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Bernie fucking flaming everyone on the senate floor just now
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Every word of this rant is true. Republican objections and hand-wringing over the working poor getting a few dollars more for four months is eye-rolling given how cool they were with stuffing $1 trillion in tax cuts into the hands of megacorps who are back begging for a bailout.
you鈥檒l never convince me this dude lost every county in Michigan. sorry.
I really don't know how folks can see someone fighting for them like this and decide "no, actually, I want the person who will do nothing for me."
my baby. you deserve to be president. I am so sorry
This man should be our next President.
I wish he was our president.
Let鈥檚 stop fucking around and get some basic sanity and elect him President
I'm sorry but if you don't like this guy there is something wrong with you
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He is the President we need; but he is not the president we as a nation deserve. Bernie is so good for this country.
reminder that he also found time earlier tonight to break down the details for the folks at home. thank you @BernieSanders
When I was 5 or 6, I went to a classmate鈥檚 birthday party. The kid and his parents kept acting shitty to some of the kids, including myself. My mom grabbed the gift we brought, said 鈥済o fuck yourself鈥 to the parents, and we left. This is the same energy and I鈥檓 here for it.
I get why the reactionary house-flipper psychopaths of the GOP's online base would dislike this, but at this moment I just don't get Democrats who do. I'm biased towards him, because I admire and agree with him. But also he's fully right to be this mad.
why THE FUCK isn鈥檛 everyone voting for this man??? he鈥檚 the only one who genuinely wants to improve life for ALL americans??? and yet a man who likes to sniff little girls鈥 hair is winning. i can鈥檛
Alright I鈥檓 just gunna say it.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren seems to be holding out on an endorsement until there鈥檚 only one democratic candidate, instead of backing the only true progressive when it matters, is extremely telling. This is life and death for so many people.
Every liberal watching this dialed 911 the first time Bernie yelled.
I鈥檓 not democrat or republican, in fact I can鈥檛 even vote, but this is fantastic.
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Nothing to promote but call your reps & urge to lift sanctions on Iran, end support of Yemen war+blockade, anything else that might help real people congressionalinstitute.org/contact-congre鈥 donate to doctors without borders if u can donate.doctorswithoutborders.org/onetime.cfm
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When he is gone We need to make sure that We elect 50 representatives in his place. His thoughts, ideas, and compassion cannot end with himself. He is not the endgame He is the vanguard.
Only through corporate ratf*ckery would #HidinBiden be the choice over this man in the face of Trump during a global pandemic and possible 2nd Great Depression.
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i think this guy should be president
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only human being in the entire senate. everyone else is a marionette
If you voted for anybody else other than this man in the democratic primary I fucking hate you.
we can鈥檛 have nice things 馃挃
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ok I'm ready to devote myself entirely to a phone banking drive to make this guy the nominee against all odds, let's gooooo #Bernie2020 #BernieIsOurFDR
That guy who turns up when the work is done to tell you that you did it all wrong
It's so clear and tragic who should be the fucking president

In reply to @handleyzo
In reply to @handleyzo
That鈥檚 my president right there
terrified of bernie shouting right now. it's fucked up that he'd do this to us in these times
In grad school I won a pre doc type fellowship. It was at a quarter based system. We were on semesters. The felt chair was so concerned that I would make too much money that he manually calculated the daily difference in stipend & reported it to the grad school
Any other Dems going to step up or do we literally have an entire Senate of shit?
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It feels good to at least have one person in the senate fighting for us. Really sucks that he's pretty much the only one.
my current political affiliation is 鈥減lease give Bernie a megaphone and a flamethrower and let him use whichever he deems appropriate at the time.鈥
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How is Biden beating this guy?
100 percent agree with Bernie on this one.
In reply to @handleyzo
In reply to @handleyzo
same blessed energy as this. he clearly still has it in him. its a shame it never came out against biden. who is all the things he hates in one human being. youtu.be/Vabeos-F8Kk
Thing about capitalist media 鈥渕anufacturing consent鈥 is most Americans will never see this. They鈥檒l never hear about the credible rape allegation against Biden鈥攂ut will get edited clips of Joe鈥檚 disaster pressers that make him look good. Corporations decide what voters see & hear
If we don鈥檛 have this good brother in office we are all fucked .... LETS FUCKIN GO @BernieSanders when wrestling comes back Bernie has free tickets to @GCWrestling_ @AAWPro @aiwrestling @MLW put it on MANCERS bill
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Hot damn. Spicy Bernie is my favorite Bernie!! 馃敟馃敟
This both bangs and isn鈥檛 at all radical. Dude is just spitting the boring, rock-bottom truth
Senator who was absent & uninvolved with 99% of the negotiations has something to say about the good faith of the GOP.
In reply to @handleyzo
I make $10.50 an hour and am still at work. He is fighting directly for me.
In reply to @handleyzo
how is he not president yet
Go off 馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏
In reply to @handleyzo
Interim President Bernard Sanders
Here鈥檚 Bernie Sanders fighting for average people.

Joe Biden said "We Have To Take Care Of The Cure That Will Make The Problem Worse No Matter What".

Which one of these people do you think is a stronger leader?
This is probably the most pissed I've ever seen Bernie
Fuck him. The lazy motherfucker didn't do any of the heavy lifting actual Democrats did and now here he comes helicoptering in and grandstanding for the cameras. Wack ass mofo.
In reply to @handleyzo
Where was he for the past week when there was work to be done?
Tell me again why we're trying to elect a stop motion skeleton instead of this guy?
In reply to @handleyzo
There's still time to make this man the nominee, Democrats.

Please for the love of God if you're worried about how you're gonna pay your bills put all of your energy into making the impossible, possible.

Donate, volunteer, engage on socials, share, VOTE!
And people actually vote for Biden over this guy. I genuinely don't understand. I'm not trying to start a "bernie bro" flame war or anything but come on. Y'all fucked up REAL bad.
This is presidential! This is what an actual leader looks and sounds like! Someone who gives a shit about real people!
In reply to @handleyzo
sarcastic and fiery Bernie is the best Bernie pic.twitter.com/oUDvlUJnks
Imagine thinking this guy isnt the guy
In reply to @handleyzo
Anyone who's not excited by this guy but is voting for Biden or Trump is part of the problem and we shouldn't be trapped by them. He's not perfect, but the rest of them are SOOO bad it kills. Literally kills. They're murderers. #NotMeUs #HumanityFirst
I鈥檝e seen none of this energy, none of this fight from Biden in the midst of the pandemic. I鈥檓 fact I鈥檝e seen nothing much at all.
How can anyone not vote for this guy? Who wouldn鈥檛 want to see this kind of passion in the White House?!
In a viral speech that lit up the internet with over six million views (and still counting), Bernie Sanders gives a master class in how to admonish Republicans.

Watch Bernie rain holy hell down on Republicans who tried to lift unemployment benefits from the stimulus bill:
Too bad the USA will have to choose between two right-wing, borderline senile rapists instead of this dedicated man once this crisis is over.
In reply to @handleyzo
Or yr too greedy/ comfortable with ur access to power - to act on what is moral just -gives dignity - we grinding our boots into the face of least among us- And ask for respect Why not some out/rage WITH Bernie instead of trying to kill him all the time
I just don鈥檛 get it anymore outside of personal stubbornness how you could possibly believe this isn鈥檛 a person who wouldn鈥檛 fight for you if they were president
Sanders is an American hero. A fucking hero.
watching this made me cry, actually literally cry. he鈥檚 the only one who fucking cares
In reply to @handleyzo
I challenge anyone to show us Biden making this much sense in any 2 minute speech of his this year.
In reply to @handleyzo
Meanwhile, Biden is trying to figure out how to turn his webcam on and remember how a sentence is made.
It's impressive that he's doing this knowing full well the media won't acknowledge that he actually succeeded here and only blame him for stalling the bill, despite the important changes
absolute tribune of the people
I really needed to watch someone actually fighting for us right now
Now this is the sort of Sarcastic Socialism I can get behind. Bernie, from way beyond the arc, nothing but net.
In reply to @handleyzo
Maybe... he could have ya know... been DOING HIS JOB while all this was going on and he wouldn't HAVE to rant about it after the fact?
democrats who hate him are just republicans who go to gay weddings
In reply to @handleyzo
I want to run through walls for this man
I challenge anyone to show us Biden making this much sense in any 2 minute speech of his this year.
In the middle of the #coronavirus pandemic and economic recession Bernie is doing exactly the same as he has done his whole political career . . .

Fighting his ass off for us.

That's why I'm on Bernie's side.

#WhichSideAreYouOn? #Bernie2020 #NeverBiden
In reply to @handleyzo
Last gasp of a dying presidential campaign.
this man is so fucking likable i love this rhetoric
Going full carelord here but idgaf this video has me literally weeping and I鈥檓 so fucking angry that we have to fight so hard to achieve something so basic and unequivocally morally correct
Bernie Sanders is on the senate floor during the middle of a crisis clearly and confidently defending working class people, and the coastal hacks think Biden, hiding in a virus bunker barely able to articulate, is a better candidate.

It's like they want to lose in November.
I have, for days and weeks and months and years, just been feeling this raw corrosive anger at almost everything that comes out of Washington, and one of the things that's so magnetic about Bernie is he doesn't make me feel like I'm losing my fucking mind.
Sanders doing what he does best. Skip the work, contribute nothing, take credit and grandstand at the end.

And here I thought I couldn't be any more over Bernie.
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