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.@BernieSanders says he’s “very proud of being Jewish,” but calls @IsraeliPM Benjamin Netanyahu a “reactionary racist” and says that while the U.S. must defend Israel's security, “you cannot ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people” #DemDebate cbsn.ws/393G1bW

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Bernie Sanders, possible futur président des Etats Unis se dit fier d'être juif. Il considère qu'à travers Bibi Netanyaou s'exerce une politique raciste réactionnaire. Qu'en pensent le @crif, @_LICRA_, et l'@uejf ?
This is, and I. Cannot. Emphasize. This. Enough., antisemitic.
There is nothing inherently oppositional about being proud to be Jewish and calling Netanyahu a racist. The implication from @CBSNews that these two things are in opposition to each other is antisemitic. Point blank.
When you have harsher rhetoric for Netanyahu and Israel than you do for Castro and Cuba...
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Yes - it's possible to be Jewish and still recognize that Bibi Netanyahu is a monster.
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Yo it’s anti-Semitic to equate Jewishness with support for the Israeli government
Bernie Sanders è uno dei pochi uomini occidentali che riconosce il comportamento razzista e da colonizzatore di B. Netanyahu. E prima di dargli dell’antisemita a caso, Sanders è ebreo e riconosce, come ha detto in quest’occasione, quanto i Palestinesi vengano oppressi.
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there's no need for "but". Both can be true
The "but" here really reveals an ignorance of the diversity of Jewish opinion.
Very strange use of “but”
In reply to @CBSNews
That “but” should be an “and”
This is the worst use of the conjunction “but” that I’ve seen.
The word "but" in this tweet is doing a lot of heavy lifting to conflate Judaism with supporting a war criminal racist who leads a colonial apartheid state.
I don't see why these two (proud of being Jewish and calling Bibi a racist) are in any way things that need to be connected.
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Why is there a "but" in there as if these ideas are contradictory?
Uh, thanks, @CBSNews, for implying that being Jewish requires fealty to Benjamin Netanyahu and blanket disregard for Palestinian rights, dignity, and freedom. This is veering unpleasantly closely to Trump’s “disloyal” schtick
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On this specific point, I agree with Sen. Sanders. Few people have done more to alienate American Jews (particularly in the Reform denomination) than Bibi. I love the promise of Israel; I despise what its own protofascist government has done to kill peace prospects.
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CBS News caters to AIPAC, suggests can't be proud Jewish person & oppose Netanyahu's racism in Israel. Also, can't demand human rights for suffering Palestinians.

Not subtle. Like groups fronting for Israeli govt, they want world to view Bernie Sanders as self-hating Jew.
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there's no 'but' here, there's nothing at all contradictory in being a proud Jew and being anti-zionism.
The conflation here of Sanders’ Jewish identity with AIPAC and with American Jews writ large isn’t so much antiSemitic as it is sheer ignorance, pandering and proof of the power of pro-Israel paradigm
This should say “and” not “but.”

By saying “but” the outlet is making a judgment that his statement about Bibi undermines or contradicts his statement about being proud to be Jewish.
The “but” in this tweet is doing some remarkable work.

“I’m proud of being black,” Obama said, but called Rwanda president Paul Kagame “a brutal and repressive leader.”

See how that works, @CBSNews?
1)This is a good answer from @BernieSanders and it captures the sentiment of lots of American Jews with regard to Israel;
2) It’s appalling that, in the context of talking about Sanders as a Jewish candidate, he was asked by a moderator if he was sufficiently supportive of Israel
To be fair, the literacy rate in Israel is only 92%
In reply to @CBSNews
Why exactly did you choose to phrase this tweet with a "but" between being proud to be Jewish and also recognizing that Bibi Netanyahu is a reactionary racist? Where is the contradiction?
In reply to @CBSNews
Okay. So where’s the lie in that?
In reply to @CBSNews
He’s proud AND he calls Netanyahu. When you use the word “but,” you imply that it would be expected for Jews to endorse Netanyahu’s racism... and that’s antisemitic.
the "but" in this tweet is rly doing something ....
Regardless of your preferred candidate, the extent to which Bernie's Jewish identity has been repeatedly called into question, if not outright denied, over his defense of Palestinians and criticism of Netanyahu should be a topic of general disgust
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netanyahu is a terrible terrible person
In reply to @CBSNews
Wait what? Sanders is right. Your "but" should be an "and". Oh and I am Jewish.
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There is absolutely no problem with this. Being critical of a state's government is not the same as being prejudiced against all the people who live there or share their religion. This is just a shallow mind's way of thinking and is the real anti-semitism.
CBS News: “why does this grouchy k*ke not support israel?”
In reply to @CBSNews
I didn’t know you could fit so much antisemitism into a three letter word like “but,” yet here we are!
In reply to @CBSNews
The same “poor Palestinians “ that recently launched 40 rockets into Israel? Bernie loses me more each day.
In reply to @CBSNews
“But“ doesn’t belong in this sentence. there is no conflict between being proud of being Jewish and acknowledging that the government of Israel is horrible
In reply to @CBSNews
what's the "but" doing here?
The first major Jewish candidate for president being asked to defend his credentials as a Jew by the WASPiest moderator in the history of debates is the perfect encapsulation of how messed up our politics have become in the year 2020
In reply to @CBSNews
I'm an American. And I call Trump a reactionary Racist.

So, am I any less American? Just wondering if CBS knows how stupid they sound.
When you say "but" it negates the first part of your sentence.
Shame on @CBSNews for implying there is a contradiction between being proudly Jewish and calling out the Israeli government for its racist policies against Palestinians. Mainstream media must stop conflating Israel and Jewish people. #DemDebate #PalestinianFreedom
Non vincerà mai però madonna quanto gli voglio bene a zio Bernie.
Im begging y’all... stop conflating “jewishness” with zionism. One is an ancient religion and the other is a modern political movement. Regardless of your feelings towards Israel, please stop with this.
“Palestinian suffering”? Lol, that’s rich. Palestinians could live in peace if they didn’t poke the bear every damn day!
In reply to @CBSNews
Hey, @ADL, are you gonna condemn this antisemitic tweet? Or do you only condemn Black and Brown people who speak out against Israel?
A "reactionary racist" runs an apartheid state. No surprises there.
The “but” here is ridiculous.

There is absolutely no contradiction between being a proud Jew and also believing that Netanyahu is a “reactionary racist.”

Claiming that those two things are somehow in tension is blatantly anti-Semitic.
In reply to @CBSNews
Sanders is either a Jihadist or beyond ignorant. #Netanyahu does not have a racist bone in his body. The problem is not Israel. The problem is Iran and the Jihad that it exports to Hamas and Hezbollah. #Israel #Jewish #AIPACProud #DemDebate2020 #Iran #Jihad #Mike2020 #AIPAC pic.twitter.com/zxi6yYWKcD
In reply to @CBSNews
In reply to @CBSNews
When you defend Netanyahu, you support 53 years of military occupation and land theft:
In reply to @CBSNews
The idea that it's a contradiction to be Jewish and condemn the action of an Israeli Prime Minister, is abhorrent. It is entirely possible to be Jewish and care about Palestinian people suffering. To say otherwise is anti-Semitic
Headline from my article in @haaretzcom by @ITsafrir last year:

“Netanyahu is a racist, Israel has become an apartheid state”

In reply to @CBSNews
Repeat after me: being Jewish has nothing to do with a certain apartheid state in the Middle East
In reply to @CBSNews
The use of the "but" there makes this a very antisemitic tweet
In reply to @CBSNews
the "but" in this tweet is just phenomenally problematic.
Netanyahu is a reactionary racist and war criminal.

Netanyahu is a reactionary racist and war criminal.

Netanyahu is a reactionary racist and war criminal.

Netanyahu is a reactionary racist and war criminal.

Netanyahu is a reactionary racist and war criminal.
“I’m proud of my Jewishness but rather than going to AIPAC to talk to non-Netenyahu Jews about my issues with right wing policies in Israel, I’m going to toe the talking points of the hard left instead of discussing concerns with my own people.”
There is no contradiction here I am so tired
Apartheid denier.
An American presidential president just called Bibi "The Arabs are flocking to the polls in droves, the Arabs want to kill us", Netanyahu a Goddamn Racist. This is the greatest moment of my life. 😭😭😭😭😭
In reply to @CBSNews
His claims to Jewish pride & support for Israeli security would hold more water if he ever held Palestinian leaders to a fraction of accountability he holds Israeli leaders to. Bibi should be called out, but Abbas says thing 100x worse daily & is ignored: twitter.com/kweansmom/stat…
In reply to @CBSNews
the majority of American Jews recognize and reject Netanyahu's racism, to say that we are not proud unless we embrace a racist genocidaire is antisemitic
This question is patently antisemitic. It tries to make Jews synonymous with support for Israel.

With an underlying suggestion that Bernie is not a ‘real’ Jew.
the use of 'but' here isn't clever as much as it is absolutely insane
In reply to @CBSNews
Why the 'but'? Does criticizing Netanyahu or acknowledging the suffering of Palestinians mean that you're either not really Jewish or not proud of it? What sort of crazy logic leads to this statement?
In reply to @CBSNews
Maybe CBS should explain why it supports apartheid.

In reply to @CBSNews
All people of goodwill should agree that “Palestinian “schools teaching hatred and terrorism to their children is morally wrong!!
In reply to @CBSNews
Netanyahu isn't Israel, he isn't the image of Judaism. Both are independent from each other and both are correct.
In reply to @CBSNews
Malik Issa, 8, lost his left eye when he was shot in head with a rubber-coated steel bullet by #Israel's occupation forces on Feb 15th at occupied East Jerusalem's Issawiyah. 2 children have been killed and several critically wounded this year already by Israel. pic.twitter.com/vZzoZEx3HU
In reply to @CBSNews
It really is wrong to allow paid political ads (pro or con) during a debate.
In reply to @CBSNews
Those are not mutually exclusive positions. Both can be true. Do better.
In this one video clip, Bernie insults Netanyahu by lying (and gets applause for it) and deflects/projects about the “suffering of the Palestinian people” while completely failing to mention the decades of unrelenting Hamas/Hezbollah terrorism that has perpetuated the problem.
This is what courage looks like
In reply to @CBSNews
A leftist politician who thinks that human rights violations and war crimes should not go unpunished? Unheard of!
In reply to @CBSNews
When you defend Netanyahu, you support illegal Israeli settlers who terrorize occupied Palestinians:
In reply to @CBSNews
When you support Netanyahu, you support his attempt to ethnically cleanse the occupied Palestinians of the Susiya village for a second time:
The conjunctions “but” and “while” are doing a lot of heavy ideological lifting in this sentence. Substitute “and” for but and drop the while and you get a perfectly reasonable statement which reflects Sanders’ (and many Jews’) opinion.
Bernie blames Netanyahu for Israel's right wing policies, but when you look at the attitudes of Israelis, particularly the right wing youths, you'll find that Bibi is a *moderate* in comparison.

The situation is growing more & more extreme, as right wing population explodes.
What is the connection between Netanyahu and Hamas micromanaging, brain-washing the people of Gaza?
In reply to @CBSNews
These things are not contradictory, and it's anti-Semitic to assume they are. Many of my fellow Jews think the same, and Netanyahu does not speak for us.
In reply to @CBSNews
🤣🤣🤣 Bernie says when he becomes president he's going to help black people sell weed
In reply to @CBSNews
This is an anti-semitic tweet, and an anti-semitic question. Shame on you.
American Jews are AMERICAN. We aren’t Israeli. Stop this, @CBSNews, it’s anti-Semitic.
Bernie is:
1. Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian people
2. Opposed to BDS but supports the rights of its advocates
3. Willing to condition aid
4. Believes in a 2-state solution
5. Thinks Netanyahu's an asshole

These are all normal, mainstream views everywhere but K Street
"ASlavicViking says he's proud of being Slavic, yet he calls Serbia's actions against Kosovo reactionary and racist, and says that we cannot ignore the suffering of Kosovan people."

These are equally ridiculous. Why is it ok for "liberal media" to push ethnonationalist rhetoric?
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