Chinese city Vuhan is blocked by army, nobody is allowed to leave the city. It is the city where the first coronavirus victims were registered. There are rumors of more than 100 casualties already. This is a big city, 12 million people live there, more than in New York

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If China govt blocked the entire city, then, there must be some serious shit going on there.

And Xi jinping is lying to the whole world.
ya allah lindungi kami semua dari dijangkiti virus ini , amin.
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please ban china untuk datang bercuti ke malaysia. they spread virus
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What were banned/blocked in China: - Google Search - Yahoo - Facebook - YouTube - Wikipedia (Chinese) - Twitter - Netflix - Reddit - Instagram - Tumblr - WhatsApp - BBC - New York Times - The Independent - Amnesty International -Wuhan city
Хятадын Wuhan хот 11 сая оршин суугчтай дээрээсээ 7-д ордог том хот юм байна. Одоогийн байдлаар цэргийн хүчээр хөл хорио тогтоож хэнийг ч гаргахгүй оруулахгүй хатуу карантин тогтоосон байна. Албан бус мэдээллээр халдварлагчдын тоо мянга давсан гэх хардлага байна.
According to documentaries like Resident Evil, this is the start to a zombie apocalypse. #s

On a more serious note, usually when military is called, it's already Darurat.
Takutnyaaaaa macam Resident Evil. My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world.
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Hi, my name is Alice, and this is my story.
Phase 3 of the action plan now in play. I’ll explain. Phase 1. The face saving cover up - keep it under wraps. Phase 2. Identify a scapegoat to deflect criticism of Phase 1. Phase 3 Panic and ensure the population panicks
This country really be the most ghetto part of the world. First they put muslims in concentration camps, now they throwing viruses at other countries?? Wtf
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China pun quarantine china, Malaysia seperti biasa "welcome"
Yakjud Makjud perlu ditembok.
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Just remember what they did to the uyghurs
Resident evil begins
This some World War Z shit
Ya Allah... benar2 liat video ini jadi ingat film the flu... persis.. semoga bisa segera ditangani..
Dah macam Resident Evil... 😱
Tapi Malaysia chill je bawa masuk pelancong China siap bg tempoh lama untuk tinggal sini. 😌
Remember how the zombie apocalypse started with the big cites ? And they migrate to other country and infect them ? No saying much , a private island is what i need
Reading this tweet give me the combination vibe of Train To Busan, A Taxi Driver & zombie movies.

I'm scared.
Ah shit , zombies comming
This is some World War Z shit going on 😯 Who’s our Brad Pitt?
БНХАУ-ын Вухан хотыг армийн хүчээр хил хязгаар тогтоож хэнийг ч гадагш гаргахгүй бгаа гэнэ. Корона вирусын анхны өвчтөнүүд бүртгэгдсэн хот. Барагцаагаар 100 гаруй хүн нас барсан гэсэн ам дамжсан яриа бна. New York-оос олон буюу 12 сая хүн амьдардаг том хот ажээ.
O perfil de tranqueiras do Aliexpress tá postando vários tuites sobre o que tá rolando na China, pra quem estiver interessado

(Na verdade, eu queria um @efarsas chinês pra ter certeza que as informações são reais)
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Don’t even spell the city wonder the death toll is rumored..
Mutants in the making.
Welcome to Roccon City, è il momento di mandare Leon dell' Rpd
This. Korea movie,The Flu in reality
I’m watching a show on Netflix called pandemic and this is exactly what they’re predicting. 😳
Dear china,

Remember what you did to uyghur muslim?
You block them, cornered them, torture them.

Did you feel the pain now?

Kifarah is real and fast my dear.
This sounds like the beginning of any zombie movies. Lord please protect my country, keep us safe..
Good, jgn bg dorg kuar. Merebak virus tu 1 dunia nnt
How the hell do you keep 12 million people quarantined?
Zombie apocalypse pe
Sounds like a zombie apocalypse coming??? 🤔
Highway to wuhan
In reply to @coolstuffcheap
inb4 catastrophic outbreak
Might be far fetched but this looks exactly like the start to an infectious outbreak movies
holy shit, zombie apocalypse is real; be safe guys, singapore pn dah kena virus ni
I don't think I have ever seen a disease get so bad so quickly. As far as I am aware, this wasn't a thing until just recently, and it is so bad already that the Chinese government had to set up a blockade around the entire city. Hope everyone stays safe.
Macam dalam movie dah huhu
Whoa, aliexpress acct guy breaking character and no smileys....must be bad
Now also private outbound traffic is blocked #coronavirus #Wuhan
12 сая хvнтэй, энэ утгаараа NYCc томым бна🌚
Ээ миний сурч боловсрол олсон сайхан хотод минь юу л болоод байна даа. Уханьд маш олон Монгол оюутнууд,тэдний гэр бүл үр хүүхэд нь хамт амьдардаг. Буцаж амжаагүй хэд нь аюулгүй л байгаасай🙏🙏🙏.Монгол хил хорио тогтоовол таарна дөө. Бид цөөхүүлээшдээ
Scary eh..kedak crita the flu
In reply to @chedetofficial
@chedetofficial @MKetapi . Can you please ban china tourist at the moment untill this coronavirus situation is under control ?

I know economy activities still need to goes on. But people's lives matter.
I'm so worried please @ygent_official Please i beg to send Lisa home. Her currently staying place is the 2nd large affected by the virus. If she's already in Korea, PLEASE I BEG YOU TO LET US KNOW PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
За эвгүйтлээ шүү...
Scene-2 dalam movie korea macam The Flu, dah jadi reality guys.
Teringat cerita FLU (south korea)
In reply to @coolstuffcheap
Ok but it’s 武汉 (Wuhan)
OH MY?! it’s like in the zombie movies 👹
I always imagined it happen .....and i-
Seram. Terus teingan movie train to busan
Kinezi blokirali neki grad, niko ne zna kako se zove, veći od Njujorka.
The world gonna end soon and here we are, scrolling through twitter
Umm okay this is getting scary sounds more like a zombie apocalypse or something 😰😰😰
Gg la resident evil camni
Hope this wipes out half the world
In reply to @coolstuffcheap
Just stay at your own place la Wuhan people. Dont spread the virus!!!
💥Not to be weirdly "conspiracy"...BUT...anyone else wonder if China is sending the US a little bit of a signal with this 'news' about the virus?
Like, don't get all puffed up about the China deal because strange things happen? Just wondering.
Kmovie FLU hits reality😥
May Allah ease
Zombi apocalypse on the making
Damn... How scary is this outbreak I wonder
Ya Allah, jauhkanlah kami semua rakyat Malaysia daripada penyakit2 merbahaya ni 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ngeri. Kaya Resident Evil.
Pre-situation of zombie apocalypse
Bitch what, its not Raccoon City in the making isnt it?
In reply to @coolstuffcheap
zombi apocalypse is kaming
In reply to @coolstuffcheap
Another man made disease ? These reptilians really wanna control the world and it starts with us 💯
remember the simpson's movie with them being trapped in a dome due to their lake infestation? yeah, thts just an idea.
Man this is exactly like the korean film - FLU. It’s coming to reality now ?
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