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To our Island community, here is an update on current humanitarian crisis on Martha's Vineyard....we thank people for their continued help.
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In reply to @VisitMV
It鈥檚 only a 鈥渉umanitarian crisis鈥 when it happens in Martha鈥檚 Vineyard鈥ut not when it happens every week in border towns in Texas and Arizona. 馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔
The Libs Love illegal immigration鈥ntil it affects their fancy zip code馃ぃ
In reply to @VisitMV
In reply to @VisitMV
Bwahahaha, humanitarian crisis over 50 people. Good God talk about privilege. " We fed some brown people today, it was scary so here's a statement about it."
Humanitarian crisis? Sounds serious.
In reply to @VisitMV
Lmao... Less than 100 migrants constitutes a "humanitarian crisis"? You can't be serious!
In reply to @VisitMV
So鈥ou what else don鈥檛 you believe in this statement? pic.twitter.com/qIHbhotNeY
In reply to @VisitMV
Humanitarian Crisis, Really? You have been excluded from having to deal with this crises for years now you can experience the pain the rest of America has felt.
In reply to @VisitMV
This sounds like privilege talking.
In reply to @VisitMV
I would donate to send more.
In reply to @VisitMV
You think 50 was tough? This has been going on for YEARS in border states. YEARS. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1鈥
In reply to @VisitMV
If 50 migrants are a humanitarian crisis to you, you'll flip your scone when the rest of the 50,000 arrive 馃槈
50 brown people = "humanitarian crisis"
NOMBI = Not On My Billionaire Island
In reply to @VisitMV
Wow, seems like your tax base could support many more. Give them all the free stuff you'd expect Texans to while you're at it.
In reply to @VisitMV
Hopefully you'll have the opportunity to assist many plane loads more.
50 migrants and it's a humanitarian crisis now
In reply to @VisitMV
Here鈥檚 6 properties with 51 bedrooms, just as many bathrooms, and 5+ acres for each migrant to frolic about. There鈥檚 top ranked schools, beaches and bars nearby. I鈥檓 sure this would be enough to help ease the trauma of being shipped across the country. #SanctuaryIsland pic.twitter.com/90wuxNq0gp
It wasn't a "humanitarian crisis" until your yacht races and tee times were inconvenienced.

You voted for the "open borders" candidates. Now you deal with the consequences, and stop trying to dump the problem on others.

Tell Nantucket that they're next.
Marthas Vineyard, to its credit, is responding in a much better way than the representative representing the area, and the craptivist left in general.

In reply to @VisitMV
What happens if 50 more show up today? And tomorrow? And for the foreseeable future? Do you get it yet?
Crisis? It鈥檚 50 people On every summer day ferries (plural) bring 1000s of people a day
In reply to @VisitMV
I'm not surprised Martha's Vineyard is being so caring to the immigrants. Amity, as you know, means friendship. 馃檹
In reply to @VisitMV
Hey Ron keep sending them there!
"Humanitarian crisis"
"Emergency Management Association"

It's only 50 people!! 馃う鈥嶁檧锔忦煠︹嶁檧锔忦煠p煠p煠

This is a result of your policies, hypocrites.
I pray DeSantis sends you thousands more. 馃構
In reply to @VisitMV
Thoughts and Prayers as you go through this difficult time dealing with 50 illegals. Meanwhile the rest of the country is dealing with 4 million new illegals in the last 18 months.
In reply to @VisitMV
How does it feels when the border they are crossing is so close to you? We need to address the immigration crisis!
In reply to @VisitMV
oh, they're gonna need more than 2 shelters, lol. Barry and Mike better open up their funky chateau.
I think autocorrect must have changed "enrichment" to "crisis," no?
So excellent to see this. Keep up the good work!
In reply to @VisitMV
You鈥檙e a tourist destination and can鈥檛 house 50 people? You also vote for open borders.
Lol. 鈥淐risis鈥. 50 people. Lol.

I absolutely love this.
Martha's Vineyard: We are a sanctuary island for immigrants
>Immigrants get sent there
Martha's Vineyard: Wait what?
In reply to @AstorAaron
Border towns don't get any notice either when these people cross the border. The whole point has been to show a taste of what goes on in border towns out of their sight.
In reply to @VisitMV
You folks are the ones that keep inducing people to come to America. We have tens of thousands of them crossing into Texas every week. EVERY WEEK
The replies馃ぃ馃ぃ
In reply to @VisitMV
The summer house rich with their sprawling mansions surely would love to put their liberal community diversity is your strength mantra true no ?
In reply to @VisitMV
Humanitarian crisis. 50 ppl. Elitist
鈥淐risis? Then what would you call what鈥檚 been done to the border communities?
50 out of 5 million border jumpers since Biden was installed by his handlers have landed in Martha鈥檚 Vineyard and it鈥檚 declared a humanitarian crisis! 馃檮

Biden has flown hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants in late night flights for months and many of them to Florida!
In reply to @VisitMV
Humanitarian crisis? You are not serious people. The real rub is you have no idea how ridiculous you sound. The ignorance is astounding
Humanitarian crisis?? Get real. Better yet head south if you wanna see a crisis
All of these "sanctuary cities" aren't so welcoming when it comes down to it. Very hypocritical to claim the illegals are being "used" by bussing them. Biden has been doing this using planes in the dead of night. The pot calling the kettle black no?

They are trying to figure out how to get these people off the island stat
referring to this as a "humanitarian crisis" while overlooking the actual humanitarian crisis at the border month after month is so bizarre I cannot wrap my head around it
In reply to @VisitMV
Crying liberals- these human beings deserve better. You send out an invitation and then slam your golden doors in these illegal鈥檚 faces. Shame on you. Fly them home or be prepared to take on more. It鈥檚 your turn to show some humanity- if you can find it.
The ultra-elite are shocked to have Hispanic people who don't work for them running loose around the area.
Would this be like the humanitarian crisis at the border?
In reply to @VisitMV
Texas and Arizona are laughing their asses off... 50 illegals doesnt make a crisis...
50 illegal immigrants in Martha鈥檚 Vineyard is not a 鈥渉umanitarian crisis.鈥 4.3 million illegal immigrants at our southern border is not only a humanitarian, but a national security crisis.

P.S. It is also not a secure border.
In reply to @VisitMV
Imagine so many that your schools are overwhelmed and they have preschoolers taking naps in the hallways. Imagine so many that you can't depend on the availability of simple groceries in your town due to the recent influx. Imagine being told to deal with it AND pay for it.
Anyone watching this conversation halfway would think we're talking about thousands of people.
In reply to @VisitMV
50 people? That's it? Texas is dealing with 10,000 per day!! LOL 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀 Put them on @BarackObama his front yard lawn, he's got lots of room! I'll gift the tents!!
Humanitarian crisis???

It is 50 people, for crissakes, in one of the country's wealthiest enclaves.

I guess you've never considered the impact of 4 million uninvited guests showing up over the last two years.
Just wait till the next round of planes land in your idyllic leftist paradise. You losers asked for this鈥攏ow you will reap what you have sown.
In reply to @VisitMV
You advertised. More to come we hope. pic.twitter.com/73AP63K1Jq
In reply to @VisitMV
50 brown people showing up is a "humanitarian crisis" 馃槀 This is the most racist thing I have ever seen.
In reply to @VisitMV
If Martha island is such a terrible place, why Obama bought a $20 million mansion there? Getting flight to Obama Island was worse than walking across the Mexican desert? Hypocrites only want other states to take care of the migrants pic.twitter.com/oXnsCYBeoM
Can these elites be more out of touch?
50 people is a humanitarian crisis for these rich people.
50 people is a Crisis.....
In reply to @VisitMV
Flood the island! They stand with immigrants and refugees! FLOOD THEM!
In reply to @VisitMV
It鈥檚 only 50 people? They鈥檙e whining over 50 people?
LOL, they think 50 people is a crisis. What about the boarder states, what do you think they are talking about?
50 people showing up is not a "humanitarian crisis".
50 brown people = "humanitarian crisis" to these uppity libs.
In reply to @VisitMV
Yes. The ruling class elite should offer housing to all migrants. Virtue signaling is not a solution.
In reply to @VisitMV
馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃdeal with it.
In reply to @VisitMV
Thoughts and prayers on this disaster. May god give your the strength to get through these difficult times
In reply to @VisitMV
Of no residents鈥. You have 50 uninvited guests on your secluded enclave. It鈥檚 a crisis鈥 panic.
ze hebben er 50 gekregen en zijn nu al in crisis 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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