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Takes, on average, a decade or more to become a professional ballet dancer. About the same as it takes to qualify as a GP.

Not a real job though, is it?

Get behind a desk, Fatima


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Look, we don’t need the arts. What we need is everyone just grinding out a 9-5, 40 hour work week, preferably on minimum wage. And Art is only distracting people from keeping their heads and making money.....for other people.
Part of why I work is so that my family and I can have some money to spend on museum lates, theatre shows, dance classes and art therapy.

Part of why I pay taxes is so that these sectors won't be left to crumble in times of national/international crisis.
When will this government learn to RESPECT the arts??

I trained in ballet at least 4 times a week alongside my education: I was taught strength and discipline.

STOP diverting YOUR failings as a government to the young, aspiring kids who have dreams and passion.

Hey #infosec, check the UK government's new post-Coronavirus skills retraining ad lol
Straight up, it's harder to become a professional ballet dancer than to become a GP. Far harder.
See this is currently doing the rounds and I might have given it a passing mention before but this joke of a government can get absolutely fucking fucked thanks for coming to my TED talk.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
is this for real? Are they filming season 2 of Years and Years and we are all part of the cast and we don't know it yet?
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
You're right. It *is* is real job, and a hard one at that. But being a ballet dancer isn't for ever, is it? What's the average retirement age from ballet dancing? 30? What will she be doing in the decades after that ballet career?
What a ridiculous advert. And how much joy can we get from a life without culture?
You often see people talking about things being Orwellian and it doesn't always fit what they are saying. This. This is Orwellian.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Also, on top of this ridiculous stuff, what is it with he 3-word empty slogans???
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
As though this whole campaign wasnt insulting enough, the fact they've chosen a woman and suggested she give up her life long dream and career of dance to sit behind a desk infuriating.
All Agents: We are under attack. Calling all artists, musicians, writers, performers, poets, event organisers, & crew. Calling all independents, & all freelancers who have been denied support - #Imagination is #theonlyweapon in the #WarAgainstReality. Open Fire #LetTheMusicPlay
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
I work in the arts, things are very difficult but this is also massively out of context as the campaign features a variety of people pictured doing a variety of jobs - one is a pilot and that isn't exactly a 5 min training either!
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Sadly Earth is famous for scarce resources mate and not everyone is as talented and privileged as Fatima or yourself to pay the bills by doing what you’d love to do anyway. Yeah, ideally anyone should pursue passions relentlessly. Eventually rent comes due though
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
It takes a long old time to be useful at “cyber” too remember - on the whole this campaign makes no sense. Cyber First is a campaign specifically for girls I believe.
Possibly one of the most disturbing pieces of government propaganda I've seen released.

Effectively saying:

"Sorry guys, forget your hopes, dreams, and years of hard work towards your career aspirations. We want you to retrain to sit in front of a computer all day instead."
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
2020 is the new series of Black Mirror
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
EVERYTHING we interact with has art & design behind it. Our phones, cars, pictures we see, the camera work on tv, the actors in film and tv. Art on our walls, every book and article we read. Our homes, tables, chairs, cutlery. To say art is pointless is ludicrous and arrogant!
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
That is just so depressing. My mother was a (minor) ballerina. She gave it up to join the ATS on the day war was declared. Its not something you can then go back to. What a heartbreaking message to send out.
This Government never fails to amazes me. Whoever signed off that advert is clearly on some next level drugs
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
neither is cyber-security apparently. They think you can train for that in 30 days. Good job it's not technical or anything.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Is this not saying there will be limited opportunities so good to have another talent when it comes to employment
Yeah, screw the arts! Who needs 'em anyway? Get a proper job and leave this stuff to the government's world-leading digital entertainment bots!
This is so pathetically tone-deaf, and is quite worrying. The govt have spent however many millions on this campaign rather than contributing to the arts, showing what little value they have for them. Fatima deserves better.
It makes sense in response to Covid that some people move to different job types, temporarily or for the long term. That should help keep more people in work with better opportunities than otherwise. Unfortunately, the government’s approach on this has been totally cack-handed.
I can’t express how appalling this poster is.
I also wasn’t aware that this is how we’re now using the word “cyber”.
In reply to @Stalast
the government are paying us to be horny now, the "new normal" they say, and the only way to save the economy. (actually - this )
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
How long does it take to train to be a politician? Surely they would be better training to be binmen?
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Let's see you give it a try, Bonzo! En-pointe, pirouette & an arabesque, followed by a triple twirl. Now. Post it.
The ad is 1 of 6 released last year with nothing to do with the current climate. But that doesn’t cause shock or fit the narrative so don’t tell the truth.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
The disrespect of this government
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
That's it. Forget your passion. Retrain to be stuck at a desk and be miserable. FFS! 🤔
Well this is dystopian af
tell me this isn't real I beg
i hate the government as much as the next person but the way people are twisting this campaign to make it look like a direct attack on the arts is a joke
In the dystopia that is 2020, this poster isn't a parody. #SaveTheArtsUK
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
In australia they’re defending arts courses in University’s. They’d rather you do a specific degree.... idk wtf I wanna do when I get older I can’t pick one of those courses and decide the rest of my career I’d rather pick arts and then specialise later
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Wow, that is one narrow minded advert.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Picked a great year to graduate and want to get into the arts ✌🏻! Waste of my time I guess, great!
EVERYTHING we interact with has art & design behind it. Our phones, cars, pictures we see, the camera work on tv, the actors in film and tv. Art on our walls, every book and article we read. Our homes, tables, chairs, forks. To say art is pointless is ludicrous and arrogant!
This is one of the most depressing things I've ever seen.
Will Buxton makes a great point here. It takes 10,000hrs of diligent practice (theory aside!) to master a performance craft to a professional standard. Properly learning the theory to put into practice can take at least half of that again.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Really. It's not as if many ballerinas have career-ending knee injuries the first day of rehearsals?
Jeepers, talk about insulting and horrendous. If the government weren't a pile of shit then maybe she wouldn't have to worry about getting a job in cyber, whatever the fuck that entails, and could continue in her profession. 🙄
This is soul destroying stuff from HM Govt. I don't like where this is going. #r4today #PoliticsLive #WATO
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
And another person spreads the BS, it's an add from a while ago encouraging people from all walks of life to consider working in cyber industries.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Jesus Christ. Is that... real?
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
FAKE NEWS! This poster was created last year as part of a Cyber recruitment drive. Stop politicising misery and spreading Fake News to start drama!
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
clearly is out of touch with reality. Why don’t MP’s reskill and learn to get a proper job? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Not only do The Arts generate billions every year for our economy, they are oxygen for our souls! Music, books and film have kept me alive emotionally and spiritually for my entire life. Empathy, beauty, wonder, delight - to be emotionally nourished is vital for humanity itself.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Everyone needs a GP.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
While there is no work, or opportunities are unstable, people can retrain and come back to the arts. You're someone with a wide platform on social media, you should be using it more coherently.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
It's the reverse Winston. Screw the arts, get a job.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Wow. Just wow. I’m speechless. This is what the UK government expects people working in the arts to do.

No actual support for those suffering economically during a pandemic, but telling someone who spent years training in a highly-skilled vocation, to retrain? F*ck the tories.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
If nobody is willing to pay for that good or service then there is no demand so yeah it isn’t a real job at that point is it
This 👇....the people being targeted to ‘retrain’ already poses an amazing talent & skill set that should be celebrated and respected!! #Retrain #bollocks
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
This is very heavy handed and patronising but I understand why it's necessary
There’s no way this is real
This ad is wrong on so many levels. Wrong way to promote #GenderInclusion, and a horrible way to discriminate professions and paths.
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
I mean, how hard can it be to use Excel, after all?
In reply to @wbuxtonofficial
Shame on every Tory voting brexiteer twat. You happy?
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