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This morning, my wife left Orlando, Florida aboard @SouthwestAir flight 1630 (MCO to PHX).

She sat behind this man. She had been attending the Grace Hopper Conference all week and was resting her head on her tray table, trying to sleep a bit.

Let me tell you what happened.

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In reply to @fsareshwala
This man violently pushed his seat back in an attempt to hurt @saarahfaraaz while her head was there. After coming to, she initially thought it was an accident; someone falling down in their own seat after returning from the bathroom or something.
In reply to @fsareshwala
That was both an assault and a hate crime, and as the wife joined to plan further attempts, it's a conspiracy too. Definitely go to doctor, get her injuries and pain documented. Then contact a lawyer, whether FBI follows through or not.
In reply to @fsareshwala
1. Former F/A here. I would have told him he was wrong and he was violating federal law. Given him a copy of FAR or shown it to him in manual. I would have moved him, not her. If refused I would then inform him that he was violating another FAR-interference with flight crew.
In reply to @fsareshwala
SouthWest Air please explain how this behavior was allowed on your airline. Does not appear that you truly care about an innocent passenger being repeatedly verbally & indirectly physically assaulted. Fly South West many times, but NEVER AGAIN. Hope the victim sues you bigly.
This thread is infuriating and this man is human trash.
In reply to @fsareshwala
needs to address this ASAP. They should be put on a 'no fly' list, at the very least.
In reply to @fsareshwala
I am so sorry. Don't mess around waiting I head injuries. Go directly to an ER. And document symptoms, sending yourself emails if possible so you can prove the the insurance company, and anyone else, they were contemporaneous.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Hi @SouthwestAir I hope this man will be banned from ever flying on your airline again. I choose Southwest more often than not but I will rethink that going forward. I hope everyone that reads this will do the same. If we’re not safe on your planes then I don’t want to be on one
In reply to @fsareshwala
SW is a maga safe haven. a southwest crew member sat next to me& smirked at me prob due to I was wearing a mask. he proceeded to play foxnews on his tablet the entire flight. I googled his name/ Badge & found a bunch of maga nonsense on his fb. #southwest
In reply to @fsareshwala
The fact that he started acting nice to others once he was about to get off the plane he knew exactly what he was doing. @SouthwestAir you offered her to move to another seat but did nothing to address his conduct, completely unprofessional. Like always protect the abuser.
In reply to @fsareshwala
The fact that couple of was so comfortable openly discussing ways to harm your wife while using racial slurs without any fear of repercussions is infuriating. Pilots should have landed that plane at the nearest airport & booted that couple off the flight.
I've been a loyal @SouthwestAir customer for years because their policies towards passengers with larger bodies are uniquely inclusive, so to say I'm shocked and horrified by this would be an understatement. Waiting to see how they handle this before ever buying tickets again.
Really sick of men being abusive shits on planes
In reply to @SouthwestAir
That’s a cute scenario, unlike this one
Another allegation of physical and racial abuse in the air by one passenger against another. This should be properly investigated and addressed by authorities. Air travel is stressful enough without offensive behaviour. 🧵👇@fsareshwala
This “man” assaults women on planes and gets away with it. Share and shame. He’s not a real man. He’s a coward.
In reply to @fsareshwala
The police were WRONG! THAT is a US flagged carrier which is in essence, governed by the US!! They should have arrested him then referred the case to the FBI!! WTAF! I hope she at least got their badge numbers.
WSY @FBI @TheJusticeDept @USDOT @SouthwestAir @DOJCrimDiv Are you allowing random white male bigots to assault women on airplanes? Without consequence? Thread.
In reply to @SouthwestAir
You know the name of this bigot-thug. I suggest you do the right thing and ban him for life. twitter.com/fsareshwala/st…
In reply to @SouthwestAir
how about the person in front of you assaulting you and your airline doing nothing about it, except to offer to change the seat of the NON - offender???? Do better @SouthwestAir, be better--especially in this day and age.
It's extremely important that @SouthwestAir fixes this immediately. I believe every word in this thread. Grace Hopper was such an inspiring event. This man's action/Southwest's inaction only prove why the event is necessary. (@AnitaB_org @BrendaDardenW @vincentdonofrio)
In reply to @fsareshwala
I am so sorry this happened to your wife, but glad she is home safe with you. This never should have happened, and certainly shouldn’t go unpunished. @SouthwestAir it’s disappointing how your crew responded. They should have called police immediately. Someone was assaulted…
Who is this racist physical assaulter? I'm not getting the impression much else will happen unless people id this guy
In reply to @SouthwestAir
Absolutely no where when you haven’t issued so much as a response to this horrific story
This thread is severely disturbing.
Thread. And I do hope they find this arrogant prick.
In reply to @fsareshwala
She could have a concussion. Definitely get checked out. And pursue legal action against both the man and Southwest.
Hardly a day after I took to the @AnitaB_org #GHC22 closing plenary stage to condemn the violence against women that led to the untimely, unjust death of #mahsaamini in Iran, a member of our community was met with misogyny, racial slurs and physical assault (1/3)
This makes me sick! I hope this man and his wife are held accountable
WOW. Definitely seek legal counsel.
So many white dudes feel like they're simply biding their time until we bring back slavery.
I can tell you two things about the guy described in this thread:

1) He has never had his ass kicked.

2) He needs to get his ass kicked.
We need to publicly ID this man & his location, & make sure that he receives the treatment any worthless fascist piece of inhuman shit deserves for committing hate crimes.

@SouthwestAir allows violent racism & hate-crimes on flights so #BoycottSouthwestAirlines.
Someone out there knows this guy’s name
All right Twitter… identify this violent racist entitled white man!
This is a scare my wife & I consider every single time we step out of the house, even to groceries. A random aggressive asshole who just wants to put people who look like us in our place in his country. Everything - who we're, what we do, why we're here - nothing matters to them.
In reply to @fsareshwala
if you do not ban this person from flying with you in the future you will reinforce the message that your company is not safe for women. Protect innocent women or violent abusers? Let us know what you decide.
hey @SouthwestAir are you going to protect your passengers or just let racist, misogynists like the man in this photo fly freely to abuse women?
Ok, internet, do your thing and ID this white supremacist thug. #MakeBigotsFamous
In reply to @fsareshwala
I’m not a lawyer, but I thought legal jurisdiction covered ships and plans conducting business. This isn’t military, so why couldn’t the police do anything? I understand they crossed state lines, but I thought that was the point of mutual aid agreements. Local police can act.
The amount of vile motherfuckers in the world who are just going about their day, waiting to inflict their shittiness upon someone, is astonishing.
Thread that I hope @SouthwestAir reads!
We don’t tolerate racism & misogyny - and you shouldn’t either.
Shit like this is why I left Phoenix. Place is crawling with people like this.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Do you know this guy? He assaulted physically & orally this woman - Racial hate & Southwest Airlines did nothing nor police! This means no one is safe on Southwest Airlines!
In reply to @fsareshwala
His name & seat number is on the flight manifest. The airline can easily provide this info. If no visible injury, the FA may have decided to just move your seat. The fact that the abuse continued throughout your flight is concerning. Why was that not addressed? File a complaint.
Please read and share this distressing article about an assault on a @SouthwestAir flight. Lets make this person known!
Terrible story. Hopefully justice finds this person soon.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Hopefully someone will identify him from the pic, and Twitter will do its thing. I’m sorry your wife was assaulted. Hugs to her!
Deeply sorry for what happened to your wife. Hope this guy didnt get away after what he did. Racism still happens everywhere everytime- hope more people will speak up and defend and help the victims like Saraaah's seat mates had done❤️
In reply to @fsareshwala
shameful that you have not spoken up or provided any updates as to how you are ensuring that EVERYTHING within your power is being done to ensure this man is brought to justice.
Hold violent haters like this accountable! Press charges AND sue! They will continue their behavior if you don’t.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Flying has become a truly terrible experience. If I’m not pinched for time I now drive instead. In the past, it was the drive that wore me out but now it’s getting on ANY airplane because I’m almost always seated next to a MAGA and they never stop talking about the Orange Jesus.
A terrible story.
@SouthwestAir grossly failed their duty to assist a passenger who was assaulted in flight. The man should have been restrained at the back of the plane. He was violent & his actions were witnessed. I cannot fathom why the FBI were not at the gate?
In reply to @fsareshwala
after all the nonsense in the skies you still don’t have a protocol for this?
🧵 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Misogynist racist white supremacist violent attack on @saarahfaraaz
Let's make the dude in this picture famous. Read the thread for why.
👀👇 It’s a constant struggle to demand respect for women of color, why?!? Unacceptable @SouthwestAir
Let me remind you. While we’re moving towards equality and fighting the good fight against racism and sexism, we are a LONG LONG way off from the fight actualizing into something tangible on a day to day basis.

This is the current reality that we have to live with every day.
In reply to @fsareshwala
SouthwestAir must contact victim and her family, and tell her that they are investigating the matter. They have the names of the victim, the passenger who assaulted her, and all the witnesses. SouthwestAir must turn over the information to appropriate law enforcement agency.
In reply to @fsareshwala
This makes me so angry. @SouthwestAir you MUST do better. How can you permit a passenger to blatantly physically and verbally abuse someone like this on your plane? Dispicable behavior cannot be allowed. Shame on you.

Racism and more-than-toxic masculinity all in one package.

To go to one of my bugaboos. One complaint I had w. @powellnyt's piece today that I didn't mention earlier is the headline, blaming "Muslim critics" for the controversy.

Why is this even vaguely relevant?...1/
This plane passenger is a shit.
FBI Case Pending.
Read on…
In reply to @fsareshwala
This is a must read!!! This is what is going on in this country every day. So glad your wife had some respectful woman next to her. This is horrible & I hope she will be okay. Stay on top of the police to be sure they called the @FBI
In reply to @fsareshwala
I hope @SouthwestAir does something. We love this airline but if they don’t protect us from heinous acts like this, we’ll have to let them go.
In reply to @fsareshwala
So, by the Phoenix police saying the FBI would reach out if there was something to prosecute that means they threw the information away and didn't pass it along
Be a shame if someone knew who this guy was
In reply to @fsareshwala
You've gotten lots of good advice in the comments. @SouthwestAir should have made certain that your wife was safe. Shame on them. I'm glad that someone on the plane watched out for her. See a doctor and make sure that the doctor understands that this was an assault.
Absolutely vile. @SouthwestAir needs to do better.
In reply to @fsareshwala
There are many many reasons that I don't fly on Southwest but if they weren't even willing initially to chastise the man then they can forget me ever even considering it in the future. I'm so sorry that happened to your wife. I hope she, and you, know we support you. ♥️
In reply to @fsareshwala
Can’t wait for the internet to find this man
In reply to @fsareshwala
I’m so sorry this happened to your lovely. It’s appalling. @SouthwestAir needs to step up and do the right thing. We are pretty damn sick of this crap!!! Sending your wife much love an healing energy❤️❤️❤️
In reply to @fsareshwala
I got a verbal lashing while deplaning years ago for no apparent reason. He was ranting but not looking at me or speaking to me. Was nothing compared to what she went through. It’s not about accidentally bumping anything. He’s a miserable hateful coward.
Shocking & disgusting that this man assaulted a woman, smashing his chair back as she was resting her head on the tray table, and used racist & misogynistic slurs. @fbi you can’t let this slide!
In reply to @fsareshwala
better follow through on this. We're watching👀
This is alarming and this man needs to be held accountable. And I feel that @SouthwestAir needs to step up, too.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Someone in either Orlando or Phoenix knows who this man is. @SouthwestAir has an obligation to ensure the FBI pursue this case.
This abusive bigot needs to be called out. Somebody knows who he is.
In reply to @fsareshwala
Do you know this man? His neighbors, his employer? Report him. No one should be treated like this, especially a woman who did nothing to warrent this evil. Share this all over social media. Wish I had been sitting next to her. Use your imagination
In reply to @fsareshwala
Sue him! Take back the power. Use the courts and the law that clearly favor your wife in this situation. You have lots of witnesses.
In reply to @fsareshwala
If you fly with @southwestair you might get assaulted by someone who looks like this. Don’t worry though, @southwestair will do nothing about it pic.twitter.com/EPWQG95ZH1
In reply to @fsareshwala
This is obviously blatantly racist and really a hate crime. Sue them and the airline. I do hope your wife is not seriously injured.
In reply to @fsareshwala
this is awful, and my heart hurts for your wife, and you! @SouthwestAir do right by @saarahfaraaz. As an airline you have the discretion to bar this man from flying with your company ever again. We do not need another unhinged passenger jeopardizing our safety.
In reply to @fsareshwala
It is awful that individuals are feeling less constraints about displays of racism.I have been watching the pbs special called US and the Holocaust,and this just makes me think that we are turning a corner,like before WW2,where people think they will get away with abuse of others
Come on Twitter do your thing #racist #whitemale #hurtswoman on @SouthwestAir flight! Make him infamous and make him hurt.
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