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Swara says that she was 15 yrs old in 2010

While in 2020 she is 31 yrs old. She grew 16 yr older in last 10 yrs. #MathematicianSwara

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What is more dangerous? @ReallySwara Ki maths ya her knowledge on policies like CAA?

Swara @ReallySwara tells @RubikaLiyaquat she was 15 in 2010 so is she 25 in 2020 today?? From which angle does Swara look 25? Are all these people born liars? Just accept you did not want to open your mouth in 2010 because Sonia aunty was in power!!
With the kind of "Bhay ka Mahaul" She started ageing twice post 2014
In reply to @erbmjha
Please show your creativity & tweet with #MathematicianSwara best ones will get RTed by me & 10 others 😚
You have no idea of movement of Time in a vibrating Space. Time speeds up in such an ecstatic environment. @ReallySwara is India’s answer to Einstein.
इस van key lorry के दिमाग मे पोलियो है और इसकी छाती का दूध अलग सूख गया 2014 के बाद .. इसकी date आयी हुई है तब से जो बन्द ही न हो रही !
In reply to @ReallySwara

at times try to use your fingers for other purpose also , like for calculation purposes

😆 😜 😂

@erbmjha @desimojito @seriousfunnyguy @pokershash @theskindoctor13 @abpnewshindi @ABPNews #swarabhaskar

R T pls & follow RT
In reply to @erbmjha
She is right. Till 2014 she was 19. But things changed after May 2014 and her age started increasing at 2X. That's why she was 29 during the general election. And after May 2019 her age is increasing at 4X. That's why in Feb 2020 she is 31+. #MathematicianSwara
In reply to @erbmjha
स्वरा का कहना है कि वह 2010 में 15 साल की थी जबकि 2020 में वह 31 साल की है वह पिछले 10 साल में 16 साल की उम्र में बड़ी हुई आलू से सोना ..... #MathematicianSwara pic.twitter.com/ZuJHWtcyaO
#GodiMedia ki Sarganah @RubikaLiyaquat why #swarabhaskar would have any problem with 2010 #NPR when it was only collecting demographic data, 2020 #NPR has 8 new questions which was not asked in 2010

Your logic comes from Shakha which didnt allow u to underatand difference in
#swarabhaskar was actually talking about her mind being 15 years old in 2010.
In reply to @erbmjha
Let us give the benefit of doubt to #MathematicianSwara and consider that she is talking about her "Mental Age "!
In reply to @erbmjha
I thought she was zero in politics but in mathematics also 😂😂😂😂😂
There is beauty with or without brains!
N there is Pagli ugly with ungli n bhusa for brains!🙄
In reply to @erbmjha
The curious case of Bindimag Swara !! Anurag Kashyap productions next movie!!!
In reply to @erbmjha
#MathematicianSwara Teacher: if a girl was 15 years old in 2010,how old she'll be in 2020? @ReallySwara : 25 Teacher: How old are you? Swara: 31. Teacher: how old were you in 2010? Swara: 15. Teacher: 15+10? Swara:6saal modi ke count nahi karti me😠😭 #MathematicianSwara
In reply to @erbmjha
You can't understand the mathematics of JNU.
Meet big fake women and Selfstyled activist @ReallySwara . Women do hide their age but here she openly lies and caught. Shamelessly lies and spreads too.
In reply to @erbmjha
Isme bhi Modi Ji ka haath hai Ji !!
Swara is a mathemagician. Maybe she counts on her fingers and some of them are always busy...So could have led to miscalculation.
6 years of gain is #Kudrati , brain is also #Kudrati , malice is just #LeftMade
In reply to @erbmjha
2020 = 31 2010 = 15 (-) ..................... 10= 26 26 -10 = 16 Give Credits to suara i stolen her maths book yesterday while she was acting in a popcorn film 🙁🙏
In reply to @erbmjha
Us raat dhakke jada tez laga diye the uncle ne isliye tezi se badhri h ye 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Imagine getting criticised for on-stage arithmetic calculations in a country led by a plus b into square into bracket square where extra 2ab is generated by India-Canada relations.
In reply to @erbmjha
is hisab se iska age abhi 21 saal hua na?
In reply to @erbmjha
Swara Bhaskar ne iss baat pe Rahul Gandhi ko bhi maat de di. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂. Yaar kaha see aate hai aise log. Aur sabji dekho kaha bhare pade hai LW mein.😂😂🤣🤣
In reply to @erbmjha
स्वरा आंटी बिलकुल सच बोल रही है , तुम अंधभक्त हो, इसलिए उसकी बात का मजाक बना रहे हो, ,, 2010 में वो 15 साल की थी, , , 2014 में 19 की, तब तक कांग्रेस की सरकार थी, , , 2014 से 2020 तक के मोदी के 6 साल उसने 12 साल के बराबर काटे , , और हो गयी वो 31 साल की।
Omg how is this @ReallySwara ??
I was 15 year old in 2010 but how come you are 1988 ?? U should be 1995 then 😂😂.

Oh I understand u studied sociology in JNU na 🤭🤭.
Hi @ReallySwara.. mathematics is not masturbation... So keep yourself engage in what you are good in...
Simple calculation nahi aata aur ye log CAA-NRC pe baat krte hai😂😂
In reply to @erbmjha
By this rate she would be elder than Pappu in 2051😜😜
In reply to @erbmjha
Given - 2010 = 2+0+1+0 = 3=15......(1) Now will find how much she grew in next 10 years from 2010, So 2010+10= 2020 = 2+0+2+0= 4 =3+1 =15+1 =16 ..........(2) Now If we add (1) + (2) = 15+16=31 which is Swara's exact age. #MathematucianSwara
In reply to @erbmjha
Aise kaise chalega aunty @ReallySwara 😂😂😂😂 jhuthi Aurat 😏
In reply to @erbmjha
Jaise jaise woh andar ungli karti hai waise waise uski umar badti hai😂😂
In reply to @erbmjha
जब दिमाग कम उंगलियां ज्यादा प्रयोग मे लाई जायें तो Twitter पर @ReallySwara trend करेगा ही करेगा #अल्ला_कोण_है #भगवान_अल्ला_के_पापा_हैं
In reply to @erbmjha
सम्मान में छाती चौड़ी हो गई होगी सर आइंस्टीन की कब्र में आत्मा तृप्त हो गई होगी स्टीफन हाॅकिंग की खुश हो गये होंगे रामानुजन और चहक उठे होंगे जगदीश चंद्र बोस इतनी महान गणित की Super30 के आनंद को सोचना पड़ गया कहीं हमारी कोचिंग बंद ना हो जाए, ज्ञानवान 😭 @rishav_sharma1
In reply to @erbmjha
Bhai kuch bhi bolo vikaas to hua hi hai, bhale hi inki age me hi sahi. Or waise bhi bechari ke paas kaagaz nahi hai to pata nhi bechari ko ki kitni umr hai.
In reply to @priyankac19
@priyankac19 must be the happiest person today

@ReallySwara has outdone Priyanka ji in her #Mathematics skill and is topmost liberal mathematician living legend of #India
In reply to @erbmjha
ऐसी गदहियो को भाव मत दो भाई 🤕

Legend who declared that any number divided by zero is infinity


Legend who grew 16 years old in last 10 years 😊

#MathematicianSwara pic.twitter.com/y42TKOKHnZ
Rahul Gandhi : I once woke up in the morning at night.

#MathematicianSwara : yeh Kuch bhi nahi. I woke up 16yrs older in just 10years. pic.twitter.com/5qt0hy2OqF
Hail Communism!
Hail Liberals!
Hail the super dumb, @ReallySwara
In reply to @erbmjha
Madam was born intelligent. Education ruined her. Knowing that education will ruin her, she did not study at all. Inspite of not studying, she is LKG Pass !!!. That's a major achievement. But she does not see it that way, since she is blind.
In reply to @erbmjha
She knows how to twist her words to benefit her, trademark of a classic comrade
In reply to @erbmjha
How this miracle happened ? I am 36 years old next 10 years I want grow 5 years only. Can some one help me to get her number.
In reply to @erbmjha
I dare say,she herself is a NAMOONA of failed education system. Failed in movies Failed in political comments Failed in mathematics Failed in empowerment. .....isko kahate hei "na ghati ka,na Ghar ka". #MathematicianSwara
In reply to @erbmjha
अबे लावारिश पठान जिन्हें तुम शेरनियां बता रहे हो वो न शाहीनबाग में रात भर घोड़ियां बनती हैं घोड़ियां 😂😜🤣
Theory of time elasticity proved 👏👏
Swara was the specimen for that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @erbmjha
Aur kitne achhe din chahiye mitron...🤪
In reply to @erbmjha
MATHS का फुल फॉर्म @ मेरी आत्मा तुझे हमेशा सताएगी😂😂😂 #MathematicianSwara
15 saal ki age mein thoda pdh bhi liya hota 😆😂 @ReallySwara
2010 mein @ReallySwara 15 saal ki thi 😂😂😂

Jisko khud ka age naa pata vo CAA, NRC aur NPR par logo Ko gyan baat rahi hai
In reply to @erbmjha
You grow old faster with stress, NaMo effect on lefties 😩😩😩
In reply to @erbmjha
BC iss speed se to ye jaldi hi MDH wale Uncle ko catch karlegi #MathematicianSwara
That's why we call @ReallySwara as AUNTY!

She grows faster than us, I wish even maturity and brain would have followed that growth.

Seems limited parts have that advantage

aunty #swarabhaskar
Isiliye kagaj nehi dikhayegi bol rahi hai.... Sab gadbad ghotala....
In reply to @ReallySwara
@ReallySwara के इस गणितीय ज्ञान पर बस @RahulGandhi जी की टिप्पणी आ जाये तो ट्विटर धन्य हो जाये।
Child Actress #SwaraBhaskar was only 14 years old when she acted in Madholal Keep Walking (2009) and Guzaarish (2010). pic.twitter.com/o3sHP9Huds
So what!Swara is a woman..an actrees above that...she has a right to lie about her age.Isn't it?Dil badaa rakhiye..😄😄😄
Why? I believe her. Rahul Gandhi was 39 in 2010. He is still 39 in 2020. If that is possible, then why can't @ReallySwara grow 16 years from 2010 to 2020? 🤣🤣🤣
See that's why you shouldn't ask a girl her age.
In reply to @erbmjha
🤣🤣🤣🤣 इसका तो अपना ही हुटियप्पा चलता है कुछ भी बोलती है
In reply to @erbmjha
गणित का सवाल किसी काम को अगर 15 करोड़ लोग 15 मिनट में करते हैं तो उसी काम को 100 करोड़ लोग कितने देर में करेंगे ?🤔 🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @erbmjha
She looks 40+ that too with makeup.. Without make up Bhagwan jaane.. 31 tho bass Bollywood mein sustain hone k naatak hai..
In reply to @erbmjha
She is absolutely right now she can't deny ..Modi Sarkar mein development nhi hua 2010 mein 15 saal ki swara 2020 mein 31 saal ki ho gyi ... Development to tezi se hua hai . #MathematicianSwara @ReallySwara
The type of pseudo activism
In reply to @erbmjha
10 saal mai 16 saal badi hui aur kitne acche din chaiye😂
In reply to @erbmjha
Mausi ko Rubika Open kar rahi hai.
In reply to @erbmjha
Path breaking age growth 👏👏👏 #MathematicianSwara
स्वरा तो कल ही पैदा हुई है।
In reply to @ReallySwara
@ReallySwara Aunty kindly tell why you are lying for Sonia Aunty and Pappu's Sake.
@kanhaiyakumar looks like your Child now, he was 23yrs old in 2010 dear Swara Aunty🤱👩‍🦳.
Plz Swara Aunty I knw you look beautiful by putting lots of makeup but still?🙄

@erbmjha @Shehzad_Ind
In 10 years BJP doubled it's seats in parliament so @ReallySwara has to double her age, even if she need to become #MathematicianSwara for that and live 15 year within 10 year.
#MathematicianSwara @RahulGandhi you should take her under your wings. She is your lost sister.

Did Madam Gandhi visited Khumb by any fault... u know just asking
and some idiots call her intellectual🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @erbmjha
16 YO in 10 years! Rapid growth. Is she on Steroids? 😀
In reply to @erbmjha
Bachhi ka maths zara weak hai 😂😂
In reply to @erbmjha
मोदी के विकास मॉडल ने यहीं काम किया है
In reply to @erbmjha
Wow @RubikaLiyaquat ji looks way more pretty that lying aunty @ReallySwara .
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