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Reporters press US State Department on Palestinian right to self-defence

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this guy has probably dreamed, since he was like 13, of being up at that podium refusing to say if the United States believes Palestinians have a right to self-defense. he considers this National Service.
Us officials should just come out and say it. They do not believe Palestinians have a right to self defense. Palestinians should just accept Israeli violence against them and submit to it, in the eyes of the US. I guess they should just disappear and die quietly. Sick sick sick
Just one more treat for you all tonight, US State Department fumbling through how to excuse days of escalating Israeli violence on grounds of "self defense" while not granting "self defense" to the Palestinians that survived days of atrocities and property theft.
What a slimmmmy piece of turd you are @nedprice no condemnation of #Israel murdering children, no right for #Palestinian self defense
Yall please watch @SMArikat ask the most basic question about principles- meaning they always apply irrespective of circumstance - and get some rambling in response. Let's all ask this question today: Do Palestinians have the right to self-defense?
Estados Unidos rechaza condenar expl铆citamente el asesinato de ni帽os palestinos y no reconoce el derecho de Palestina a la auto defensa.
What an utter disgrace!
Wow - kudos to these reporters. And condolences on their imminent relocation to Guantanamo. #StandwithPalestine
Look at this smug coward who can't even muster up the words to condemn the deaths of children or the right to an occupied people, who stand with rocks in their hands, to the right to self defense against their occupier.
he can鈥檛 even condemn the killing of palestinian children, shameful
it鈥檚 pretty straightforward: the official US government position is that palestinians do not have a 鈥渟elf鈥 worth defending.
Can鈥檛 even directly condemn the killing of innocent Palestinian children.
This spokesperson for the US state department is a weasely-ass whiney fuck who seems very uncomfortable with being asked to condemn the murder of children.

The way this fucker whines 鈥淪aeed...鈥 at the Arab reporter asking uncomfortable questions is fucking nauseating.
No matter who the POTUS is, he will always be Israel鈥檚 dog. Right @JoeBiden?
In reply to @TheNationalNews
And the week of settlers invading Palestinian homes-- the ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem? Still no comment on what started this in the first place. More empty doublespeak. 馃檮
Only states have the right of self-defense, so as long as we make sure there's never a Palestinian state they'll never have the right to defend themselves. Fantastic job as usual, Ned.
In reply to @ggreenwald
Watch this Q-and-A with State Dept spokesman Ned Price -- with great questions from AP's @APDiploWriter and another journalist -- to see how steadfastly the Biden administration sides with Israel, just as the Trump administration would have. Just watch:
Excellent questioning of the US state department ...it鈥檚 simple do you condemn the killing of children??? !!!
In reply to @TheNationalNews
Does anyone know who these reporters are? In my eyes they are heroes and I鈥檇 like to follow their reporting.
The US whether under Obama-Biden-Harris or Trump always fully supports Israeli massacres of Palestinians. I preferred the Trump administration鈥檚 refreshingly honest approach about it rather than this word salad.
he also struggles with the hard question 鈥渄o you condemn the killing of children鈥
"Do you condemn the killing of Palestinian children?"

beyond the obvious here, it is REAL fuckin slimy how he phrases "we support any *state* in their right to self defense". So many billions of american dollars to support the killing of Palestinians in ever-smaller parcels of land. Truly abhorrent.
From the mouth of the US State Department: the US supports ethnic cleansing, occupation, and apartheid. #FreePalestine
Kurt kuzuyu yeme臒i kafaya koyunca suyumu bulan谋rd谋n dermi艧. Hic bir zaman hic bir konuda samimi, d眉r眉st de臒il devletleri...Medeniyet dedi臒in tek di艧i kalm谋艧 canavar...
In reply to @TheNationalNews
Great job pressing him on the clear hypocrisy and one sided view that has been going on for years!
What Israel done is called self defense but when the Palestinians did the same you called it as act of TERRORISM?? WHERE'S THE LOGIC?!! 馃槧馃槨馃が

In reply to @TheNationalNews
What he wants to say first. He's broadly speaking, he's believe on self-defence but only for Israel, he doesn't knows what's happening in Palestine so how he did press conference its too wondering, I can't hesitate to say he's a spokesperson of Israel.
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I got nauseous watching this. We are a monstrous country.
In reply to @TheNationalNews
if your position is that it鈥檚 perfectly fine for Israel to brutalize, murder, and steal the land from under Palestinians鈥hat鈥檚 a big problem. @StateDept
When asked, do you condemn the killing of the Palestinian children, the US state department dodged the question by saying that they take the deaths of civilians (Israeli or Palestinian) deaths very seriously.

US don't care about Palestinian civilians esp children deaths, its..
My IPhone and blender have more compassion than this man.
Really poor. How can the US State Department find it so hard to say that Palestinians don't have the right to self-defence but Israelis do?
These are very fair questions and the ones all journalists should be asking right now: Why are the lives of some people worth less than the lives of others?
embarrassing. can鈥檛 even get themselves to condemn the murder of innocent men, women, and children. the israeli boot-licking has begun.
Hypocrisy at its best!
Make every government shill squirm like this. Kudos to these reporters for not letting him get away with this bullshit
Journalism, right here. 馃憞
In reply to @b9AcE
In response to 9 children, youngest aged 2, being killed, USA declares unequivocally "every State has the right to self-defense", but when appropriately asked in follow-up if Palestine then too has the right to self-defence... the waffles are wild.
Traducci贸n: Para el imperio americano el pueblo palestino no tiene derecho a defenderse del genocidio.
In reply to @TheNationalNews
All that @AIPAC money is why Israeli aggression is recharacterized by our country. It鈥檚 shameful foreign influence while Israel was brutalizing Palestinians & killing children that this is the response. Somehow, #Israel is some victim. They are NOT victims.
Rockets from Palestinians which hurt nobody are simple to understand and condemnable, but Israeli 鈥渞etaliatory鈥 air strikes which killed 20 including 9 children are 鈥渟pecific [military] operations鈥 that he鈥檇 have to review independently. This is so obvious, Jesus Christ.
He can't even condemn the killing of children. PERIOD.
Why is it so hard to condemn the killing of Palestinian children?

Seriously, why?
#EastJerusalem #AlAqsa
All peoples have a right to self-defense. It's simple.

The only thing making this guy dance are the political ramifications (and personal consequences) of acknowledging the right of Palestinians to defend themselves against Israelis.
Sad and repulsive how a representative of the US State Department has to dance around the issue about the killing of children.
Here, I鈥檓 going to answer on his behalf:
1) Yes, Palestinians have the right to self-defense. Everyone does.
2) Yes, I condemn the killing of Palestinian children.
In reply to @TheNationalNews
This is the saddest part of the life when some people called them self as democratic and the first world countries -self.defence pic.twitter.com/OnVON7HJB2
What israel is trying to achieve is clear as crystal: pushing the palestinians back from the occupied territories with walls, controls, illegal settlements, discrimination, violence and denying their basic rights as well as the associated propaganda to blame the victims.
US Zionist can't condemn the killing of Palestinian Children. Says it all #PureEvil
Self defence against civilians and children who do not have arms and ammunition. Against those whose 70 percent lives under poverty.
USA as always enabling and supporting Israel. These people are equal perpetrators, and have blood of innocent kids and toddlers on their hands.
Not one single word on how Israel had been mass evicting Palestinians and beating them up and throwing grenades at them and invading them while they are praying in the mosque. But when Hamas fires rockets in retaliation suddenly you pretend to care about "innocent civilians"?
In reply to @TheNationalNews
Ok so now its self defense , Afghanistan's right to self defense, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya and also Palestine right to self defense
Aja, defienden el derecho a la defensa... Pero de Israel, de Palestina no. Jam谩s, ni de vaina.
Son unos desgraciados impresentables los estadounidenses. 馃憞
If the internet didn鈥檛 exist - all we鈥檇 know from our government is that rockets were fired. We wouldn鈥檛 know about a holy Mosque being attacked, homes being robbed, and multiple counts of international crimes against the Palestinians. Do they not deserve to defend themselves?
A good example of why you should do your homework before getting (easily) pressed by reporters with questions you clearly cannot answer because unfortunately you can only manipulate the narrative for so long.
It is grotesque and indefensible for anyone to uphold this regime as an arbiter of human rights in the world when it struggles to condemn the murder of children.
just straight up asked him if he condemns the deaths of Palestinian children and he couldn鈥檛 give a straight answer
Impossible to watch this and not see how illogical, racist, and shameful this 鈥渓ine of logic鈥 is. Journalist with a concise please continue cornering these people and exposing their bigotry.
a US govt official is asked if he condemns the killing of Palestinian children and doesn鈥檛 answer and that鈥檚 just normal
lmfao what a joke

"only one side is allowed to have bombs"

Berpeluh nak menjawab
filth and scum are the only words i can find to describe this.
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Lo acostaron a mimir al portavoz de diplomacia de Mordor.
In reply to @TheNationalNews
Absolutely disgusting how you stand with the oppressor and can鈥檛 condemn the killing of children
Salute to the two reporters who argued and slammed the spokesman for the right of self-defense and the recognition of the Palestinian state
this whole exchange is quite baffling
Really sounds like State Dept spox doesn鈥檛 think Palestinians have a right to self-defense.
Q: do Palestinians have a right to self-defence?

US State Department spokesman:
the way he鈥檚 meticulously avoiding the question and diverting from everything they鈥檙e asking... we all know what you want to say just say it
My experience studying intnl law in an American university is US (and its ally Israel) law is at the centre of intnl law...so IHL, which condemns killing of civilians, or use of excessive forcein their minds, is measured against American law and will always lose. Hypocrisy much?
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The gear of AIPAC in the USA tongue ties this and other officials. It is how the tail wags the dog. Arabs have no clout in USA, Israel does obviously
And they will come to talk to you about freedom and democracy.
Hats off to the 2 correspondents who kept pushing and asking for clear answers. The inability of the US State Dept鈥檚 Spokesperson to answer is revealing of the US position in regard to what鈥檚 happening in the occupied Palestinian Territories. #AlAqsa #Palestine
In reply to @TheNationalNews
I really disgust their daring of"dirty reconcile with oneself"they always eager to understand,justify,accept and even encourage"principle"of killing Palestinians ranging from children to the elderly as a ("state" self-defence) as long as committed by the zionist entity "D"or"GOP" pic.twitter.com/xkm8WHWnlt
In reply to @jeremy_moses
These moments of stark hypocrisy are always revealing and they undermine claims to human rights more broadly. Accusing people of genocide one day and then saying stuff like this the next is not a compelling look. twitter.com/TheNationalNew鈥
Watch.... US double standard and anti-Muslim policy.. @StateDept spokesmen support Israel operation against innocent Palestinians. When reporters ask him wd u condemn the killing of children in #AlAqsaUnderAttack he refused to say single word against Israel terrorism
Reporter: 鈥淵ou said 鈥榃e believe that it鈥 meaning the right to self-defence 鈥榓pplies to any state鈥. Well, you see the problem, right?鈥 #Jerusalem
You can't claim to advocate for de escalation when you are unable to condemn the murder of Palestinian women and children. The same bullshit from the USA for 70 yrs. Different admin same crap. Disgusting. A travesty of humanity this issue.
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