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Lies, falsehoods & blatantly false statements from Boris Johnson at PMQS today!

Watch in disbelief & tell me hand on heart you don’t think this Government is taking the public for mugs & fools

If UK media won’t hold him to account we must! RT the TRUTH to the Country

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‘Let’s break this bollocks down!’😄
@PeterStefanovi2 👏
Also ‘Leave’ lies to farmers (and everyone else) now completely exposed. Brexit is a criminal fraud.
He got in on lies & disinformation. We cannot let him remain there uncontested. It's not just contempt of parliament: it's contempt for a populous too. He has to be brought to account, along with his cabal. 👇
In reply to @BorisJohnson
@BorisJohnson Still lying in Parliament. This is what you voted for; THIS is what ‘Taking Back Control’ looks like .
"Let's just break this bollocks down" @PeterStefanovi2 straight to the point, as always. Why are the MSM not doing likewise?
Great comments from Peter S! Love his opening line ‘Let’s break this Bollocks down’ 😆
Someone has to take control because this man is totally out of control. He must be stopped. By any means. It's 2020 not 1820
well, that's what happens when give an inveterate liar a majority of 80: what does he care what people think...?
"Lets break this bollocks down"

Bloody lovely Peter! 👊
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Thank you Peter for all the work you do exposing the lies. Please keep it up.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
It’s not only the elites that need holding to account but the media always. The toxicity came from them and that’s how we ended up with Brexit and this Far Right Tory government. Not only political but personal and freedom to say and do whatever aren’t excuses for such toxicity.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
You only have to look at the faces of the MPs behind him. It’s like they are at the comedy club, all sat there laughing at his lies. It’s not a joke to those using the #NHS or the staff.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Johnson is and always will be, A proven, compulsive liar! Who should NEVER be believed or trusted! Fact!
When you say "The Country" What Country do you mean?
Scotland knows the truth and is pilloried
We've been waiting on England to wake the hell up for yrs
Love your work though
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
the only thing he’s ‘skilled’ at is lying .
His lying is incredulous. And people put up with it. Shows how apathetic Britain has become.
This is absolutely shameful from Johnson, doesn’t matter what you political stand point, this is Johnson taking the country for collective mugs.... surely we can’t let this pass people...
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Whatever happened to MPs apologising to the House for misleading them? @UKParliament @BBCParliament
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
#LiarJohnson Must be called out continuously
This is what 'we' voted to lead us into the future. The best of us? Really? Embarrassment doesn't cover it.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
RETWEET Thank you for your scrutiny Peter and evidencing his lies
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Whichever way you look at it we’re in trouble. And where is the money going to come from to pay for all their promises? Yes, another round of austerity because his rich mates don’t want to pay more tax even though they can afford it. So take from the people that have so little.
Real opposition in the U.K. has for years come from @PeterStefanovi2.
Why can’t the Opposition (capital O) in Parliament not do this?

Oh, wait, yeah, Corbyn, sorry, easy mistake to make.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
He’d punch Tory voters mothers in the face and they’d say she deserved it. It’s a lost cause. Media have done their job on them.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Saw it today.Lie after lie.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
It's all bluster and grandstanding by #FascistJohnson, amazed at how docile the UK press are to this #Wazzock
Boris is a lying cunt shame on you if you voted for these cunts
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Can I just say, I didn't vote for him.....
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
How is it MPs can blatantly lie and away with it, how is it allowed to happen
Listen to Peter Stefanovic refuting all the lies spouted by Johnson in just a few minutes today. Lie after lie after lie...
If you want proof that the UK is under American control, this rant from Johnson is it. Straight from Trumps playbook, keep lying & denying, while the war machine keeps killing & filling the coffers of the 0.01%. This is full on Fascism, for the few ...screw the rest of you.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Definitely.. mainly because a chunk of the electorate are mugs and fools
“Watch in disbelief & tell me hand on heart you don’t think this Government is taking the public for mugs & fools” -
Problem is a lot of people are falling for it!
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
All he’s got is lies. A face that looks like his food has been taken away and pointy fingers and aggressive gestures. This is where the brexiters learned their craft. Is it ever going to wear thin with them? Because I just want to nuke him every time I see or hear him.
Just watch Priti Patel smirking and nodding to every lie. What a shower of bastards.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
I note a few on his benches, including his new Chancellor, looking distinctly uncomfortable at listening to his lies. He won’t last five years, I hope he doesn’t last much longer.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
It would be more difficult to spot a truth when #LiarInChief Johnson speaks. Thanks for outing him every week, though. #PMLies
#RT PeterStefanovi2: RT chrisvonruhland: "Let's just break this bollocks down" PeterStefanovi2 straight to the point, as always. Why are the MSM not doing likewise?
"Let's break this bollocks down"
@PeterStefanovi2 doing the job of the MSM that most people consume.
Come on @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @5_News just play this clip, put your feet up and make brew
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
All great points to bat straight back at Johnson. Would you mind passing that bat to Corbyn - would be nice to see him have a go, at PMQs.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Piss artist. Needs floging.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
The people’s party my arse.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
It's all a game to bring us, squabbling, into December, by which time the only way to go will be down the cliff, and another opportunity for the brexit makers to cash in on the sterling fluctuations.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
If only Labour had Tony Blair as leader still . He would take the charlatan apart
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
“Let’s just break this b*llocks down” 🔥🔥🔥
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Liar Johnson is only talking to the 43% of 'mugs & fools' that delivered his majority. He continually needs to shore up that support. Everyone else can see the Emperor Has No Clothes. We 'only' need 43 Tory MPs to come to their senses, or have an attack of good conscience.
"Let's break this bollocks down." #LiarJohnson continues with his #ToryLies while his nodding dogs behind him treat their position as our representatives as though they're watching a show! It's not fiction, #Conservative, it's people's lives. Johnson treats us all with contempt.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
The line of cnuts behind him nodding. Ugh!
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Trouble is the people you want to reach do not read Twitter. Some cannot use a smart phone or iPad and they rely on the press or TV for news
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Look at the bloody nodding dogs. What a bunch of sycophants.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
He still goes on about the ‘40 hospitals’ and nobody even tries to correct him now.....something is going to break in the end....
There are Boris' facts and the truth. A beautiful exposition of the difference here.
anyone who believes this bumbling lying idiot must be a billionaire or totally illiterate he must not get away with this the UK must be on drugs holding them down but mind you it was the workers that put him in power.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Brexit Johnson is a bigger liar than Theresa May or D Cameron , [ FACT ]
Great breakdown of BJ’s fake promises.
The Johnson - a string of lies .
Peter explains the truth .
Let’s get it out there - RT, RT, RT! ✊🇬🇧🇪🇺
#UKSDA You are right Peter, It's their way. Kill as many as possible. #GTTO #GTBO
Come on evryone, write to your MP and call out the lies.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Very well put Peter as per usual, don't ever stop because so many people rely on your forensic deconstruction of the Bottlers lies !
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Johnson's looks and movements are those of a fluent lifelong liar
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
#conservatives If you voted Tory and wondering why you are not better off - give this a watch.
How are we falling for this??!!
Boris Porkie Pie Johnson
Let's hope the zombies who voted for this wake up @BBCNews @FactCheck @c4news
The mainstream media should be breaking this down, but instead they do nothing. Great analysis Peter. If only we had a news media willing to do the same. #ToryBritain #MediaBias
More lies from the ministry of truth
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Nothing changes.... Lies, lies, more lies, and deceit. How can this tory klepto dictatorship be allowed to stay in office? They have heaped disgrace and derision onto the head of Britain and the British people!
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Bring it on Boris 🇬🇧👍
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Excellent work, Peter, as always - please keep it up
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Is someone keeping a record or database of all The Johnson’s lies?
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
I.Hate.That.Useless.Cnut!! Guillotine, S’il vous plait!
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
He couldn’t lie straight in bed 🤡
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Peter is there any chance you can supply this information to Corbyn ? I know you can’t make him use it because god forbid that he’d want to embarrass Johnson and you know, oppose, but still....
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
The voters recently held him to account. He won.
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Peter, we were told/shown/proven that he's a liar and a fake and a racist and a cheat and 'we' voted for him anyway. We are a nation of mugs & fools. People will not care until his lies hit them personally. Then they'll say, 'But I didn't think he'd lie to ME...'
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
They are very publicly now laughing in our faces now like bullies do. The mistake is to believe that politicians care about us. Fortunately there are some who do. How to encourage more in to politics?
In reply to @PeterStefanovi2
Call 'em as you see 'em!
And we’ve got four and half more years of drivel from this overprivileged,underperforming bullshitter.

The truth is a stranger to Johnson.
I don't often do shout-outs but follow this guy @PeterStefanovi2. He hold's the government to account and counters their lies with the most basic of fact checking.
Absolute cunt but his equally cunty fans love him
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