"I don't see a 拢600m squad out there! What has been bought?!"

"I'm sitting up here and I'm embarrassed!" 馃槱

"People at the top need to make changes. You can't defend this!" 馃槨

@rioferdy5's blood is boiling as he reacts to Burnley's first win at Old Trafford since 1962...

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In reply to @btsportfootball
These aren't defeats you usually associate with Manchester United 馃槼 It's officially their worse start to a league season for 30 years! pic.twitter.com/5V4OS93hgN
And here I was thinking that spending a lot of money guarantees success like what Pep has done馃
In reply to @btsportfootball
Man United might not thank me, but get the contract out, put it on the table, let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there given what he's done and let him sign the contract and go, Ole's at the wheel, man he's doing his thing. Man United are back! pic.twitter.com/VKhh1b2Ee4
In reply to @btsportfootball
Why not put your hand in your own pocket and spend some of your own money @rioferdy5?? It would be a risk for the owners to spend their own money. What if the player they bought got injured?? I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before.... #olesatthewheel
In reply to @btsportfootball
In reply to @btsportfootball
is a small part of the problem. It鈥檚 ex-players and chums of Ole like him who jumped the gun demanding he be offered the job. The definition of decline can be seen right here... pic.twitter.com/fWdoNNcNoB
In reply to @btsportfootball
鈥淭he People at the top need to make changes鈥 No @rioferdy5 鈥淭he People at the top need to be changed鈥
In reply to @btsportfootball
The people at the top need to go, @rioferdy5. Say it. It's not about them making changes. It's about them going. Stop pussyfooting around.
In reply to @btsportfootball
You wanted Ole, live with it!
In reply to @btsportfootball
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 6 years 14 transfer windows 拢968M spent Finishing 7th, 6th (twice), 5th, 4th & 2nd once. This is not good enough, Woodward has had long enough to get things right. Sign the petition below! #SackWoodward #WoodwardOut #DeadWoodWard change.org/SackEdWoodward
In reply to @btsportfootball
Get the contract out. Put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him put whatever number he likes, for what he's done since he's come in. Let him sign the contract and go Ole's at the wheel man, he's doing it, he's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!
In reply to @btsportfootball
Man United might not thank me, but get the contract out, put it on the table, let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there given what he's done and let him sign the contract and go, Ole's at the wheel, man he's doing his thing. Man United are back!
STOP pushing the fucking 600m spend @rioferdy5

Jesus Christ how many players have been sold to balance what has been paid out.
If you want to talk about money then do it properly ffs
Why doesn鈥檛 Ole buy some players with his own money then @rioferdy5
Pictures: Burnley players and fans celebrating a magnificent win

Voice-over: Totally focussed on where it all went wrong for United, rather than being able to find even one word of congratulation for the achievements of Sean Dyche and his team
Finally someone's speaking up... @rioferdy5 shares his thoughts after @GNev2 #GlazersOut #WoodwardOut
People associated with Man United are finally starting to force the issue and make the Board and those higher up, 鈥楾he Untouchables鈥, be held accountable.

We should have done the same long ago. It鈥檚 crazy how similar both of these once elite level, dominant clubs are right now.
In reply to @btsportfootball
Yet you blame @paulpogba for the way he acts...
People at the top don鈥檛 need to make changes. People at the top need to be changed
This guy told Newcastle fans they should thank Mike Ashley for putting money in and getting Rafa in so I presume he鈥檚 thankful for the Glazers putting money in and getting the manager, he told the club to offer the job to
A lot of the players that were bought with that money were also sold, Lukaku, Memphis, di Maria, Schneiderlin, Blind to name a fee. The net spends since 2005 are very poor for England's biggest club.
Just a joy to wade through the replies here...
In reply to @btsportfootball
Let him write whatever numbers he wants on there
What ever happened to the director of football job? Another rumour put out to keep fans quite! #WoodwardOut
In reply to @btsportfootball
You should say thank you Mr Glazer, @rioferdy5 take your own advice. 馃槉
In reply to @btsportfootball
Ole clearly didn鈥檛 anticipate the number of injuries we鈥檝e had this season. Perhaps he should have, and signed replacements for the likes of Herrera and Lukaku. Issue is it looks like they鈥檙e trying to sign younger players, but you also need some experience to balance the squad.
In reply to @btsportfootball
Rio man please 馃檹馃徏you鈥檝e gotta have a word with Ole & Carrick they are not good enough. If the coaching staff love this club then they gotta walk away. They may have been great players but they just ain鈥檛 got what it takes. Don鈥檛 even get me started on the board!! 馃が
You love to see it 馃ぃ
Man United might not thank me, but get the contract out, put it on the table, let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there given what he's done and let him sign the contract and go, Ole's at the wheel, man he's doing his thing. Man United are back! pic.twitter.com/2uqHTvnMII
In reply to @btsportfootball
Utd will just have to learn that it's not easy. When u loose your top dog. It's taken the mighty liverpool 30 yrs to win the league. Again. I think utd will go the same way. Just enjoy LFC rule the world now
Nearly got it bang on. The only thing wrong is fuck the changes, kill the cancer at the source in the Glazers. Putting Ole in as a 鈥榝all guy鈥 so the fans won鈥檛 turn when they don鈥檛 give him money. Fucking disgraceful, upsetting and embarrassing #GlazersOut #WoodwardOut
What happened to Oles at the wheel ya little camel lip
Oh, wah wah wah. Utd fans finally experiencing what it鈥檚 like to be shit. My heart bleeds.
You don鈥檛 see Ole at the wheel! He鈥檚 doing it he鈥檚 doing his thing! 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Man united still have Phil Jones in their squad. Spent 拢80m on a CB who had a good summer with England. Have J Lingz in their squad. Still Let Shaw play. But said Lukaku was the problem.

You hate to see it. 馃槀馃槀
In reply to @btsportfootball
If ole will not buy strikers let him bring in his kids play 馃槀馃槀馃槀
The same Rio who got excited and begged for Ole to get a contract. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @btsportfootball
Unfollow Manchester United from every Social Media account. Once the fans leave and the sponsors stop coming maybe than they'll understand what's more important. Football or Revenue?? #UnfollowUnited #GlazersOut #WoodwardOut
In reply to @btsportfootball
All this boils down to ole and his shit Managment. He doesn鈥檛 know how to get the best out of players. Awful manager
In reply to @btsportfootball
The biggest problem at Man United is definitely the Glazers, they don鈥檛 care about the football side. That鈥檚 why Woodward has done a ridiculously poor job for 6 years and is still in the job cos of one or two sponsorships here and there. #GlazersOut
鈥楰ids across the country won鈥檛 be wearing Utd shirts鈥. Every cloud eh?
84 minutes.. Exactly this club was built on belief. That's gone. Needs stripping from the top down. Embarrassing.
Nah this is pathetic
the one who initially excited and asked the top management to allow Ole to put any numbers in the contract
The changes from the top will involve getting that retard of a coach sacked, but you no want mention that馃槅
Give him time & more money
But @rioferdy5 , I thought 鈥淥le was doing his thing鈥, I thought 鈥淢an Utd we鈥檙e back, man鈥....more faces than a town hall clock, you!!!
We are top of the league bby 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
In reply to @btsportfootball
Nothing but truth spoken there. Ole, the players, the owners all need one of those reality checking, earth shattering straight to the point blunt as fuck talkings to. We are a shite club right now. I love Man Utd but we are horse dung rn. #WoodwardOut #MakeChanges
In reply to @btsportfootball
DDG Romero Awb Laird Axel Bailly Lindelof Mendi Williams Dalot Pogba Fred Scott Garner Levitt Martial Greenwood Rashford James Those are the players that deserve to be in this club. Excluding youth that have not played like Ramzani and Bernard Need to add to it.
In reply to @btsportfootball
They did make changes they gave your mate Ole the job like you wanted! 馃槀
Rio has had enough鈥硷笍馃槀
馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ strait to the replies
饾棤饾棓饾棥饾棙饾棥饾棦 饾棳饾棓 饾棬饾棖饾棝饾棬饾棥饾棜饾棬 饾棳饾棓 饾棩饾棞饾棦 饾棛饾棙饾棩饾棗饾棞饾棥饾棓饾棥饾棗 饾棓饾棥饾棓饾棪饾棙饾棤饾棓 饾棓饾棟饾棓饾棦饾棥饾棓 饾棙饾棬饾棩饾棦 饾棤饾棞饾棢饾棢饾棞饾棦饾棥 600 饾棞饾棤饾棙饾棥饾棬饾棥饾棬饾棓 饾棥饾棞饾棥饾棞 饾棡饾棞饾棬饾棡饾棯饾棙饾棢饾棞 饾棝饾棓饾棫饾棓 饾棤饾棞饾棤饾棞 饾棪饾棞饾棦饾棥饾棞 饾棡饾棞饾棫饾棬 饾棴饾棓饾棞饾棗饾棞 饾棳饾棓 饾棤饾棓饾棔饾棞饾棪饾棝饾棦饾棦饾棦馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従
Couldn鈥檛 quite bring himself to say their names though could he... 馃 cop out like the rest #GlazersOut
In reply to @btsportfootball
This the same bloke last season saying man United at back oles at the wheel?
In reply to @btsportfootball
these are doing me in
In reply to @btsportfootball
Man Utd's board must be going mad, they have lost the idea of trying to win simple games now, and are trying to buy young inexperienced players for 拢30 million and not get a true goalscorer like Haaland for less than 拢20 million. No doubt we will miss out on Fernandes too!
In reply to @btsportfootball
Since Solskj忙r was made permanent manager in March, Manchester United have lost more Premier League games (12) than they have won (11) tell me Rio how he deserves to keep his job?!? Please tell me !!
In reply to @btsportfootball
So funny to see how shit Man Utd are now.
In reply to @btsportfootball
tell the board that we the fans want #OleOut and we want #WoodwardOut
In reply to @btsportfootball
Why do they keep asking old Rio his opinion? He hasn't got a clue
In reply to @btsportfootball
Rest assured, Ole is the man to steer the bus through these troubled times. Strap him in and keep him behind that wheel. 馃殞 @RyanDent1 pic.twitter.com/lTfimcXfmv
He's changed his tune
Rio: Money is being spent willy nilly with nothing to show for it.

Also Rio....
鈥淟et him sign it and put what ever numbers he wants on there, Man United are back鈥
Inject it into my veins 馃檶馃徎
Stupid prick was shouting about oles at the wheel United are back after the PSG game 馃槀 the blokes a fucking cabbage
Rio Ferdinand: "Fans are walking out after 84 minutes"

Rangers Subway Loyal: pic.twitter.com/bTnEsuszoj
Can we restart this club 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Aku dh x sggup huhu
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