A 14 year old girl was told by a CPS worker in TX to become a prostitute.

This is what happens when a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General consistently overlook & ignore sexual abuse & neglect within the CPS and Foster care system.

@GregAbbott_TX any comments?

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@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX November cannot come soon enough, for the state of Texas!!! @BetoORourke is needed more than ever.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX I've heard of a social security judge telling a disabled friend on appeal, her claim was denied, as she could still be a phone sex worker. Bad enough this was said to a woman in her late 50s. To tell a child to become a sex worker is beyond reprehensible.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX THANK YOU! Speak on it. The entire foster care system needs reform.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Republicans appear to be done with "pro-life" right after the baby is born and no longer a fetus inside of the mother.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Sickening. CPS is grossly underfunded & understaffed. Texas lowered the standards to qualify for a caseworker job & it shows.
This is on Greg Abbott.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Texas is a god damn mess. The way they handle children and sexual abuse is disgusting.

Shameless piggybacking to expose Texas:

@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX This is @GregAbbott_TX 's Texas. This is one of the worst Child Protective Services in the US, despite being the energy center of the world.
Watch https://t.co/MsM1FvOWLW
Hey @TX #CPS ..fk off!!!! https://t.co/viaJVD0l8r
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Wow we, Next they'll be in the baby selling business. Texas vote these people out or your child might be the next one forced into prostitution by CPS.
I'm fully disgusted. Texas do better and vote @BetoORourke in to make the changes your state needs! https://t.co/aZUuPptGnL
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Horrific. No apology will undo the damage to that child. This suggestion from an adult in a position of authority is sexual battery and attempted trafficing. This person needs to be criminally charged.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX I’m ready to riot!!!!!! https://t.co/7So1Ci3Hrp
There you go… and oh by the way… no support for YOU! https://t.co/ILbnTRvkFC
@0liviajulianna @SoltisNancy @GregAbbott_TX Texas is #1 in rape.


@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX It goes both ways. My foster parents forced me not to say anything to my social worker. It's all I knew for years. That's changed. Right now is the perfect time to change something that doesn't serve you well.
Watch the news report here and raise hell, my beloved #Texans! This callousness is not who the majority of Texans are. @BetoORourke, please help! https://t.co/Tw2ela5XQq https://t.co/JjXZgA6W7r
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX We don't understand economic inequality. We ate forced to live with this sea of lies & ignorance. VOTE as if your life depends on it because it does.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX As I live with a wonderful kind man. Former redneck accusing women of trapping men into their pregnancies. As they distribute their sperm wantonly & blame women & ignore biology. Praying to help him understand. There are very very good men our there misinformed.
FFS.... https://t.co/Ts1flkoNWP
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Vote him out! And find a way to get rid of that worker. CPS your job is to help these kids lead a decent life not further victimize them. How sad
The Child Protection Service in Texas is rotten to the core. Rather than protect the children in their care, they are pimping them out. https://t.co/pFbxYW5sl9
@0liviajulianna @RoArquette @GregAbbott_TX Texans should be ashamed of these elected officials! Please vote for Beto O'Rourke and the rest of Democratic candidates! https://t.co/YvCU4daLIF
Why am I not shocked it’s Texas? https://t.co/yemDAhYbbk
@0liviajulianna @Paultx890 @GregAbbott_TX I used to work in the Foster Care system with girls who were victims of human trafficking. I can’t tell you how much this angers me. This woman is not working on her own. She is grooming and recruiting the kids for a pimp. ?????
Unbelievable. https://t.co/YUcFwUesNj
Dark pedocon state https://t.co/J3iTsZtTyo
@GovAbbott #Abbott FailsCHILDREN CPS tells a teenager to be a PROSTITUTE❓❓ https://t.co/YMclLeSZMQ
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX He's too busy ignoring the next big privatisation failure that will kill thousands in that state.
@0liviajulianna @DonLew87 @GregAbbott_TX Texas??? The same state that’s human trafficking migrants from Texas to New York?
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Wtf?? I'm so tired of this insane shit!
because cps has been vastly underfunded and understaffed, families like mine suffered and endured abuse longer than we had to.

policies and politicians matter. https://t.co/d5mxRWePLk
I'm sorry......WHAT????? https://t.co/UISJeQqJtx
This is beyond sickening. There are no words ??? https://t.co/WpjSF3qYFN
@0liviajulianna @100FrogLegs @GregAbbott_TX I hope they all end up in jail! https://t.co/cNkBCxPCcO
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Is this the grooming they've been talking about....?
@0liviajulianna @suzyjones555 @GregAbbott_TX Women and young women living in a state that hates them
There is something deeply wrong in Texas https://t.co/h8X8loFNXb
@BetoORourke Texas’ kids need you ~ see below video of CPS worker telling foster teen to prostitute herself ?what the fresh hell is going on in Texas? https://t.co/maBMov8ZGX
@0liviajulianna @Paultx890 @GregAbbott_TX In Houston this week, a CPS appointed care giver beat the living hell out of the child she was supposed to be watching on her FIRST day. Greggy doesnt care. None of them care. Beto cares. Beto must win. Vote blue or the kids are really screwed.
I used to work in the Foster Care system with girls who were victims of human trafficking. I can’t tell you how much this angers me. This woman is not working on her own. She is grooming and recruiting the kids for a pimp. ????? https://t.co/yRchEuYLUs
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Jebus!!!! https://t.co/QjFLVPzcJb
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX This is what happens when you get $ hungry folks that are only greedy for positions of power & nothing else.
This is so sickening https://t.co/bFCURSNvji
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX What even is this bullshit world we're living in.

Where did all of these supervillians come from and WHY ARE WE ALLOWING IT
What. The. F*ck. https://t.co/ztBYssKgae
What the actual fuck?! https://t.co/p8dNZC7vqZ
Texas is flush with money and bereft of leadership.
It's a pathetic cocktail of corruption and grift.
Texas deserves better.
Texas deserves BETO!!!! https://t.co/f63fmtfI7z
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX This is why conservatives want forced birth—the domestic supply of exploited children
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX It’s ridiculous that the people who allow this to happen and may even be complicit, are still in office. #VoteThemOut #TexasDeservesBetter
I'm speechless - the mother got it on tape. WTF?! https://t.co/fY8ijLp9qi
@GregAbbott_TX doesn’t have any comments cause he’s a piece of crap that doesn’t care about his state or country. https://t.co/fErPxJASV4
Greg won’t comment because he’s a despicable POS and doesn’t GAF. ??@GregAbbott_TX @GovAbbott https://t.co/pfOXzCQPJh
Wow....? https://t.co/LLApC2eqcM
THREAD https://t.co/zCCCeHY5In
Did @DanPatrick try to hire her? We know @GregAbbott_TX is an incel. https://t.co/wjli4KllUn
Wow its that special. Fire that person now https://t.co/lYxFKn8dLD
@0liviajulianna @LivingBlueTX @GregAbbott_TX They should be immediately fired! Hoping that these utter failures come to an end soon after November.
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX Well Abbott did take $150 from the state juvy to pay for his political stunt at the border.
Hungry child told by TEXAS CPS to become Prostitute sounds like #AbbottFailedTexasChildrenAGAIN #VoteBeto #VoteOutAllTexasGOP who enable child rape & forced births https://t.co/sZ7gbD4Lvl
Absolutely horrifying. Hey @GregAbbott_TX this ur state? #VoteBetoforTexas https://t.co/xLl4FPE9QP
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX What the actual fuck ?!?!? Beto is like the only option. For the safety of those children please vote Blue all the way down the ballot.
Jeez no children are freaking safe. ?‍? https://t.co/aBziQlXzpE
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX More proof that the abortion uproar wasn't really about the children.

It's also troubling that their current foster system cannot support what they are promoting.
@GovAbbott @DanPatrick @KenPaxtonTX I know y’all like the national stories and not so much ones in your own state but what is your statement on this? I know several people who have worked for CPS and they all know this is not OK. Can you maybe help your constituents?? https://t.co/qvomcRs7PX
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX If I say anything it’ll be angry raging murder noises. Whoever that CPS agent was, they gotta go!
@0liviajulianna @GregAbbott_TX What?! That cps worker needs to be fired yesterday!
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