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1/I have been asked by some people why I haven’t made a public statement about the assault on our Deputy Prime Minister. To be blunt, I had to sit with my thoughts for a couple of days. Because this incident is not isolated & it brings up too much pain. And fear. Yes, fear.

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In reply to @JyotiGondek
2/Why on earth would I openly state that I feel fear after seeing that horrible video? Because you need to hear what actually happens to women after something like this. We have been conditioned to never show fear, but I think it’s high time we talk about it.
So sorry @JyotiGondek.
This breaks my heart.
As a family, we also witnessed this with @nenshi. Daily.
It was devastating, heartbreaking and scary. Especially for my daughters.
This is not right. This must stop.
And all those political leaders flaming this fire must stop.
Read this. It makes me sick that she has been treated this way and even sicker to know how common it is. Too many politicians and leaders have stoked this rage and it has to stop. It begins with each of us showing decency, respect, kindness, and support.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Thank you for sharing this. I suspect there are many untold stories like this. This kind of intimidation and terrorism cannot be tolerated or condoned. There is no fence to sit on here. This must be called out and condemned unreservedly. Those who encourage it are not leaders.
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Do you remember this comment? What impact do you think these words had on some people? pic.twitter.com/FQLettMCEh
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Did this also upset you? This was illegal. pic.twitter.com/e2k5p4LK3R
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Wow. Thank you for sharing your first hand experience. I hope sitting with your thoughts and then sharing those thoughts matter. Perhaps those excusing or rationalizing what happened to DPM Freeland will read this and pause. We need to condemn this. Calgary is blessed to have you
A long and emotional thread from Calgary's mayor about the toil that political harassment and threats of violence can take on female politicians.
Powerful 🧵.

I thank @JyotiGondek for compellingly laying out how many of us compartmentalize fear to keep doing our work.

I’ve felt it every time I read of another Muslim woman being attacked, an elected official being terrorized, a racist or sexist slur.

It’s chilling.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Nice. You turn it around and make it all about you. And a multi part tweet to boot. OMFG.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
It was terrifying to watch. Thank you for putting your thoughts & experience in writing. We all know it does bring up both pain & fear to do so.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
You get a pass because you’re not a rage farmer like @PierrePoilievre or @ABDanielleSmith both of whom have remained silent .
In reply to @JyotiGondek
this is really insightful... 🙏✨♥️👍 & unacceptable. 😟👀😳
Imagine the guts it took to write this thread by Mayor
@JyotiGondek. No one should have to face these kinds of threats to do their job

This rise in increasingly unhinged personal and misogynistic attacks towards women leaders is a serious concern for our democracy.
I’ll bet it was difficult to write this.
I would like to see @DavidLametti add to the 810 provisions of the Criminal Code to protect politicians and journalists.
Charges might not stick but restrictive court orders can put a short leash on these jerks.
Today, I saw a friend after many years.She said you always wanted to run for office - when are you doing that? I said I don’t think I am strong & brave enough anymore. I have seen what others have suffered. Kudos to @JyotiGondek & so many other incredible women in public service
A must-read thread here from Calgary’s mayor:
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Cry me a river, no one was assaulted, not Freeland or you. Try experiencing years of sexual abuse then maybe we can talk.
Everyone should read this important thread about harassment, racism and sexism in politics from Mayor @JyotiGondek. We need laws to protect our elected officials and their families from this frightening behaviour. Sooner or later someone is going to hurt or killed.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
The laws are there but there appears is to be lack of political will as well as no appetite to challenge such behaviour by the law enforcement agencies. Ignoring such acts is condoning and encouraging them to unleash more terror. Exemplary punishment is the only deterrence. pic.twitter.com/z6eF6fKc19
In reply to @JyotiGondek
The so-called ‘leaders’ at every level of government have failed the people. They’ve ruined countless lives by selling out to corporations and globalists. Maybe try to understand where the anger is coming from and do something to address it. pic.twitter.com/VDDokFhwr9
Please try to read this as if your daughter wrote it, your mom or your wife 🙏🏽
Thread from Calgary’s mayor about dealing with harassment, threats and verbal abuse:
An important thread from our new mayor of Calgary. 👇 People keep asking me, are you excited to run for 4 more years? It’s getting harder to answer as a woman, as a mother, and as a community champion. This shit has to stop. @JyotiGondek thank you for your leadership. ❤️
Read this thread from @JyotiGondek

If you’ve ever been one of these people that threaten and verbal assault people trying to do their job look at yourselves in the mirror and do better
An incredibly powerful thread. Thank you, @JyotiGondek, for sharing, and for your leadership.
Women in politics can relate all too well to the fear Mayor Gondek describes. And there’s simply no place for the reprehensible behaviour that leads to it. Fear doesn’t win. It can’t.
I am so sorry you and your family have been subjected to this bullying and intimidation.
I too am worried about the lack of accountability these bullies face. With no consequences, this will escalate.
Calgarians, politicians, journalists, and women need to share these stories.💕
No one should face this kind of hatred. I marvel at the bravery of public leaders like @JyotiGondek and those from all political backgrounds who endure this and keep going.

I am angry with the political opportunists complicit in their silence

Enough is enough is enough #cdnpoli
Candidates & politicians should never face intimidation, harassment, misogyny or racial slurs. Jyoti, I know how difficult this must have been to share. Thank you for being so open & candid. More needs to be done to protect women in politics & stamp out organized hate.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
I think this post you sound more suited for private work as opposed to public work in your position. Sorry for personal events & it's good to bring personal awareness but it also sounds like a diary of events sometimes when I read your posts. You also may want to talk to someone
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Freeland and Trudeau have caused a great deal of harm and pain for ordinary Canadians over the past few years . There are a lot of angry people out there .
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Yeah, I can't believe they did this to poor Freeland pic.twitter.com/BK8QQrRYvl
In reply to @JyotiGondek
If you are not up to the job quit, Calgary will be better for it
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Thank so so very much for saying what now should be on every decent individual, attacks like this take a toll on much more of us than you know. Each of us have our stories and struggles. This won’t go away unless hate is met head on with action.
In light to the recent harassment against DPM, mayor @JyotiGondek talks about her lived experience as a woman of color in public office. This must be eliminated and we all have a role to play. #Yeg #yyc #abLeg
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Fear,she was smirking in the elevator,she certainly didn’t look scared to me,what a farce
The Mayor of Calgary (a woman) lays out in detail just how much intimidation of elected officials is out there. There has to be consequences for individuals who threaten politicians and journalists. Otherwise, tragedy will come soon enough.
Hear, hear, Mayor Gondek. Thanks for sharing your “pound of flesh” and your experiences. Those who didn’t read Mayor Gondek’s thread all the way through, please do so. What happened in Grande Prairie happens in the lives of women from all walks of life. Every. Day. Time to act.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Liberals care more about Chrystia Freeland getting scolded by a man from Alberta than they care that the Liberal Government gave a half a Million Dollars of tax payers money to a Anti-Semetic Racist to lecture Canadians on "anti-racism" This is today's Liberal supporter
As the Mayor says, women have been conditioned to lock up this fear and put on a brave face, but that doesn't mean it is not damaging. I've seen it behind the scenes. Intimidation is NOT a valid form of free expression & we need stronger consequences. Full stop. #ableg
My goodness. Eye-opening. And really debilitating after so many strides have been made in women taking their rightful place in politics. This kind of abuse should be illegal, no matter what the victim's 'harm statement' says. It's got to stop.
Thank you for your candour and putting emotions we've all tried to staunch into words. That takes courage #abpoli #cdnpoli #yyccc
An important thread about the lived experience of women in Canadian politics. Read it and imagine receiving this type of threat to yourself and your own family. This is not acceptable and must change. #cdnpoli #womeninpolitics
Courageous thread 🧵 How women who are doing their job are put at risk by extremists is unacceptable. It is so wrong!! This must stop!!! These people must be charged. Enough! 🛑
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Fix your city! Everyday a shooting or a killing! You know what fear is? Walking in Calgary!
In reply to @JyotiGondek
i'm with you , every presumed to be female weather in office or not faces so much verbal n often physical violence :'(
“… you need to know that there are people who feel that their freedoms involve being able to intimidate others. They go after journalists & politicians with no fear of retribution. And we’re left to compartmentalize so we can do our work.” 🔥🔥🔥
In reply to @KRanchRM2
This is a good thread written by Mayor of Calgary Jyoti Gondek. It sounds like there’s a few folks that need to read it. And read it again. The dude was NOT just yelling. Anyone who has endured an abusive relationship or encounter can recognize the signs. twitter.com/jyotigondek/st…
I suspect almost any woman in politics can put together a thread like this, though no doubt it's even worse for women of colour.
A must read Thread, this is what @PierrePoilievre & @CPC_HQ have done to Liberal Progressive women in politics, assisted by their attack dogs like @TheTorontoSun & @nationalpost & journalists & talk radio hosts, namely @sunlorrie @brianlilley & @jerryagar1010.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Thank-you @JyotiGondek . The hateful intimidation of women politicians and journalists is toxic masculinity as a political strategy. Tut-tutting by male leaders will not stop it.
If you read something today, let it be this. It’s infuriating and painful to see what women in public office experience, and it explains why so many unfortunately chose not to run. We can and should do better, for Mayor Gondek, the Deputy Prime Minister and all #womeninpolitics
This province is so fucking horrible…
A thread 🧵 well worth the wait.
takes a
personal toll,
God preserve them
Must read 🧵 The hate and threats being leveled are very real. This is what we have become thanks to a political leaning that has emboldened people to think this behavior is acceptable.
Will it still be acceptable when someone is seriously injured or killed by the extremists?
She's brave! BTW, if you're committing these threatening acts then you're a terrorist. Stop it. If you're in a position of power and can do something to stop these acts but haven't, then you're a coward.
Journalists, politicians, healthcare workers, academics, people at home (DV), people outside (street harassment)—guarding one profession at a time won’t be enough. We must deal with the roots, not just the branches, incl a politics that equates weaponized hate with $ support.
They're upset that we're not happy being called racists and Nazi's. Go fuck yourself Jyoti
Read this. All of it.
Read this thread. It's appalling what female politicians (& journalists) are put through. And expected to "respond to" in exactly the right way. It makes me sick.
Important thread. 🧵
This is essential reading. Legislation is needed to protect all the women brave enough to serve in a public way,
This thread: re the loser yelling at the Deputy PM.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
You only need to fear when you put your personal interests over public’s opinions.
A lot of the comments on this thread just prove the fact that more often than not intimidated and threatened female politicians are just screaming into the void by trying to confront it.
In reply to @JyotiGondek
Any chance you can shorten this down to one paragragh
In reply to @JyotiGondek
She got called exactly what she is. Why don’t you comment on ppls bank accounts being frozen, ppl losing livelihoods due to cruel and unscientific mandates. Government officials caused this. You are also a part of the problem. You are a puppet. Noone should have been coerced.
An eloquent and heartbreaking account of the cost of public life, particularly for women and people of colour. Thank you for serving in spite of this abuse.
Important read.
Time for political leaders of all parties, and police, to step up and put a stop to harassment.
@JustinTrudeau @fordnation @jkenney @CBCTheNational @globeandmail @CBCNews
A fantastic thread that unpacks so much that surrounds the fear that intimidation tactics by bad unfemales, mostly, brings.
This is a great thread..................
I feel such tremendous sadness over all of this. It’s not ok to intimate anyone it will not work. And it fact it’s taking away someone else’s freedom but of course we all know it’s never really been about that.
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