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75 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi #Auschwitz camp, including ca. 700 children, were liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army. 1,689 days of murder, humiliation, suffering, and pain were over. Today we all remember. | #Auschwitz75 #OnThisDay

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In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Between 1940-1945 German Nazis deported ca. 1,3 million people to #Auschwitz: 1,1 mln Jews, 150k Poles, 23k Roma, 15k Soviet POWs & 25k others incl. almost 400 Jehova's witnesses and at least 77 homosexuals. Around 1,1 million people were murdered in Auschwitz, 90% Jews.
Less than half of Americans recently asked had not heard of the Holocaust. Let's change that. #NeverForget
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This incredible man, my grandfather, Erwin Thieberger was one of those souls that made it to that day. His story, like those shared by @AuschwitzMuseum, must live on so that future generations never forget. pic.twitter.com/2IENZBTC9O
75 años de la liberación de Auschwitz. Un recuerdo para todas las víctimas y para todos los que sufrieron tal barbarie 🙏
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#WeRemember #NeverAgain My father's aunt, Paulette Gothelf born on November 19, 1927 in Paris. Deported on convoy 35 on September 21, 1942 to Auschwitz. Murdered in a gas chamber. May her memory be a blessing. pic.twitter.com/hc5LYOy3sS
My family wasn’t lucky to have been among the ones to survive and be liberated. On this day, 75 years ago, the Nazis knew liberation was coming — they threw my family in a mass grave and drove tanks over them and buried them alive. #NeverAgainIsNow #Auschwitz75
.@AuschwitzMuseum: 75 лет назад в этот день солдаты Советской армии освободили более 7000 узников немецко-фашистского лагеря Освенцим, в т.ч. около 700 детей. 1689 дней убийств, унижений, страданий и боли закончились. Сегодня мы чтим память.

Avui fa 75 anys l'exèrcit roig va alliberar el camp d'Auschwitz. Tindrem futur si tenim memòria #Auschwitz75
"Hace 75 años, más de 7,000 prisioneros del campo nazi alemán de Auschwitz, incluyendo casi 700 niños, fueron liberados por los soldados del ejército soviético. 1,689 días de asesinatos, humillaciones, sufrimientos y dolor terminaron. Hoy lo recordamos." #Auschwitz75
Avui fa 75 anys que els soviètics van alliberar Auschwitz.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Eva Slonim (née Weiss) is one of the children in that first photo, standing alongside her sister Marta. She now lives in Melbourne, Australia. theage.com.au/national/victo…
75 años del final de un terror del cual la ciencia no se mantuvo ajena sino que fue parte muy activa de la deshumanización, enfocados en la pseudociencia de la eugenasia, estudios raciales, y la experimentación de fármacos y métodos de control poblacional. Nunca más.
Rösta helst inte på folk som står och smilar på bild ihop med folk som tyckte det här var ballt, tack.
No dejéis que la ultraderecha vuelva... 🙏🏻😢
#NeverAgain We must always remember and resist the current administration from taking us back to these dark days. America is great because of its diversity, different cultures, & different religions! Listen...you might learn something! #OneVoice1
Around 1.1m people were murdered in Auschwitz, 90% Jews.
75 years ago today over 7k prisoners of the Nazi #Auschwitz camp, including 700 children were liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army
Baruch Hashem!!
As we remember the Nazis & the Holocaust we must also remember that today, in 2020, the Labour Party is under investigation for anti semitism.

The echoes of Nazism are clear.

Now would be a good time for Corbyn to get on his knees & apologise to the world's Jewish community.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
One girl liberated was my mother in law Edith Ancsel. She was thirteen and suffering from typhus. A Russian guard gave her chocolate.
The gates of hell were broken open 75 years ago today.
Let us never, never, never forget.
75 años de la liberación de los prisioneros de #Auschwitz. 1689 días de asesinatos, humillaciones, sufrimiento y dolor. Necesario recordar para no olvidar. #HolocaustMemorialDay #Auschwitz75 #HumanRights #gizaeskubideak #DerechosHumanos
Hace 75, terminaron 1,689 días de asesinatos, humillación, sufrimiento y dolor. #Auschwitz75 #NeverAgainIsNow
This happened within living memory of some of those directly affected, yet our government has just chosen not to reunite child refugees with their parents. Sickening.
Mänskligheten får aldrig glömma.
Framförallt inte i tider som dessa, när delar av mänskligheten tenderar att gärna göra det.
Recordad la barbarie cuando alguien diga que ser un puto nazi es libertad de expresión.
Si comprender es imposible, conocer es necesario. Y recordar es un deber.
Gracias a los Reyes de España por representarnos impecablemente a todos los españoles en este compromiso: nunca más. #NieWieder
#WeRemember pic.twitter.com/Fw7nLEinT9
Today we remember - as we must every day - what the Nazis did to the Jews & others. Auschwitz symbolizes the worst & most toxic form of humanity: genocide.

Genocide still happens. Anti-semitism is alive & well. We all have a responsibility to put an end to these cancers.
Tinguem memòria.
Hi ha fotografies, llibres, reportarges, literatura i testimonis tan punyents com “Cap de nosaltres tornarà” de @mariabohigassal
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
I know a lovely man who was one of the soldiers who helped liberate Auschwitz The memory of the horrors they found has coloured his whole life😭
The GOP’s embrace of Holocaust deniers is one the most breathtaking & unspeakably foul aspects of its current orthodoxy.

Do NOT forget that Trump called Nazis “very fine people.”

Very fine people would never stomach this horror or support & idolize those who do.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Donald John Trump is already Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity & his behavior is going to become Worse, if he is not removed! Trump is Directly responsible for the Deaths of Thousands of Americans in Puerto Rico, 100s of Kurds & numerous Immigrants! Do Not allow him to continue! pic.twitter.com/MzBHpb6sKG
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
We must never forget. It is too easy for the current far right to spread hatred, and ALL of our world leaders should bear this in mind. The hate being spread daily from one of the world’s most prominent leaders right now should be exposed and stopped...
También hay anormales en las respuestas a este tuit, que raro, si Europa se fundó en el antifascismo y no se qué más
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My dad weighed less than 70 lbs when he was liberated from Auschwitz and had to be airlifted to a Red Cross hospital in Switzerland. From there, he was sent to a DP camp in Germany until 1948 when he arrived at Ellis Island on the General Sherman, a decommissioned troop ship. RIP
We celebrate Hanukkah every year to honor my dad, but also to remember where my Jewish ancestors came from.

My grandparents didn't speak about their parents or how they came to America, we knew why.

#NeverForget how dangerous censorship & govt can be when they have an agenda.
75 years ago today. Never forget.
Thank you for the memory of the soldiers
The Soviet Army !!!
“Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” -Primo Levi, Auschwitz Survivor

#Auschwitz75 #HolocaustRemembranceDay #NeverAgain
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
My grandmother was one of those people. She never laughed of smiled again. Her eyes were heavy. She never spoke a word about her time there and all the family she lost, yet I felt her pain in my bones everyday. I miss her and I will love her for the rest of my days. 💔
#WWII #Mémoire Le 27 janvier 1945, il y a 75 ans, le camp de concentration et d'extermination nazi allemand d'#Auschwitz-Birkenau était libéré.

"Le bourreau tue toujours deux fois, la seconde fois par l'oubli" - Elie Wiesel
75 anni fa la liberazione di #Auschwitz, dopo 1689 giorni di violenze inaudite , umiliazioni, assassinii sistematici. A noi il dovere della Memoria, perché un orrore simile non si possa più ripetere. #Auschwitz75 . Oggi è il giorno dei sopravvissuti, ascoltiamo le loro voci.
Seht es euch an! Beschäftigt euch damit! Und wagt es nicht, mir zu sagen, dass es euch kalt lässt.
(Unter Tränen geschrieben)
On #HolocaustMemorialDay we honor and remember the millions of lives that were senselessly lost during the Holocaust, and rededicate ourselves to #NeverAgain allow such horrors to happen.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Remember that this started with clearing the disabled from society, then other undesirables gay, Roma,Jew, communist, Christian, Mormon. there are days I can see our government going down this road based on their words, be aware & stop hateful words
75 years ago my grandmother was liberated. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make that happen. I wouldn’t be here without you. Fight anti-semetism. #OnThisDay #Auchwitz75
Today on #HolocaustRemembranceDay, #WeRemember the millions of Jewish & other oppressed people systematically killed by the Nazis.

Honor them. Tell their stories. Stand up to antisemitism & bigotry in your community. #NeverAgain means taking action to confront hate.
El deber de recordar.
Gloria al ejército rojo! 🔻✊🏼
In reply to @ChrisVannini
Meanwhile, today is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Take some time to remember that and not the bullshit idea of Hitler's "leadership."
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
I'll discuss this in class in about an hour. It's so important to keep remembering the names and the faces to keep the story alive.
Never forget what some human species are capable of doing & how many turn a blind eye!
Latest example of serious turning a blind eye is the child rapeing gangs in UK!
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Is important to remember that Soviet army together with Germans occupied Poland in 1939. Together exterminated Polish elites. Just Google #Intelligenzaktion & #KatynMassacre. Then in 1941 Soviet Union was attacked by their previous ally Nazi Germany. pic.twitter.com/Cb4Kqx0CfX
I don't talk about my religion much. I often wonder how many friends and family I will never know, or who were never even born because of the atrocities committed against my people.

They were just like me. We must never forget them.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Thank you Red Army❤️
My Bubby was one of those lucky ones. She is my hero
Conservar la memoria... para que nada vuelva.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Sadly it wasn't over. The Soviet army raped a lot of women and when they reached Berlin many women were raped there as well. There were no heroes in the Soviet army.
We must not turn away from these awful images. We must ensure that all the world sees them, recognises them as real & work to permanently eradicate racism, antisemtism & malicious hatred from the world. Unfortunately even that is easier said than done. #Auschwitz75 #StandTogether
I clearly remember the first time I saw the tattooed numbers on my grandfather's forearm. I was just a kid. I knew what it meant but didn't know how to ask about it. My grandfather didn't know how to talk about it, to my Dad or anyone else. /1
In reply to @PatriciaDzik
Es mejor parecer tonto y estar callado que abrir la boca y demostrarlo... twitter.com/AuschwitzMuseu…
Today marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

#WeRemember one of the darkest chapters in human history—the murder of millions, including 6 million Jews.

With anti-semitism on the rise, we must stand together against hate in all its forms and say #NeverAgain.
Today is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the #Auschwitz concentration & extermination camp. We must never forget – many thanks to Ottawa's Centre for Holocaust Education & Scholarship @chesatcarleton & @ZelikovitzC for Jewish Studies @Carleton_U for your important work
Idag minns och hedrar vi förintelsens offer.

Det är varje generations plikt att föra deras minne vidare.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
A blessing on all those whose immeasurable suffering we remember today & always. A blessing on all those who survived to carry the true story of the torture & misery brought upon the people of Europe. A blessing on all those who believe in the power of truth & justice.
Heute jährt sich die Befreiung von Auschwitz zum 75. Mal. Im vollen Bewusstsein des Holocaust wurde Europa neu gegründet. Heute verbreiten wachsende politische Gruppen erneut Nationalismus, Ausgrenzung und Hass. Wir stemmen uns dagegen.#Niewieder #WeRemember #HolocaustMemorialDay
Importante recordar:
-Fueron liberados por los RUSOS.
-En la Alemania Nazi eran perseguidos, ADEMÁS de judíos, los Roma (gitanos), homosexuales, discapacitados, opositores políticos y Masones.
In reply to @PatriciaDzik
Patricia, explícale por favor al Community Manager del Museo de Auschwitz «la verdadera historia de la segunda guerra» (sic), que sólo hay desinformación. ¡Basta ya de tergiversar la Historia, por favor! Si lo haces por Twitter computa como labor social.
Há 75 anos, mais de 7.000 prisioneiros do campo nazista alemão de #Auschwitz, incluindo 700 crianças, foram libertadas pelos soldados do exército soviético. 1.689 dias de assassinato, humilhação, sofrimento e dor terminaram.
I had the opportunity to go there last fall. I will never be the same. The evil and horror of what took place must never be forgotten. Anti-Semitism must never be allowed to rear its ugly and wicked head anywhere and anytime.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
I tattooed this on my skin so that for the rest of my life people will ask me why and for the rest of my life I’ll say, ‘For the holocaust’. We must NEVER forget and everyone needs to see Auschwitz for themselves. pic.twitter.com/8FWtGon6JD
It's not enough for us to say, "we will never forget." Every single person has the responsibility to remember the horrors of the Holocaust, and to do everything in our power to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Remembrance has to be an action, not just a thought.
Today and every day #WeRemember the survivors and victims of #Auschwitz. But words alone are not enough. We must take action against hate of all kinds.
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Today the @FDRLibrary posted a new 65 page curriculum guide and a video series "Investigating the Holocaust." Please share this, thanks fdrlibrary.org/curriculum-gui… youtube.com/watch?v=KRKN5S…
Ponížení, bída, frustrace Němců... Nic z toho Holocaust nemůže omluvit, ale pochopení příčin je důležité pro to, aby se taková hrůza nemohla opakovat. Osvětim přežilo 5‰ vězňů. Moje babička byla jednou z nich. Miliony lidí ale to štěstí nemělo.
I took our #WorldJuniors group to the @AuschwitzMuseum on January 3rd, 2020.
I was numbed by what I saw & by the thought of being on the very spot where numerous indignities, murders & crimes to humanity were committed.
I will never forget, we must never forget.
If we cannot learn from this, there is little value in remembrance. There is no place for intolerance, hatred or segregation. We are all made from the same “stuff”, need the same “stuff” and feel the same “stuff” #humanity #Auschwitz75
In reply to @AuschwitzMuseum
Liberation! How it must have felt to those poor souls still in the camp to be able to walk out of that place, through those iron gates with the cruel “Work Makes You Free” message. My heart sings with you for a brief time but we must #NeverForget those who were lost. 🕯❤️
I've been fretting about how sending a mere tweet will never do justice to Holocaust remembrance, but we must flood every screen with these realities so that we may never forget.

Never again.
Nunca podemos olvidar esto. Fuerza y esperanza para no repetirlo jamás.
@bbluman @memoanjel @samuelazout @valderramaadri
In reply to @PatriciaDzik
Ya que me llama ignorante y es usted periodista no le costará leer esto y quizás pedir disculpas por su ignorancia, que además insiste en demostrar. twitter.com/AuschwitzMuseu…
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