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Gen Z might make it through.

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this is what happens when you get all of your beliefs from tumblr infographics and Netflix originals and don鈥檛 actually, like, read.
what I meant when I said libfem is dying out in the west and zoomers women are going back to tradewife mindset after not seeing feminism as movement to help them they are totally lost. Our grandmoms didn't fight for us to go back to pre 2nd wave misogynist society.
this is partially the fault of liberal feminism like listening to her describe the 鈥渇eminist agenda鈥 you can tell shes never engaged with any real theory or analysis regarding the patriarchy 馃槶
What bothers me the most about these arguments is that you have to be very historically ignorant to believe that women never worked until feminism came along
yt women get brainwashed back into conservative beliefs and then say 鈥渙h well feminism still has its bad aspects!!鈥 like all those aspects benefit you.. u hate feminism cus ur a misogynistic demon not cus you 鈥渙pened your eyes鈥
traditionalism is when you post yourself in a lingerie on instagram pic.twitter.com/sAHvN0JN09
It always confuses when women don't support feminism, why would you give up your rights?
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Sounds like a great idea!Ladies put yourselves in a position where you fully depend on another person to support you and 3 or 4 other persons so if, and whenever you need to leave due to abuse, infidelity, substance abuse you have no option than to suck it up buttercup.brilliant
Wow. This is the best video I鈥檝e seen so far this week. She nailed it
the likes and replies鈥h god send the rapture
This new era of young women thinking they are revolutionary for being anti-feminist and spouting misogynistic patriarchal ideals instead of facing the reality that they鈥檙e uplifting ideals that lead to women not having bodily autonomy literally is my least favorite thing ever.
This amazing, articulate, #GenZ Heroine just took a BLOW TORCH to the #ModernLeft and its perverse form of #Feminism. Well worth a watch.
If you swapped one extremist pov with another, then you are the biggest fool the world has ever seen
In reply to @sovrynmindset
I have never signed up for the feminist movement was dragged into in unwillingly, I am happy to say my guy still holds the door for me and walks on the side of traffic. I will always prefer old school values.
women of color, let鈥檚 exclude white women from our feminism since they are so against it and want to please men more than anything. let them go back to the kitchen and take away their right if free speech, maybe then we'll advance
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It's unbearably sad to see young women so cut off from their own history they have no notion how hard previous generations of feminist thinkers & activists fought to win them even the most basic rights鈦犫攔ights we can be sure this young woman could not IMAGINE living without. 馃槶
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Women are not 鈥榥atural鈥 caregivers. There are more women caregivers because it was expected of them and not all women like to take care of children. Women should be allowed to choose career, motherhood, or both. Happiness differs between individuals.
Lots of cucked soy boys and miserable nihilistic depressed women mad about this video.

The quote tweets are a special insight into the butt hurt that occurs when a woman asserts her femininity and rejects woke indoctrination.
This anti feminist thing is so weird. Feminist have children, feminist always had children. Women had always worked before in ancient time, teaching, priestesses, nuns, being mothers, agriculture, midwifery, apothecary, etc, especially black and brown women working isn鈥檛 new.
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men will publicly simp for painfully obvious engagement bait instead of going to therapy
In some ways, this woman is right. Liberal 鈥済irlboss鈥 feminism is harming women and society as a whole.
However, the answer to this problem isn鈥檛 embracing patriarchy, but adopting radical feminism, whose main goal is the liberation of women as a class from male oppression.
dawg the political evolution from 2016 - 2020 and Trumps presidency were a useless filler arc
In reply to @sovrynmindset
Smart girl. Let's hope this spreads through the young and they finally start thinking for themselves again.
In reply to @sovrynmindset
Ask a childless 35-year-old working woman if she had made the right choices in life. I bet you'd find 1 in 1000 would say yes.
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I want my sons to marry a girl exactly like her. 馃檹
I wonder how much she's being paid

"Trust me women, it's better if you have to financially tie yourself to a man to survive!"
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This is why when my kids went into junior high, I was home when they got home. Worked part time. So I could see what was going on. And it gave them security knowing I was there. Material things can wait. LOVE doesn鈥檛!
all this trad/modest signaling and im 90% certain her ig is full of thirst traps
A little too much on the other direction for my taste, but heh, if so many people like it, it must be resonating and waking people up i guess
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Confused鈥 what abt the non white women who had to work and couldn鈥檛 depend on the men? Race plays a big factor into this. Poc/ blk women can鈥檛 just depend on daddy鈥檚 or hubby鈥檚 money due to generational oppression.
Any man that falls for this gets what they deserve

The feminist to tradwife born again BS is just them trying to maximize their betabux deluxue options

That's it.
Rw twitter falls so easily for grifters I don't even want to insult her as much as the dorks eating it up
This is quite good. I'll always treasure my femininity and the warm, loving instincts that come with it. This girl says it beautifully. 馃挒
In reply to @sovrynmindset
I really hope he picked her <3
Make it through what exactly? Balderdash.
Apparently working for The Man is only bad if women do it, but it is men鈥檚 natural role to be wage cucks and be separated from their families
it鈥檚 deeply concerning to me that y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 recognize the white supremacist rhetoric she鈥檚 spewing.
hopefully with the Earth spinning faster it rotates fast enough for these ppl to fly off of it
In reply to @sovrynmindset
there are just too many things factually wrong about this there's no way to deal..also she's a grifter
This is what happens when you defund libraries.
notice how all her points are based around white feminist ideals. why is every anti-feminist sentiment centered around women catering to the needs of others rather than doing exactly what they鈥檇 like to do .
This is absolutely ridiculous, feminism is about having the choice to do what you want. I鈥檇 say a lot of, if not most, don鈥檛 want to be a stay at home trad wife with 7 kids. Jesus Christ.
Some folks believe themselves 鈥渨oke鈥. This girl is actually AWAKE
it鈥檚 true that modern feminism is mostly a white cis women base who ignore woc and trans women but feminism itself IS NOT a brainwashing concept that manipulates women into losing their 鈥榣oving nature鈥 at all. women are much more than breeders and caretakers.
espero que esta mujer venda nfts y los estafe a todos los hombres que fueron a su perfil por ser """""diferente"""""
Hey, if she likes it, I love it.
These girlies are gonna get the same rude awakening their grandmothers did. It's truly gonna be a sight to behold 馃き馃槀
these attwhores put on a floral dress and tweet "I love being anti-feminist" and the simps flock in, these silly guys think they've found a high quality housewife who's busy selling femininity courses
Instead of redpilling women to thinking trad is 鈥60s house wife鈥
We should redpill them that the real trad route is being barefoot everydsy
Finally a woman who is smart enough to understand everything!
I hope there are more like her in the new generation.
There is hope!
In reply to @sovrynmindset
My Gen Z kids and their friends are practically alt right. The pendulum is swinging the other way and we are from NY
Who is educating these kids making them so loud and wrong.
She's gonna be wifed up faster than the short, blue haired, hairy ones.
I can't tell you if this is true or not.

But, what I can tell you, is that what she's saying is exactly how the left wages war on the mind.

this is the new grift for women being antifeminist to sell your shitty courses online pic.twitter.com/5gunJh5Abm
meh nothing is real everything is a construct don鈥檛 take anything seriously
As we possibly approach a recession, we will see more takes like this.
pretty sure this video is for men in a very weird way
拧ta je bre ovo?? i broj lajkova??? idemo deset koraka unazad izvinite sada moram da se obesim
Yea women def never participated in the workforce until fucking rockefeller flipped the womens rights switch. Jesus christ right wingers are so fucking stupid
who the hell is this wench 馃槶馃槶
In reply to @RNR_0
No Gen Z is not gonna make it They still seek shortcuts, get rick quick schemes, ponzi schemes Maybe she actually believes in web3 & NFT she shills. However I'm doubtful. These people are usually the most dangerous twitter.com/sovrynmindset/鈥
"feminists are demonizing and emasculating men" good
This is what happens when simple minded women get into hetero relationships
we're going backwards it shouldn't be surprising anymore
This Bitch Mad Stupid
The way I always see anti-feminists go on about the wage gap as if that鈥檚 the peak misogyny they have to debunk

How about how 1 in 4 women will experience a form of sexual assault before they鈥檙e 18, the femicides, the IPV
this is what privilege does to people, they think that bc their end of the stick isn鈥檛 so bad (as far as their experience goes) that misogyny doesn鈥檛 exist. women are being beat & SA & murdered for rejecting men & you want to say there鈥檚 no problem? that its all a conspiracy ??
We are heading toward a catastrophe
I was an angry feminist too but now I'm a happy feminist who enjoys having a career, tried birth control and decided it wasn't for me, and transitioned out of hookup culture with minimal resentment
this is the politics i had in 2016 and thought i was based
Il numero di like a questi tweet mi fa venire voglia di vomitare
Die luister werd...馃憣馃徎
once I hear anyone use the words 鈥渂lue haired feminist鈥 unironically pic.twitter.com/pSyuOaQvtX
pens茅 que iba a estar lleno de comentarios ri茅ndose pero es pura gente celebrando las tonteras que dijo im 馃槶馃槶馃槶 gringos weones
My faith in humanity got restored by 2%
the likes.. there is no hope for women anymore
The hilarity of knowing that anti-feminism is a phase, not the end point.
let's test this theory and have men be pregnant and birth children for generations....I just wanna see something
Always encouraging to see women speak out about how Feminism is dismantling our culture.
Most people on this app and tiktok just don't know what feminism is and suddenly have so much to say about it.

Thank you, next.
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