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Holy freaking hell. A nursing manager at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC just died from coronavirus. Nurses at the hospital have been wearing trash bags because of the lack of protective gear. nypost.com/2020/03/25/wor…

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This is how the wealthiest nation in the history of the world treats those on the front lines of a pandemic
This is the real "American carnage," Donald Trump. You did this.
Meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump has been watching cable news and tweeting out his own personal petty grievances. His negligence has delivered greater death to the United States.
The wealthiest nation in the world has front-line health workers wearing trash bags.

The ruling class has chosen this for us.
Meanwhile we have specialized units of the NYPD decked out in SWAT gear and equipped with AR-15s ready in a minute to take down teenagers on the subway for jumping the turnstile.
In the United States. In 2020. The richest nation in the world won’t pay for protective gear for healthcare workers in the midst of a pandemic.

Mr President, invoke the Defense Production Act. Save lives. This shouldn’t be this hard.
Good lord. This is why we can’t be open for business again by Easter Sunday. Because we are going to kill the most important people in America. The healthcare staff. The rest of the people working at this hospital must be terrified for their lives. This is so infuriating/scary.
The abysmal and inhumane treatment or doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers (and receptionists too!) on the frontlines, in this crisis, is a stain on this country - the richest country in the history of the world! - and should never ever be forgotten or forgiven. FFS.
Never forget that for decades the political establishment has told us we need endless bombs and wars and fighter jets and police and prison cells to be safe even as it didn't bother to stock up on fucking medical masks for nurses. Fuck every last one of them.
Is there a more literal expression of the way our deranged economic system treats care workers than nurses being forced to wear garbage bags in the midst of this pandemic, as they pay the price for caring for others with their lives????
they deserve better.
America is showing itself right now.
Every day, I get people clapping back at me that I am overstating the problem when I talk about doctors and nurses being at risk. Every day, I hope I am wrong. Today, I was not.
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This is beyond tragic and heartbreaking. And here's a PSA. Everyone should be taking extra precautions not to land themselves in the ER right now. that includes kids. Keep them off of scooters, skateboards, bikes, and anything else that could land them in the ER with a fracture.
This is the second NY Nurse in as many days to die because of you @realDonaldTrump



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How the world's richest country ran out of face masks. nytimes.com/2020/03/25/opi…
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Why is Trump not being IMMEDIATELY impeached and removed for this? He's going to kill thousands. He's literally targeting "blue" states for reprisals. He's killing people, on purpose.
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This from the world’s most expensive healthcare system. It has to be really comforting when you roll into intensive care unable to breath and you look over at your nurse and they are protected by a garbage bag. Many thanks to our healthcare professionals for fighting on.
If I were a member of Congress, I'd be demanding from @hhsgov:
- A detailed itemized list of everything in the national stockpile
- A detailed list of all PPE and ventilator requests HHS has received from the states
- An itemized list of how much of that need has been covered
به دليل نبود لباس مناسب در بيمارستانى در نيويورك، پرستاران از كيسه زباله استفاده مى كنند!
پمپئو به جاى كمك به ايران به بيمارستان هاى نيويورك كمك كند.
remember how everyone was insisting that we pay the most because we have the best medical care in the world
i bet if you sent this image back in time to december people would not believe this was taken in an american hospital
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America, 2020, and nurses are wearing trash bags for protection. All the while Trump is whining about HIS media coverage. No one will believe it who hasn't lived through this time.
This is the hospital where both of our kids were born.
Directora de enfermería del Hospital Monte Sinaí de #NYC murió de #COVIDー19. Las enfermeras han tenido que usar bolsas de basura por la falta de equipos de protección. ¿Será que con el anuncio de @thejusticedept se buscaba desviar la atención sobre este tipo de incidentes? ⬇️⬇️
The current occupant of the White House & his administration have blood on their hands.

He ignored this pandemic to try to save the stock market & his re-election bid.

Let’s never forgot how his cruel negligence will lead to unnecessary pain & death. #TrumpVirus
Trump is killing our heroes because New York hates him. I will never, ever see this any other way.
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Some of the BEST hospitals in the U.S. have not received ANY equipment from our government. THIS IS #DEPLORABLE !!
Where are the billionaires? How about the millionaires? The government? Big pharma and the for-profit health insurers? What an embarrassment.
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Not science fiction, not the future, not a third-world country. Here, Now. Please do what you can to spread the world.
نتیجه #تحریم ها علیه #آمریکا این چنین در بیمارستانهای نیویورک خود را نشان میدهد!؟؟!
این تصویر برسد به دست
و رونوشت به @SecPompeo
جهت اطلاع و پیگیری!
America 2020. Rich get richer and you die because Trump won't invoke the Defense Production Act to make more supplies because of the free market and CEOs told him not to.

You should have a righteous fury after reading this.
America is a lot closer to being a third-world country than most people think.
This is a nightmare. The staff at Mt. Sinai saved my life when I had liver surgery 3 years ago. It’s insane that Trump won’t just do the defense production act. This is on him.
No tienen ni batas médicas para ofrecer a sus enfermeras en NYC pero sí tienen 15.000.000 para ofrecer por Maduro.

Van más de 1.000 muertos por Covid-19 en EEUU.
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My mom is a RESPIRATORY THERAPIST the people who actually intubate and vent these patients and they don’t have PPE while dealing with patients, unless and until it’s a confirmed positive— days later. It’s beyond ridiculous.
america is a third world country
DuPont racing to ramp up production of Tyvek hazmat suits as essential protection for healthcare workers, per @HeidiNBC nbcnews.com/health/health-…
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On personal protective equipment (PPE) the situation is dire everywhere. In Colorado, there are reports of sowing stations at hospitals and in New York nurses are wearing trash bags. (12/16)
This is awful and unacceptable.
Even the hospitals in world's largest metropolitan isn't equipped with PPEs. One F16 costs $20 mil, imagine how many PPE kits US can buy by selling one F16?

The US immediately needs a policy shift from 'national security state' to 'social security'.

Yours Truly
Gulalai & Ismat
#CoronavirusNYC is not yet at it’s highest # of cases. Most won’t require hospitalization. The problem is too many will. And we haven’t been able to get health care workers what they need because #Trump hasn’t required manufacturers to produce them.
Personal médico en Mt. Sinai en Nueva York, uno de los mejores hospitales del mundo, usando bolsas de basura como equipo protector. Fuerte imagen de cómo está la cosa hoy en EEUU con el coronavirus
National shame.

"Nurses at the hospital have been wearing trash bags because of the lack of protective gear".
Cuomo’s team just addressed this story. They said they have enough PPE and spoke directly to Mt Sinai. Cuomo suggested there might have been a “distribution” issue, but they have enough PPE.

Seems to be a disconnect?
OMG!! We are supposedly one of the richest countries and our nurses and doctors are using trash bags for protection. 😭

I applaud them for thinking outside the box but it’s also sad that they have to do this!
¿Y si los millones de dólares que ofrece el gobierno de Estados Unidos por altos mandos venezolanos mejor los invierte en infraestructura sanitaria, en utensilios médicos para que sus enfermeras en Nueva York no tengan que usar bolsas de basura en lugar de protección adecuada?
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Are you even paying attention. NYC hospitals using refrigerator trucks as temp morgues. Thanks to this admin we will run out of cemeteries before ventilators. National Lockdown. Now.
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So sad the governor and hospital admin did nothing to prepare for a major outbreak.
Pobre Venezuela. Miren como mandan a las enfermeras a combatientes el coronavirus. Con bolsas de basura.

Ah no, es Nueva York y su capitalismo y libre mercado qué "se regula solo".
دولت ترامپ چنان فرصت‌سوزی و خرابکاری کرده که در برخی بیمارستان‌های آمریکا پزشکان و پرستاران به خاطر فقدان پوشش حفاظتی مخصوص #کرونا، از کیسه زباله استفاده می‌کنند.

یک پرستار ارشد اخیرا در بیمارستانی در نیویورک فوت کرده.
Holy freaking hell. 3000 babies were chopped up and sucked out of the womb TODAY. And there will be 3000 more tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day and .... Where’s ur outrage about THAT?
Even as the federal government prepares to authorize $trillions to bail out corporate America, nurses don't have masks, patients don't have ventilators, and homeless shelters in San Francisco are having to close their doors. Shame.
The US and UK, both massively wealthy countries, both unable to provide their doctors and nurses with adequate PPE. I wonder what we have in common? #idiotsincharge
The myth that is the USA.
This is world's most developed country..
American nurses are being forced to wear fucking garbage bags in the richest city in our country and yet the vile private health insurance companies claim they are the only thing standing between us and collapsing hospitals
People are dying, including the doctors and nurses who risk their lives to keep us safe, because a petty, vindictive, childish, brain-dead man-baby thinks Governor Cuomo "wasn't nice and respectful enough" to him to warrant getting life-saving aid or supplies.
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This is heartbreaking. They will never know the appreciation and compassion that a world of strangers feel for them and their families. ❤️
In a whole America. I am shook.

Pls Nigerians.

We need to get a handle on this asap.

#socialdistancing is our only option

We need to #flattenthecurve
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Make America Ashamed should be Trump's slogan.
This is as morally outrageous as it was utterly preventable.

the same country that has spent $6.4 trillion on wars in the middle east also has nurses wearing garbage bags in the middle of a pandemic
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#TeaParty #FreeDumbCaucus When you gut government you end up with a 3rd World Country. Congrats
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As their co-workers begin to suffer from coronavirus, our health care workers morale will plummet. I can't imagine the impact to morale as their co-workers begin to die. #HealthcareHeroes
Onde é isto? Hospital da periferia em São Paulo? Não. É no Mt. Sinai Hospital em Nova York: enfermeiras usam sacos de lixo para se protegerdes infecção por coronavírus porque falta material melhor
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The criminal-in-chief is responsible for this
Quarantine facility thakuga wifi nulibigen noonee room service nulibigen alhugandu men dhivehin ulheykah nuvey. Dhuniyeyge bodethi gaumu thakuga haalu huri goiy mee. #BeGrateful
Donald Trump's inaction and incompetence regarding #Coronavirus has and will continue to result in a dramatic increase in deaths throughout the country he's sworn to preserve, protect, and defend.
we are not a super power, we can't even make fucking masks anymore or scrubs or tests
Today Trump said the federal government “has delivered or is in the process of shipping” :

-9.4 million N95 respirators
-20 million surgical masks
-3.1 million face shields
-2.6 million surgical gowns
-14.6 million gloves

If not here, to WHERE?
#USA unzählige Milliarden für Rüstung und Militär, aber Pflegekräfte müssen Mülltüten als "Schutzausrüstung" tragen, da nicht vorgesorgt wurde!
Do Americans seriously think nurses in Communist Cuba ever have to wear trash bags as protective equipment - even under an illegal US warship blockade for decades?
All of you still comparing the Iranian government's response to COVID-19 to the sorry state of affairs in the US need to reevaluate your worldview.
А в богатейшей стране мира, в Нью-Йорке медсестры носят мешки для мусора из-за отсутствия защитного снаряжения. Там менеджер (медсестер) только что умерла.
¿Acaban de empezar y ya están así?
Enfermeras en el Mt Sinai de NY. Con *trajes* hechos de bolsas de basura. Hasta dónde llega la incompetencia del Gobierno de los comunistas feminazis. O algo.
We are not a first world country.
“...had severe asthma but was otherwise healthy.”
Медсестры в госпитале Нью-Йорка надевают для защиты мусорные мешки, потому что специальной одежды нет. Старшая медсестра этого госпиталя недавно умерла от коронавируса...
Wealthiest country in the world.
Staff at one of New York's top hospitals reduced to wearing trash bags to protect themselves.

One of them tragically passed away.

If this had happened at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh, by now entire liberal media, led by clown price and courtiers, would have demanded Yogi resign.
Someone tweeted a thread the other day about how proud they were to be an American right now.

What pride is there in a country that boasts itself as the richest, most powerful moral force but can’t even give basic protection to its healthcare workers?

Embarrassing & criminal.
Our heroic medical workers need our support
This is absolutely insane. This needs to be broadcast to the entire world because the USA is not a properly functioning country. This represents failure on an existential level.
This virus is so sad bro ... 😔
this is fucking awful. NYC is the epicenter of the outbreak in the US. half of NY state’s cases are in NYC. if the caregivers aren’t able to stay alive, exactly *how* is any sick person going to recover?
I do wonder how much mileage you could get out of this image from the FDD and people like Mike Doran if you instead captioned it: "Nurses in Tehran have to use garbage bags for protective gear."
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