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Seeing a lot of people post their salaries, most of whom are deleting after for a variety of reasons. As someone who did doctoral level research on salary negotiation and has designed the compensation strategy for 2 distributed tech cos, I have some add’l context that may help.

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Compensation is hard. I argue it cannot be fair because “fair” is a personal construct depending on one’s perspective.
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Great thread Heather! I wrote something similar last year on why people aren't paid enough. Working on research for the 2020 version. You're Not Getting Paid Enough. Here's Why. linkedin.com/pulse/youre-ge…
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Value is a loaded word here. I’ve been on a 6-person team building software that would make the company millions. I generated an order of magnitude more financial value than my salary. That said, a NASA programmer on a government salary is doing far more socially valuable work.
TL:DR; O capitalismo é injusto, isso não é bug, é feature. Apoiem a sindicalização pois isso é o que as empresas mais temem e por isso atacam tanto. Devs só ganham mais pq ainda são raros, por isso empresas investem tanto em tornar desenvolvimento mais fácil e formar mais devs.
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I work for a non-profit software startup that is entirely remote. Salaries are indexed to the AES Radford Surveys that annually establish market rate. All the negotiation is on leveling (1-7) within your title / role. This has felt more fair to me than anything else I’ve seen.
Make friends with mid level accounting / payroll / HR people. They have salaries of everyone sitting in some tab of a budget spreadsheet or Reporting software. Buy them a drink, ask them if they think you’re being comped fairly? If they’re me they’ll just send you the whole file.
I believe my greatest legacy will be the help I've given underrepresented people to negotiate their salaries and other rates they charge clients. This is an excellent thread from someone who knows way more than me

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Where can I read the full version of your doctoral thesis on this? I’d love to dive deeper, this thread was fascinating.
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What a great thread Heather, thank you. I also think a LOT of the salary equality issues would go away (and lots of other issues as well) with the acceptance and adaptation of our work styles to 100% acceptance of remote work in tech. Coding, access, security etc can be remote 1/
This is a very great, informed, and educational thread on compensation in tech
heather arrives with the infinite patience and wisdom to teach everyone in that salary thread 🙏🏿
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To simplify. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
This is a fantastic salary thread from someone very, very well-versed in the domain.
This is an important thread. You can't determine the "value" any one person "creates." It doesn't make sense. If you're an SDE getting paid more than a designer, it's not because you provide "more value." Without either of you you wouldn't have a product.
This is why I enjoy working with Heather...she puts a lot of thought into this stuff and asks questions that I have to really grapple with. Recommended reading for anyone who's hanging out on the fringes of the "salary in tech" conversation.
This thread taught me something new about salary negotiation and comp. I recommend you read it, too.
This thread has a lot of good info about salary, and some of the discussions going on.
Rational and useful discussion of salaries in this thread 👇
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Flex on ‘em with that doctorate research 😎 great thread!
Excellent thread on salary
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Fair advice; thanks! I do disagree with the notion that salaries are based on supply and demand — there’s been considerable proof that companies overpay to avoid poaching and even negotiate such contracts with other companies.
The best thread I have seen so far in this #KnowYourWorth conversation. Nuanced, well informed and clear about the topic. Thanks @HeatherDoshay!
This is a great thread about #salaries understanding the supply and demand indices in your industry which can affect pay grade , the truth about salary negotiation and most importantly how valuable skills can give you leverage .... nice 👍🏿
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Very impressive reframing. This is needed thoughtful empathetic background and context for both parties. 👏
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Being a software engineer myself for 23 years, when I hire people for my own companies, soft skills tip the scale for me- sometimes weighing more than hard skills. Someone’s C+ engineering talent can be brought to A much easier than training someone in empathy & critical thinking

Thank you for your perspective @HeatherDoshay!
الناس اللى كانت بتتخانق على موضوع المرتبات لازم تقرا الثريد دة
Superb thread bringing some grounding and hopefully reassurance and solid advise for those watching folk post their remuneration.
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Well put perspective on the trending topic of compensation here! A social posts & review reminds me of the debate over whether the plural of anecdote is [or is not] data.
Good thread here 👇
Great 🧵 form @HeatherDoshay on salary negotiation. As a hiring manager I find this data insightful on how to have a positive and productive conversation around comp.
This is the highest value contribution I’ve seen to this whole silly debate... Also I am a huge advocate for transparency amongst my friend group about our salaries, but we take into account career stages and location. Celebrate each bump up and evaluate each offer.
Thread!!! 👇👇👇
Although interesting to learn some Total Compensation comparisons, this thread from @HeatherDoshay puts the right context and nuances which just a number doesn't reveal!
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In about 2 years supply is going to wipe out demand so none of this actually matters. Same thing happened with lawyers and petroleum engineers. Students seek out the highest paying jobs no matter the industry but there are no levers to stop oversupply besides lower comp.
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Seeing this thread just reminds me of the Nigerian coders who were annoyed because someone suggested they should be paid less than their American-based counterparts. Even in the US, ika o dogba (fingers aren't equal).
This is a great thread on compensation.
This thread is invaluable
Cool thread for your next salary negotiation.
This is a good thread on comp
A lot of wisdom and perspective on how business works to temper the every package should be equal everywhere thinking. (obs same market, same experience/abilities discussion)
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Nice thread. Question: So who benefits most from keeping salaries secret? The employer? Employees? Prospective employees? My intuition tells me that employers benefit at the expense of employees, but I'm having a hard time coming up with justification.
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wait, are there really devs out there who don't know that comp should be based on location?
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Data can be misleading. In Poland, avg salary is ~$1.2k/mo while most of the people actually earn ~$700. Software engineers start here from $1.5k in JoeSoft companies, but corps get you started at $3k at least for junior pos and match in most cases SF/NY price range.
I'll be leaving my salary post up. It's posted where a very narrow set of people who have similar context will see it. For everyone else, see this thread. Compensation is complicated. My salary has since lowered considerably as my employer, location, etc changed.
This is a great thread on this topic. I think the intent of the original thread was to create some transparency about disparities in pay for different groups of people. The context Heather gives here is important.
This is the season of salary conversations and this is a great thread on the topic
Fascinating thread. @VadimsViews @KatrinaKibben after our conversations this week!

@HeatherDoshay when you get through your DMs, I'd love to chat a little more about this. I'm doing my own research on this topic.
This thread is about salaries in the Tech field but the concepts and points are applicable across most professions.

Great advice and insight provided.
Really good thread on salaries with a lot of context 👇
In reply to @HeatherDoshay
This is much needed context and very helpful to see it framed in this way. Thank you for sharing!
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You’re flippin’ smart. This thread was a fantastic mental exercise of thinking about something deeper.
In reply to @HeatherDoshay
A complicated and frustrating topic. Thank you for providing this (much needed) perspective
Admiring folks with knowledge and decision power willingly share insight.💡

This moves us for the better.
Read the whole thread.
There’s a ton of really good points on salary / comp in here:
Brilliantly thoughtful perspective that really changed my thinking on the issue:
Interesting on: work demand, compensation, remote work, tech companies and the future of work cc @angedelahoz @Currofile
Fantastic thread on compensation.
In reply to @dhh
I think there is a much more nuanced discussion here: twitter.com/heatherdoshay/…
In reply to @HeatherDoshay
This is a great thread! Only thing I will add is that there is a huge difference b/w a cost of living adjustment & wage arbitrage, the former is necessary, but the latter is hugely exploitative & the modus operandi for developer roles in IT services companies since the early 00s
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great thread on compensation... supply and demand exist in almost every context.
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For some certain reasons, i beg to disagree with you. It is common knowledge in this part of the world that some companies take advantage of an untransparent system.
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Fascinating discussion! How can I apply this as someone who is largely freelancing on the post production area of media creation?
Great take on the salary/comp discussions going around. Plus an offer to consult with a few people about their compensation!
Super interesting thread. I’d love to hear the next deminsion of this discussion: how to define “contextual” value of sorts (I.e your impact on the business’ in profit, culture, etc) as opposed to general base value
Fascinating thread on comp
Very well said! Totally agree with majority of all points! Especially about DEMAND vs VALUE perspective. Also, the salary thread is probably a gold mine for recruiters ATM. Everyone hurt feelings, companies, just offer $this + 10% and u got a new dev. Congrats.
This is absolutely spot on to the sharing salary trend 💯
This thread is the most appropriate response to the salary discussions that took place on tech twitter.
Arguably the best thread to come out of the know your worth conversation. It takes context & research to determine pay. Also, to add advice, ask about the criteria determining your salary if you’re feeling underpaid. Get the parameters and the data so you can discuss objectively.
Great thread on this whole “post your salary to know when you’re being screwed” trend.
Business managers - especially in Florida - please read all of this.
An actual, nuanced view on salaries and how they’re set. Sharing salaries, while helpful, isn’t really relevant to any one individual if you don’t consider company size, location, level, company stage, industry, and a few more factors!
Important thread 👇
Great thread about compensation and ‘Fairness’
Excellent thread on salary negotiation 👇🏽
1/2 @PPMA_HR What I LOVE about this thread is the thought and the care that has gone into it. It respects the principle of equality, but recognises that pay equality has consequences AND then offers some helpful and meaningful advice.

In an age where it is all too ....
Awesome thread -- how much you get paid is a result of so many different factors, yet many only focus on similarities to those who make more than them and complain about unfairness...
In reply to @HeatherDoshay
Thank you for writing this and putting it out.
In reply to @HeatherDoshay
What a phenomenal thread...
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