Democratic voters: Hold the House, expand the Senate with wins in PA and WI, then expand the Supreme Court to 15 justices.

Do it now, or we won’t recognize our country in a few years.

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@GeorgeTakei @jmbostic1 We don’t have the numbers in Congress to get this done. Voting in midterms can get this done!
@GeorgeTakei Recognise DC and Puerto Rico as states. Herschel Walker will support it.
@GeorgeTakei Wont happen. Biden has done a terrible job and we’re coming for the house and senate.
@GeorgeTakei there are 20 Republican Senators up for Re-election, lets win all of them. I know it's far fetched but we truly only need 8.
@GeorgeTakei *With Term Limits

Enough of this shit.
@GeorgeTakei Imagine deluding yourself into thinking the Democrats are going to do anything.
@GeorgeTakei I stopped recognizing this country when self proclaimed "patriots" sided with a Russian dictator over their own country.
@GeorgeTakei I don't recognize it now. Can you imagine any of this happening even 5 or 6 years ago?
@GeorgeTakei Democrats need to win more than just PA and WI to help their cause in the Senate. Dems have been thwarted by two senators from WV and AZ who have been detrimental to many issues.
@GeorgeTakei I already don’t recognize my country. And honestly, hope for improvement diminishes every single day. America desperately needs a hero and I don’t see one coming to our rescue.
@GeorgeTakei Sorry George but I don’t recognize it now. ?
@GeorgeTakei what about abolishing the Electoral College and moving to a fairer result based purely on the popular vote?
If only Democratic voters do this, it won't matter
@GeorgeTakei Translation:

Change the rules. We're not winning with these rules.
George, I don’t recognize it now..
@GeorgeTakei I don’t recognize it now ?
He's not wrong.
@GeorgeTakei We can’t recognize our country now!
@GeorgeTakei Keep tweeting all the way though November.
@GeorgeTakei “‘Well Regulated’ NOT part of 2nd Amendment,” SCOTUS.
@GeorgeTakei I don't recognize our country NOW.

The longer this goes on, this ABSOLUTE CONTEMPT FOR DEMOCRACY this is what other countries were.

And now here we are.

"A Democratic Republic if you can keep it" is what Franklin said apparently we cannot keep it.
@GeorgeTakei They said if we get to 50, they’ll do that. If we get to 52, I’m sure they’ll find a new excuse for inaction ??‍♂️
@GeorgeTakei Each party just packs SCOTUS with more justices every 4 to 8 years? Great plan George.
@GeorgeTakei The Roe decision will be announced tomorrow when they “ justices “ are far far away from DC.
@GeorgeTakei We need to demand executive orders NOW!!!!
I would add not only Democratic voters, but independent voters.
@GeorgeTakei If you expand the court that radically, then we'll have a 27 member Supreme Court with the next GOP majority. One good cheese deserves another
@GeorgeTakei And then you woke up ????
@GeorgeTakei we won't recognize it EVEN WAY BEFORE NEXT YEAR IF WE DON'T!
We won't recognize our country next year.
@GeorgeTakei I think it is too late Supreme Court just allowed all law abiding citizens to carry weapons in all states…. This will be interesting. Will be free game on all Dems. How many law suits and arrests can they make?
I don’t recognize it now! SCOTUS is taking us back 50 years and we have the Trump voters to thank for it. Depressing.
@GeorgeTakei "expand the Supreme Court to 15 justices"

18 circuits 17 aj 1 cj

see image
It’s a tall order, but the future of our country is at stake. I was on the fence about expanding SCOTUS, but fuck it, now we must.
@GeorgeTakei They could expand the court now. Democrats sitting on their hands watching all of this happening is not going to help them on November
@GeorgeTakei I don't recognize this country now. In a few years, it won't be a representative democracy, it will be a theocratic oligarchy.
@GeorgeTakei Too late. And the gop is predicted to win in nov
@GeorgeTakei I don’t recognize it now.
@GeorgeTakei No to expanding the senate. That is too much of a slippery slope. Better idea is to impeach Thomas, who never should have been confirmed in the first place.
@GeorgeTakei Why not a third party?

I bet the Greens would be more than happy and I think their approach would suit you and most people a lot better than this binary Republican/Democrat situation.
@GeorgeTakei Sad to say ! If we don’t get the hell out we all be in intermentcamps brother!! If the maga gets house back .I’m going to Thailand
@GeorgeTakei I already don't recognize it. When I think of how things looked just three years ago, then how they looked three years before that. There was a certain amount of joy, there was hope for a better tomorrow, there was a sense of some progress.
That's been steadily snuffed out.
@GeorgeTakei Yes change the rule, not codified law, not the Constitution, a rule. Most don’t know the difference.
@GeorgeTakei George, you are living in La La Land!
@GeorgeTakei Because America is going to be back?
Philly. I say it starts with us.
@GeorgeTakei I think it is too late. I hope McConnell is happy. The elections are rigged now from top to bottom and they have the SC on their side.
@GeorgeTakei This shit became unrecognizable when "we" decided to replace Obama with "he who would bring upon the end times."
@GeorgeTakei @Teresa_Denemy The court has an agenda to radically reinterpret the constitution .
@GeorgeTakei Democratic voters isn't the problem. We need the moderate and independent voters to focus more on the social issues (guns, women's choice, lgbtq+rights) and less on gas prices. If people vote solely based on their pocketbook, the Dems are screwed.
George has a good plan.
@GeorgeTakei If you can expand the court, you can impeach Thomas and Kavanaugh. 6 one, half dozen the other to me.
@GeorgeTakei On SC - I say 13 - there are 13 appeals 'districts', fair to have same number of justices
@GeorgeTakei George, I agree, but I don't believe they have the will to do it. Too short-sighted
@GeorgeTakei I don’t recognize our country now!! ??
@GeorgeTakei “Democratic voters: Hold the House, expand the Senate with wins in PA and WI, then expand the Supreme Court to 15 justices so we can tilt all decisions in our favor.

Do it now, because that’s the only way we’re going to get wins with our weak-ass, limp-wristed, hypocrisy.”
@GeorgeTakei The Republican Christian Nationalist Faschist Right will make sure Autocracy is in vogue. We need toget on the stick and blunt #FoxNewsPropaganda
@GeorgeTakei I don't recognize it now... and I know you're a few years older than I... so I expect it's even worse for you.
@GeorgeTakei Vote blue and you’ll get more of the same — rising crime and a sinking economy.
@GeorgeTakei Can't agree on Supreme Court expansion. Pendulum of SCOTUS mix will swing back into 5-4 balance soon enough and our era of hyper-politization will end once Donnie RINO goes the way of Joe McCarthy.
It's a shame we have to re-learn lessons of past every 60-70 years or so.
@GeorgeTakei I don’t recognize this country now. A few years? I can’t imagine.
@GeorgeTakei @JustMaxWilson Every damn year since trump, we have been desperately trying to save this country, we must keep going and fighting like Ukrainians!
@GeorgeTakei Oh we'll recognize it from all of the dystopian novels and history books on Nazi Germany we've read.
@GeorgeTakei 13 justices, one for each circuit, might be an easier sell than 15.
@GeorgeTakei America will have to deal with the obesity problem as first you all need to acknowledge that it's your biggest problem to resolve. Then alongside that #GlobalWarming, all this other stuff is nonsense compared to these two issues.
@GeorgeTakei we can't do it as long as we have those 2 "dems" in the Senate.
@GeorgeTakei Worming hard here in Wisconsin to turn it true blue!
@GeorgeTakei @hezhitters How about we actually hold criminals accountable?
Justices lied to Congress. I was always brought up to believe that was a crime.
Why isn't it being charged?
Seems like being involved in a coup would be disqualifying as well, yet Thomas still sits.
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@GeorgeTakei I don’t recognise it now.. insanity rules.
@GeorgeTakei Yes! Not enough people understand yet what we are asking for by doing too little right now.
@GeorgeTakei So, change the rules if you don't like the consequences. And no I did not vote for Trump.
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