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In reply to @gaeliclass149
Same here in my hospital, I got nurses ready to abandoned ship, screaming at me and I'm the supervisor, its getting crazy and I've been here in the ER since 5:45am, its crazy and you are right it's a war zone & the battle has just begun...Jesus help us!😷
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We hear you. We are grateful to you and your colleagues. And we are sorry our government is letting you down. What can we do to help? 🙏
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We see you. We hear you. And we thank you on behalf of our own families for the work you are doing to save others. 🙏🏻
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I understand found a nurse crying in the med room today. Scared. Scared its in the building and we just dont know yet.
This shook me. Our health care workers are telling us what they need, what is happening to people getting sick, and that our response isn't going far enough.

Every single one of my colleagues needs to read this. We need to do more.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Bless you. Please know we are all praying for you and are grateful for you.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Our government has failed us.
Our medical workers are heroes.
Stay home.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Bring this anger in November and beyond. #Resist #Persist
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for your everything! You are a true hero and we are all praying for you
In reply to @gaeliclass149
please have your coworkers copy down this number use these mental health workers to help you all get through this this is been my biggest fear and I think that above everybody you are would need this the most. Thank you for showing up every day and thank you for trying to help us pic.twitter.com/jjGe5NQKsg
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you and everyone else who works in hospitals right now. You did not sign up to be in a war zone with no supplies or support from the generals. We do see you & we do care & we are putting all the pressure we can on our elected officials to try to get you more support.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We see you. We love you. Mama of NICU nurse here. She’s working 12hr shifts for days in a row. There doing everything they can to protect the babies from this. Roommate is an ER nurse & she’s working the same. They’re exhausted, stressed, scared. Thank you. ♥️
In reply to @gaeliclass149
You are seen. Some of us are trying to send backup. Thank you for your service and your warning.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
But Lindsey @LindseyGrahamSC thinks everyone is lazy . The GOP is ruled by vile men #GOPBetrayedAmerica @gop
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We appreciate you. All of you. Your strength. Your bravery. Your dedication. You're all heroes.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Terter, THANK YOU FOR BEING A LIFESAVER! You and your colleagues are HEROES! I know how much empathy it takes to be a nurse, and forcing all of you to endure this tragedy breaks my heart. My very best wishes to you and your coworkers that you stay safe and COVID-free. 😽💙 pic.twitter.com/mfCIngkJI1
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We all see you. And we are so grateful to you.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck New Jersey -- ‘It looks like a war zone’: 2 docs say hospitals are under siege, supplies running low. nj.com/coronavirus/20…
You are heroes and we see you. Sending so much love and know that we are with you.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
You’re on the front lines in this war and unarmed. I’m so very sorry. I can not imagine being in your shoes. Please know how much you are appreciated. I hope your hospital provides support to staff.
In reply to @RawheaD
こちらはニュージャージーのナースか。 「今日はERで12時間労働。患者5人に挿管して、患者4人が死んだ。熟練のナースが倉庫に隠れて泣いてるのを目撃された。文字通りこれは戦争地帯であり、戦いは始まったばかり。戦線は崩壊寸前、あとは自力で戦って」
“I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators.” - The President of the United States, tonight.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Do you guys have personal protection gear? What hospital are you at??
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Both my wife and daughter are ER nurses. Both are furious and terrified but refuse to quit. You and they are going through hell, and you're bona fide heroes in my book.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We see you and we're sending you all the strength and the best vibes we can possibly come up with. Stay strong please. We realize this must seem like more than anyone can take but you guys CANNOT GIVE UP right now.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for all you are doing.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for all you are doing. Too much is being asked of you, and yet somehow you got through the day. Get some rest. Take care of yourself, even for a few moments.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I don’t even have anything to say. It’s all been said and it doesn’t seem to matter. 😓 pic.twitter.com/TxTkYmiqfK
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I see you. I see you from 4,000 miles away. I see your pain. I see your hard work. I see your humanity. And I thank you, not because I'm from Jersey or the USA but because you care.
In case anyone is wondering — this is a legit account. Posted stuff about her work as a nurse long before the current crisis (saying this because some of you in denial will inevitably cry “fake”).

This is a disaster.
People the battle is real..my fellow nurses hang on we will win this war!....😷
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what it must be like to do your job right now. But bravo to you for caring & doing it. Americans owe the medical profession a debt of gratitude
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I retired last year after 45 yrs, I’ve had the double shift that never seems to end but tomorrow was always better somehow, not for this though, tomorrow is worse & y’all keep going in anyway. Immense gratitude & recognition for the toll you are willing to pay.
Thank you for what you do. Your efforts will help get us through this. God bless.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
So so sorry for you nurses and doctors. thank you for taking care of us. if it was not for the medical people we would be in a very bad situation.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We owe everything to the medical professionals on the frontline ❤️❤️
In reply to @gaeliclass149
You are not failing. You are heroes. Thank you.
A whole America o.

Pls I know I have been talking about this Coronavirus since January, even before WHO did naming ceremony and called it #COVID19

But we must take it seriously.

#socialdistancing #flattenthecurve
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I am so sorry what you and your co-workers are going through. You are heroes. Wishing you strength.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
But MAGA trolls keep saying keep saying it's not so bad. @MattWalshBlog insists we're all overreacting.
Elect a billionaire they said.

It'll be fine they said.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
After spending time in the ICU with a parent, I so get this. I think I still have PTSD from that experience because this tweet made me cry. The job of an ICU nurse is normally so demanding, I cannot even imagine what it's like now. Get good sleep & try to stay focused.
America is suffering terribly 😳 And there still are no real signs of the government taking the epidemic seriously.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for all you do. I called a friend who works at a Seattle area hospital. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was napping but she was obviously crying. I told her I loved her but she couldn’t even answer back. This is just horrific.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I'm so sorry. We all keep praying for you folks!
Thank you for your commitment and caring. Damn. PEOPLE, read this.
I’ve been intubated 6 times the last 4 years. Was dead for a minute twice. It’s a miracle I’m still here. But for sure if I were to catch this virus, I won’t make it at all. You might but I won’t. Protect yourself and others.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Are you seeing this yet? New info out of Ohio. It's more than just fever and cough now... Everyone needs to just #SitYerButtAtHome if you feel unwell. fox8.com/news/coronavir…
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I see you, Phlebotomist here, U.S. Army Medic, Veteran!
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Stay safe strong and Healthy, I see you I hear you, please get some rest, my heart and prayers to you.
From New Jersey.

I haven’t confirmed the ID, but this report corresponds to what I saw on video from China and Italy.

a nurse quit because a patient walked in with possible COVID. she was scared. we’re fucking scared.
it’s insane how people aren’t taking this seriously. people are DYING.
👩‍⚕️ 🥼 👨‍⚕️ 💔❤️


Thank you for all you and your colleagues are doing everyday~
In reply to @gaeliclass149
My goodness! I think of the reports of medical staff in war zones from centuries ago & how that must feel today. We appreciate you & your sacrifices.
Very sorry you are going through this. Please know, we are ALL with you. We aren't able to help in a tangible way but we ARE with you. We are hurting with you. We are crying with you. Our hearts are breaking with you.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I know I have seen this exact phrasing (with proper punctuation) last week. Beware.
This has not been addressed anywhere on the media, but hospitals and medical staffs will all need help dealing with PTSD for years after - if - COVID19 is finally contained.

@Lawrence @maddow @NicolleDWallace
This is what nurses are dealing with @LindseyGrahamSC you idiot.
We see you, Terter. We see you and we cannot begin to thank you for your enormous efforts.

Please, everyone. Please #StayHome to help #FlattenTheCurve.

Our healthcare workers are in a war zone, and we're just at the beginning.

In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you—-a thousand times.
An impassioned tweet of warning from an ER worker.
This is going to get way worse before it gets better. Stay safe everyone.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for all you and your fellow workers are doing for us! pic.twitter.com/vI0KwxURUV
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I'm so sorry Trump has failed you guys.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you for your hard work. Can we help in any way? Does your hospital need masks/meals, etc?
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We see you. We hear you. We will not forget what you're doing for us. Take strength from that if you can.


In reply to @gaeliclass149
My sister is a nurse here in Seattle. She has been working long hours and she said that the cases are just so sad. She is now sick and in quarantine at the hospital. I am scared. I am angry. Why has the fed govt failed them?
Yet Trump’s approval rating is at an all time high. People are dying because of his inaction, and those who once disapproved of his job are now happy with it. I don’t understand 2020.
The absolute fucking insanity of acting like things will be better by Easter makes me viscerally angry.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
I'm so sorry that you and your colleagues weren't set up to win this fight. Our government failed you, but we citizens appreciate you all. What can we do to help you guys feel supported and cared for?
Holy Name Med Ctr in Teaneck, NJ 👇🏼
These people are our heroes.
We couldve been mobilizing for this weeks ago. 💔
I know you already know it, but some other people out there need to have it shoved in their face on a daily basis.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
We love you. We see that you are our heroes and THE MOST courageous of all of us.
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Thank you. Medical workers are so selfless during this extremely trying time. Where are the tests?
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Please know that we are grateful and we are praying for all of you and your patients. Tell your team that we are so sorry you all have to go through this. We are also staying home to help.
An ER nurse: ‘You guys are on your own now’

#StayHome protect yourself
#RentStrike protect resources
#GeneralStrike to save lives & fight for our communities
#solidarity with the #frontlines

#COVID19 #pandemia #fascism #NotMeUs #M4A #BernieOrVest
Not to minimize what is happening around the world but I have faith in South African doctors to handle this crisis because this happens in about 2 hours on a busy trauma call every weekend of the month
In reply to @gaeliclass149
Sending you love and strength. Thank you for your heroic work.
This is what our healthcare providers are dealing with.

They go to work every single day to keep us safe.

They put their lives and emotional wellbeing on the line.

We will never be able to thank them enough.
"The front line is failing, you guys are on your own now "
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