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New audio played in court of Johnny Depp shouting and screaming at Amber Heard. #IStandWithAmberHeard

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In reply to @IvanaE
People who are defending Depp to the core is because they want to be heard that men get abused too. We get it men get abused too鈥 but that鈥檚 not the case here, Depp had also been abusive towards Heard.
In reply to @IvanaE
He feels totally justified doing this, because he truly feels he is better than her and has a right to control her.
In reply to @IvanaE
Why doesn't anyone seem to get this relationship was toxic, as in the abuse was came from both sides. Neither of them are innocent
In reply to @IvanaE
There audio of amber admiting to abusing jonny and even admitting he never touched her
He doesn't sound very scared to me. What he does sound like is someone comfortable with speaking to her like that. Someone who's spoken to her like that many times before.
In reply to @IvanaE
This woman half his age telling him to get clean or what to do. He resented that because NOBODY tells him what to do in his world full of enablers.
In reply to @IvanaE
So if she pushes his buttons, verbally or physically attacks him, and he yells at her, he鈥檚 in the wrong ? We don鈥檛 know the context of these recordings. What happened before she started recording. If you listen to how she speaks in them, it鈥檚 as if she鈥檚 setting him up.
this audio clip is a perfect distilled summary of their entire relationship & i'm gonna need everyone to listen to it, then think about it long & hard before ever trying to tell me that amber is the abuser ever again

let's break it down shall we 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎
"SHUT THE FUCK UP. Listen to me, then you can fucking respond! UNDERSTAND?"
"Don't fucking pretend to be authoritative with me!"

He is a stereotype of the Domineering Tough Guy who hates when a woman - who should be SUBSERVIENT to him in his eyes - questions him. He's a joke.
The fact she literally jumped from his screams in the audio鈥. I truly hope everyone stops defending this man after this video like truly鈥
In reply to @IvanaE
Are we watching the same trial? Amber has lied up and down about just about everything. If there's any truth at all in there, is hard to say. And yes, sometimes abused people yell back after a while. It's not rocket science.
In reply to @IvanaE
the way she flinched broke my heart
the rage in his voice鈥 yet he鈥檚 supposed to be the victim that these psychos have enamored themselves with delusion
I love how the same people who claimed Amber is a terrible actress are now claiming that the flinch was her acting good enough to convince the court and the viewers. You utter effin馃ぁ #IStandWithAmberHeard
c鈥檓on guys鈥 do you intend to continue ignoring Amber's evidence to make him a victim for how long?

the way when she wins this trial nobody will offer their apologies.

in the year of 2030 we鈥檒l see docuseries and society apologizing for their treatment of Amber Heard. Distasteful
In reply to @IvanaE
She is not the victim. She said it herself. pic.twitter.com/bPPKwrMaFh
the way she flinched whenever he raised his voice... i hope she'll heal from all this, it's so heartbreaking
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 exist鈥
COMO algu茅m ainda pode dizer que ela 茅 a abusadora? #istandwithamberheard
In reply to @IvanaE
Notice how Johnnys recordings make sense on their own while Amber's always need a complicated story to explain? Odd that.
In reply to @IvanaE
the way he switched from speaking softly, almost mumbling, to SCREAMING- my abuser did that, it鈥檚 so unnerving. In a normal argument you have a gradual raising of voices, but unpredictable screaming/lashing out causes insane anxiety & emotional dysregulation-& that鈥檚 the point!
yall saying that flinch is bc she鈥檚 an actor when depp is an actor himself dont piss me off
Anoten bien porque as铆 va a pasar: Johnny Depp va a perder ese juicio.

Recuerden que las y los jurados no tienen acceso a tik tok ni a Twitter para manchar sus mentes con el asqueroso machismo que impregna estas redes.
yeah, as someone who's gone through this, "you don't exist" are the words of an abuser distancing himself from what he's done to his victim.
In who's hell was Johnny NOT abusive to her?
He literally was talking as calm as possible before she kept interrupting him and not allowing him to respond to her swearing at him? How do you delude yourself to say Depp is being abusive here when Amber is also swearing at him?
In reply to @IvanaE
She yelled him too, is that count? Or because she is a women and she younger and less money so you don鈥檛 count? pic.twitter.com/rYdCU3PJvG
In my opinion everyone has yelled at a loved one or someone of that matter. That doesn鈥檛 define him as an abuser, how about the times she鈥檚 screamed ever more so admitted to 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 punch you I hit you鈥 stop acting as if she鈥檚 the victim because she鈥檚 not. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
C贸mo pueden defender a Depp despu茅s de escuchar esto? No defiendo a Amber Heard pero de ah铆 a santificar a un hombre con tanto poder? No lo creo.
鈥渢he way she flinched was an act because she鈥檚 an actress!!鈥 so is he. and a shit one at that. when will y鈥檃ll stop cherry picking the evidence that is RIGHT in front of you?
But she had all the power in that relationship right? pic.twitter.com/2Vl3vQgYBV
i need him d3ad i really do. a very evil evil man
In what world can I believe a man, older than her, with more money, fame, and more bodyguards, becomes a victim of a girl while yelling at her like this and telling her that you don't exist? #IStandWithAmberHeard
Es un puto abusador t铆o no m puedo creer q ahora tenga fans hasta debajo d las piedras es un hijo d puta
In reply to @IvanaE
Dudes battling demons and they鈥檙e not amber heard
Wild how he continues to be abusive in public, in a court no less, and still has widespread support.
鈥渄on鈥檛 fucking be authoritative with me. you don鈥檛 fucking exist.鈥 what the actual fuck.
are people also forgetting johnny is over 20 years older than her? are people forgetting how much that already shows the power imbalance? or how about the fact that mutually abusive relationships are not a thing. johnny depp is a fucking piece of shit
she started flinching when he began screaming in the audio but he鈥檚 the victim鈥?
el pobre angelito
no importa cu谩ntas pruebas tenga amber de depp siendo abusivo y violento con ella, siempre la van a tratar como una mentirosa
the qrts being misogynistic as hell can we bring the apocalypse and bring the witches back. humanity is a curse and magneto was always right. history is witness, y'all don't care about the case anymore 鈥 it's all making sense now.
"you dont exist"
eu queria que ele m e a amber tivesse paz
Johnny Depp鈥檚 goal seems to be to drag Amber down with him. Because he is very much not the innocent face of male DV that you people are forcing yourselves to believe he is.
Qu茅 horror c贸mo le grita y la trata como una tonta, tmb se van a burlar de las pruebas que ella est谩 dando? o ah铆 es o铆dos sordos y fingimos que no existen? porque a m铆 me ha dado mucho miedo, qu茅 pesadilla
im covering my base here, im NOT taking sides but the flinch looks real to me tho
this is horrific you can literally see her flinch
In reply to @IvanaE
As if she wasn鈥檛 yelling at him first
this is terrifying actually. he's telling her, essentially, that she's nothing. this IS mental abuse. this is johnny depp, in private speaking to the woman he "loves."

disclaimer: i support neither of them. this is a domestic violence case not a movie.
In reply to @IvanaE
Wow馃槙 that's... Wow. 馃槼
They met when she was 23 and he was 46. The idea that she is a mastermind abuser and he is innocent is ridiculous. To all those laughing at, sharing and creating content based on this woman鈥檚 harrowing account of physical, emotional and sexual abuse - take a look at yourselves.
holy fuck my dad used to talk to me like this all the time, this is gross鈥
tw abuse
i don't usually add CNs or TWs to QTs anymore鈥攊 know theyre sometimes not wanted, so i hope op isn't offended i'm doing it in this case but this audio is really disturbing and harrowing imo. i just think for many who experienced abuse this will be extremely triggering
We can agree to disagree, but amber was 100% abused. wake tf up he鈥檚 not this god
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she flinching and these fuckers still think he鈥檚 a victim oh my god
鈥渄on鈥檛 pretend to be authoritative with me鈥 but i鈥檓 supposed to believe that she was the one who had the upper hand?
I鈥檓 pretty sure this person is a bot.
cada dia sale nueva evidencia en contra de depp, pero ustedes sigan dejandolo como "la pobre victima馃ズ"
In reply to @IvanaE
That was so loud at the beginning and everyone is like 鈥渙h she flinched鈥 LMAO. I flinched because it was loud. Doesn鈥檛 mean I sh*t the bed. #AmberTurd wrote a one sided op-Ed that ruined johnnys career. That鈥檚 why he鈥檚 suing. He鈥檚 not on trial for abuse. She鈥檚 a victim of herslf
creen y defienden a este t铆o de manera ciega y luego dudan de cualquier chica que les demuestre que x es un abusador aajajajjajaja ayyy
In reply to @IvanaE
"You don't even exist" is such an abuser thing to say unprovoked. I hope this piece of shit croaks and all his supporters learn to shut tf up.
ok lol this is triggering how do i opt out of hearing any more audio from this trial 馃榾
In reply to @IvanaE
Lots of audio of Heard berating Depp & admitting to hitting him. NO audio, NO video of Depp berating, or hitting, Heard. Facts matter.
His fans will encourage this behaviour and ignore the reality of living in such a horrible environment, hence why she felt the need to record herself
so you agree? there was a power imbalance that you were the dominant in? pic.twitter.com/vRXcqdySHb
this the man you guys are defending and in "solidarity" with? 馃ゴ馃ゴ馃ゴ
Mano 茅 ele insultando ela e fazendo tortura psicologica, classico homem tratando mulher como inferior e ainda tentam plantar ele de vitima 脡 NITIDO Q ELE 脡 QUEM TINHA O PODER NA RELA脟脙O
In reply to @IvanaE
I can鈥檛 with her. She takes no responsibility for anything! I was in a marriage like this and we were both at fault. She isn鈥檛 an angel and I think he looks more scared of her than she of him but that is my opinion only
i hate him so much you guys 鉂わ笍
i hope this man burns in the darkest pits of hell
no se para que mierda televisaron este juicio todos los dias hay que aguantar a pelotudos tomando partido por uno de los dos cuando los dos estan re mal de la cabeza y quedo demostrado
This is exactly how I would react when my ex would push and push and push and never listen when we were arguing. Not saying he wasn鈥檛 toxic as well but so much of this just sounds reactive.
Bruh these people abused each other. Neither of them is innocent.
maldito el y la gente que lo toma de santo
SHE FUCKING ADMITTED TO ABUSING HIM ON FUCKING TAPE. Why are people trying to justify the acts of this woman? What happened to being guilty until proven innocent in cases of abuse and harassment? Fucking hypocrites istg
N茫o fa莽o ideia do que vai acontecer, do que realmente aconteceu, mas pra mim 茅 bizarro as acusa莽玫es que est茫o sendo levantadas contra ela enquanto existem tantas provas contra ele.
And his fans still defending him in these replies鈥 disgusting!!
ayyy pero ella le dijo gordo oigan u.u
In reply to @IvanaE
And what about all the audio of her yelling at him? People yell when triggered. I'm sorry but the fact is her story just doesn't hold up. And as a woman I wanted to believe her. But as a person who grow up in a unstable home. I don't. #JusticeForJohhnyDepp
yall r reaching. i also yelled at my family members and said hurtful things to them BECAUSE I WAS TIRED OF THE ABUSE! that sounds like frustration that he can never have a say to me.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 exist鈥 .. people defend him?
"don't fucking pretend to be authoritive of me" 賷爻 賱賱丨賷賳 賴匕丕 丕賱卮禺氐 賮丕賳夭賴 賷鬲賵賯毓賵丕 丕賳賴 匕賰乇 賲禺鬲賱賮 毓賳 亘丕賯賷 丕賱匕賰賵乇 丕賱賱賷 賷噩賳 噩賳賵賳賴賲 賱賲丕 賷賮賯丿賵丕 爻賷胤乇鬲賴賲 丕賵 賷丨爻賵丕 丕賳 賮賷 丕賲乇兀丞 鬲丨丕賵賱 鬲賮乇囟 爻賷胤乇鬲賴丕 毓賱賷賴賲
that flinch she did is a physical reaction I have seen victims do several times to environmental triggers.
she literally starts flinching, getting noticeably uncomfortable and wallowing into herself and people actual believe he didn鈥檛 abuse her? You cant fake reactions like that
You don鈥檛 exist is crazy
1 million views and less than 7k likes ik his fans can't help him this time 馃拃
Dos terribles psic贸patas que me tienen re podrida hay que dejar de darle tanta pelota a los merqueros
Y hay gente que lo defiende y est谩 de su lado. Asco.
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