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If I’ve been racially abused all game , I decide to leave & my team mate tries to force me to stay on the pitch,

We’ve got a problem in the changing rooms at full time.
Tüm Irkçılığa
In reply to @FutbolBible
Marega was being racially abused from the first minute of the game, he later scored then pointed to his skin and shushed the scummy fans. There's no place for racism in society let alone football. Disgusting.
He must have felt like the loneliest person in that moment. Let down by his team mates! I don’t know if you see this my brother @marega91 but I stand with you ✊🏽 Respect for walking off and standing up, not just against those idiots but your team mates as well! #MaregaTheBrave
In reply to @FutbolBible
why the hell are they trying to let him stay? They ALL should just walk off.
In reply to @FutbolBible
I’m glad he stuck to his guns and didn’t let his teammates try to keep him on the pitch. Teammates are there to support one another, not watch one of their own get racially abused and tell him to stay on the pitch. Bunch of cowards.
This is disgusting. We cannot call it the "beautiful game" when shit like this keep happening to this day. The Porto players trying to force him to stay on the pitch are also a disgrace. If your teammate gets racially abused then you should walk off with him not hold him back ffs
#Porto maçında yapılan ırkçı tezahürattan sonra Malili Moussa #Marega sahayı terk ediyor.
Onu çıkmasın diye iknaya çalışan arkadaşları keşke onunla birlikte maçı bıraksaydı.
Başka türlü tribündeki bu iğrenç ırkçılık bitmeyecek.
In reply to @FutbolBible
And instead of supporting him, they try to stop him from leaving the pitch. Disgusting.
Disgusting. It's also really uncomfortable watching his team-mates try to force him to stay on the park when they should be supporting his decision. If they all walked maybe more would be doe to prevent it from happening.
The players on the pitch aggressively trying convince this player to stay on the pitch instead of letting him walk off (and more importantly walking off with him - IF they stood for something) are equally as mad as the crowd chanting the abuse at him imo.
His teammates are disgusting for trying to stop him whole team should be walking off with him
In reply to @FutbolBible
The grossest thing about this video to me is his entire team trying to force him to stay on the that’s sad
In reply to @FutbolBible
the fact players tried to get him to stay on
i imagine his teammates were telling him "don't let them get to you" and other such nonsenses- which only work to invalidate his emotions.

i am proud of moussa marega for walking off. if his team were serious about fighting racism, they would have walked off too.
All of his team-mates are dusted too, your boy's being racially abused and these man are thinking more about the 3 points than one of their players well-being 🤬
What actually pisses me off more than the racism in this video is the fact that his teammates tried to stop him coming off the pitch rather than supporting his decision. They were more concerned about the outcome of a fucking football game. Some of them even looked pissed at him.
To zdarzenie ma najsmutniejszy możliwy finał: Marega dostał żółtą kartkę, a jego koledzy rozpaczliwie namawiali go na pozostanie. Może i w dobrej wierze, „nie schodź, bo ci idioci z trybun osiągną swój cel”, ale tylko solidarnie schodząc z nim z boiska daliby światu do myślenia.
If you are racially abused you have the right to walk off.
Why didn’t his teammates support him...?
In reply to @FutbolBible
Nahhhh honest truth is that UEFA, FIFA any of the FA's in Europe simply just don't care about racism. 2020 and it's still happening. Only sport in the world that Racism consistently happens in all levels of the game. Really disgusting... 😕
Every single of one of those Porto players are also an absolute fucking disgrace for not backing him in his decision to walk off
let’s stop just calling racists “dumb” cuz that’s giving them a pass like it’s some sort of lack of knowledge or experience that makes them what they are. The fact is plenty of smart people are racist as hell and what’s lacking isn’t intellect, but fucking morality and decency
Seeing teammates try to keep him on the pitch is annoying tbh. Everyone should walk off.
How about walking off with him & not trying to make him stay on the pitch 🤦🏾‍♂️😡
Why are his teammates not supporting his decision? Why should he have to play a game off football whilst being abused for the colour of his skin?

Unless I’m missing something here his teams mates have a lot to answer for?
In reply to @FutbolBible
The other 21 players should have walked off as well
Adam orada ırkçılığa maruz kalmış, binlerce faşistin arasında onuru zedelenmiş, daha fazla dayanamayıp sahadan çıkmak istiyor, takım arkadaşlarına bakıyorsun destek olacakları yerde adamın sahada kalması için birbirlerini eziyorlar. Alacağınız üç puanı sikeyim.
His teammates are absolutely pissing me off wtf
Look at his smelly team mates trying to force him to play on in the face of racist abuse.

You man are mad.

Kudos to him for not having it, weyreys.
If I was racially abused during a match and my teammates didn’t support me..

I’m fighting everyone when we’re in the changing rooms
And here lies the problem.

A man makes a stand against racism and his own teammates won’t support him.
Players 100% need to walk off in solidarity with their teammates who suffer racist abuse, not try and physically restrain them from leaving the pitch like these Porto players.
Teammates trying to stop him gets me just as tight as the racial abuse
His teammates should be walking off with him, not pleading with him to stay on the pitch.
His whole team should have walked off with him. Both teams should have walked off with him.
This made me angry. His Team mates should leave the pitch with him and make a statement not try force him to stay! Netherthess, #notoRacism 🖕🏼 there are some scumbags in the world! 😡
Que putas, o sea como sus compañeros que son blancos pueden ser tan apaticos de pedirle que siga jugando cuando está siendo violentado en su espacio de trabajo. ¿Por qué no paran el juego de manera de apoyo?
In reply to @FutbolBible
Honestly shocked that his teammates didn't walk off the pitch with him, but tried to stop him from leaving instead. Awful. And absolutely disgusting fans and even worse referee. His job is mainly to protect the players, yet he just participates in the racism. Disgusting.
Bu tarz olaylarda diğer futbolcuların ırkçılığa uğrayan arkadaşlarını sahada tutma çabaları çok anlamsız geliyor bana.

Adam 2020 yılında hâlâ ten renginden dolayı aşağılanıyor; tabii ki bırakıp gidecek. Hatta diğer futbolcular da gitmeli ki o akıl yoksunları bok izlesin.
In reply to @FutbolBible
When shit like this happens, the ref should immediately end the game and the team whose fans were being racist should automatically suffer a 3:0 defeat. Further punishments have to happen as well of course.
His team mates trying to force him to stay on? Fuckin weird behaviour that, the other ten shoulda been walkin right off after him
Why are the players forcing him to stay on the pitch?
Die ploegmaats die hem proberen tegenhouden zijn een goed voorbeeld van passieve non-racisten die compleet nutteloos zijn op zo’n moment. Actieve anti-racisten heb je nodig die samen van het veld stappen en de match niet meer uitspelen.
โอ้ย เหี้ยมากกก เมื่อไหร่พวกเหยียดผิวมันจะตายๆไปหมดโลก
His ‘teammates’ should be disappointed with themselves.
How are all the other black people still on the pitch?
The white teammates trying to stop him from walking off the pitch is so indicative as to why white people will never get racism, ever.
This is the equivalent of "just ignore the racists" "we need you to stay & fight" "we need you to educate us on why that was racist" "tell us what we can do to make it better" "you can only change the system from within" "don't overexaggerate" "don't feed the bullies"

This hurts
Really uncomfortable watching that. Everyone trying to convince him to stay rather than walking off in support. Really uncomfortable stuff.
The way they’re grabbing him ups makes me sick. It would take every fibre of restraint in my soul not to spark one of them in the face.

If you see I’ve been a victim of racial abuse & you’re trying to force me to stay on the pitch whilst I attempt to walk off...we have an issue.
Fuck stopping him from walking off, back him and follow him down the tunnel. Unity is strength. His own teammate Otavio needs a fucking crack. Disgusting behaviour.
Disgusting behaviour from the fans. But what’s getting me more angry is that his teammates are trying to encourage him to stay on and some are even looking pissed ??? Especially that white dude that throws his hands in the air??? They should’ve all stopped the game and walked off
Szkoda, że próbowali go zatrzymać, zamiast zejść razem z nim
I wish people fought as passionately against racism as these lot did to keep Marega on the pitch.

Infuriating to see these other players attempt to suppress his protest in the face of an opportunity to offer their solidarity.

Amongast thousands, but completely alone. 🖤
Teammates should be walking off with him not forcing him to stay
Why did his team not walk off with him? This is how racism is allowed to continue.... silence, compliance, keep your head down and just do the job.

No... no one should be abused in their workplace... THAT is his workplace.

I would walk out too.
Why the hell are his teammates trying to force him to stay on?! Ffs, they should be walking off with him! Disgusting from the supporters doing this, but also really fucking stupid behaviour from the players as well.
If I’m racially abused and you my own teammates behave like this, then transfer me sell me terminate my contract this is not the club for me
Walk away with dignity black child
Thoroughly depressing scenes. Teammates should have walked off the pitch with him. At the very least, they should have supported his decision not to put up with any more racist abuse. Ignoring racism is the same as condoning it.

Marega ırkçılıkla karsilasinca sahayi terk etmiş
Maç şampiyonluk yolunda cok önemli maç
Müthiş duruş 🙏
In reply to @FutbolBible
His teammates failed him for real 💔 Instead or fighting racism together they’ll make him walk the tunnel alone and think these 3points are more important. Honestly this game is dark
Not a fan of the players and/or staff grabbing him to stop him walking off. If the abuse is that bad that he feels compelled to walk off then do be it, it’s his decision!!! #KickItOut #SayNoToRacism
Absolutely fucking disgusting from the fans and even his team mates. I would never want to play with them again
The whole team should of walked off with him not stop him. Make a statement!!🤦🏾‍♂️
Sus compañeros exigiéndole que ponga a su equipo por encima de su negritud, como si no fuese negro antes de futbolista o como si parte de ser negro fuese tolerar el racismo, son pero IGUALITOS a los que tachan de exageradxs a quienes denuncian racismo aquí en Twitter 👀
The fact that his teammates, the coaches and even the opposing team were trying to FORCE this Black man to stay on the field when he was clearly deciding he NEEDED to walk off just says so much. Taking away the power/agency he had to decide when enough was enough.
In reply to @FutbolBible
I think it was a very good move from Marega to just stop playing! If the entire team would have stopped it would have been even better. But still, it’s sad to see such attacks😞
In reply to @FutbolBible
He's teammates can go to hell. Just as bad as the fans.
He had every right to walk off that pitch. Everyone trying to pull him back is complicit. Why should he play on and forget what happened?
Awful!!!!! His own players should have walked off with him!!!!
Very bemused by his ridiculous team mates here. They should be off with him the freaks.
All those who tried to stop Marsha need to have a word with themselves.
In reply to @FutbolBible
Why are they trying to stop him?? They are all meant to leave with him
Shame on all his teammates trying to make him stay on the pitch. This is disgusting.
Financial fair play 👀
This is exactly what Nigeria international 🇳🇬 @LeonBalogun spoke to me about in our interview last year. Players who are racially abused shouldn’t have to walk off alone. Their teammates should do it with them in solidarity, as it sends out a stronger message.
His team mates trying to make him stay on the pitch shows that they care more about their game than his emotional well-being. I'm glad he walked off, they should have walked off in solidarity with him too.
In reply to @FutbolBible
Look at his team mates... advocates for racism
In reply to @FutbolBible
Players are probably trying to tell him to stay on and not let the fans win, show fight or something. But he’s 100% right to walk off
All these players who stopped Marega from leaving the pitch are part of the problem. Absolute disgrace.
They all should have left! They should have supported him. But they didn’t. 💔 This is disgusting! #racisme
The reaction of his teammates is disappointing to say the least. They should’ve walked with him.
The fact his team-mates try to keep him on the field rather than walk off with him is disgraceful
Vitoria Guimarães taraftarlarının ırkçı tezahüratlarına maruz kalan Moussa Marega, sahayı terkediyor... #NoToRacism
I can’t be the only one who hates how the white players ALWAYS react to these things.
His teammates can fuck off too
In reply to @FutbolBible
Tbh there is worse things happening in the world than this. Hardly end of the world is it
Wir leben im Jahr 2020 und es gibt immer noch rassistische Vollidioten in unserer Gesellschaft😡

Dann gibt es noch Fußballer, die den Betroffenen lieber davon abhalten wollen, den Platz zu verlassen, statt geschlossen als Mannschaft hinterm Spieler stehend den Platz verlassen🤦‍♂️
Racism is obviously the most disgusting part of this, but tbh I'm a little more shocked that his teammates tried so hard to keep him on the pitch. How about you back him up and walk off with him?? That whole suck it and prove them wrong is BS to me, you don't have to take that 💩
Marega is a hero. Rest of those 21 players are just cowards.
Both teams should walk off every time this happens.
No lo pueden obligar a jugar. El racismo en Europa sigue siendo igual de intenso que hace 100 años. La FIFA no hace nada; las federaciones Europeas no hacen nada. Sus compañeros sólo pensaban en no quedarse con un menos. Nadie se preocupó (ni se preocupa) erradicar el racismo.
I mean, this is the bold step that is needed to stall this stupid racial abuse from fans. Marega is a Hero & I resent his teammates for not standing with him.
This is sad to see, not because of the racism which is disgraceful but because his teammates failed him.

Also something needs to be done by Uefa or those in charge of the league becuase they want to punish teams due FFP but not racism 🤔
So unbelievably sad 😔

A shame...
לא להאמין אילו תמונות מחליאות מפורטוגל: מוסא מארגה, חלוצה ממאלי של פורטו הותקף בנהמות ע"י הקהל של ויטוריה גימראיש לאחר שכבש מולה.
חבריו לקבוצה, במקום להביע הזדהות ולרדת עימו לחדר ההלבשה עשו ככל שביכולתם על מנת למנוע זאת.
בסופו של דבר מארגה "הוחלף", אבל התמונות פשוט כואבות בלב..
Y los compañeros y el cuerpo técnico frenándole, cuando lo que deberían hacer es marcharse con él. Y detrás, el otro equipo. Así se combatiria de verdad el racismo en el fútbol.
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