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25 November is the International Day to End Violence against Women & the world 🌎 is turning orange 🧡 to stand against gender-based violence. Let’s kick off the #16Days of Activism and #OrangeTheWorld!

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Today we remember Bibaa, Nicole, Sarah, Sabina and all of the women and girls who’ve been killed by men in London. We are determined to do everything we can to end male violence and make sure London is a safe city for every woman and girl #16days
Now is the time to show our commitment to ending #ViolenceAgainstWomen around the world. #RatifyC190 of the ILO convention. @PSIglobalunion pic.twitter.com/Y6PBgAUumz
Não é louco que a gente tenha que fazer campanha para pedir o mínimo: não agredir uma mulher? Pois é, hoje é o dia internacional de exigir o mínimo do mínimo do mínimo. Mas vamos lá, né? Dia internacional de combate à violência contra a mulher 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
We declare a zero tolerance towards violence against women 🧡.

As a result of the #ArmenianWarCrimes based on territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan hundreds of women and girls were taken hostages, killed, subjected to tortures, had picked eyes, cut ears.

#IDEVAW2021 pic.twitter.com/pI5hxwLawQ
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1.About the two helicopters flying to hell from Kalbajar in 1993. The two helicopters landed to Kilsaly and Gunashly villages told that that they had came from Ganja city. Men tried to seat their women and daughters on these helicopters. pic.twitter.com/glwy70VP1q
Tunbridge Wells candlelit vigil this evening, 5.30-6.30pm, outside the Town Hall. Everyone is welcome 🧡

#16Days #16DaysofActivism
#ViolenceAgainstWomen does not stop at a certain age.

1 in 6 #OlderPeople face abuse worldwide. Many of them are #OlderWomen. bit.ly/2YF3EDV

End violence against women now!
#OrangeTheWorld @UN_Women #IDEVAW2021 #16Days
Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women. We at #VfLWolfsburg stand with all who fight in solidarity.

Speak out, #OrangeTheWorld & break the cycle of abuse. pic.twitter.com/iSBgQpHvw6
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On the International Day for the Elimination of #ViolenceAgainstWomen, I greet all my sisters in Iran and worldwide who stand up for equality and freedom & an end to violence against women. I also salute all women who have suffered, been tortured, or hanged in this struggle pic.twitter.com/0xdiSAXoHR
Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and starts #16Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. We stand together with you.
🗓#25N #DiaContraLaViolenciaDeGénero

La #AECID se une un año más a la campaña #16dias de activismo por un mundo LIBRE de violencia contra las MUJERES y las NIÑAS de @ONUMujeres

La @CooperacionESP por un mundo #libresSinViolencia

#orangetheworld  #NiUnaMenos
✋La #violència contra la parella té un enorme impacte sobre la salut de la #dona: incrementa el risc de patir problemes de salut mental, trastorns cardiovasculars i respiratoris i problemes musculoesquelètics

📝Ho evidencia un article científic de @I3ptT
Last night at our meeting our @WomensInstitute talked about the #OrangeTheWorld campaign - we turned our venue just a bit orange in support.
We found out that orange was chosen to represent hope and a future free from violence against women and girls. @WIEssex @WILifemagazine pic.twitter.com/EsLopyC23H
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I hope that the day will come when all the women of the world will live in complete peace and security, like the security that women have on the Arbaeen walk despite the large population, where a world full of peace can be experience😊 pic.twitter.com/ZiCTMYHAHn
November 25 is International Day to End Violence Against Women. Today and every day, the OPP Association encourages everyone stand together in solidarity with survivors of violence and to eliminate gender-based violence in all its forms. #16Days #OrangeTheWorld
"Violence against women can happen anywhere and comes in many different forms," says Rev Karen Hendry, convener of the Church of Scotland's violence against women group.
"As Christians we know this is not part of God's plan for us. Gender-based violence is not inevitable."
Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. There are a tonne of Merseyside based groups you can support for this cause, to name a few...@LDAService, @merseyside_dvs, @WHISC 🧡
Today is International Day to End Violence against Women.
In Latin America, where women and girls suffer high levels of violence, we need a social, cultural and political transformation to end this reality.
Everyday is 25 November.
Hey @Policy @UN_Women @unwomenasia @UNWomenWatch one of the ambassadors of your campaign from Thailand use to support violence against a woman with different political believes. What do you have to say about that? #StandUp4HumanRights #OrangeTheWorld pic.twitter.com/QbNH9Oj583
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@NFLips_ fully supports the International Day to End Violence against Women! ♀️ Let us continue to raise awareness and prevent the violation of human rights for women and attain peace and equality for all. 👑

♀️It's Intl. Day to End Violence against Women

“As a movement characterised by the value of cooperation we work together to build an inclusive & non-stereotypical culture convinced that it's the key to tackling gender-based violence”👉@AnnalisaCasino on #coops

Commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Violence against women is a human rights violation and it has no place in the world! Let us all #OrangeTheWorld
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Harsh unpunished crimes against women motivate men and even women to commit more crimes against women, like #Armenian crimes, physical abuse, rapes, killings,etc against #Azerbaijani women remain unpunished in 30 years. Why UN hasnt enforced on #Armenianwarcrimes against women?!
Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the UN #16Days campaign kicks off. Gender-based violence is unacceptable. Follow us over the next 16 days to hear what 🇬🇧 and
🇪🇬 are doing about it
Yo UN clowns, women already have feminist purple 💜💜💜
Keep your gender rebranding to yourself, you are part of the problem as you fail to see the sex based oppression. pic.twitter.com/WD6vA300dh
Emerging evidence has linked women’s sanitation and hygiene experiences with increased vulnerabilities to violence
#16Days #16DaysofActivism
In reply to @UN_Women
better, against sex-based violence. Stop violence against women #WomenWontWheesht pic.twitter.com/4r5yMkpLWL
In 2015 EBU produced an information package 'The Right to Live without Violence' for blind and partially sighted females. On this Day, revisit this and other material available here:
Today and everyday we need to stand against gender-based violence. It needs to end
In reply to @UN_Women
Women are the builders of humanity, with the end of violence against women, let us take a big step in new developments. From now on, no to violence, no to discrimination, no to war
Turn the world orange & stop violence against women🧡

Let's create a safer & better world from today🧡

1 op de 5 vrouwen heeft te maken (gehad) met huiselijk geweld.
Today marks the start of #16DaysofActivism against Violence against Women and Girls - across the world.

We’ll be marching in Exeter this evening to Reclaim The Night.

Let’s make our voices heard - it’s time for women to be safe. It’s time for true gender equality

Today the world turns orange 🧡 Ireland stands against gender-based violence and actively seeks to prevent and counter violence against women and girls. Join the #16Days of Activism and help to #OrangeTheWorld
Today and always let’s work together to end violence against women across the world!
Geweld tegen vrouwen: het speelt elke dag en is zo dichtbij. Laten we het nooit gewoon gaan vinden. Meldingen kunnen bij Veilig thuis 0800-2000.
In Deutschland wird mind. alle 45 Minuten eine Frau von ihrem Partner körperlich verletzt, jeden 3. Tag stirbt eine Frau an den Folgen körperlicher Gewalt durch (Ex-) Partner. Dunkelziffer viel größer! Informieren, Opfern glaube, Druck auf Politik erhöhen #gegenGewaltanFrauen 🧡
One in three women worldwide will experience physical and/ or sexual violence in their lifetime.

On the International Day to End Violence against Women, we must stand up for women and girls across the world.

#OrangeTheWorld #16Days | @FCDOGender
In reply to @UN_Women
Gender Based Violence in #Ethiopia is happening as we speak by the #Terrorist #TPLF in the areas of #Amhara and #Afar Regions where they invaded and the same also true in #Tigray Region where #TPLF is controlling. #GBV #ETH_AU16days #OrangeTheWorld #16daysAfrica #16Days
To end violence against Women, we must stand together - no effort is too little. #16Days of Activism #OrangeTheWorld Speak up. Speak loud.
#25novembre Giornata internazionale per l'eliminazione della violenza contro le donne 👠 #Italia #Roma
#25November @UN_Women International Day for the Elimination of Violence against #Women #GenderBasedViolence #Solidarity pic.twitter.com/QHcCz4zy7S
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المرأة اليمنية بعفتها وشجاعتها وقوتها واجهة العدوان فكانت خيرمثال للمجتمع الذي يستهدفه العدوان الأمريكي البريطاني السعودي الاماراتي وحلفائه يقتل فيها المرأة العجوز و الشابة والطفلة وحتى الجنين في بطن امة بالقصف والحصار جرائم حرب #OrangeTheWorld https://t.co/foiRCYJqka pic.twitter.com/7185ubtKvh
Together with other embassies in Bern, we are participating in the #16DaysofActivism. Join us in standing up for women’s rights, to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls #Diplomats4WomensRights ♀️
The Athena Community joins the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and shares the United Nations proposal to raise awareness, sensitize and prevent this violence in the science & innovation working environments #OrangeTheWorld 👇🏽
🧡Today we recognise those women who have lost their lives to violence, and who endure it every day.
🧡A call to action to challenge misogynistic, coercive and violent behaviours towards women, and to redouble efforts to tackle gender inequality.

#OrangeTheWorld #16Days
🟠 Cork County Hall will light orange tonight, joining the #OrangeTheWorld campaign to raise awareness of gender based violence 🟠
Women should feel safe in our city without having to change their behaviour.

I'm working with @MayorofLondon @SophieKLinden @metpoliceuk @MOPACLdn and partners to tackle gender-based violence, which has no place in London or anywhere in the world.


Women out here❣️ Together let’s stand against gender-based violence #16Days #OrangeTheWorld #16DaysofActivism
Proud to be part of the fight against gender-based violence 🤚🏼🧡

#OrangeTheWorld #CareForHumanTrafficking #EndHumanTrafficking
In reply to @UN_Women
#TakeUpSpace and orange the world🌍. Rising from victims of GBV to survivors to tell our #MeToo stories. #16days #OrangeTheWorld
Last night, I attended @BorderWomensAid AGM, a fantastic organisation providing a safe space for women experiencing domestic violence.

Today, in @ScotParl we will hold a 1 min silence at 11.30am to mark the 16 Days of Activism to end violence against women.

#16DaysofActivism pic.twitter.com/w6upBkNwuB
In reply to @UN_Women
My youth party chair beat My up I was 16 Year olde …I end to hospital in 14 days …he has being minister of justice in 2011 and he are now minster again 💔😞😟😢🥺
25 November kicks off the #16Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread human rights violations and @UKinDenmark stand with women around the world. Let's #OrangeTheWorld together 💪
Today marks #16DaysofActivism

How will you be involved?
- Sharing verified stats about the epidemic of VAWG?
- Speaking with men and others about ending male violence?
- Making a bystander report on Safe & the City's app?
End violence against women.
At WISE@QMUL we are against any form of gender-based violence🧡
We are Oranging Somalia these 16 Days🇸🇴🇺🇳Let's End Violence against Women and girls.
In reply to @UN_Women
Join us and take a stand against gender based violence. Record & Share your pledge, upload to your socials tagging @trconversations #educate2endgbv
25 de Noviembre. Día internacional para la eliminación de la violencia contra las mujer les #16Day #25N Hoy #PintaElMundoDeNaranja El feminicidio y violencia contra las mujeres y las niñas debe ser una cuestión de Estado, de todos y de todas. #heforshe 🧡 @ONUMujeres
TERFs in the comments pretending that men are checking genitalia beforehand
Bugün kadına yönelik şiddetle mücadele günü. Kadınların kendini güvende hissettiği, şiddetin hiçbir türüne maruz kalmadığı bir dünya hepimizin hayali. #BenVarım
Sex-based violence, NOT gender-based!

Woman: an adult human female.

There @UN_Women, fixed it for you. Again. You seem to have developed a nasty habit of mixing those two up. Learning can be hard, I know.

Do better.

#SexNotGender #LanguageMatters #OrangeTheWorld
Gender based violence of all forms must end indeed. #OrangeTheWorld
This violence must end!🧡🧡🧡
25 November is the International Day to End Violence against Women & the world 🌎 is turning orange 🧡 to stand against gender-based violence. #OrangeTheWorld
Speak out, #OrangeTheWorld & break the cycle of abuse during #16Days of Activism!
Make a start by acknowledging that m@le pattern violence doesn't change, no matter how they identify
Turn the world 💚🤍💜 #NotOrange
Fight domestic and family violence, which has surged during the pandemic.
End all violence against women! Let's orange the world ladies 🧡✊🧡
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