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Clarence Thomas writes, in a concurring opinion, that the Supreme Court should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.

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“For, if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.” — James Baldwin in a letter to Angela Davis, 1970
There’s a straight line from Biden humiliating Anita Hill in front of the entire world to this exact moment
Not in Connecticut and not on my watch.

We will not take away a woman’s right to contraception, or end same-sex marriage or relationships.
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In reply to @kylegriffin1
The same Clarence Thomas whose wife is a sedition ist?
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if you think this won’t affect you if you don’t have a uterus, think again. the supreme court has thrown away the notion of precedent.
I wouldn’t put it past Clarence Thomas to overturn Loving v. Virginia and make his own marriage illegal.
Seems a long, painful way to go just to insure that his marriage to his white wife is eventually outlawed.
It’s crucial to understand the repeal of Roe in the larger context - it’s not about abortion, it’s about control of our privacy, our bodies, our relationships, as necessary to implement theocracy and dominionism. This is a bigger longer game that is not in any way about “life.”
bad keeps finding a way to get worse. this is all so impossibly sad
Do you think that yt gays who make those videos about how they’re “illegal” in other countries will now have to edit those videos?
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Loving v Virginia would be on life-support without the right to privacy; weird how that one didn't make the cut in his concurrence.
This is a pretty awful day. This ruling attacks people’s rights over their own bodies and is laying out plans to strip more rights from more groups.

It’s easy to become cynical and lose heart.

We have to keep fighting.
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We’re English and live in the UK. I just picked up my 15year old daughter from school, told her about today’s tragedy and she burst into tears.
court expansion must become a litmus test for the democratic party and voters have to refuse to donate to or vote for any politician who isnt explicitly in favor of expanding the court
It is also astonishing to me that given what we know, Dem elected as are not demanding Thomas’s resignation. This is the inevitable consequence of allowing absolute corruption:
Please, let’s have no more bullshit from the right complaining about judicial activism from now on.
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Truly a very sad day -- Disgusting ruling -- As a society, sadly, we are going backwards to a time of human social ignorance and total disregard for the rights of others. Stand tall and firm at the state level to protect our human rights.
In any other rich democracy, these views would rightly be categorized as bigoted, misogynistic, and extremist. It’s also beyond insane that someone with so much power is married to a deranged conspiracist who actively sought to illegitimately overthrow the elected US president.
Good lord. Impressively pathetic shit today in this country, truly.
This doesn’t stop at #AbortionRights. The anti-choice movement has their sights on contraception too. And we've known since Alito's #SCOTUS opinion draft that precedents supporting LGTBQ people’s right to marry and to keep the state out of our bedrooms are in danger. Fight back!
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It’s ALSO ABOUT PRIVACY White men ROE and other cases PROVIDED YALL PROTECTIONS AS WELL Now the govt can force anyone not too say Gay or be fined There’s no end to the arbitrary and unfair laws bc they removed the right to be free from govt interference
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fascism really is coming to america isnt it
this is incredibly scary

we are not far away from it being illegal for others like me to exist as ourselves in certain parts of the country

these are massive steps backwards

the usa is unmistakably regressing on the grounds of human rights
Prochaine étape pour la Cour suprême, selon l'un de ses juges conservateurs, Clarence Thomas: se pencher sur le droit à la contraception, le mariage pour tous, et même la légalité des relations entre personnes de même sexe.
do you fucking believe us now?
Take no civil and human right for granted anywhere.
You notice what case he didn’t mention … interesting
Oh that’s funny I was reassured by conservative pundits that this would never happen.
Right wing activists in robes.
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The american people should reconsider the mere idea of Clerence Thomas.
I remember in 2016, being horrified at the election of Trump and what that would mean for marginalized groups.

I—-and many of us — were told “our institutions will protect us.”

Fast forward to today, and
This is next.

Land of the free, my ass. 😕
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This is exactly what Hillary was talking about when she said voting for Democrats is the most important thing to do right now because if Republicans win, whatever your fight, it won’t matter to the GOP.
logging off before I earn myself a lifetime ban for vocalising even 10% of what's going through my head right now
Exactly what we told you would happen:
very fun and very cool day
Remember when Pete Buttigieg said in his presidential campaign that we should expand the Supreme Court and no one took that seriously. Well.....
Impossible for me to tweet about anything else with this going on. It's hard to put into words how immensely fucked up everything is on the other side of the pond, everything is so backwards

They won't stop at overturning Roe v Wade
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if i say what i’m thinking i’m gonna get suspended by twitter
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We are in serious serious serious serious trouble.
Being expected to work when the Supreme Court decimates your rights is the late stage capitalism we’ve all come to know.
But funny enough, not interracial marriages.
none of the supreme court judges who agreed with this should have a moment of peace for the rest of their lives.
In reply to @MelissaRyan
They're so fucking emboldened now. Thomas doesn't even care that he's giving the game away. That's how sure they are that they've won the war.
estados unidos é um país de terceiro mundo com cinto da Gucci
In reply to @kylegriffin1
SCOTUS won't stop there in overturning rights because of precedent.
In reply to @kylegriffin1
Buckle up buttercup... the Supreme Court is waging war against our rights and it's far from over
In reply to @Pokket
If you think this is just about essential healthcare for women, do your damned research. It is about FAR more than this. There is SO Much that is now going to change if people don't ACT now. To start, here:
His wife tried to plan a coup.
In reply to @kylegriffin1
Did he miss any civil rights the far right wants swept away? How about Loving v. VA? He may not see the writing on the wall, but that decision and the Civil Rights Act will be on the chopping block soon enough. He can't block 5 other reactionary justices.
Just absolutely sickening. And I feel so fucking helpless as to what to do. Please share organizations working to protect people’s human rights below… and… I don’t know. These people are seated here for life right?? What do we do??
Some of y’all don’t understand that just because you can’t get pregnant means Roe V. Wade overturning won’t affect you.

I want y’all to understand they are coming after ALL of us.

If you’re queer in any way, this is gunna be next.

“oh it won’t happen”

Oh, it will.
In reply to @mkraju
This is just the start...next elections vote democrat, even if you are staunch republican, still vote democrat. You can stomach few years under them, if not well you have seen the first steps to come. Only way to solve this is supermajority for Democrats. twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s…
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Clarence Thomas is a traitor and should go to prison.
Roe v. Wade is just the tip of the iceberg. If they can overturn a fundamental right we have had for nearly 50 years, nothing is off the table.
They’ve been completely transparent about what they want and it just keeps happening, unopposed over and over again. Dems just as complicit if not more for repeatedly using every reversal of progress as a fundraising opportunity. Sickening.
Notice how he left out Loving versus Virginia.
I’m not letting anyone gaslight me into thinking I’m overreacting about this stuff anymore. Even if these opinions are of the minority, we are under minority rule. The system is built against us.
In reply to @kylegriffin1
He should try to remember when it would have been illegal for him to marry Ginni - might give him a little perspective and empathy.
In reply to @Popehat
All I can think about is when @chrislhayes and @SusanSarandon were laughing while saying trump was gonna bring the revolution and that’s why he should get your vote. Playing over and over in my head.
The goal of the uniquely powerful and extreme American Right has always been to roll back the entire 20th century: from the modern administrative state & the public sector more generally, to organic social & cultural change.
In reply to @kylegriffin1
Why? Because they aren’t mentioned in the constitution? Literally nothing common or accepted pas the year like 1800 is mentioned in the constitution because you know, time.
On the next episode of You Don’t get to have rights:
And you all thought they would stop with abortions?
Hell, why not go after interracial marriage while you’re at it….oh wait…
See: “They’ll never overturn Roe vs. Wade.”
So much for claiming to be the best country in the world - as a father of a lovely daughter and a bright son I want to bring them up in a county that supports free speech, the rights to your body and sensible gun laws. Guess plan B is looking real good now
In reply to @IslaHinck
Case and point. They're not going to stop. twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s…
Shocked he hasn't gone after interracial marriage for obvious reasons
I genuinely hate it here
If you voted for these people, get fucked, and unfollow me.
Try it lol I’m still gonna have sex with women and if that makes me an outlaw, than I’m a FUCKING OUTLAW
fuck these fuckers
Biden must act. He must denounce this rogue, power-mad court and demand that Congress reform it.
In reply to @kylegriffin1
I have created a document with info about abortion funds specific to each state: bit.ly/AbortionFundsT… I encourage y'all to share this information and follow/donate to the orgs I have cited! There's also a website version: donateabortions.com ✨️
Not a teaser for the next few rounds of terror.
It is a lie that the American right concerns itself in any way with individual liberty.

Canadians - and Albertans - must guard against these far-right charlatans who claim the mantle of liberty, autonomy or freedom. The goal is the opposite.
They just erased reproductive rights. The rest is coming. They are coming for all of us. They are coming for us. They are coming for all of us. They are going to spread their fascist beliefs until freedom and justice crumbles.
This is what happens when you let the cult of sex denialism take charge. Every SEX BASED provision we ever fought for and win is now vulnerable. In a clown world where Supreme Court justices can’t define sex on the stand, they can’t protect sex in legislation.
Lawrence was SCOTUS decision overturning a ban on sodomy and, by extension, any sex act between consenting adult in private. So...
🇺🇸🏛️ The United States of Gilead.
Overturning Roe v Wade isn’t just about taking away a Women’s right to choose. It’s also setting the precedent to further strip away your rights. And they aren’t wasting any time…
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