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George Bush hesitated for 7 minutes on 9/11. It was his 1st year in office & he was with children. Donald Trump did nothing for 7 weeks when he was informed about Covid19. It was his 4th year in office & he was with experts. Trump chose to ignore the threat. That’s unforgivable.

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Ok but, and I can’t stress this enough, do not rehabilitate George Bush. We are still REELING from the surveillance apparatus the Patriot Act put in place, and we are still locked in the conflicts that his illegal invasion (that his admin lied about to justify!) initiated.
and what did bush do after those 7 minutes
Reminder to everyone: We can rightly shit on Trump for his own crimes, cruelty, and narcissism without rewriting the horrific, murderous legacy of George W. Bush.
mfs in quarantine bored as shit trynna make george bush look good
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Amazing that we're now making comparisons to Dubya, like those were the good old days. I mean sure, he was a dolt under the sway of war criminals, but he never collaborated with the Russians or let a pandemic break out.
folks if you ever catch yourself lauding Bush’s response to 9/11, take a moment to pause and not do that for any reason
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For all the faults GWB possessed his heart was GENERALLY in the right place. I have a lot of problems with the man but history has shown that he was swayed by those with an agenda who took his simple world view and weaponized it. Trump can't be defended. He's corrupt to the bone
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It's nice that you forgive Bush for killing 600,000 Iraqis. Many Iraqis don't, who knows why
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Why is #BlueMAGA constantly trying to rewrite history to make Bush into a good guy? Do you not remember the Iraq War or his handling of Hurricane Katrina?
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What’s unforgivable is China lying and keeping it hidden. THAT is why we are in this mess
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I was no fan of Bush but I always thought the criticism of him there was so unfair. He was with little kids, I imagine his thoughts were how do I not alarm them and oh shit our country is under attack.
What, Bush was a fuckin Intern or something? Fuck this comparison bullshit, Bush sucked ass too
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I'm certainly no fan of W, but there wasn't a damn thing that he could have done in those 7 minutes that would have changed anything. And he showed equal measures of leadership and compassion in the aftermath.
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Yeah no, we're not rehabilitating GWB, stop it.
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And get this: They’re both shit
and then what did he do lol cmon now
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I don't really believe in karma, but when I think of Trump boasting about the greatest economy a thousand times and mocking the virus as a hoax, I have to wonder.
I don't like the tone of this. Let's not rehab Bush.
Nope. Sorry. Not rehabilitating a war criminal because ‘orange man bad’.
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Yeah and what did Bush do after he finished hesitating, Ken?
The bottom line. Trump is inept.

All of his lying and blaming media/Dems/China/Obama/etc... is an attempt to cover-up so his #MAGA cult won't know.
We are not propping up George W, that's what we not doing 😭😭
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Is this supposed to be a favorable depiction of W? Lol because we all know what happens next
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yeah and then his decision led to..... killing 600,000 people in the iraq war
* New Orleans and our cousins on the Gulf Coast have entered the chat *
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I was never a Bush fan, but he wasn't a Morn.
I don't understand this comparison. If it's about being informed about a pending threat, the Bush Administration had been told to prepare for a pending attack since at least July and they dismissed it. Why are you all so determined to lay this uniquely at the hands of Trump?
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I'm not a huge W fan, but the fact that he didn't lose his shit in that moment was ok. He honestly didn't need to jump up, run out and scare the bejeezus out those children. Seven minutes to wrap your head around something that massive is ok.
google image search fallujah birth defects
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Can someone explain the need for so many to erase the evil regime that was the Bush administration? In addition to the destructive and consequential domestic and foreign policies (which cost millions of lives), did you all forget the handling of Hurricane Katrina?
that's right we need bold action like bush took after 9/11 to *checks notes* embolden the surveillance state, strengthen inhumane immigration enforcement, and start illegal oil wars.
Democrats have learned nothing and forgotten everything
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I forgot Bush was reading to children in Florida. He wasn’t the best president, but he was a decent man. Trump is the worst president ever and a despicable person.
Hey real quick what did George bush do right after that
In reply to @kenolin1
He has not once mentioned sorrow for everyone who is sick and dying with this disease. All he talks about is himself, the cruise industry, Beoing, and the stock market. He has left so many feeling helpless and hopeless
In reply to @kenolin1
Not just ignore the threat, but downplay it & outright lie about it. 😡
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Bush said he didn’t want to scare the kids. Trump doesn’t give a shit about kids. Or anyone else.
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Bush put a commissioner from the International Arabian Horse Association in charge of disaster preparedness and FEMA in the run-up to Hurricane Katrina. It was an unmitigated disaster. Stop doing this revisionism.
George W Bush ran this country like a dictatorship for 4 years, invaded two sovereign nations on false pretenses (killing a million civilians), oversaw the massive expansion of domestic spying powers, and everyone who disagreed with him was treated as a traitor. Come on
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As if Hillary was a better option.. talk about unforgivable. Get out of here 🙄
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So, ideally, what we’re supposed to do - in the face of Trump - is recognize failures and try to improve, not rationalize and minimize old failures and lower the bar. And by failures, I mean massive, horrific, unforgivable acts of war and destruction.
And Bush responded by committing some of the most deplorable war crimes of our age. Stop normalizing monsters
We're not fucking rehabilitating George Bush, stop it.
In reply to @kenolin1
Every deplorable who voted for that mofo is unforgiven far as I’m concerned
George Bush may not have been the tallest shrub in the garden, but he had a heart.
it does not count if after he finished hesitating he ramped up islamophobia, started torturing people at guantanamo bay, created a surveillance state and eventually started a war on false pretenses that killed hundred of millions of people
In reply to @kenolin1
If Republicans had any decency or respect for this country, they’d insist he’d resign.
Y’all just forget he left a city full of black people to die???
In reply to @kenolin1
is it possible that there can be more than one bad person at once? i don't know, i just thought of this
In reply to @kenolin1
You say unforgivable and I say treasonous.
This dumbass tweet keeps coming up on my tl and every time it does I lose 4 months off my life. I’m begging you guys do not do this do not rehab George Bush more than one person can be bad at a time I promise
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No way to legitimize the illegitimate puppet in the WH. #COVID19 #TrumpVirusCoverup pic.twitter.com/Tqgp7pW93r
next motherfucker to compare george w bush favorably to trump is getting their kneecaps split with a waffle iron
In reply to @kenolin1
In reply to @kenolin1
Additionally, and equally unforgivable, is *why* he refused to take action. Like everything else ... for HIM and his electability.
we stan a POTUS who doesn't hesitate in mobilizing national tragedy towards regime change
In reply to @kenolin1
I know this, YOU know this, but how in the world do I get other people who believe in him to hear this. That is the question I don't have the answer to.
In reply to @kenolin1
Trump continued to party at Mar-a-lago 6 weeks after the first coronavirus patient was diagnosed in the US. politico.com/news/2020/03/1…
y’all are rlly comparing a foreign virus to an act of terrorism? people will really blame anything on Trump
Are you really privileged enough to not even acknowledge the thousands upon thousands of innocent lives Bush took in the Middle East? Ignoring the fact that he took advantage of such a tragedy to further power the executive while making bank via corrupt deals with Saudi Arabia?
Heero Yuy hesitated for .7 seconds before detonating his own Gundam to keep the Colonies safe from a planned missile barrage from space fortress Barge. George Bush hesitated for 7 minutes before plunging us into illegal forever wars that gave us ISIS. That's unforgivable.
shut the fuck up he killed a million people in iraq you fucking lunatic
In reply to @kenolin1
Ignoring the threat fits with his overall agenda. This is not a surprise. It will continue to get worse. We’ll be lucky to get to the election. They’re #Winning we’re losing. We’re dying they’re getting more rich and powerful. Decisive legal action is needed to end trump’s reign!
The UK public and the MSM should be asking the same questions of Boris Johnson.

All those MSM hacks praising Boris Johnson need to hang their heads in shame.
Now do Hurricane Katrina...
Funny how it was you and your ilk that decried Trump restricting travel from China in January as "racist" but then turn around and claim he did nothing. Let's gauge his response to Obama's H1N1 response and aftermath or are you too busy high fiving yourself over your "sick burn"?
In reply to @kenolin1
I work in mortgage and live in Washington. We pull a fraud alert that will give FEMA alerts for natural disasters. Specifically for damage to property. The alert we get now is biological as of March 20th. Incident start date shows JANUARY 20TH. Let that sink in.
George Bush killed millions of people

You can say "thing bad" without digging up compliments for a fascist
Guess I’ll just copy and paste the same damn thing for all those ignorant and/or purposefully misleading:

POTUS banned all foreign nationals who were in China during the time of the outbreak from entering the US back in January and y’all lost your minds.
In reply to @kenolin1
Don't whitewash Bush. He was given a threat assessment about a potential domestic attack in late August of 2001.
The MSM giving W. shit about completing his reading of The Baby Goat for a decade may not be the best thing to remind me of if you're going to launch an MSM-driven attack on Trump, particularly if you're going to lie by omitting the China travel restrictions.
We don’t need to rehabilitate George Bush to recognize the COVID-19 response is also horrendous.

Part of the reason nobody cares about how Iranians are struggling w/ COVID-19, nor the attempts at altering No Ban Act in response, is the dehumanization Bush greatly contributed to
There is no longer any reason not to continue to #Impeach

Quit treating this lying, corrupt, incompetent, coward, traitor as a legitimate president deserving respect

@gop @potus @realdonaldtrump needs to be prosecuted and removed

Vote @TheDemocrats @dnc @thedemcoalition @dscc pic.twitter.com/mE4vbDVYy0
KATRINA!!!! Remember that?! Black Americans were heavily affect by the mismanagement and lack of preparation in the relief effort. Don’t ever redeem George Bush.
I would like to take this moment to remind you that you do not, under any circumstances, “gotta hand it to em”
Really?! 😐😐😐😐😐😐 Dubya can go to hell
Can we not talk about the shit job that Trump is doing without lionizing a piece of crap like W?
Isn't George Bush's disastrous mishandling of Hurricane Katrina a bit closer to what we're dealing with?
did we forget that bush had credible information that bin Laden was planning to strike in the US?
Nobody remembers Katrina huh
Bush received intelligence briefings about the threat of an attack as early as May 2001 but yeah sure
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