I’m watching my train leave in 5 mins and I’m not on it because I apparently didn’t arrive early enough for staff to get the ramp.

I’m late because the bus I was on let everyone (20+ people -full bus) off before deploying the ramp for me.

Everyone on that bus made their train.

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In reply to @KatiePennick
The hold ups and delays I experience due to the inaccessible/unequal transport system have a knock-on effect, and very quickly accumulate. I now have to wait over half an hour for the next train. It’s not much, but it adds up.
In reply to @KatiePennick
If you are there in enough time to wait and watch your train leave after having argued with staff, you were definitely there in enough time for them to let you board the damned train. So sorry this has happened to you. #TakingTheDis
In reply to @KatiePennick
Why is a ramp not deployed for every train...why wait for a wheel chair user to turn up?
my nondisabled friends: this is our life. this is every type of transportation we try to use. this is every single place we try to go. all of it is #HellaInaccessible
In reply to @KatiePennick
So sorry you experienced this @KatiePennick - the daily inequality experienced by people with disability is unacceptable You should be first on and off the train! They had 5 mins! How much notice does it take to set up the ramp! Inequality of any kind makes my blood boil 😤
In reply to @KatiePennick
This is the reality of disabled people travelling #taking thesis
In reply to @KatiePennick
This isn't acceptable. You might have recourse to legal action against them to stop this in the future. @citizenbradshaw of @LeighDayEmploy is running cases with EHRC funding for exactly these types of circumstances. Drop him a line.
Apart from everything else that's wrong with Katie's experience, everybody who barged in front of her on that bus needs to have a fucking word with themselves.
In reply to @KatiePennick
This is absolutely #takingthedis . You were there in time for the train. It doesn't take 5 minutes to set up a ramp and let you on. Sounds a lot like discrimination to me - have you considered writing to them?
In reply to @KatiePennick
That is shocking. You should be first on and off the train, not last
This...blew up. Thank you for all the kind messages of solidarity and support, means a lot.

Many ableds are asking how they can help and be allies... (cont)
Bump because health care is not always about food and drugs.
This is the daily reality for #disabled people. We are expected to accommodate the people for whom the world is already easy to navigate. The perspective from non-disabled people is that we simply are not as important, nor our needs as?warranted.
In reply to @KatiePennick
The bus drivers here are trained to bring the wheelchair user's first on entry and exit. We worked with the public public transport companies and the unions to make sure this happens. The hard part is @TFIupdates I really need @transportforall help with some things
In reply to @KatiePennick
We put three men on the moon in 1969. It's now 2020 and we still can't make every train or bus easily accessible for wheelchair users. 🤷🏼‍♂️
#TakingTheDis it doesn’t take five minutes to get a ramp.. it’s so disheartening when this happens to you -as you sit there watching, knowing as those minutes tick by that someone could’ve got a ramp to help you but for some inexplicable reason they don’t want to.. heartbreaking
I urge everyone to take a moment to think how this feels. Before you shrug your shoulders and dismiss the extra daily humiliations disabled people have to face.
In reply to @KatiePennick
They should pull out all the stops to get you on. 5 mins should be plenty of time if the staff are trained to react the their customer's needs. Poor show. What train company is this?
This isn't ok, this isn't fair and things really need to change.
Katie this is so unjust. I work with wheelchair users and they have a constant fear of public transport. Campaign needed for change.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Not being rude or anything. But if this is an ongoing issue like something that happens on your commute to work. Why not just leave earlier for work. Its easier to let everyone off a packed bus first as to allow your chair to come through to the exit.
Hey @RMTunion could you raise this with senior managers? This shouldn’t happen to customers. Thanks.
In reply to @KatiePennick
For me this shows a lack of care and commitment to investment - in an age where we maintain a permanent presence in space, is it really acceptable that trains have to have a manually placed ramp to allow wheelchair users access? Of course it isn’t - surely we can do better?
In reply to @KatiePennick
This happened to my daughter at Victoria- apparently 11 mins isn’t long enough for someone (lazy fucker) to get a ramp. All the people on the train were holding the door for her and shouting at the attendant to get the ramp. They paid for a taxi to Surrey after she complained
In reply to @KatiePennick
I would like to see it made easier to claim compensation for delays due to inadequate access. Let us know if you go this route. @MikScarlet @railandroad @RailDeliveryGrp
In reply to @KatiePennick
Sadly an experience alot of us can relate to. To make it worse a bit of imagination or flexibility from the platform staff would have meant you could have got on the train. It doesn't take long. Watching others who have turned up later than you getting onto the train adds to it.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Name the train company Katie so we can write and complain. This is unacceptable.
In reply to @KatiePennick
The bloody ramp should be on the platform ready to be used at a moments notice. This is not good enough. Why should those with mobility issues have to announce themselves? Disgusting treatment.
In reply to @KatiePennick
would also be nice if a few of your fellow passengers sand by you in support and put the pressure on these bus and train workers to do their bit - there's nothing like a bit of community spirit to make our day feel more valuable.
This is disgraceful. Poor woman.
In reply to @KatiePennick
It is wrong and so out of date not to provide proper access. What a pity the other bus passengers did not say Put the Ramp Out first too! Surely there should be a ramp out ready for all trains in any case? Hope you got home okay in the end.
This does NOT WORK.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Infuriating. I'm so sorry that in 2020 something this basic is still not made to work for ppl with disabilities. #priorities
In reply to @KatiePennick
I've had a difficult day of rail travel, with some inaccessible '442's on South Western Rail. There's nothing more draining than effectively being barred from traveling on a train, just because you use a wheelchair (or even, use a slow lift and miss a train) #takingthedis
Why should anyone have to put up with this crap?
#takingthedis - just trying to go about ordinary, daily life taking public transport. This is daily life for disabled people. We are not second class citizens, and we won't stop shouting about how this isn't right.
An idea that could blow the tiny minds of train companies, stow a ramp on board the train at the first carriage, display a sticker on the outside of said carriage advertising it to users of the ramp and give them priority boarding.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Solidarity, Katie. The daily indignities and inequalities people with disabilities are expected to put up with is outrageous. My friend Kate produced this excellent series #NoGoBritain for @Channel4News a few years ago channel4.com/news/no-go-bri…
In reply to @KatiePennick
Appalling and shameful - and exhausting to have to keep on facing this ☹️
I'm bored of seeing tweets like this. Every single day, from the likes of @HannahPopsy and @Tanni_GT we are reminded that we are 2nd class citizens, an afterthought and we don't matter. Why, in 2020 is it still so damn difficult for wheelchair users to utilise public transport?!
this is to remind someone that accessibility is more than just shit ramps ? accessibility is proper infrastructure, human measures, and understand and LISTENING to people with disabilities needs. This gives me rage.
In reply to @KatiePennick
On the basis of this example, your sense of entitlement needs a substantial reduction.
In reply to @KatiePennick
I never needed a chair until 2 years ago and I can honestly say I had no idea the problems wheelchair users had on a day to day basis and the dick things I did every day without thinking when I had legs.
A typical day in the life of a disabled traveler in 2020 UK. Remember that DDA came in back in 1995, there is simply NO excuse! Really sorry this happened to you @KatiePennick
In reply to @KatiePennick
Yay British Rail. Sorry to hear they *still* are using those hand-set ramps (which I found out can be deployed backwards, resulting in a pitch steep enough to dump me out of my wheelchair). Do you still have to play "find the curb cut" while out on the streets?
Ongoing rampant disability discrimination alive & well in London right now - what are you going to do about it @TfL?? Two decades into the 21st century, this is nothing short of appalling!🤬
In reply to @KatiePennick
These platitudes are well meant, but unless you’re disabled the don’t mean sweet bugger all. How about those ramps on to a train whose toilets can’t fit a wheelchair in, stations totally inaccessible-no toilets at all. Please, get in a wheelchair and try it.
In reply to @KatiePennick
I'm so sorry. I've seen this before: it had been booked, the wheelchair user was through the gate, there were 3 minutes left, and the train wasn't full. It would have taken 30 seconds. Jobsworths. Staff lost all my respect over that. Was so angry on behalf of the wheelchair user.
In reply to @KatiePennick
This kind of thing is so common and so, well, both unfair and inefficient! Some drivers/staff really get it and make sure we board first and get off first. Because it just works better in every way for everyone and for the system! Others act like huge jerks!!!!! :(
In reply to @KatiePennick
Even Ryanair (not noted for their caring attitude) let disabled people on and off their aircraft first. This is disgusting and needs looking into.
In reply to @KatiePennick
I’m so angry for your most recent experience - it must be so exhausting x Hopefully publicity will shame them x
😬 This isn’t acceptable.
In reply to @KatiePennick
It was the other way round when I left London in December -they arrived with the ramp with just 6 minutes before the train left -had it been the other way round they would not have got me on saying I was too late like they did to you Katie 😔
Just not good enough & I know this kind of thing happens again and again. Not enough to think that having ramps is the answer. Has to be about responsive support & I still don’t see that kind of thinking happening... depressing
One of the reasons Southern Rail train staff went on strike a few years ago.

On/off boarding for wheelchair access being reduced.

For those of us fortunate to not be affected by this, awareness is important.
Níl sé seo sách maith 😡
I really wish this was an uncommon occurrence. It isn't. I've experienced this too. It reinforces the idea that our time, and our lives are worth less than everyone else, and I'm beyond tired of it. Daily living should be living, not fighting for every. single. thing. we need.
The difference between accessibility and equal access.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Get an earlier bus.
In reply to @KatiePennick
Terrible. I witnessed a wheelchair user try to get on my bus last week be told by driver "ramp's at back and tricky so I'll lift you in the front". Passenger says "I won't fit through front part of bus", driver says "well it's this or nothing". Chair didn't fit so he got back off
And this is why we need to do more about #accessibility. If this was you, how woukd you be able to present at that #conference or make the #networking meeting in time? What would missing out do to your promotions? #HE & #academia need to wake up to #ableism
Thread 👇 I temporarily experienced this when pregnancy affected my mobility & it made me realise just how much further you are expected to go & how much longer you are expected to wait if you have a disability. Proper access for all to social spaces & facilities needs addressing
Every day ableism

Every day. Every day. Every day
It’s clearly time to focus our research on how we can design a better, more inclusive transport system! #accessibility
In reply to @KatiePennick
This is disgraceful, there should be a law against this kind of discrimination....oh wait there is. Why the flip isn't it being enforced so that people with disabilities aren't treated unfairly? Sorry you had to go through this.
We have a ridiculous system where if you don't book transport assistance 24 hours in advance & if you don't turn up on the platform 20 mins before your train is set to leave, you can be refused assistance. But we also have a culture where we think disabled people can wait...
In reply to @KatiePennick
Totally unacceptable and we should be ashamed that this is happening in the UK in 2020
Deep question (not about sex,sorry!): what’s the difference between jerks who are insensitive and discriminating and plain simple idiots who are rude because they are idiots?🤔
This needs to change.
The general idea that train companies insist on ramp access being booked/organised in advance of travel is, and always will be, ridiculous and discriminatory
In reply to @KatiePennick
Access needs must come first.
In reply to @KatiePennick
I feel for you Katie, being disabled myself we are totally ignored or left until last which just isn't good enough. A soon as you mention 'Disabled' to any authority you know you won't get treated any better, but tell them your name is Abdul and they throw themselves at you.
Ramps.... EVERYONE can use them. Steps, not true....

You do the maths!
In reply to @KatiePennick
That really stinks. Which operators were they? Why is a ramp so incredibly exotic? The buses in Nottingham make really smart work of lowering the bus down or getting the ramps out. Seems not everyone has access as embedded as @NCT_Buses
More #TakingTheDis.

And this happens all the time. Buses that are listed as "may not be wheelchair accessible" but you have no idea if they are, or not, until they arrive. Then the "missing" ramp/assistance/desire...

Then you get sacked for being repeatedly late for work. 🙄
Situations like these merit the widest publicity.
There's no such thing as able bodied. There are only two categories, "disabled" and "not disabled yet".

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, just be grateful you're in the latter category. So far.

And stop being a cunt.

A lot of people are replying ‘get an earlier bus’. HOW rude can people be? Should be an official rule to let disabled people get off their transport first then the rest because you can all run for your train, they can’t.
Who’d rather be 5 mins late than watch someone stranded on the platform? 🙌

Who’s happy to be 1 minute late off the bus to let those in need - be it a disability or mobility issue through age or injury or pregnancy or kids or even luggage! - get off first? 🙌

In reply to @KatiePennick
Seeing as we now have so many automatic so accessible doors, can't someone invent an automatic ramp that disabled users can enable with a keycard then press a button to engage and operate? @MicrosoftUK @Sony @NaoRobot
Which station and rail company? #TakingTheDis ^Julian
We need to do better... Similar happened to me in 2014 when changing trains with 10 mins to spare - staff didn't bother bringing ramp for 2nd train because I didn't arrive 20mins before departure. Disappointing this still happens...
A prime example of the institutional ablism that causes problems across the rail network. Good luck Katie, hope you're home soon.
Maybe they let everyone off the bus first so there was more room for you to manouvre your chair?

But no, I'm sure it was because they hate #disabled folks... 🙄
This is fucking appalling.
In reply to @KatiePennick
This stinks. These train companies need to improve
In reply to @KatiePennick
Disgraceful, Shame on station staff that’s the problem with this society, they procrastinate they probably took a few minutes to decide they didn’t have time to get the ramp. Instead of actually getting on with it so you could get your train.
In reply to @KatiePennick
This is dreadful - ppl have become so self centred & we forget about ensuring society is more inclusive & provides assistance to all! U need to call the operators out for this Katie > no way they should get away with it!!! 😍🤲🏽🙏💚
In reply to @KatiePennick
The ramps should be on the platforms. FFS this is pure laziness from the staff. This is not acceptable.
In reply to @KatiePennick
You were on the platform a full five minutes ahead of departure and you weren't let on? Which operator was this?
In reply to @KatiePennick
As a bus driver, I can guarantee that if the driver tried to deploy the ramp, people would be pushing both of you out of the way. People are so wrapped up in their own life, they just plough through everything.
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