Older folks: “Why don’t kids go outside anymore?”

The outside they built:
One crazy paradigm I think about a lot is the one where older people constantly talk about how they used to play in the street all the time, but then are unable to connect the dots as to why that's not a thing anymore.

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In reply to @OfficialMitchll
When discussing the city, my own grandmother often reminisces over the streetcars she rode and how they went everywhere. She moved to STL county in the 60s. There’s a serious disconnect for most older folks between the presence of auto infrastructure and the damage it’s caused
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
The government will refuse to create bike lanes and then criminalize riding your bike on the sidewalk, and then people wonder why kids don't ride their bikes as much as they used to.
Twitter has such an insane hatred for rest stops it's insane
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Older generations also yell when kids bike on the street and disrupt cars. They say use the park but don't bike there. Use the playground meanwhile it's locked or just concrete.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
So I guess this has gone viral? I don’t have anything to promote, other than my beautiful hometown St. Louis pic.twitter.com/ED7UHVdVHA
This tweet sums up the disaster that is car-centered urban planning really well. Cars aren't the problem but car-centered planning is.
Older folks: “Why don’t kids go outside anymore?”

The outside they built: pic.twitter.com/BkUh0mmfBU
Modern world bad

Pooping on leaves goood

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You need a car to get around everywhere...

It... sucks.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
This is where I live. Small pedestrianised street in a little Dutch town. When the sun is out, there are ALWAYS kids playing in the street. (This is Alvar and his papa, demonstrating the noble and ancient sport of Bubbleminton.) pic.twitter.com/WIpitCnzaP
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
I was fortunate to have a professor of transportation engineering who focused most of his class on transportation equity and situations such as this. Our infrastructure hasnt been designed for people and ends up killing and dividing. It's a very important lesson moving forward
pretty sure nobody lives right along a highway
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
There has got to be a study that shows a cause and effect relationship between the sort of 6 Lane hell most of rural america lives in and reactionary mean spirited misery and hopelessness.
Let us all take a moment to imagine a future not built around cars and strip malls
I too like too go and play on the interstate and not the local park
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
That picture leaves a pit in my stomach. So dystopian :(
a couple years ago i was visiting an american suburb, fully residential, that didn't seem to have sidewalks through most of it
This is so true, but rarely admitted ...
I love how someone posts shit like this, then suddenly everyones brains turn off, and they believe that an average town looks like a highway rest stop.

Bitching about boomers while doing boomer shit. Weird.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Them: why don't kids play outside any more? Also them: how dare the city close some streets to vehicles for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods? Why should I have to drive a slightly different route?
Something those of us active in local politics are going to have to get much tougher on is confronting the architects of this hellscape.

They’re still defending their “convenience,” and control all the decisions/budgets at City Hall.

To the victor goes the fate of humanity.
Sadly not a highway rest stop...
Kids don't go outside, the climate is burning up, Americans kill each other for fun, and it's all, "You can't go back!"
How about going *forward* out of this hellscape?
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
My husband was hit by cars 2 times as a kid. Needless to say my kids aren't allowed to play in the street.
I get the point this is making about infrastructure and pedestrian space but the picture has truck_stop.jpg energy
So, basically, every "climate aware" person in America looks at this picture and says, "If those cars were electric we wouldn't have climate change."
I say bullshit. twitter.com/OfficialMitchl…
I’ve started video documenting corporate architecture + car-centered infrastructure because after a year of mostly staying at home or seeking recreation in nature, it’s horrifying to behold
This image is so sad, but accurately represents most of America
You probably shouldnt play on the roads tho...
like when I were a kid in spain we spent all day on the streets because the infrastructure allows for that. parks and basketball courts and seats that accommodate people doing something other than spending money
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
C'mon little georgie get off them videogames and go play with the crackheads down the street get some fresh smog
Oh yes because parks and natural areas don't exist anymore the beach everyone woods no they are all gone sports facilities nah it's all roads
Tuve que mirar dos veces para asegurarme que no era la transchaco
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Reminds me of parts of Ottawa @rymkrs
All of the fucking lakes near me are privately owned. Those people can go fuck themselves
This is neither a playground (which, I know, hard to believe... but they exist), nor a residential area.

And neither is it the reason kids don't go outside anymore.

THIS is. pic.twitter.com/Th6nlCxCfQ
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Streets which were damaged, can be repaired:
esq me recuerda a la peña q vive en el campo y da paseos y tal COÑO si yo viviera ahí tb saldría más de casa💀💀
I feel this in my bones
Oh no! It's not like theres parks, or places to go, or places dedicated to riding your bike, where will we go now?!?!
i’m old enough to have played street hockey a bunch but young enough that people yelled at us to get out of the street on a cul de sac that they accidentally turned down
Mf's live in a concrete jungle and then complain about it
Amen. It would be nice for our daughter to ride her bike more frequently in favorable weather, but our streets are absolutely not bike friendly, especially for someone without experience and confidence. I never took my bike out last year. It’s far safer to walk or to drive.
nah cus i went shopping with my mate and we were in my car in a multi-storey and an announcement came on saying “under 17s filming, hanging out and making TIKTOKS stop and come to the info desk” like wtf and the vim in tiktok had me rolling lmfaooo 😭😭😭
Can we talk about this? No really. Let’s talk about this.

“Back in my day we didn’t need phones or have the internet!”
Well that’s great and dandy, but do you not perceive the necessity of it now? You need internet to get a job,
for school. phones are tickets and bank accounts.
Watch eco geckos suburb vids
Lean na por favor este hilo jajajajaja como se nota que no conocen el tercer mundo
I mean they went beyond building it, they made it illegal to build anything else.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
It ain't safe in DR, either. I used to play in the streets bc there were few cars and the fact most of the neighbors came out to watch us play while they drank and smoked. Now, some of those neighbors died or moved away, and cars on the street like to speed despite speed bumps.
y'all get this isn't representative of the entire outside right? for one thing, there's not a house in sight, so people who have to travel beyond their yard and likely parks just to try to "play" in traffic.
guys, this is crazy, but there’s no such thing as small towns & suburbs & open space anymore. everything is just commuter roads and truck stops and travel plazas. there’s no grass, there are no lakes or rivers, there’s no quiet neighborhoods and cul de sacs. EVERYTHING is this
Nasci em um bairro em que minha rua tinha sido asfaltada havia poucos anos, pobre, baixa população com poder aquisitivo para carros. Muitas casas nem garagem tinham.

Eu brinquei na rua.

Mas meus amigos no centro, não

on god i haven’t seen a sidewalk in 10 years
I'm 90% sure my car is in this picture.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
and if you’re a POC, you gotta worry abt police shooting you
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
There is this misunderstanding that wide roads means more cars comfortably fit hence smooth traffic flow and better planned cities which is NOT the case. Wide roads promotes a lot more usage of vehicles, as well as sucks up walkable and liveable spaces for humans. Apocalyptic!
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
So many drivers on their phones not paying attention too.
That's a commercial corridor. You can make your point without being a moron.
This dead ass looks like Randolph Road heading towards Rockville Pike🤮
thought this was tallahassee, lake bradford
i hate that this just looks like where i live

Thats a highway, i dont think children would play on it
Ages 7-10 i always played outside because I lived in this tiny town with lots of places to go and hang. I could bike literally everywhere with all my friends.
Now I live in the middle of nowhere and its all roads outside my neighborhood, no stores, pools, restaurants.
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
That's not a "rest stop." It looks like the road two blocks from our front door.
Exactly. Its not all about "the younger generation and their digital devices."
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Facts. There’s no where to go outside.
This in combination with another tweet about post-9/11 paranoia has unlocked a memory of my parents warning me as a 6 year old about random bombs/bombings and of people trying to sell me crack around the elementary school...and of heroin needles in ball pits
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Can we talk about that gas price at the Speedway though
Olhei essa foto e pensei: "aonde na Dorival que é isso?"
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
....there..there are still things called neighborhoods.
There’s no (actual) factual information in this thread, just a bunch of theoretical mumbo jumbo
In reply to @OfficialMitchll
Oh no. Places meant for truckers and gas stops. The absolute horror.
Since when did kids play at outlet centers?
No sidewalk suburbs are also the OG sundown burbs
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