EVERYDAY. This is such a Stormfront forum comment. I both can and can’t believe how low they’ll keep going.
You’re a batty RW national broadsheet and boss tells you to give climate change denial a rest for a few weeks ...
What can fill the void?
I know!
White supremacy thrives in media. It’s not a new phenomenon nor is it on the fringes of society. This post is just a painful reminder of how entrenched it is.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
"hey we've gotta pretend we care about climate for a bit, so in the meantime I dunno drudge up some dog whistling or something"
Holy fucking shit the Australian is a garbage fire of a newspaper.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
yes, saw that yesterday, from "David" no surname, as post of the day, gave me the shivers .. #BurnNewsCorp #auspol
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
If you haven’t done so already, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your local cafe owner: do not give a cent to this racist Murdoch press.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
The Australian has moved on from Climate denial to pushing pure racism today , so back to their normal business
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
The protesters at the South African tour in Auckland didn’t look like “elites” to me. pic.twitter.com/0NZBb7J7WR
Perhaps we're about to hear from Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton again about those poor white South African farmers who the LNP deem are desperate "refugees" and for whom we will send planes and offer immediate citizenship with open arms here in Australia. #auspol #racism
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Surely printing this breaches some sort of code??
Never buy or link to the Australian.
It's unthinkable that they were once a respectable national broadsheet of integrity, seeing how far they've fallen.
This "post" was written by somebody who went through all the incinerated manuscripts of conservative columnists, picking out all the sentences considered a hate crime. And then the page editor used the drilling machine from The Core to dig it up from a moleman colony.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Check out any RWNJ conversation on Twitter - especially those focussed on attacking and abusing POC, Musl|ms and First Nations people - and you'll inevitably find an over-representation of white South African immigrants (particularly in regional Qld and WA)

Why is that?
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
It is a lie that many people still tell themselves: that apartheid worked. Worked well at division, destruction, subverting truth and justice. The lie that democracy has made things worse. Present corruption was inherited from the White Nationalists.
A reminder that in 2017, The Australian ran an anonymous advert commemorating the end of white rule in Rhodesia on the anniversary of Ian Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

In reply to @Jo_Tovey
'Virtue signalling' is a Conservative construct to explain empathy, a concept they find impossible to grasp.
Hitler's rule was fantastic for the manufacturers of Zyklon B
Business had never been better than under the Third Reich
The Australian excels itself again!
Its post of the day bewails the end of apartheid in South Africa.
The author's full name is not published.
Not content with dishing up the usual Murdoch muck, now the Australian is promoting white supremacist hate.
#Murdochinthebin #auspol
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Dear God @australian surely this was published in error. Surely you could not have meant to publish pro-apartheid commentary from someone who would not even attach their surname to it?
For god’s sake @australian - didn’t realise you had space for slavery advocates. Very poor.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
The great thing about The Australian is that is has achieved a rare and perfect balance between its proprietor, staff, and readers. In other words, it is owned by scum, edited by scum, and read by scum.
Non-Australians need to realise, our "national paper" is this awful. #BoycottMurdoch
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
“Method to the madness” 😳
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
It's almost as if the Libs of the 80s never really let go of the conviction that Mandela was a terrorist....hmm...
Seriously? The post of the day in the Australian is someone saying that apartheid wasn’t that bad!?!? FFS. What a joke of a publication.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Apartheid is probably the worst example to choose to make the point but the self-righteous tendency to impose on other countries without understanding the likely consequences is a disaster. Iraq and Libya are better examples.
Apartheid is a crime against humanity and is criminalised in our Criminal Code. We shouldn’t be encouraging its commission in ‘posts of the day’. #apartheid #auspol
just some nostalgia for white supremacy in australia's newspaper of record
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Hard to believe that that has been published, let alone highlighted. News Corp and the Australian disgrace us all.
'David from Perth,
Previously my beloved Rhodesia
I can’t get over a guy railing against “elites imposing their values” in a post yearning for the good old days of apartheid. Also, I can’t get over a guy YEARNING FOR THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF APARTHEID AND A PAPER PUBLISHING IT
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Another datapoint supporting The Australian aspires to be Quadrant hypothesis.
This is why they go there
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Clearly the country is just crying out for European rulers and oppression of indigenous populations. It’s important we elevate these viewpoints and give them as much mainstream credibility as possible. 🤦🏼‍♂️
The Australian: "points were made with apartheid" wtaf
Please stop buying this paper x
Good lord. Justifying apartheid is the post of the day at the Australian?
Wow. This got published.
Why are people surprised the @australian runs a pro-apartheid letter-to-editor? Their columnist & former W/E Oz Editor @nickcater glowingly cites the late Qld Nat Senator Glen Sheil, Australia's staunchest parliamentary advocate for Sth African apartheid. theaustralian.com.au/opinion/column…
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Absolutely disgusting
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
If the letters and online comments are any guide, most Australian readers are racist white men over 70.
I.... I... what do you even say to this?
What. The. Actual. Fuck. 🤬
Well they did get the idea from 'us'...🤷🏾‍♂️
The fall of communism created many new problems in Eastern Europe - crime unemployment homelessness etc - but no one says that’s reason to deny Europeans their right to be free. Surely South Africans deserve the same?
I spent a month in South Africa last year. A beautiful and welcoming country. I never felt unsafe or threatened and suffered no crime.
Published the same week as the revelations that elite Western consultancy firms like KPMG, PwC, BCG and McKinsey are once again complicit in strategizing, enabling & accrediting corruption on a dizzying scale. But sure, let’s give classic Apartheid nostalgia a platform.
Very cool and normal things going on in Murdoch land
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
There are no depths to which The Australian will not sink. Post of the day indeed. Rupert's silence is tacit approval.
Looking forward to tomorrow's "Post of the Day" where a Nazi laments how the Final Solution "wasn't really that bad". Top stuff @wrongdorey
Despite having to slightly shift their position on climate change, good to see it's business as usual at the Australian.
There was a time when, even as there was disagreement over how best to respond to it, both sides of politics could at least agree that apartheid was bad.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Tell that to Steve Biko - oh wait apartheid killed him - but News Corp knew that, and this pillock going by the single name of David
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
Maybe the Oz bubble is so airtight that they are THAT disconnected from societal expectations and they really do think that this is a good take.
In reply to @Jo_Tovey
It could be from this trolling bot. Check out the FB page of @australian. "David" is a notorious RW poster. It wouldn't surprise me that he could get this published with just a first name. 🙄 pic.twitter.com/IjjtPiUAYQ
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