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아름다운 @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Love c, g, w & j

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In reply to @coldplay
Kim Seokjin has been putting your songs on his Spotify and Youtube playlist from the start and Fix You is one of his staples. We're so glad you were able to see him perform it. ❤️ #BTSUnplugged #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/jBJ9iKk4l2
In reply to @coldplay
thank you for allowing bts to cover your beautiful song. i grew up listening to this song and the lyrics never fail to touch my heart. having bts cover it just made it so much more special. both music legends 💜
In reply to @coldplay
Gracias por hacer este noble gesto de compartir y agradecer el cover de BTS . Es algo gratificante que artistas de la talla de Coldplay valoren el trabajo de BTS como siete artistas en la industria musical que han logrado impacto a nivel global.

Hermoso @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Con amor c, g, w & j


BTS retweeted 🥺💓
In reply to @coldplay
TRAD Hermoso, @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍 Con amor c, g, w y j (iniciales de los integrantes de la Banda) youtu.be/60g72d4Nqss #BTSUnplugged *Compartieron el Link de la presentación de BTS (subido en el canal MTV UK) #btsMTVUnplugged
In reply to @coldplay
Seokjin's high note 🥺🥺, I got excited 😭💜🤍 pic.twitter.com/TWnI38ObdJ
In reply to @coldplay
Thank you soooo much 🥺😭 they work so very hard and no matter how much they pass out during their hard work they never give up, they are the most humble human beings alive, they love us with all their hearts and this song is evrything 💜💜💜💜 pic.twitter.com/DT1JQYJI74
In reply to @coldplay
Awwhhh so glad you like it and thank you for allowing them to cover your wonderful song 🤗💜
In reply to @coldplay
.    teamo                     teamo teamoteamo        teamoteamo teamoteamoteamoteamoteamo   teamoteamoteamoteammoo    teamoteamoteamoteammo        teamoteammoteammo            teamoteamoteamo                teamoteammo                  teamoteamo                       te amo pic.twitter.com/tMYbhcGU5T
In reply to @coldplay
Yaaaay ! We're so happy you loved it ! And we were so happy they covered it. Fix You is such a wonderful song
Coldplay sobre o cover de Fix You que o BTS fez 😍

“Lindo @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Com amor c, g, w & j
In reply to @coldplay
Hope you liked this rendition by BTS 💜 BTS is my favorite band and Coldplay is one of my favorites as well, I was really excited for this cover. You can appreciate each member voice colors in this one 🥺 - Paula
美麗的 @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Love c, g, w & j
[24.02.2021] Coldplay Twitter Güncellemesi

[TR] Güzel* @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Sevgiler c, g, w & j

*: Korece yazmışlar.
* BTS'in "Fix You" şarkılarının coverını paylaşmışlar.
something cute abt this, I know they meant to say the cover is beautiful but if you read this twt as it is it basically said ‘the beautiful @bts_twt
🔥I Coldplay hanno postato la cover di Fix You dei BTS sul loro canale YouTube scrivendo:

“Bellissimo @bts_twt🤍🤍🤍
Con affetto c, g, w & j”

@BTS_twt #BTSUnplugged #BTS
In reply to @coldplay
im crying 😭💕 legends supporting legends pic.twitter.com/IWQCpWp9cO
In reply to @coldplay
Jimin has been putting your songs on his Youtube playlist from the start and Fix You is one of his staples. We're so glad you were able to see him perform it.💛💛💛 #BTSUnplugged #BTSonMTV pic.twitter.com/akR0nZR1cT
In reply to @coldplay
Thank you for allowing BTS to cover this beautiful song !💜
งดงามมาก @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Love c, g, w & j
In reply to @coldplay
It was beautiful !!! The ending right in my heart!! Taehyung (green mic) want to collab with you hope it's will possible one day! pic.twitter.com/QLE3tdOFU5
In reply to @coldplay
"We love Coldplay and enjoy listening to their music. If there’s any opportunity, we hope to work with them." 🥺💜 pic.twitter.com/4iIymgxXE7
In reply to @coldplay
Happy to see that you loved their cover of this marvellous song! 💜💜💜🦚
I Coldplay hanno condiviso il video della cover di Fix You dei @BTS_twt su Twitter e Instagram 😳😳

"Bellissima @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Con affetto c, g, w & j

In risposta trovate perché questo evento è così importante 👀👇

©: btshouse_ita / Taequila
In reply to @coldplay
I can officially die now!!!! All my favourite people united by the most precious cover of the most precious song!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
[TRANS 🇩🇪]

Schön @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Liebe Grüße c, g, w & j

#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSARMY
In reply to @coldplay
Jin is a big fan of your band!! 🥰 #방탄소년단진 #진 #JIN #BTSJIN pic.twitter.com/GQPC6yJQQH
In reply to @coldplay
This is a song that’s been close to my heart for years and now there is a beautiful rendition of it sang by these 7 extraordinary men. Thank you for creating this song and allowing @BTS_twt to perform. This is exactly what our souls needed right now. 💜
공계로 리트윗했어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
[تويتر] قامت فرقة الروك coldplay بمشاركة كوڤر @BTS_twt لأغنيتهم fix you على برنامج MTV unplugged presents مع تعليق :
" جميل @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍
مع حبنا، c, g, w & j
" #BTSUnplugged

* الأحرف الإنجليزية هي الأحرف الأولى من أسماء أعضاء فرقة coldplay.
📰 | INFO

A conta oficial do Coldplay no twitter faz uma publicação compartilhando e elogiando o cover de fix you dos meninos

"Lindo @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Love c, g, w & j

(C, g, w e j são as iniciais dos integrantes da banda)

In reply to @coldplay
Dear COLDPLAY Sunbaenims @coldplay Thank U for your generosity to let our boys do a rendition of #FIXYOU! Both original & cover versions are beautiful in their own way. Juz wanna say WE PURPLE U! XOXO, ARMY! 💜💜💜 @BTS_twt #BTSUnplugged #MTVUnplugged #BTSonMTV #BTS pic.twitter.com/YPl9QWgcMo
In reply to @coldplay
Thank you for letting our boys perform your song, it's an honour for us to know you guys liked it, thank you so much💜
In reply to @coldplay
I still can’t get over the fact that BTS sang Fix You by Coldplay so I made this edit. Fix You is such a comforting song and this performance help retain my sanity. They delivered the song with such priceless comfort. I love you so much Bangtan Sonyeondan. ✨ pic.twitter.com/FNMsYzBUI5
In reply to @coldplay
Thank you for letting them singing such a beautiful song. It's truly an honor both for them and us as a fan.
In reply to @coldplay
Thank you for allowing BTS to cover your song. Fix you is a beautiful and meaningful song that I have listened forever and it means a lot. As a Coldplay and BTS fan , I am really and thankful that you liked BTS’s rendition. It means a lot. Also BTS Jin is a very big fan of yours
이보다 더 강력한 한마디가 어디 있겠어
원곡가수가 beautiful 이라는데
In reply to @coldplay
Thankyou! Your song is really really beautiful! Kim Seokjin with his silver voice really fits perfectly🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️ he also put your song into his playlist since 2016🤩 pic.twitter.com/kVeSVvzEHR
In reply to @coldplay
📍[TRAD] Hermoso @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍 Con amor c, g, w & j* #BTSUnplugged * son las iniciales de los integrantes de Coldplay: Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion y Jon Buckland.
THIS TWEET IS GONNA HIT 1M!!! BTS JUST RETWEETED!!! im so proud of both bands awh 🥺 phil is probably freaking out bc he went from getting 2k likes per tweet to 600k+ 💀
21.02.24 | تویتەر

ئەپدەیتی Cold play لەگەڵ لێدوانێک لەسەر نمایشی بانگتان بۆ گۆرانیەکەی Fix You:

جوان @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍
خۆشەویستی c, g, w & j

In reply to @coldplay
Your song means so much to me and to have BTS cover it was just beautiful and amazing 💜💜 Thank you for this 💜💕

Hermoso, @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Con amor c, g, w y j
(iniciales de los integrantes de la Banda)

➡️: youtu.be/60g72d4Nqss

*la banda compartió el Link de la presentación en Tw, Facebook e Instagram 💜 pic.twitter.com/xsGJuLK8Xu
In reply to @coldplay
Chris, if you've seen this tweet I just want to say that the guy in the middle did you proud with his vocals. That's V, aka Kim Taehyung💜
Y’all. Not only did Coldplay give the boys permission to use one of their songs. They also hyped it on Twitter and Instagram. AND they took the extra step to send them a message in Korean. Wow 🤩 do you think they loved the cover?? Thank you so much 🥺💜 pic.twitter.com/2Nd1R20d9L
มึงงงง coldplay แชร์คลิป Fix You ที่บังทันร้องด้วย แถมแคปชั่นเป็นภาษาเกาหลี กดทรานสเลทแปลว่า สวย ว่าซั่น กรี๊ดดดดดด
In reply to @coldplay
stanning @BTS_twt isnt just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled w thieves. it’s art, the first gift u open on christmas, a hug from loved one, it’s everything u ever wanted, it’s everything u need. pic.twitter.com/cohqm0HQfU

Hermoso, @bts_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Con amor c, g, w y j
(iniciales de los integrantes de la Banda)

📌 youtu.be/60g72d4Nqss

(Nota: Compartieron el Link de la presentación de BTS (subido en el canal MTV UK)
#jhope #제이홉 #BTS
Coldplay postou o cover do BTS para Fix You! Na sua conta no insta postaram e comentaram no video do YouTube também.

"Lindo @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Com amor c, g, w & j*"
#BTSUnplugged pic.twitter.com/GgcNVm7Bnt
man, I literally grew up listening to coldplay, this is crazy
콜드플레이 공계!!! 한글로!!!😭😭😭
I can imagine it meant a lot to them for being allowed to cover “fix you” and I’m so proud of them for doing such an amazing cover. Coldplay calling their rendition beautiful will make them so so happy
내기억엔 콜플이 공연으로 발생되는 환경문제에 마땅한 해결책을 찾을때까지 잠정적으로 투어중단함(전염병이전2019) 상파울루공연 영화처럼찍어 내놓고 새앨범릴리즈할때 유툽으로 수록곡전곡 라이브공연해줌 진짜아름다운밴드
커버곡에 한글반응 찐이다😍
I don’t listen to Kpop groups but THIS! Omergawddddd~ #CoverDoneRight
In reply to @setiogi
Thank you, Sari! Imagine openly calling an Korean group a deadly Dis-ease! And the reason? Because they sang a song approved and endorsed by the original singer songwriter! Such disgusting people! 😡💜 #BTSARMY #Bayern3Racist #RassismusBeiBayern3 twitter.com/coldplay/statu…
In reply to @coldplay
Thx u soo much for loving it, jin big fan of you guys we wish for collab pic.twitter.com/XzJPv3HCpv
บังทันคงคอมพลีทแล้วอ่าา 🤩😍

Coldplay comentó en el video del cover de Fix You de @BTS_twt en Youtube👏💜🎉

"Hermoso 🤍🤍🤍 Con amor de c, g, w y j" (iniciales de los nombres de los miembros del grupo)
[DATO] @BTS_twt #BTS

Coldplay uso #BTSUnplugged
Y en coreano escribieron HERMOSO

¡Army les gusto el cover ! 💜😭💜🎶

[cr: YoongiMexico]
- 🌑
It’s the way we stan such confident, gracious kings. 🤧🤧🤧💜💜💜

Thank u for letting @BTS_twt cover your amazing song!!!💜❤️
In reply to @coldplay
i have no words to explain how happy this makes me ,, i literally grew up listening to your music, saw you live a couple years ago and that same year i found bts who has also become my comfort group these past years. this means so much to me i love you both so much 💜💜💜💜💜
📝Trad| Twitter

Publicación de la banda Británica @coldplay

Hermoso @BTS_twt 🤍🤍🤍
Con amor c, g, w & j
Donc Coldplay qui est connu pour avoir refusé énormément de fois que des artistes font des cover ont accepté pour eux mais en plus ils tweetent... Ça montre le niveau de respect artistique je suis choqué
Leyenda compartiendo otra leyenda
In reply to @coldplay
This song is beautiful! Thank you for creating it and for trusting our guys. This was exactly what my heart and soul needed right now.
In reply to @coldplay
Hi dear Cold Play members. How do you think BTS performance when they make cover song of Fix You especially Kim SEOKJIN?? Because Jin is one of your fan boys who already put some of your song in his playlist since 2016 even until now. pic.twitter.com/u3pPDTtv8H
In reply to @coldplay
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