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It’s obvious the Establishment does not value participation by the non-establishment or average working class Americans. The debates are attended by SPONSORS. Sponsors = insiders, big campaign contributors and public officials.
The thing being reported on the news for weeks is a conspiracy theory!
Sometimes the Democratic Party seems happy to subsist as a junior fundraising arm to the GOP, while occasionally winning elections. That they could not secure a generation long hegemony after the military and financial disaster of the Bush years is all you really need to know.
The Democratic Party wants your vote, but do not want you to participate too much.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Nice to hear these young (and older) folks tell-it-how-it-is! I'm glad we Sanders supporters are wise to the old-foolery that is establishment politics! NO MORE!
Very good breakdown of the effort to keep we, the people away from a Democratic process.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
The economy is #rigged. The political process is #rigged. Our healthcare system is #rigged. Our education system is #rigged. The 4th estate is #rigged. All #rigged in favor of wealthy special interests & the pundit class that profits from kneecapping progressives. #DemDebate
They really don’t care to be subtle about their contempt for poor ppl do they
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Considering the #StopAndFriskBillionaire purchased two ads from @CBSNews DURING the #CBS debate he was in, why wouldn’t he also have purchased several hundred tickets to the debate? Drop in the bucket.😉
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
sponsors means= un accessible for working class who lives pay check to paycheck. political prisoners Nelson Mandela walk away from jail after more than 20years with no bitterness n becomes president of s Africa .ditto.
In reply to @bourgeoisalien
This is over the top silly and sad really. Everyday ordinary peeps couldn’t even afford to go to the debate. Ugh.…
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
The event was set up to favor the rich with deep pockets. Thus the booing of Bernie Sanders.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Thank God for Local 5's work here. Maybe we can look forward to local news being funded and supported and encouraged to do their own work.
To the @DNC: Your #WineCaveDebate was a disgrace to this country. You must stop clothing yourselves in money and isolating yourselves from the people, the voters, the poor, the elders, the young people. We are trying to take care of your families, your country, your climate, too.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
bruh... TF??!! This explains the AWFUL and CRINGEWORTHY audience reactions all throughout the debate last night.
Further evidence that the Democratic and Republican parties are just two sides of the same WS coin. Neither party gives a damn about the people.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
This is despicable, 1st you let Bloomberg buy his way into the election and change the rules for him then you make THE VOTERS of the WORKING CLASS UNABLE TO ATTEND THE DEBATE BECAUSE OF SKYROCKETED DEBATE TICKET PRICES?! SHAME ON THE #DNC #NotMeUs
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
I don't even know anyone who would've paid that to go to a debate.
In reply to @krystalball
@krystalball I guess these people are incorrect too, including Colleen Condon; the elected Charleston county DNC party chair! @finneyk must be telling the truth! 🤦🏼‍♂️
How much I love this studio audience of rich people to entertain the plebes, is impossible to measure.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
#BoughtAudience which is what happens when billionaires & candidates sold out to SuperPACs run OUR DEMOCRACY. This is the establishment profiting from climate disaster, private prisons, immigrant camps & denying healthcare coverage booing progress. #BernieSanders2020 #NotMeUs
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Bernie’s campaign knew this wayyyyy ahead of time, they have a war chest of cash, they could’ve spent the money to get at least his 800 visitors to be in support or half... winning elections are also about optics.
Whoa. I don’t usually rail against the DNC but the debates were very poorly executed on so many levels. Too many important topics were overlooked while the same questions were beaten into the ground. The rule change to allow Bloomberg in was especially egregious.
Turn off CNN. The debate was stacked with wealthy donors. Look at local reporting in Charleston that confirms this.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
DNC 💸💸💸💸💸mafia
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
This is the state where you can run for federal office if you pay $25,000 to file for the ballot. Why should we expect any less?
Democratic party... looking out for $$ and not the people.
Not surprised, as they did this in '16 - but it does show they haven't learned or changed one bit.
A debate should not be priced out so only the rich can attend. Period.
#Bernie2020 #BernieYellsForUs
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
I'm sure @TomPerez will look into fixing this next time or next election or sometime. 🙄
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
he got boo'd because he isnt liked..try again
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
rt this video. you were (obviously) the only one who will call out Democrats' insane corruption.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
But wait Karen Finney and Bakari Sellers said this wasn't the case and they would never lie right?
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
WOW! Great reporting. Wish we saw that sooner
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Sanders gets booed because of what he says and believes.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Even when presented with facts you still promote untruths. Very Trumpian. We will not trade one cult for another. #NeverBernie #JoeBidenForPresident2020
The booing during last night's #DemDebate came with the price of the ticket to the debate: up to $3200. The book story is total bullshit manufactured & repeated by the right wing echo chamber.
Don't you wonder who purchased those tickets for the #DemDebate? It sure wasn't the average citizen. My guess is the Republican Billionaire who is trying to buy the nomination!
Now it's up to professional, self-respecting journalists to turn this passive construction into the active voice.

WHO (in the @DNC) determined that tickets wd sell for that amount? WHO decided to rob avr voters of the chance to participate?

Who is to blame?
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
This is why the people hate the Democratic Establishment.
Well what #BlueCollar #Democrat doesn't have $1,700 to $3,200 dollars to drop on seeing the #DemocraticDebate in #SouthCarolina. Hopefully they didn't also have a 3 drink minimum (would have needed more than 3 to sit through it though) too! 🤔
Shame on the @DNC. All people not just the rich deserve to attend the #DemocraticDebate.
And so the rationale is that they've always done it, everyone else does it, so nothing to worry about, sit down and trust us.

This is exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party.
This is apparently Bernie’s fault too...ok.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
this is real news and journalism unlike what you promote
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Last night's debate was a pure microcosm of the Dem Party: * Led by inept TV stars with annual multi-million $ contracts, with an audience filled with rich donors & lobbyists because the price tag to enter excluded everyone else, creating an artificial pro-oligarch climate
In reply to @finneyk
This local news report must be all lies and misleading as well huh Karen?!? 🙄 $3,200 a ticket Karen...that’s not an expense you’re average SC voter probably has to spend in debate tickets Karen. Hmmm...did then? 🤔 Sleep well at night do ya?!?…
In reply to @finneyk
Hey Karen! @krystalball wasn’t lying! Next time you’re on @CNN make sure to say that you were wrong and that the DNC is selling tickets to the debates to the rich and connected 👇 Cc:@JohnBerman & Allison…
.@krystalball where's that one person that said there was no truth about the crowd attendance being donors and the wealthy?
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Even the local affiliate station said that tix were allocated in Charleston the same way as other Dem debates and were equally allocated among all of the campaigns.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
A system by, off and for the the rich and powerful, not the people corrupt like this boils my blood🤬🤬🤬
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
This is why the debates should not have a live audience.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
The few people you could hear supporting Bernie were literally the volunteers. Only way regular people could even be there.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Once again, it’s Bernie & The People vs the Assholes that rig everything in their favor. I mean, even if you hate Sanders, can’t everyone agree that this is the bullshit that just rallies the common folks that much more for #Bernie? Shameful #DNC
In reply to @scdp
Someone’s lying. Are you claiming that the NYT and local news are lying?…
In reply to @neeratanden
This was “reported out” weeks ahead of the debate…
So those lone voices screaming in support of Bernie were literally VOLUNTEERS who had no other way of attending.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Emily Kiley out here converting undecideds
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Politics for the people. It is another way to censor the polity like hate speech laws...@USlawreview @ImShawnAndrizzl @FoilTha
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
The Democratic elites learned NOTHING from 2016.
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Even with that rigging of 3200.00 dollar ticket pro billionaires Bernie Sanders walked out the the debate as the Boss! #BERNIESANDERS2020
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
Lol! Some lady called @krystalball a liar for saying this. Can she be notified even if the truth hurts?
In reply to @JoseCastilloJr
This is messed up. I am not sure if other democratic debates price their tickets this way, but this needs to change in the future. So much for party of the people. #ThePeople #Bernie #Bernie2020
Good on the local news for covering this DNC scandal. They can play all the dirty tricks they want we'll still win with people power
Fake Audience. Presidential Primary Debates are for elite sponsors who pay $1500 to $3200 per ticket or more.

#DemDebate #DemDebate2020
When I volunteered for @BernieSanders in Philly in 2016, there were 200 of us who didn't know whether we could get a tix to the convention cos the @DNC was holding them. We were handed out tix one hour before the start. So, it is the PARTY who decides how the tix are handled.
I am shocked---SHOCKED!---to find gambling going on in here!
This reporting on ticket prices for the debate was done well before the debate took place. Stop wondering why there’s so much anger at DNC establishment pro-wealth politics.
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