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And YOU should be ashamed to the core for spreading the fake news. Look what happened before that. All these rioters became 'students' just as they saw the Police!
These are most brutal and inhuman acts of the Police! They are shameful to the core! @DelhiPolice your shameful act has brought disrepute to India 🇮🇳 as a Nation! Bring sanity to your power drunk personel!

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Agenda peddlers are spreading lies that these were genuine students but see how they are “rioters”, running inside the library and opening random books picking from bookshelves. But they forgot to remove mask.
In reply to @Mdzeeshanayyub
The Jihadi missed Vdo of few seconds earlier, when STUDENTS of JAMIA study with Closed books & face mask......Gunde Kaun phir...?? twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
You are the biggest peddler of fake news and master craftsmen of Bigotry! Just shut up the likes of you have been Architects of @BJP4India ‘s defeat as articulated by @AmitShah ji! You and your team by your falsehood has brought the party to disrepute
In reply to @ikaveri
Alright, there is this footage too of events seconds before.... I'm putting it up just to be fair. It doesn't justify the brutality, just adds up the sequence of events. twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @saket71
Some agendadhari are not showing this part of the video !! See this twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
When in school , all used to be creating ruckus in the classroom ; then someone would start shouting " Madam aa gayi Madam aa gayi " . Instant pin drop silence.

Same thing --
In reply to @beastoftraal
And Oscars for the rioters please to turn into peaceful students all of a sudden after seeing the police! 😀 twitter.com/modifiedvikas/…
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
If you see video again again you will see they were waiting for cops to come in, every one had eye on door. Guy sitting on 1 bench had mask , and he didn't look threatened ,he already knew it, aur yeh video Aab kyu release ho rahi hai jab 4 police walo ko mara gaya chennai mein?
No. They were not rioters.

A few of them ran inside the room to pick up their books and notes.

They did so in order to avoid police brutality.

What are you trying to prove Mr? You are a FUKing fake by yourself. You are spreading fakes and blaming others.

A total Shame!
எவ்ளோ நேக்கா போலீஸ் பார்த்ததும் இந்த தீவிரவாதிக பெரிய்ய படிப்பாளிக மாதிரி கலந்து அமைதியா உக்காந்துட்டானுக 😏 ஆனா போலீசு அடி பொலந்து எடுத்துட்டாங்க 👌 இத விட்டுட்டு கட்பண்ணி போலியபரப்புரானுக எச்சைக த்தூ
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
आज जाफर साहेब ने अपना नकाब खुद उतार दिया । कितने साल से सच्चे हिन्दुस्तानी का नकाब पहन कर घूम रहे थे ।
Just see this before you say a word against police.
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
........ जब तक पुलिस नही आई तब तक बाहत तोड़ फोड़,,,,, जब आयी पुलिस नेक विद्यार्थी / छात्र बनगए,,,,,, हिपोक्रेसी की भी हद होती है। बचपन में माँ बाप के डांट न मिलने से ये सब बिगड़ जाते है। खाली शरिया से काम नही होगा।
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
Wonder why that "student" in library was sitting with half face covered with hanckershief !!
In reply to @reallysecular
twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… Look at this video it will explain you everything , students are taking thier position in library
In reply to @BDUTT
twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… This is complete video Barkha.. how much are u paid to incite minorities? Now u watch the same complete shocking video... Entering in library and pretend to study after burning vehicles outside.
आपके पिछवाड़े में अगर दम है तो 45 सेकंड की पूरी वीडियो क्लिप चलाइये न। ये 5 सेकंड की फास्ट फॉरवर्ड नहीं। तुम्हें तुम्हारे माँ-बाप की कसम। उन्हें भी दिखाइए, शर्म से डूब मरेंगे वे। ये 5 सेकंड की मुँह चोरी आपको फॉलो करनेवाले मोदी जी को दिखाइए। फर्जीपने की इस फैक्ट्री को सब देखें।
In reply to @Nidhi
Shocking, it takes just a few seconds for @DelhiPolice to make them sit in library with books from rioting and creating ruckus outside twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @zafarsareshwala
अंकिल इससे पहले का सीन ये है twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @_sayema
Why not show the full Vdo Bibi. "Students" with books closed, face covered before trying to show as if studying...... Good work Delhi Police. twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @Mdzeeshanayyub
हमारा शक तो पहले दूर हो गया था तुम्हारा और तुम्हारे लोगों का वहम भी जल्द दूर हो जायेगा। जरा कुछ सैकंड पहले पर भी नजर डाल लो। 👇 twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @Mdzeeshanayyub
Don’t push your fake agenda. See the full video. The rioters entered the library and sat as if they were studying. Can you explain why you trimmed the video before posting? What agenda you’re serving? twitter.com/modifiedvikas/…
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
So intentionally Jamia University shared only a part of video ofcourse just to show so called brutality of Police. They wnt to hide other part in which it was clearly visible tht the rioters becme studnts only after Police came in campus. 1 religion has declared a war on India
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
Edited bakwas as usual. Not an argument at all.
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
See at the back there was a group one of them tries to get out of library but most probably the gate was locked. And then comes a cut in the video after that most of them are hiding there faces and all of sudden after cut the books are opened and they have become students🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
In reply to @Sanjay_Dixit
This is the footage just seconds before... These rioters ran inside to pose as students. twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @Saurabh_Unmute
Kuchh innocent students to jaroor hi pit gaye honge.... Par jaroorat ke hisaab se trim karke video release karna propaganda ka hi part lagta hai.
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
studying with face scarf.. 😂
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
Rioters cannot become innocent when they take refuge in library.
In reply to @khanmahi0007
Here is what happened before ..😂😂😂😂 nice acting but hats off to Delhi police 😂 twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
எவளோ நேக்கா பொய்யை பரப்பினு இருக்கணுங்க இந்த மீடியால இருக்க சில சில்ற பசங்க நேத்துல இருந்து 😡
In reply to @maryashakil
Exactly, the rioters turned students just seconds before.. twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @cjwerleman
Hey Peter. Please see this as well All of a sudden rioters supposedly become students twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @Nidhi
Well for equality and fairness.. Lets post the initial few seconds of this edited video too where students after doing rukus outside is trying to act they were studying this whole time twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
Any journalist worth his/her salt would've tried to find out what happened before the cops came in. Then again, today's journos are just cheerleaders for their camp
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
You are absolutely right. Edited videos are in circulation by anti-nationals like @IndiaToday who specialise in #FakeNews #JamiaViolence #JamiaProtests @DelhiPolice rightly identified the culprits in library of #Jamia
In reply to @neeleshmisra
Hi sir.. agree with your thoughts based on what we saw in the video you tweeted/commented on. But here's a video of the same incident, perhaps just a few moments back from where the earlier video started. Should provide the context. Sad, but true twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @marquee58
Show some guts and release full video i.e footage 5 minutes prior to the alleged assault by @DelhiPolice ... What about this?👇 twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
Students in Jamia “study w masks” on their face? @zafarsareshwala
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
There’s a thing about videos that are doctored, a cctv footage cannot have a jump cut FYI @MODIfiedVikas 🤦🏻‍♂️ what a shame
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
They can't, even if their allah stands by Modi, they are so inhuman that they will call their allah also kafir and search for a new allah. Might lynch also. The respect what Hindus has for quran, islami jihadis do not even know that or respect it
In reply to @bkum2000
CCTV footage of few more minutes what happened before ... People who want to prove #PoliceBrutality are not showing whole clip twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
शायद जामिया की पुस्तकालय में बदवु बहुत आती है इसलिए छात्र मुह बांधकर पड़ते है☺
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
India voted out Congress due to corruption not Voilence @BJP4India came to power claming aache din & Vikas . Now every student is beaten up , every Muslim is called Anti National Every Hindus who questions Modis is Gaddar . Did India voted Modi 4 this ?
मुझे मेरी हास्टल की याद आ गई वार्डन आते ही हम इसी तरह किताब लेकर बैठते थे 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣
In reply to @ranesh97
These are the first few seconds of the video which RJ Sameya HAS TRIMMED twitter.com/modifiedvikas/… Some other leftist posted this but they didn’t trim, but RJ was smart enough to push her agenda. But again.. You’ll believe her but call anyone a bhakt if they counter you!
In reply to @AskAnshul
They are just back from stone pelting event
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
They are always two angles of theory and you can't clap with single hand. #JamiaViolence
In reply to @MODIfiedVikas
Library me muh me rummal bandh ke kaun padhta hai bhai..
LMAO!! Look at how these rioters became students🤣

#DelhiPolice great you didn't fall for thier bullshit and thrashed the shit out of them💪🏼

#FuckJamia #JamiaProtests
In reply to @RanaAyyub
And what about this footage BEFORE the police entered? twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @Bhaktirassagar
It is justified. The reason is they aren't students. See this twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
All those who are crying aboit delhi police action In Jamia are uploading only 2nd part of video..

Here's 1st part when rioters entered library when police chased them and became students...
पुलिस को आते देख कर स्टूडेंट्स बन गए।
कम से कम मुंह से कपड़ा तो हटा लेते।

पुलिस को बदनाम करने के लिए किसी भी हद तक जा सकते हैं ये लोग।
In reply to @reallysecular
twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… Look at this video this will explain you everything, students are taking thier position in library before so called fake brutality 😂😂
In reply to @iamnarendranath
पूरा देखिये नाथ जी बाहर आग लगा के पढ़ने का नाटक मुह पे रुमाल बांध के .... ये कौन सा वाला पढ़ाई है ।। twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @dna
New footage shows that students are running inside library and sitting seconds before police comes in. That is the latest footage. ...twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @sritara
Oo bhosriwale, ye dekh teri maa ke khasam wahan kaise baith gye the aake kuch second pehle. Who sits in the library covering face with a handkerchief? twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @reallysecular
twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… Look at this video, this will explain everything...
In reply to @zafarsareshwala
Covering faces and running in pretending to be students. hahaha twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/…
In reply to @konkonas
India is a free country and we can share, speak.... what we want.. just so you have info about these so called kids studying in library, please watch below video. twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… I can certainly say they are not the ones studying from long hours. FYI verify before sharing
They opened the books suddenly and sat in some random places just to pose as students.

These are Goons. Justice Chandrachud will be happy to coin this as assault on dissent..🤣🙏
In reply to @sritara
twitter.com/MODIfiedVikas/… Exactly and what may happened if u commies are set free will be catastrophe.
No one cover their face while reading in Library, one or two might be having cold or cough but everyone ???.No concept of Corona virus at that time,also no such dust or pollution inside library.They were rioting and became innocent students just when saw police approaching.
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