FC Porto's Moussa Marega substitutes himself off the pitch following racist chants in Portugal.

Instead of stopping Marega from substituting himself, FC Porto players should have left the pitch with him. Shocking scenes.

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In reply to @TrollFootball
Imagine if UEFA had the same energy towards racism as they do financial fair play
In reply to @TrollFootball
They didn’t let him leave the pitch because leaving the pitch would mean the racists win, no disrespect to the teammates, tried to support him
In reply to @TrollFootball
If something like this happens, all black players from both teams should just leave the field. I think black players around the world should create one WhatsApp group.
In reply to @TrollFootball
the teammates trying to hold him back are as bad as the fans
In reply to @TrollFootball
Cry baby!!! that's the attitude 👇 pic.twitter.com/dIIdR9DgSu
In reply to @TrollFootball
The other black players staying on the pitch need to have a long hard look at themselves! In fact they all do. But the black players specifically!!
Tbh the whole team should have just left with him because I don’t see the point in trying to convince him to stay when the fans aren’t giving him a reason to want to stay 🤦🏾‍♂️ #SayNoToRacism
In reply to @TrollFootball
They were trying to calm him down so Marega could shut them at the end of the game!
In reply to @TrollFootball
Portuguese league really turning into Serie A, huh
Kun PELI on ihmisarvoa ja solidaarisuutta tärkeämpi. Jokaisen näistä kanssapelaajista ja valmentajista tulisi hävetä toimintaansa. #rasismi #jalkapallo
In reply to @TrollFootball
Please ignore them when they say that this was an isolated case and racism in Portugal doesn’t exist. This was Benfica vs Porto in 2012 pic.twitter.com/yjcELq7jYQ
In reply to @TrollFootball
When Bernardo silva tweeted that Pic, I thought to myself he is from Portugal, it's jus a mistake, those guys are not rasict. Now I know I was wrong it, really runs deep in the country
In reply to @TrollFootball
The whole Porto team deserve a red card
So much for teamwork. Disgraceful.
It's more complicated than that. It's a bad situation over all.
In reply to @TrollFootball
This is portuguese Soccer in all its glory, shame @VitoriaSC1922
In reply to @TrollFootball
In Germany, a fan hurled racist slurs towards Leroy Kwadwo. When other fans saw it, they alerted security, who escorted the man out. Then, opposing players came to hug Kwadwo, and the entire stadium stood up and chanted "Nazis Out!" This is #Football! pic.twitter.com/cvgYTHfttD
Is it just me that found this a really uncomfortable watch, not only the racism towards Marega from the stands, but the teammates reaction to it too?
Horrible. Every single player on that pitch should have walked. There is No place for Racism.
In reply to @TrollFootball
wrong, the referee, the police, the league delegates, they all should have finished the match when the abuse started. which, apparently, was before the match even began. they could hear it as clearly as the players did
Jokaisen pelaajan olisi pitänyt osoittaa solidaarisuutta ja kävellä pois kentältä. #Rasismi ei kuulu minnekään.
I agree entirely. Severe lack of solidarity from his teammates here.
Disgusting teammates,disgusting officials,call off the whole thing
In reply to @TrollFootball
This Is Gallantry 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
In reply to @TrollFootball
same energy as banning city. This is disgraceful how these players are subjected to this.
It’s 2020 and people are still being treated like this. It’s fucking diggusting.

The entire team should have left with him and the match should have been canceled.
In reply to @TrollFootball
Those other players acting angry and aggressive at him should be ashamed, the guy was offended and obviously uncomfortable. They had no right to forcibly try and keep him on the pitch. I hope he hands in a transfer request, his team mates obviously not supportive.
In reply to @TrollFootball
The sad part of this incident was when he left the game another shameless useless black guy jumped on to the pitch to continue the game. I’m disappointed in very black guy who helped to make this game end in a full 90mins 💔😭😭
In reply to @TrollFootball
Racism is made by you Christians!!
Ces fils de pute tout les joueurs aurait du sortir du terrain
Is there a place in this world where Black people are not hated for being who they are...smfh!!!
Wtf does your skin colour have to do with your ability to play football¿¿
In reply to @TrollFootball
They definitely should have left the pitch. What a disaster! pic.twitter.com/wMrYMCwBpX
In reply to @TrollFootball
THE PLAYERS??? WTF... The Referee? The police? The league officers? THE PLAYERS?? WTF...
His "teammates" are concerned with one thing. Their money and bonuses. If they stop there's a possibility they don't get bonuses.
Why are they trying to stop him? As his team mates they should be walking off with him
In reply to @TrollFootball
This is Portugal in 2020
In reply to @TrollFootball
If that was me I’m punching everyone who’s holding me back
In reply to @TrollFootball
Why are some football fans such fools??
Фанати "Віторії Гімараїш" неодноразово вигукували образи на адресу форварда "Порту" Мусса Марега щодо його кольору шкіри. Він не витримав і вирішив піти з поля. Партнери силою змушували залишитися. Тренер одразу замінив. А після Сержіу Консейсау і клуб підтримали Марега публічно
Racially abused and not ONE team mate stood by him.

Very uncomfortable to watch this is.
The fact that his teammates were trying to stop him from leaving instead of walking out with him speaks volumes
What even broke my heart is the fact that another black player was subbed on, with no fuss.
This is fooking horrible to watch.
All Black players should have left the pitch immediately. ALL.
In reply to @TrollFootball
Horrible teammates 💔
Can anyone translate for me what the coach is shouting at the crowd at 1:54?
Wie kann man einfach rassistisch sein ich verstehe es nicht.
Das triggered mich so hart man würde gerne jeden von denen die die Affengeräusche machen ins Gesicht spucken.
Richtig von Marega vom Platz zu gehen und ein Zeichen zu setzen.
من خودمم سیاهپوستم. کلی سیاهپوست هم بین ما هواداران نشسته بودند و باهم به موسی مارگا فحش می‌دادیم. منظور ما فقط خود موسی بود نه مردم عزیز سیاهپوست. فقط مشتی پوست‌گرا می‌خواهند امنیت پرتغال را به خطر بیاندازند. زنده باد پرتغال.
With everything in my heart I hate racist people.
Teammates are soft for not standing with him... 😴😴😴
🤨... where is this energy from UEFA and FIFA when It comes to dealing with racism? - Altidore.!
In reply to @TrollFootball
the number 25 player deserves to be cantona kicked
Shocking. Actually upsetting to watch. Disgraceful response from manager & team.
#racism #kickitout #Marega
😠😠😠 his team should’ve walked off with him
In reply to @TrollFootball
The team should have supported their teammate
Taking the decision to walk off the pitch must have very hard. Good for Marega, this is exactly how I think racist abuse should be dealt with. Shame on his teammates for trying to stop him. Heartbreaking to see this kind of abuse happen so frequently.
In reply to @TrollFootball
This is really disgraceful
FUCK RACISM. i am more than proud of Marega, and i am even more happier that he gave them the middle finger. we stand with you Moussa! @FCPorto #SayNoToRacism pic.twitter.com/MOPdU37XPA
Rasistfotbolls-Europa visar sitt fulaste tryne. Skamligt i så många dimensioner.
Part of me wants to bring up Jackie Robinson and say push through and make that money but then the other half of me is saying why didn’t his whole team leave w/ him? We play for their teams and always have to turn the other cheek for why?
In reply to @TrollFootball
Whole team should've left with him!
The fact that Moussa had to stand up for himself while the rest of his team acts like he’s over reacting shows that the fight against racism is light years from over.
This is really sad...I know the feeling...you’ll feel unwanted and wondered why you are black in the first place...It’s very terrible ....I’m proud of my skin...Deal with it...We love you @marega91
appalling. fans should be banned from attending further home matches at the very least. no place for shit like this in football.
Look at all the white people, telling a black person that he shouldn’t react to racism, and implying he’s “losing it” just cause it messes with their routine ..
All the players on both teams should have walked off.
الفيفا واليوفيا مابعرفو غير الشعارات والتصوير والمؤتمرات والكلام الفارغ

هم نفسهم جزء من المشكله المادايره تنتهي دي
يختو عقوبات واضحه
يا اما يطلعو ناس الامن للناس البهتفو ديل اذا كانو اقليه ويمنعوهم من دخول الملعب مدى الحياه.
واذا جماعيه زي دي يتعاقب النادي والجمهور عقوبات قاسيه.
Disgusting to see that Moussa Marega's Porto teammates - the people who are supposed to defend and support him - chose to side with the racists just to ensure that a game continues. And worse to see that some people of colour were doing it too.

#SayNoToRacism #Racism #KickItOut
In reply to @TrollFootball
It's so pathetic things like this still happening in football
It pisses me the fuck off when teammates of a player who's being racially abused encourage the player to stay on the field! Wtf?! You wouldn't encourage a woman to stay in an abusive relationship , now why tf are you encouraging this?!
vergüenza q a día de hoy el racismo exista a ese nivel y tan a menudo además, asqueroso 🤮🤮
In reply to @DavidLumansi
@DavidLumansi nabino bikulu nyo mu ka serie kaffe aka abakamanyi 2020 leero. Webale emirimu
In reply to @TrollFootball
You need to understand the importance of the game to Porto. If we all left the field we would loose a very important match. They all support marega, but there's already a lot of corruption working against Porto in Portugal we can't afford to loose. Don't shame Porto for this
Manchester City was banned from the champions league for a breach of financial regulations...It is only fair that @VitoriaSC1922 receive a more harsh punishment. UEFA's three step procedure is useless!!!!!
Que asco la humanidad
Was ein Abschaum ich bekomm solche Aggressionen wenn ich sowas sehe.
Les pires coéquipiers de l’histoire
This is heartbreaking. 💔

I wonder why @FIFAcom and @UEFA are doing nothing or little about this.
Racism has no place in football..
Shocking to see none of his teammates didnt walked out with him..
More need to be done to prevent it!

Respect to you #Marega
If I get racially abused as an athlete I'm walking off the damn pitch and nobody can stop me. Terminate my contract idgaf it is an insult prejudicial to my humanity
Decepción con la actitud de los futbolistas del Porto.

Más decepción aún porque la liga portuguesa no suspenda el partido y mande a todos los racistas a tomar por culo de un recinto deportivo
In reply to @TrollFootball
you don't even know what Marega's teammates were telling him. The moment you acknowledge a bully is they moment you give them power and I'm sure his teammates were trying to help him calm down. They weren't hurting him, they weren't upset with him.
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