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the police have been defunding you and you deserve to know that

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What's crazy is we wrote the 4th amendment to stop this sort of behavior. Not only was this one of the big complaints before the Revolutionary War, but it was a major complaint leading up to the English Civil War.
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John Oliver did a whole thing on this about 6 years ago and it's not getting any better. Civil Forfeiture youtu.be/3kEpZWGgJks
Dang. That's some way to phrase it!
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city of Portland literally stole the money that was supposed to go to rehabs from the weed taxes to be given to the pigs instead
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They used this to steal medicine from me that was in a backpack I had on me. They claimed it was impossible to prove I wasn't drug dealing. It was prescription testosterone. Written to my legal name. They 100% used it on themselves.
Legitimately exhausted that we live in a society where the coldest hardest facts show that police are a state sanctioned organized crime machine and we still just talk about “reforms”
They took a motherfuckin car from me.

I'm gonna say it loud for those in the back.

Fuck the police!
Can't stop thinking about this.
In reply to @amyis_trying
Sometimes I feel like collectively overthrowing the government would be a nice thing.
In reply to @amyis_trying
John Oliver and Last Week Tonight covered this a while back. Great informative video. youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZW…
In reply to @amyis_trying
People are probably going to make the argument (which isn’t one) that the study was done in 2015. 3 things to note about a that 1. The cops never got arrested for stealing 2. You’re making excuses for what they did because it’s a different year 3. That trend is going up
In reply to @amyis_trying
This is true. One time they stopped my brother and I after getting KFC. That time my brother didnt have a debit card so he cashed his check and had a bunch of money in an envelope the cops said that's sus and wanted to take the money AND THE KFC AWAY. Like wth. Fk them
In reply to @amyis_trying
Woah I sure am glad someone did a study on how it's actually not good when police steals your stuff O.o. wouldn't have thought so otherwise... That's so insane
If you don’t know about civil asset forfeiture laws/police seizure of property lemme just say get googling
Civil forfeiture is a fucking scam. John Oliver has a great piece from a few years ago on YouTube that breaks it all down and it’s mind boggling what the police do with these funds.
In reply to @amyis_trying
I believe asset forfeiture is a violation of the 8th Amendment (among other rights), and only the menacing power of the police state prevents the courts from ruling accordingly.
In reply to @amyis_trying
White cops should NOT be allowed to stop Black people. PERIOD. Then they can't murder them and fabricate an excuse later.
In reply to @amyis_trying
Wait, is defund the police just giving people their shit back? I'm all for it now.
In reply to @amyis_trying
Come on... you seriously think good cops would stand for this kinda grift? Isn't it a cliche in police films/shows for some grizzled, thrice-divorce veteran tells the rookie not to be a 'hot head.'
In reply to @amyis_trying
Never am excuse for looting
this is insane bc even in times of crisis, burglars have a conscious to not steal from others.
In reply to @amyis_trying
Hm. If we kept the seizure statues, but directed all the seized assets toward social work, I bet the problem would solve itself before too long.
Civil asset forfeiture, done before a guilty verdict, is immoral and indefensible. I'll never understand how anyone can support this.
In reply to @amyis_trying
As someone who worked in massage parlors for many years I can confirm. When we get raided, even if no one was arrested they always took all our money, computers, phones, etc. once they even threatened to take my car..except I don’t own it a bank does
cops are state sponsored mafias goons, change my mind.
Property rights? Nah.
Abolish the police? Abolish the police.
In reply to @amyis_trying
deadass cops in my city took possession of a mustang that belonged to someone they arrested and now it’s a police cruiser 🙃
Horrible, spit in the face to the bill of rights
And we know from other studies these numbers for forfeiture are low because cops aren't turning in the full amount seized.
Tell me the police dont give a sh*t about the citizens or the law without telling me they dont give a sh*t about the citizens or the law:
In reply to @amyis_trying
Not to mention the cost of settlements.
In reply to @amyis_trying
It’s called Civil asset forfeiture John Oliver’s take on it ... watch it
In reply to @ferallush
a new study shows that police are lying b*stards in every aspect of their “jobs”
Was robbed at gunpoint and had a trial and everything, still lost $8k worth of shit despite them having it all in an evidence locker.
So they stealing from ppl, have the highest budgets, get paid a salary w/ benefits, get pensions, be given brand new cars and shit ....to make 150 fuckin mistakes and murder niggas lol
Theft but with a fancy word cuz they got a shiny badge. 🙂
In reply to @amyis_trying
And we can thank Biden for his hard work to expand civil asset forfeiture
The American police will eventually start a civil war in America.
Same lang samin yung pulis at magna, akshelli
In capitalist America, police rob YOU
Wasn’t this one of the complaints leading up to the Revolutionary War??? That they would just take shit?
In reply to @stevemason91
You’re defending these people remember
Holy shit! Remember when we talked about ending the BS for about a minute and a half before we were distracted and forgot about it?
tf man we really just paying them to rob us haha glad to know my taxes are helping these men take people shit rather than improving the school systems or idk helping the massive amount of people in poverty in our country (#4 in the world) #democracy 😎😎😎


American police don't just kill people.

They rob people too.

If they come into your house they can take whatever they want. They have a license to steal.

Including cash, in the 100s of thousands.

You cannot get it back.
In reply to @amyis_trying
I wonder how much stuff looters took last year. 🤔
this literally just happened to someone on my fb. someone staying in her guest house had drugs. they went into HER house & took THOUSANDS of dollars from her safe & seized it as evidence in a case that had nothing to do w her.
Didnt they loot stuff from looters last year too?
my guess is that "stop the police from defunding you" would be wildly more successful a slogan than "defund the police."
In reply to @amyis_trying
This doesn't get nearly enough attention. If you don't know someone who has lost their valuables, car, or even their home to these practices... Well, I do. It's traumatizing and infuriating.
About the dumbest tweet I’ve seen this week
But also to tell you to defund the police.
When they took my car lol, I left it in the impound and bought another, $300 my ass.
In reply to @BeauTFC
@BeauTFC More like defund the populace amirite
Defunding me..???? My god
I love the last bit of the second picture.

I bet they thing everything they are doing is keeping crime down.

I also bet that it's not.
in capitalism it’s defund or get defunded
I am amused by the notion of a guy who was fine with all the murder but suddenly is swayed by this
what if...we..looted the police station asset forfeiture cages, just kidding! unless...
[Al Pacino voice] “Just a taste.”
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