The Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this @prioritiesUSA ad. So obv share it everywhere!

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#congratulationsamerica You elected someone who would entertain you rather than lead you. Are you not entertained?

70,000 reported cases. Over 1,000 deaths. Our President tweets "Congratulations America" in response to congress passing an emergency bill to respond to carnage.
Meanwhile, this ad now has 8.3 million views. Keep sharing!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Where do we file a cease and desist order to stop him from standing in front of the American people and lying????
This guy is president of something?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
That ad is perfect, beautiful, like no other. The best political ad ever made, no one has ever made a better one.
Watch & share this video @realDonaldTrump
Has sent a cease & desist letter 2 all tv stations, telling them 2 stop playing this ad.
So SHARE SHARE SHARE this video & let's show all the world what kind of POS POTUS we have.…
Trump is trying to stop this ad in court. An ad that is actually him talking. Here.
Senate 96-0 is trending, but then again so is this👇🏾
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
They are literally claiming he didn’t call Coronavirus a “hoax” Despite the recording of his voice saying exactly those words.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
You can’t stop the truth. It’s a first amendment right. Well it was before Trump and Barr. Can’t wait to get rid of these law breakers.

.@realDonaldTrump doesn't want this Ad to be seen by anyone! So make sure you retweet the heck out of it!
So much blood on such tiny hands.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
I wonder what it is about this ad that you don't like? 🤔
Trump says... cease & desist.
America says... #WatchThenRetweet
Super Great Ad because it is based on Truth and Trump's Voice!! Facts! Facts! Facts!! #TrumpVirus2020 #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
It’s a free country. We can still speak the truth—for now. Thanks @prioritiesUSA for this ad.
Just curious, since this video is edited out of multiple clips, why Twitter wouldn't flag this as "manipulated"
Don’t share this. It hurts Trump’s feelings.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
These are quotes. Why is he upset?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
These are all actual Trump quotes. What exactly is his objection?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
A cease and desist letter for telling the his *own* words? LOL
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
It’s his own words in his own gross voice with an accurate chart. How do they think they’ll win this one?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
I have reposted this to facebook every day for several days.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Everything in that ad is true No spin whatsoever
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Then I’d like to send him a cease and desist letter demanding to never speak again! He’s the biggest baby in the world!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
On what grounds???? Those are recordings of what he said
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
They have no grounds to demand anything. The ad is 100% true and accurate. Good to know @realDonaldTrump doesn't like it though. #coronavirus #DoctorsOnlyPressConferences
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Let this sink in ... @realDonaldTrump is suing someone for running an ad that is playing audio of exactly what he said #CoronavirusLockdown #WorstPresidentEver
This is exactly right. #mfm reference. For all the #Muderinos out there.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Made my own copy. Better safe than sorry.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Dear @realDonaldTrump, TRUTH. HURTS. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 So will Nov 2020.
How the hell can they try cease and desist on a campaign ad? **Literally his recorded voice. Trump is such a baby.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Jesus Christ! Someone PLEaSe ENVOKE #25thAmendmentNow! He is killing people all for his ego, for his re-election. He could give a s*it about anyone! #TrumpLiesPeopleDie
Trump doesn't want the American public to know about this video of his words, so i'm sharing it and i hope you will too! #ThankYouBernie
Doing my part. And sharing. Paying it forward.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
What in it is false or misleading?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
He’s going after free speech now, is he?
Hes such a piece of shit . How could ppl not see him for who he was and vote for the MF ?Yall trumpers are the most imbecillic people on this planet.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just saw it like a minute ago! Excellent and TRUE ad.
PrioritiesUSA received a desist and desist letter from the Trump admin for showing a 30 second spot implying Trump is making false claims amid the virus outbreak.

So obviously, more stupid BS from the morally bankrupt left.

#Democrats are liars
#CongratulationsAmerica this is who you elected! A man that would rather see your grandparents die than to see the stock market crash!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Trump said it, it must be real? Why would he be so pissed at people sharing his exact words? Wouldn’t that help his campaign? 😂😂😂 He’s so going down Nov 2020
Share this with your American friends & Australians too ! #coronavirusau #auspol #australialockdown
Wait! Are you saying that @RealDonaldtRump does NOT want us watching or sharing the video in your tweet?

That’s good to know. I definitely would want people to watch or retweet that video.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Share Share Share this!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
What’s his problem? Those are HIS words. He needs to be held accountable for those words.
Friggin brilliant!!! The ad that is. Bc it's 45 making an ass of himself. 😍😍😍
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Which means I will retweet is as many times as I can.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
You mean cease, and desist for telling the truth? TRUMP CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
In reply to @JasonShiflett1
Just like this vid will say more than talking to you will…
Someone make a version for Duterte's comments.
Open your eyes America. Please!
Share this video, keep the pressure on, never let Trump and the GOP forget their criminal negligence in a time of crisis, condemning untold number of American citizens to death for their financial interests and greed.

In reply to @Amy_Siskind
I recall reading @TeamTrump’s № 1 outlay was a defamation law firm (they’ve already sued @nytimes). Seems their plan [if these old men survive #covid] is fight every campaign commercial that shares @potus’ words. Screw these bastards. RT.…
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
I recall reading @TeamTrump’s № 1 outlay was a defamation law firm (they’ve already sued @nytimes). Seems their plan [if these old men survive #covid] is fight every campaign commercial that shares @potus’ words. Screw these bastards. RT.…
Please do not retweet this ad. It would embarrass the Trump administration and discredit its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In reply to @kirstenmerrill
and this
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Going to retweet this every time I see it.
This is very effective and it seems @realDonaldTrump doesn’t like it
Well, Trump.wants the commercial showing quotes of his stupidity while in denial abt coronavieus removed. So of course, I'll retweet it and urge everyone to do the same. @realDonaldTrump is a liar and the world needs a record of what he said & how he acted @RussParrShow @JoeBiden
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
It's 100% accurate, so they can throw the letter in the trash.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA I wish them luck with that strategy.
An old post of mine to a Russian troll during the invasion of Ukraine. You fight lies with well produced truth. This is the front line. Fight Trump/Kremlin attempt to kill the 1st Amendment. It's our last line of defense. There is no Republic 2.0.…
President Death is so stupid he didn't realize that his petition for a cease and desist order on the truth would backfire.

In reply to @Amy_Siskind
The POTUS, his administration, the GOP, Fox propaganda network and his enablers are responsible for every #Covid_19 deaths in America. #NotDyingForWallStreet #BailOutThePeople #WhereAreTheTests #WhereAreTheMasks #VentilatorShortage #TrumpMassMurderer #Resist #Biden2020
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Been doing it for hours!! Keep retweeting everyone👍👍👍👍
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Heck I downloaded it. If they make it disappear, up it will pop 😁
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
If the ad isn't breaking any laws how can they demand that?
Nothing infuriates Trump more than being accurately quoted.
tRump doesn’t want this ad to be aired?

Well, we should make sure it is shared far and wide, then.

Because anything the orange turd wants hidden is definitely something I’m willing to fight to keep in the public realm.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
This is also a really good video documenting Trump's downplaying of the threat of COVID19.
RT far and wide RTRTRTRT !!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
This is a GREAT and HONEST ad that plays several times daily on ALL the major networks here in Pennsylvania where Covid19 is blowing up and advancing daily. It's a good reminder to all who voted him in how incompetent and deadly Trump is.
Imagine taking the time during a pandemic to try to shut down criticism because it hurts your feelings. The President is a petulant silly spoiled child. His enablers should be ashamed of their failure to steer him in a better direction.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
The TV stations better fight back.😠
I hope they keep pumping out these ads using his exact words to show the public how dangerous he is.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump you’re a #traitor and an incompetent suit incapable of filling the office of president. #NotMyPresident.

Sorry not sorry. I have respect for the Office of the President, and absolutely zero respect for its current occupant. The video is not fake comments, or comments taken out of context. His recklessness about this pandemic is costing lives.
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
Hey, @realDonaldTrump I thought you loved all of your “best words”? Then you should be loving this ad, because it helps people “really get it”!
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
They can remove it, but just like the coronavirus, it has already spread all over the internet. Maybe it'll be gone in April when it gets hot?
In reply to @Amy_Siskind
They are just using his words with data There's no lie
Well if Trump doesn't want Americans to see this ad then obviously no one should RT it.
Trump campaign wants this add removed 👇

Please RT. RT. @RT


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